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    Northern Germany but from Charleston, SC, USA
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    Many years in the US Navy. best ship was the USS Semmes DDG-18.
    I also prefer DDs in WoWs.
    Love being a Dad. Riding Motorcycle, cruising through the countryside.
    Long time scuba diver, Northern Europe water is freaking cold.

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  1. RokinRon

    Operation of the week and Achievements

    can anyone confirm this for their account? Did I miss it written somewhere?
  2. RokinRon

    Suggestions thread

    Thank you for adding this to 0.7.10. It is awesome
  3. RokinRon

    feature request for the ship carousel filters

    Thank you for adding this to 0.7.10. It is awesome
  4. Hi All, I have been playing the current Operation of the Week - Terror of the Deep a lot since I want to earn the Killer Whale before the hard mode comes. I noticed that this is not adding to my achievements. Experienced One, Old-Timer, Protector, Ravager, Raider, Secret Instructions, etc etc etc Does anyone know if this is by design for the Halloween operations, or is this buggy?
  5. I have a feature request for the ship carousel filters. Currently, we can filter to see only Elite or Premium ships, but I would like the reverse of that. A new “Other” option to show only ships that have NOT reached elite status. This would help me (everyone) find the ships the in the mix of 120 ships that need to be played or even grinding. I hope you would consider this request. Have a great day, Ron - RokinRon
  6. RokinRon

    Suggestions thread

    Request for the Ship selection carousel. currently, we have nice a flexible filters. I can show only tier X by selecting only X or I can see all ships except Xs by selectin I-iX I can see only German ships by selecting the German flag or I can see all ship except the Germans by selecting all flags minus the German flag BUT; I can see all Elite ships by selecting that filter, but I CANNOT see only the ships that don't have the Elite status yet. It would be nice to have a "not" option on the "Other" filter items. I want to filter the ships that require grinding Thanks, RokinRon
  7. RokinRon

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    Also, suck in the queue. left it for 40 minutes while working on my laptop
  8. RokinRon

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    Missing am options. "Would buy the basic ship if usable in event"
  9. RokinRon

    Hoods out!

    sell 100x the 100 euro package to the die hard collectors. or sell 5000x at 20 euro basic ships to all of us that would like to have her (also during the campaign) Your marketing/sale team needs to go back to school. After the campaign you will again only get the "cheap" collectors buying her, all of the campaign purchases are gone.
  10. RokinRon

    Personal %30 Off

    Cool, it worked. :-)
  11. RokinRon

    Personal %30 Off

    but cherry on top is only 29.99 the 30% still worked?
  12. Actually my complete gui is screwed. All looked good after update to 6.1.0 but after added Aslain this happened. Edit: Re-installed, same issue Un-installed, all back to normal saw reeprich post (one below), reinstalled but without "Better ship icons......" and all is good again :-)
  13. RokinRon

    Fixing the IJN destroyers

    none of the above, they play different but still play well the way they are
  14. RokinRon

    Night battles & severe weather

    Oh, aiming based on the ships running lights would be awesome. Big learning curve for many to understand how to properly read the running light but it sounds fun (difficult). Also, think of the affects of light houses or spot lights washing over a close ship.... I image the Jaws theme sound playing over and over.