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  1. Would be nice to see a list of what ships those T5 and T7 containers can drop. Like, I doubt there'll be Kamikazes in the T5s.
  2. Hanse77SWE

    Submarine Testing

  3. Hanse77SWE

    Battle of Jutland: The Greatest Naval Battle

    Agincourt in shop or Armory when? Not going to gamble for a T5.
  4. Hanse77SWE

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

    "In Update 0.10.5, we are disabling the ability to cause damage to allies." That's what I've been saying for the last four years. It took you some time to get it. Now, next thing is the Karma-points. Remove -1 so only compliments count and at the end of the month the counter is reset and you get a small prize (flags, cammos) based on how many points you have. Remove the negative, enforce the positive.
  5. I'm also sad to see the rising amount of missions that can't be done in co-op/scenarios. Soon there's nothing left for us "casuals" to do in the game. EDIT: Right now I have five mission-chains that I can't complete, three of those I can't even start. One says it can be done in co-op but it needs two heroic achievements and you can't get those in co-op.
  6. Hanse77SWE

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Subs: NO!!! I guess many will skip ranked just because of that. Many of the "old guard" doesn't want subs and will leave and I doubt new players will make up for it. If WG want it so bad, make a separate game for them. Call it "World of Warships : Cold War" and make CVs and subs the main ships.
  7. Hanse77SWE

    [INTRO] Recruiting casual players

  8. Hanse77SWE

    [INTRO] Recruiting casual players

    Everything but the Treasury and the Research Institute is maxed out and we have room for 20 more members. Let me know if you want to join.
  9. Hanse77SWE

    Commander Skills Update

    That was the plan all along, but that button should've been up and running three hours ago.
  10. Hanse77SWE

    Commander Skills Update

    Yeah, and then six hours before I can log in and use it. No, you gave me two options. "Wait" or "Do twice the work." Don't want to play. I want to "fix" my "broken" captains. Close but no cigar. Wrong build = no build. 248 captains...one by one...really. And do you really expect me to start rebuilding just to push a button that resets all the work I just did? If I start doing them one by one then there's no turing back and instead of "reset all and then rebuild when I have time" I have to "reset and rebuild 248 captains before the free-period ends because after that it costs money". EDIT: Button is up but I lost three hours that I could have used for better things.
  11. Hanse77SWE

    Commander Skills Update

    Don't need to test. I know what I want. I wanted to spend the time untill noon rebuilding so I could start playing when I got home tonight. I have no plans of either doing the same thing twice (rebuilding the same captians I just spent four hours on) or resetting 248 captians one at a time. So I have to wait for the button and perhaps not be able to play today. Falling behind on the missions. Yes I know, my choice, but it's not like you gave me much to work with.
  12. Hanse77SWE

    Commander Skills Update

    But then when I use the button I have to do it all over again. I have 248 active captains + 107 in reserve and I don't want to rebuild them twice. 1: Reset button. 2: Start the rebuild. 3: If there are any captains I don't have time to rebuild then at least they are reset when the "free reset"-time runs out and I'm not stuck with builds I don't want.
  13. Hanse77SWE

    Commander Skills Update

    I don't want to start playing without resetting and respecing and I'm busy this afternoon so I've lost some thing like four hours and can't play untill tonight and that means that I have to spend tonight respecing instead of playing. Bad planning. That button should have gone live when the server did. EDIT: Or even better, the captains should have been reset when the server went live. No need for button.
  14. Hanse77SWE

    Commander Skills Update

    I'm still waiting for that "Reset all"-button. No point in starting the respec before that.
  15. Hanse77SWE

    [INTRO] Recruiting casual players

    Almost fully expanded but with 15 empty seats we're open for more members.