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  1. So, image linking doesn't work at the moment? Darn. Ognevoi: 2 accidental torp kills, 2 planned torp kills. A nice 2k base xp game. Both DD's sailed into torps ment for battleships that were around them.
  2. While most of my games today have been absolutely horrible (either my team melted, or the enemy team melted too fast to get any damage in) and then there was this game. Kraken and first blood in a Leander in a mostly T8 game.
  3. Yes! Gifts to self are awesome. I gave myself this last year as my birthday+christmas present (They're only a couple of days apart, so I usually pooled the money I'd get together to get bigger gifts, and I still do that)
  4. I also needed 20 planekills, except I do consider a langley with 11 pt. captain sealclubbing :P
  5. My first ever solo warrior :D
  6. I have to rescue this from 2nd page? Shame on you guys.
  7. While most of todays game were decent to good, this one stood out because I ended up being alone in my minotaur against a Shimakaze and Kagero, with the only way to win by killing them (they were ahead on points and time was running out. For some reason they let me close in on them, and after dodging their torps I send some of my own towards the smokescreen of the shima and rushed the kagero smoke:
  8. We're almost on second page! Time to raise this:
  9. I know, i'm a scrub, no need to rub it in.
  10. I tried soo hard to win this, but alas, it was not meant to be:
  11. I know I'm a scrub. No need to rub it in here In my defence though, I was in a stock Kiev and still learning the damn ship use.
  12. This got me interested in my top 10: Shipname Tier Class Battles Winrate Avg. Damage Belfast 7 CL 269 71.83 66280 Iowa 9 BB 118 71.19 67014 Texas 5 BB 93 67.74 46357 North Carolina 8 BB 334 67.66 66277 Sims 7 DD 302 66.89 31416 Leander 6 CL 74 66.22 46759 Missouri 9 BB 103 65.02 79732 Gremyashchy 5 DD 166 63.86 36284 Minotaur 10 CL 252 61.90 79344 Warspite 6 BB 299 61.54 48190 Belfast is definately overpowered. It's not just the consumables, or the low detection rating, or the tier 8 module slot, or the benefit of IFHE, it's a combination of all of them with as only reasonable balancing that you have a small smoke and get deleted if a BB or CA knows what he/she is doing. Also having a 19 pt. captain with concealment expert and IFHE is just putting the cherry on top of it.
  13. I had a fairly good sunday. Division up and even bad games can be fun.
  14. And another Nelson gives as good as she takes (128k damage caused, 126k damage received)