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  1. Are you planning on fixing this please
  2. Still dont work in colourblind mode
  3. Hi I am having a problem with using your mod. I am 1 of the 20% of people who are color blind and rely on you brilliant mod makers to make playing the game much much much better. When i have setup your mod and run the game. Every thing is fine till i get to the start battle screen. When i click it just sits there although in the background you can hear the battle being played. I am not sure what i can do. If i launch the game in safe mode then it works well. your help would be very much appreciated
  4. Major_143

    Colorblind 2

    I am asking again for the second time. Please can you add colour-blind mode to settings. Webiums and all the other great mod makers do there best. When you bring out a new update like his one, ships appear in blue as the mod is supposed but the minimap shows red. Red/green are the primary colours that colour-blind people find hard to see. All the goodies that you offered after the update i could not make use of because the service is not there. Please i don't think it is much to ask, i normally play daily and now i carnt again till the good mod makers sort out the colour for the minimap. If you can add all the different crosshairs then surely you can incorporate colour blind mode. Thank you for reading
  5. Major_143

    Inappropriate Language

    Thank you all for the support, that you have all given me Much appreciated. Guard 81 that's all we can do is lead by example and good morales :-)
  6. Major_143

    Help For the Color-Blind

    Hattra, Thankyou for the link. I have downloaded it and installed it. Many thanks for the suggestion really helped.
  7. Major_143

    Inappropriate Language

    Hi developers I also would like to ask if there could be a moderator bot installed in the program to monitor the chats. Or an option where you can disable the chat. The reason for this is 2 reasons. 1, i asked a person to stop swearing and told him this game is for people of all ages (if i am wrong please tell me !!). His reply was " you have just head raped me now" Seriously sick 2, I was playing even though it was quite late and a fellow warship player put in the message "just rape him" Seriously Violating someone physically or sexually is like Yuck and sick I wouldn't like any of my children to come off the game and repeat any of this. Please could you give this serious thought please. I could play after that, i just left the game Many thanks for listening
  8. Major_143

    Help For the Color-Blind

    Hi developers, World of tanks is a great game, just as is world of warships. The difference for me is that world of tanks has a colour-blind mode that is built into the game. Unfortunately one has not been put into warships. Would you please consider adding one to warships please. I do love the game but always find it hard to see them peskie Destroyers until i am bombarded with torps. Red is a very hard colour for people who are colour blind. Many Thanks