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  1. Hanse77SWE

    Friendly "Victory" Competition

    Does the Lazo come with a captain and if so how many points will he have?
  2. Hanse77SWE

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    Soooo 30 wins means about 60 games/20 minutes each (bathroom, loadscreens, beverages, rants) = 20 hours/4 Days = 5 hours a day during easter weekend. I'm out but thanks for the Sierra-Mike flag. Could be to reward to those who use the portal or just to funnel people into it I guess.
  3. Hanse77SWE

    World of Warships: Legends Is Now Officially Live

    Is it still behind a paywall on the X1?
  4. As long as I get the Agincourt, I don't care about the rest.
  5. Hanse77SWE

    [INTRO] Recruiting casual players

    Since this thread is a year old I just want to say that we are still alive and looking for new members. That's all.
  6. Hanse77SWE

    What cruiser line to play?

    Perhaps a little too late but I would say "All of them."
  7. Hanse77SWE

    Montana and some idea

    I always tell new players to go slow. Play all the T1s, then the T2s, T3s and so on. You will not only learn the controls and the mechanics of the game but also how the different classes work and think. But the most important lesson will be the stats of all the ships so when you face them in battle you will know their speed, armor, turret rotation, reload, torp-range, detection range. gun range and all that info that helps you to make the right decision. Perhaps not the numbers but you will know stuff like "That one reloads fast" or "He has slow turrets". I remember a game where a Fuso on our team was going backward because there was a DD 8 km away from him. He felt like an idiot when we told him that that DD only had 4 km torps. I once deleted a IJN DD sitting in smoke bc he didn't know that german DDs had hydro. A guy once told me to go scout in my "Kahba" bc he didn't know that I got spotted 2 km before any DD on the other team. The guy that told me that he'll "catch up" with me in his Tirpitz. He was so proud that he could do 30 kts and didn't know what to say when I told him that I was doing 48 kts in my russian DD. The guy that accused me of cheating with "teleporting torps" bc he didn't know that the F3 torps does 76 kts. And I've lost count off how many times people "forget" what ship has or hasn't got torps. Yes you can read this on the wiki but the best way is to use the ships yourself. Nothing beats real experience! Take it from someone that has played 280 different ships. Another plus with this tactic is that the game lasts longer and becomes less monotonous when you have more ships to play. Personally I consider anyone with a T10 and less than 1 500 games under his belt as a guy that is in over his head. Good luck! :-)
  8. Hanse77SWE


    Well said! 1: The planes are faster than anything else in the game. Can cover huge distances both in attack and scouting. (Try get a spotted-ribbon with a CV on your team.) 2: The planes have, in practical terms, no healthbar since there are no limit to respawns. 3: The planes fire their ordonnance from such short range that it becomes impossible to dogde. 4: The planes can perma-spot since there's no proper R&R-time. (Land, rearm, refeul, launch, asemble formation.) 5: A CV does not lose any strikepower during the game (if not missplayed) and do not risk the ship itself to attack an enemy. The only ways to sink a CV is a) With a CV of your own. b) If he makes a huge misstake. or c) By hunting him down after his whole team has been sunk and by then the win/loss is allready decided. The old saying "Anything he can do to me, I can do to him" doesn't apply here. I've thought about different ways to make the balance better but each one has drawback for one or the other. Like: "Longer time to re-arm planes to give the targets some time between attacks = Boring lulls for the CV-player and lower damage done." Lets face it: WoWs is a game the takes place between 1900 and 1950. CVs came of age in the last 20% of that period and only so in the Pacific. (I'm talking about actions vs. surfaceships now, ASW is a different story.) You can't put guys with muzzel-loaders up against guys with assaultrifles and expect the fight to be balanced. I think the best for the game is to replace CVs with some kind of "Air-strike" consumable, a bit like you can call in artillery-strikes in some games, just to keep the AA viable. IRL the ship being attacked never saw the CV launching the planes any way so why have it that way in the game? Is it balance when one ship-class can't be touched by the others untill it's too late to have an impact on the game? When both the guys playing CVs and the guys not playing CVs complain, there can be no balance! WG could make a new game for the period 1950-2000 based on the Carrier-group/Attack-sub era. Lets call it "WoWs: Cold War" and keep the "Dreadnought"-era separate from the "Atomic"-age.
  9. Hanse77SWE

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    There are even more as I don't have all of them. I don't have: Graf Zeppelin. Wichita, Flint, Stalingrad, Bourgogne, Iwaki Alpha, Arkansas Beta, Marblehead Lima, Diana Lima or any of the Black ships. That makes it 120 premiums/rewardships in the game right now.
  10. Hanse77SWE

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Amen! Have 107 premiums/rewards in port so I don't feel the need to go windowshoping.
  11. I got the DoY but that was about two weeks ago. Nothing since then sadly and I don't know anyone in my clan whos got any either. :-(
  12. Many seems to think that "If I join a clan I get things". Doesn't really work that way. The clan-perks are bonuses on what you earn ingame so if you do nothing, you'll get nothing. Also, there is a requirement so you have to earn some oil for your clan before you get the perks. (Built into the game.) For myself, I'm in a casual clan with only three rules. 1: Be nice 2: If you haven't played in 21 days, you're out! 3: Public account. Doesn't have to be more than that. It's nice to play the game as usually and get extra stuff like 2M discount on ships. :-) P.S. We are looking for new members so let me know if your interested. D.S.
  13. Hanse77SWE

    World of Warships: Legends. Course for Early Access

    I just want to point out that WoWs Legends is not F2P. You have to have a pay-account on your console to play it. (Xbox Live Gold or such.)
  14. Hanse77SWE

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    Sooo, panic now over what we think might happen five or ten years down the line? OR go on playing the way I've always done for as long as I can? I'm not chainin' anyone to anything and as long as there are "core-players" the game will be fine. "The core" is not the 3-5% that plays CV BTW. There are close to 300 ships in this game and only 16 of them are CVs. (That's about 5.3%) A game doesn't live or die with 5% of it's playerbase. Just keep calm and carry on. :-)
  15. Hanse77SWE

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    I played tonight, a Wensday and it was 28k on the server. Heck! As I'm writing this there are 5 800 playing and it's half past one at night (CET). I 'member back just after release when a "good night" was 7-8k. If you are saying the the game is dying, pls ad some facts to suport your claims.