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  1. Bezbel

    Bonuscode for 2 days premium time

    All I got is a mission in wot called Oktoberfest where you get a free inscription after winning a game once
  2. Is this a joke? If not, you should be banned from using a computer.
  3. Bezbel

    BB's - Something needs to be done before more are released.

    nerf bbs to be like colorado in terms of speed and have german turning radius ez fix and dds can counter bbs then
  4. Bezbel

    BB's - Something needs to be done before more are released.

    When I logged in there were 224 bbs in the waiting list so ur screenshot is not nearly as bad as it gets Also had a game of 10 bbs per team....
  5. Bezbel

    HE Ammo is OP as HELL

    People like you are the reason we already have op BBs and you keep asking for more Every game there are 5 BBs in a battle not because they are bad but because they are too strong and it makes the class balance crapand we have shitty games BBs have the best armor,highest hp,strongest guns,better AA than most cruisers,with the heals you get an extra 50% hp what more do you want? But hey cruisers get to be citadeled while angled isnt that fun? DDs dont really counter BBs as much because at start of the battle they cant reach the BBs and they usually die early from other DDs or cruisers with all the radars around I think the BBs are the strongest class for a long time now however they are also the most boring class to play
  6. Bezbel

    DD's has god mode!

    Using HE to to kill DD with Izumo??? What is this nonsense... you have to use AP my friend Pretty much what ever you are shooting you should use AP... only some rare cases where HE would have some benefit
  7. Bezbel

    [0.64 update] Tirpitz getting Bismarck secondaries

    We have too many BB players... quick lets buff them more WG logic How about some cruiser buffs so when angling they wont get citadeled?
  8. Bezbel

    Clash of the Elements Event

    I'm pretty sure that people who complete all missions and get the max 900 coins will be less than 10 if any at all lol This event makes sense only if WG planned to hire us full time to play the game... Right now I don't even bother to play as much as I would have without the event because this is so depressing
  9. Bezbel

    0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    Another BB buff... As if having 5-6 BBs per team every game is not enough
  10. Bezbel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    5 and a half minute kraken in ranked while at full hp
  11. Bezbel

    map bug

    Yes the minimap is not the map I was playing and also I couldn't see team points at the top
  12. Bezbel

    map bug

    I was playing ranked matches and it loaded up a test map on my minimap rendering it useless
  13. Bezbel

    Ranked System - Star Protection [Minor Suggestion]

    Like it has been said in a previous post the base xp is flawed in this situation I would suggest that after the game ends the players vote on who they think is the mvp and the player with most votes gets a star protection
  14. So far the premium ships don't make a lot of difference in winning because everyone focuses them and people play their best out of spite just to kill those premium wallet warriors...and also some are just noob players with premium ships So I'm at rank 12 and got there after 17 games with 15 wins and 2 loses playing only with gneisenau and maybe it's just me but this seems like a really decent ranked season So I'm wondering how did the ranked games go for you?
  15. Bezbel

    Do battleships need a little help?

    BBs are way too strong for a very long time which is why i gave up on playing cruisers and now mainly play bbs and sometimes dds