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  1. NoSoRetroJakko


    WTH why are you guys nerfing the Kaga, that thing is allready the worst T8 CV and struggles in T8 games let alone T10.
  2. NoSoRetroJakko

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    Any chance were going to see the premium CV's added to the premium store, been after the graf zep for a while
  3. NoSoRetroJakko


    ffs why you nerf my Big E, shes the only usefull prem CV i own seeing as how Kaga is a POS and Saipan looses all its planes in 2 runs.
  4. NoSoRetroJakko

    The Kriegsmarine's Greatest Gamble: The Channel Dash

    Agree also on this needing to be an op, maybe also have the hunt for the bismarck as an op as well, the more ops the better imo
  5. NoSoRetroJakko

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    When you guys gonna buff the Z52, the fact it still gets chunked by AP is still a joke
  6. At first i was optimistic, as ive wanted to see a rework done for carriers for years, but this isnt the way to do it. In its current form the rework will kill the game dead within a few weeks after its launch.
  7. NoSoRetroJakko

    Premium Shop in November: Halloween - Discussion Thread

    Did WG just forget about Prinz Eitel, cause West Virginia was only announced recently and all of a sudden is out, Prinz Eitel was announced months ago and still nothing on release
  8. NoSoRetroJakko

    HMS Dreadnought: First and Foremost! - Discussion Thread

    Still cant buy this on her own without having to shill out for Vanguard as well, guess wargaming need the shekels to buy more vodka
  9. NoSoRetroJakko

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    Just saw that Vanguard and Dreadnought have been released, with no way of buying Dreadnought on its own, as someone who doesn't want to buy Vanguard this feels like and *edited* being expected to pay for it.
  10. NoSoRetroJakko

    Update 0.7.10 British Destroyers - Discussion Thread

    Day 500: Still waiting on Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  11. NoSoRetroJakko

    RNHF (Royal Navy Home Fleet)

    Not and old codger (20) but this sounds like you guys would be fun to be with, hate being with the younger players clans myself, sent an application
  12. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    this was just a random pic in my files, need somat to replace it lol xD
  13. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    I would prefer it even if they did a premium ship rotation in the store, so there is a chance that these ships may return, its just a tad unfair to say oh its op were not gona let other players even have a chance to acquire one unless your lucky to get one from a contributor, all they do now is just re-release tirpitz which even isnt that good anymore compared to other T8 premiums and standard ships. As a collector this is annoying that WG are just holding back the few things to complete my collection. Also i missed the event on the 2nd because it was so under the radar from my knowledge that i didnt hear about it until the 3rd, wish i had key contributer mates, might have a chance then to finish my collection
  14. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    The thing with the statsitics is that its been on sale like twice at most, so few players have one in the growing community, so the numbers will be higher than normal, but i have used one on my mates account, its great, but has drawbacks, (shell dispersion, max speed)
  15. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    kinda beyond frustrating now, i collect things, premium ships being one of them, and missing this just sucks, missed an event yesterday that had one being given away, didn't even know about it till today