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    [DGH-W] Dutch clan recruiting Dutch players!

    Hello countrymen! We are [DGH-W] we love fun, divisions and fun talk! Respect for each other is high on our ranks, look everyone has their day but this clan is a meeting point of nice Dutch people who do not want an evening full of negativity. We like to play in divisions and communicate with Teamspeak 3 and Discord. We do play things like clan battles but we play that for our rewards not for the color of the clan tag. The requirements to join us: - Number of random battles at least 1500 (exceptions can be made for outstanding players) - A win rate of at least 50% - At least 1000 average experience per battle - At least 1 competitive t8 and 1 competitive t10 (for cb) (T10 is not a requirement but its good to know and have) Statistics don't say everything and that is why we also look at the way you play. Other requirements: - Mastering the Dutch language (If you come from Flanders or another country, no problem! As long as you can understand and speak Dutch, it is no problem for us!) - Use of Teamspeak 3 and Discord (we use Teamspeak and have Discord as a backup) How do you sign up: If you meet our requirements or if you have doubts, join our Discord! When you enter our Discord, send a message to one of our recruiters (who are listed under the recruiter role). We then invite you to a division and play a few games with you until we have a clear picture of your playing style. If the outcome is good, we will let you into the clan and you will be admitted to the Teamspeak with the rest of the clan members. Discord: https://discord.gg/weN7fZr Sign up now and fight with us! ORANJE BOVEN!
  2. Hallo Allemaal, wij zijn een Nederlands sprekende clan die op zoek is naar nederlands of belgische spelers die actief lid wil worden van onze clan. Een paar voorwaarde niet bijzonder maar minimaal 1 T10 schip en teamspeak. Heb je vragen post ze hieronder ik controleer regelmatig de post. o7 mvgr NLMistertnt