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  1. Hanse77SWE

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    Just did that.
  2. Hanse77SWE

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    I'm afraid the changes to the economy will make the grind even longer.
  3. Hanse77SWE

    Update 0.11.3: Italian Destroyers. Part 2

    Once again: The economy of the Superships is just a huge credit-sink. Hard pass for me.
  4. Hanse77SWE

    [INTRO] Recruiting casual players

    *Bump bump* :-)
  5. Hanse77SWE

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.3

    I'm fine if I don't earn anything. It's payining >100k for a five minute game that worries me.
  6. Hanse77SWE

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.3

    As a co-op main I feel that the economy of Superships are to harsh. These screenshots are taken after a game in my Yueyang. I was joint top on BXP, had a 15% discount on the sevicecost but no economic flags or cammos. If I haden't had a premiumaccount I would have lost 49 135 credits. Now ad another 45k to that debt and you have a supership. To show what a bad game will cost I'll ad these pics of how much it's costed me to play T10 CVs in co-op without permacammos I understand that co-op isn't meant to make the big bucks but to lose credits in a gamemode that's supposed to be casual and relaxing dosen't make any sense. Especially when so much of the outcome depends on bot behavior, something you have not control over what so ever. I suggest a hard bottom limit of +-0 credits in co-op. It's OK not to earn anything after a bad game but paying through the nose just to take a casual spinn in a high tier ship isn't a fun and engaging experience.
  7. Hanse77SWE

    Roadmap for 2022

    Feedback...right! * Italian DDs: I have the Leone and I don't like the feel of her so if the rest of the line is the same then it won't be a joy for me. * 2nd line of french cruisers? OK, I'll try it. * Superships: Why!? I haven't been able to try them because every time I collect four tokens I get coal but the whole deal with a 11th tier is pointless to me. We don't need more ships, we need more things to do with the ships we got. * Submarines: I'm against it. They don't fit the game but that doesn't matter since WG will do what they want no matter what we say. * British battlecruisers: Fine by me. * Changes to the economy: There's not enough info to draw any conclusions but I have a lot of questions. What happens to the thousands of cammos and flags that I already have? Will the grind be even longer? I feel that a slower grind early in the game would be better and to speed it up at the higher tiers. Waiting for the details. I'll just wait and see.
  8. Hanse77SWE

    Lunar New Year

    So we can get achievements in co-op now?
  9. Hanse77SWE

    [INTRO] Recruiting casual players

  10. Hanse77SWE

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.0

    I still don't think subs should be in the game. This game is built on exchanging blows. "I shoot at you and you shoot at me." Subs don't work like that. They work under the condition that they can't be seen and therefore NOT being shot at. They are NOT sluggers. Pan-asian cruisers: Sure, I'll play them. Superships: Haven't played them. Don't care. Asymmetric Battles: Haven't played them. Don't care.
  11. Hanse77SWE

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Opened 16 mega. Got the Agincourt. A clan buddy opened 17 and got three ships including Agincourt.
  12. Hanse77SWE

    Never Enough Gifts!

  13. One "funny" thing here is if >500 people took a poll about something and 89% said this is fine, then WG would take that as proof that it's a good thing. Why isn't the opposite true?
  14. So 5-10% of the players are going to dictate what kind of game the other 90-95% will get? This isn't like a amusement park where you can put in a new teacup-carousel because it will bring more kids to your park. The adults will still ride the rollercoster. It's fine. Everyone pick the ride they like. It's more like putting a polka band at a rap-concert because "Some people like polka.". "You're gonna listen to this and you're gonna like it!" Or lets put it this way. I don't like mushrooms. Really, I can't stand them. They give me nausea. So if you take my favorite dish in the whole world and put some mushrooms in it, I will not eat it. No matter what. By putting subs into the game you ruin the parts that used to be good. All the talk about balance goes out the window.
  15. So basically "We didn't do a propper check before we started this ( a thing that we said that we wouldn't do) and now we're to deep into it to admit that we were wrong." If you'd listened to the playerbase (and the CCs) back then you would've known where this was heading and that would've prevented you from wasting all that time and money. What you are saying here is "We don't care what our customers want. They get what we give them." Just look at "New Coke" and how well that worked out. Don't say that we didn't warn you.