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  1. First container: 100x Victor Lima Second container: 7 days premium
  2. Finally a game I am satisfied with to post once again:
  3. That looks suspiciously a lot like a game I had earlier this day. A single Anthony rushing ahead of everyone else (I did manage a win, after all the others were destroyed, but only a single star).
  4. I don't mind if smoke is getting reduced. But I do want a limit of 1 BB per side then. Edit: or even better. BB and CV gets 1 life/match. CA gets 2 lives/match. CL gets 3 lives/match, DD gets 5 lives/match. So you can have your camping BB and rush it, while knowing comfortable that you have more backup waiting for you to get right back into the fight again. This will also show off the fact that BBs were frigging expensive to build compared to light cruisers and destroyers.
  5. Heh, and here I was happy with my 88k damage in Emile Bertin: The x2 win doesn't hurt either :D
  6. Tried the World of Warships Blitz, funny little game, it's actually more fast paced than the pc version. Manual secondaries are interesting, but at low tier you generally don't get that close to eachother. Had to give up for now, as a 500 ping was getting a bit annoying to me. Can't wait to see a european server for it, will make train travel a lot less boring. A few things I noticed: While the APK is only like 60 mb, it'll download an update of about 480 mb. Gameplay is 7 vs 7 There is way more aim assisting, as you barely have to lead your shots, even though the training makes it seem like you need to (it might also be due to my high latency, that I was automatically leading enough).
  7. I slaughtered an Enterprises' planes with my Minotaur without even noticing that I was doing that -_- Does that make the Minotaur OP? I had an Enterprise drop his AP bombs on my ARP Takao, barely doing any damage (granted, he knocked my torpedo tubes and rudder out).
  8. So, we discovered it's totally possible to get 5 stars on the Raptor operation with t5 ships with commanders with barely any skills trained and not taking a CV.
  9. First attempt 5 stars, guess I got lucky then :) I liked how the secondary objective of reaching the extraction circle was completed before the raptor got moving after it's engine breaks down.
  10. From: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Operation_Raptor_Rescue TasksEdit Primary TaskEdit Escort the floating workshop Engineer to Raptor. Escort Raptor out of the action zone. Secondary TasksEdit Save all the support ships ( Engineer, Arsenal, Aviator ) Reach the rendezvous point before Raptor. Destroy three enemy ships in one minute. Destroy aircraft carrier Haoto. Destroy aircraft carrier Tatsu. Rewards & AchievementsEdit Star RewardsEdit Rewards are only obtained upon the successful completion of the primary task and are awarded based on the number secondary tasks completed ( each task awarding 1 star ). 1 Star : 5x November Foxtrot (), 5x Juliet Charlie (), 5x November Echo Setteseven () 2 Star : 5x Victor Lima (), 5x India Yankee (), 5x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo () 3 Star : 5x Ocean Soul () 4 Star : American commander (Erie) with 10 skill points & Reserve Slot. 5 Star : 1 Day premium account
  11. I cannot install the modpack because it's missing the Perova soundpack, but the installer still thinks I want to install it and I cannot unselect it because it's greyed out.
  12. Please show me on the plushy where the evil DD/CL/CA/CV touched you
  13. CL: Minotaur CA: Des Moines Why? Dakka, dakka, dakka, dakka. I just wish I could paint them red so they would go fasta.
  14. Belfast Minotaur Neptune Montana Missouri/Iowa (though spends most of his time in the Missouri) And then a couple of 18 pointers on the US side.
  15. Yes it's in the WG modpack. However, if that is the only one you need, you can also use the russian express modpack.This gets updated a few hours after the release of a patch.