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  1. Kerberossa

    Hindenburg armor nerfed?

    Just as @VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger said. It all started when WG changed how ammo and armor interact. Call it bug fixing or whatever but before Hindy was sturdy enough to tank most BB AP without getting instantly rekt.
  2. Kerberossa

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    Akatsuki: 3 - 3 = 0 useless and dead Shiratsuyu: 21 Mahan: 20 Sims (BL Mk. 7 mod. 2B): 20 Sims (Mk 15 mod. 0): 17 Kiev: 14 Leningrad: 22 Blyskawica: 24 Myoko: 23 Indianapolis: 17 Flint: 21 Lolanta: 21 Shchors: 18 Yorck: 6 Fiji: 21 Belfast: 26 Nagato: 21 Colorado: 21 Gneisenau: 18 + 1 = 19 yolotorping never gets old Scharnhorst: 26 Hiryu (2/2/2): 20 Hiryu (3/1/2): 20 Ranger (1/1/1):17 Ranger (0/1/3): 21 Saipan (Torpedo Bombers): 21 Saipan (Dive Bombers): 17
  3. Kerberossa

    Elimination thread number Two: Tier V

    Zuiho (1/2/1): 21 Kongo: 22 Minekaze: 10 - 3 = 7 we need to redo the list and put this thing at the bottom Fujin/Kamikaze: 24 + 1 = 25 P2W Gremy: 30 Murmansk: 3 König: 26 Königsberg: 20
  4. Kerberossa

    I want my fubuki back.

    Akatsuki is no replacement for Bucky not when you get to play it with 7,4 km base concealment with no CMS1 mod even maxed out it only gets down to 6,4 compared to Fubukis 5,5km the difference is huge when you are against real gunships the worst thing is that the "gunship"-branch has much beter concealment values than the sneaky torpedo ships that tells a lot how well thought this whole thing is
  5. Kerberossa

    Elimination thread number Two: Tier V

    Bogue (1/1/0): 16 Bogue (0/1/2): 14 Texas: 20 Omaha: 20 Marblehead: 11 -3 = 8 (her vodka powered sister is much hotter) Nicholas: 15 Zuiho (1/1/2): 14 Zuiho (1/2/1): 20 Kongo: 25 Furutaka: 17 + 1 = 18 (good ship for tardrushing brawling and sturdy enough to survive a while in t7 where all t5's end up) Minekaze/Kamikaze/Fujin: 33 Gnevny: 8 Gremy: 24 Kirov: 11 Murmansk: 23 König: 24 Königsberg: 25
  6. Kerberossa

    Tier X elimination thread: Warships Edition

    Midway (2/1/2): 18 Midway (1/1/3): 19 Des Moines: 21 Gearing: 23 Hakuryu (2/3/2): 21 Hakuryu (4/2/2): 20 Hakuryu (2/3/3): 22 Yamato: 23 Zao: 27 Shimakaze (type 93 mod. 2): 21 Shimakaze (type F3): 17 - 3 = 14 (paranoid BBs + open seas + yolo-torps = horrible idea) Hindenburg: 22 + 1 = 23 (sturdy and deadly with good torpedo arcs. just the way I like it) G. Kurfürst (406mm): 20 G. Kurfürst (420mm): 22 Moskva: 22 Khabarovsk: 22 Khabarovsk (ET-46): 2 Minotaur: 17
  7. manual AA - can autofire, improves big AA guns against focus target manual secondaries - only shoots focus target 5 points for very situational skill that also gimps you is just stupid. It would only be fair for Manual secondaries to get manual AA treatment: can autofire but improved accuracy only against focus target
  8. Kerberossa

    Konigsberg after 50 games (damage per game)

    Sniping is for sissies. I brawl with mine and after 184 suicidal games I have 65% WR and 42k average dmg Königsberg is tricky ship to sail. Deadly, unforgiving and like all german cruisers, it needs enemies make several mistakes to realy shine. With just 200 games you probably cant utilize its full potential. To make it worse t5 is bad tier to play right now. You get dragged into t7 games way too often and die fast if you dont know what you are doing. With Königsberg its absolutely must to know how to defend yourself. Anything can citadel you if you show your sides and any BB within 15km can cripple you with just one lucky hit - angled or not. The trick is to pick your battles. If you see several BBs coming your way turn around and go elsewhere, or at least place few big islands between you and them. Pay attention to what direction enemy guns are facing, if spotted angle against biggest threat. Stay out of binolucar view as much as possible. It makes you blind predictable target. You need to see incoming fire to evade it. Even with BBs its easy to evade most of fire with simple WASD hack. Forget about reversing and peek-a-boo plays. Those are surefire way to get citadeled. Invisifire over smaller islands instead. Königsberg has excellent sonar and fast firing guns for supporting DDs at caps. Try to pick one with enough cover to not get shot by distant BBs. Go in after DDs, pop sonar and watch enemy DDs burn in their now useless smokes. One or two enemy cruisers at same cap dont matter much. You will take massive dmg but its not enough to destroy properly angled cruiser. German AP is deadly within 10km. Wait for enemy to show their sides and punish for that mistake. Broadsiding CLs go POP in few citadel volleys and BBs take massive dmg to upper hull and superstucture. Against more competent players who stay angled you still have torpedoes with good fire arcs. Just stay angled, evade enemy fire and retaliate while they reload. Use that sonar, all cruisers at t5 have topedoes. Inexperienced players often launch them too soon making them easy to evade. then you are free to do with them as you please. Dont be afraid to die but make it count. Even if you die at 5min mark the people you take with you wont be doing any damage to your team during rest of the game.
  9. Kerberossa

    Mogami need Rework

    Those only looking at the numbers cant see the whole problem 203s are good enough and most people are probably using them.The problem is: 155mm turret traverse nerf force light cruiser Mogami into battleship playstyle without range, armor, health or heal to make it work. That said, post nerf Mogami can still do well with 155mm guns. All I need to do is invisifire behind some faraway island.Its passive playstyle abusing vision mechanism and not fun for anyone. Id much rather be out there brawling with DDs.Numbers alone dont mean much when ship isnt fun to play.
  10. Kerberossa


    Just no. Think about scenario where two ships are fighting very close to each other.You decide to help and launch torpedoes resulting both ships taking hits.Enemy dies, teammate takes no damage and you hear meaningless warning sound. How is that fair? That is why friendly fire damage should not be removed or reduced.
  11. Kerberossa

    Mogami need Rework

    203mm Mogami has always been viable. Bland and boring, but viable. We need separate stats for 155s and 203s to know how badly she got axed. Its hard to do any damage with agile DD hunter when turrets cant keep up with turns.
  12. Kerberossa


    Those stats tell nothing about what the nerf realy did To know for sure we need separate stats for 155s and 203s IJN CAs from t7-9 use same 203mm guns with only minor differences. It would be strange if they weren't viable. But thats not the problem. People use Mogami for her 155mm guns. Those guns make Mogami special. All I ask is turrets that can keep up with turns. If I want to play generic 8in gun CA, it wont be Mogami
  13. Kerberossa

    0.5.3 Permanent Camouflage Patterns Feedback

    I wont pay 3k gold for perma camo for ship I elited 2 tiers ago. thats way too much when I have no use for 50% xp boost. Make ALL camos purely cosmetic and price them reasonably. If camouflage look nice, colorful and/or humoristic people will gladly pay to personalize their favourite ships. Make few cheap ones for silver - they dont even need to be permanent - and themed "premium" camouflages for gold. Most mobas already do this. Players will love you for it and it gives WG non pay2win way of making money. I love my "pretty in pink" Myoko and would like to see more ships like that. For people not wanting to break immersion you can easily make option or harbour for - default and historic camos only. o7
  14. Kerberossa

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Don't remove islands Add them Half of the maps are already ocean clones with few tiny islands in the corners and last few updates you have worked to remove islands from maps that still have them. Stop that. Everyone need islands, BBs for blocking torpedo walls, CAs to separate their small scale brawls from devastating BB fire and DDs for setting ambushes. Its also nice to have little island around to hide behind when things get too hot. Islands might even encourage players to actually play instead of camping at max range if they didn't have automatic line of sight to everyone over large open spaces you seem to love so much.
  15. Kerberossa

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    In short because tablet ate my long post: Mogami 50s turrets didn't work for the Yorck and were fixed. What makes you think Mogami is fine with them? Give her Yorck treatment. 30s turrets and she'll be playable. Compensate other CL turret turn rates while you are on it. Yubari You buffed MK to compensate talent changes. But you know. Beta testers - long time loyal customers - paid money for Yubari. I did. As paying customer I want her to be good. Yubari in her current state is t4 premium that gets outgunned by lower tier cruisers with more health than her. That might have been fine when she was piloted by CBT veterans against people new to game. With changes to low tier match making that's not the case anymore. Yubari needs proper stats if she's to face competent players. Yubari as AA cruiser with generous one(1) use of defensive fire is very bad joke. She deserves more