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  1. Windowlicking is serious business.
  2. We don't take ourselves serious, so what makes you think others would?
  3. At the very least post the more awesome version:
  4. That's a very astute observation, yes it is a european badger :)
  5. As I stated on page 97 I was going to get a new tattoo. First session today
  6. It's been 8 hours since the last post. I feel like I need to post something as I've been away from the game a bit due to Star Trek Online launching a new expansion. So, I'll be posting something that'll be inked on my back in a few weeks (background excluded for now, just the angel). .
  7. Hay Lady's

    I want that Minotaur skin. Maybe the Des Moines one as well.
  8. Managed to be in draw today:
  9. Fix it

    As far as I know the only cruiser that can "stealth" kill planes is the Minotaur, if fully specced for it (Top of my head: 8,4 km AA bubble, 7,4km plane detection or something close to it.). There are some DD's that have bigger AA bubbles than the range they are spotted by planes as well, but the question was about larger ships.
  10. I may have clubbed a bit in a t5-t6 game, but wargaming insisted I brag about it: (I personally wasn't too impressed, I tunnelvisioned at the end, and thus ran into a torpedostrike from a CV :P) And here's why I'm saying Wargaming told me to brag about it:
  11. DD mm is F**** up after 0.7 patch

    You'll notice how the higher tier DDs are in a division? That's what causes matchmaking like this. There were not enough equal tiered DDs in the queue, so it just grabbed as many as it could for the other team.
  12. torp detection range

    Show me on the plushy where the evil torpedoes hit your precious BB.
  13. Is game broken?

  14. [Therory crafting] After Musashi...?

    I want the BAP Almirante Grau (CLM-81) in it's last configuration (26 september 2017) as a free XP t9 CA.
  15. Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    50x Gamescom Camo 14 days premium