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  1. NoSoRetroJakko

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    So an event people have been asking to return you instead decide to go full shill and demand money for them, ships that have been in the game since the first year of the game, if fact this was one of the first events that was in game (not on the site like the pearl event for Kami R). Not only that but screw people over even harder by locking Nachi behind the paywall, a ship people like myself threw everything at the wall to complete but many failed to do so because the requirements were BS. Once again WG Management just cant not find something to charge for, in this case bringing back free content and slapping on a £160 PRICE TAG ON IT I'm glad i stopped playing this 6 months back, the amount of money being demanded is ludicrous. Only heard about this from a friend and WG thinking us Veterans that are still about in some form have forgotten about the early events and think they can slip this by are dead wrong. Apologies to the community moderators that are going to have to do the damage control on this cause i can already see the mob on the horizon. For those that for some reason have stuck around playing this game, run, just run and don't look back, "Free" games like this start out good, but when the management realises they struck gold they will start demanding more of you time and money. I've easily sunk a few grand into this game i wish i hadn't. A few quid here and there doesn't seem to bad (Even worse with the loot boxes) but it builds up over time to get you hooked on buying content. Content in WOWS case that gets worse and worse in terms of quality year after year. I'm not saying that hur dur everything should be free, but paying 100 to 200 on pixels on a screen in insanity, id see it somewhat justified if they mailed you a model of the ship for you to own for the prices there charging. Heck i can buy actually models of these ships for the prices they charge.
  2. NoSoRetroJakko

    Viribus Unitis: the First Yugoslavian Battleship

    Its funny cause those 70mm dual purpose guns dont function in game. Leaving you with only 4 functional AA guns on the turrets. No idea if this is a bug or an oversight but having those guns contribute to AA would move the AA from non existent to annoying pop guns
  3. NoSoRetroJakko

    Head Over Keels: Unsinkable Sam

    I have 6 camos for the Bismarck now. Any chance some other ships can get some love?