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  1. NoSoRetroJakko

    Premium Shop in November: Halloween - Discussion Thread

    Did WG just forget about Prinz Eitel, cause West Virginia was only announced recently and all of a sudden is out, Prinz Eitel was announced months ago and still nothing on release
  2. NoSoRetroJakko

    HMS Dreadnought: First and Foremost! - Discussion Thread

    Still cant buy this on her own without having to shill out for Vanguard as well, guess wargaming need the shekels to buy more vodka
  3. NoSoRetroJakko

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    Just saw that Vanguard and Dreadnought have been released, with no way of buying Dreadnought on its own, as someone who doesn't want to buy Vanguard this feels like and *edited* being expected to pay for it.
  4. NoSoRetroJakko

    Update 0.7.10 British Destroyers - Discussion Thread

    Day 500: Still waiting on Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  5. NoSoRetroJakko

    RNHF (Royal Navy Home Fleet)

    Not and old codger (20) but this sounds like you guys would be fun to be with, hate being with the younger players clans myself, sent an application
  6. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    this was just a random pic in my files, need somat to replace it lol xD
  7. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    I would prefer it even if they did a premium ship rotation in the store, so there is a chance that these ships may return, its just a tad unfair to say oh its op were not gona let other players even have a chance to acquire one unless your lucky to get one from a contributor, all they do now is just re-release tirpitz which even isnt that good anymore compared to other T8 premiums and standard ships. As a collector this is annoying that WG are just holding back the few things to complete my collection. Also i missed the event on the 2nd because it was so under the radar from my knowledge that i didnt hear about it until the 3rd, wish i had key contributer mates, might have a chance then to finish my collection
  8. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    The thing with the statsitics is that its been on sale like twice at most, so few players have one in the growing community, so the numbers will be higher than normal, but i have used one on my mates account, its great, but has drawbacks, (shell dispersion, max speed)
  9. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    kinda beyond frustrating now, i collect things, premium ships being one of them, and missing this just sucks, missed an event yesterday that had one being given away, didn't even know about it till today
  10. NoSoRetroJakko

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    Simple really, just looking to add this to my port, missed it last time round bout 6 months ago and just need this and the grem to complete my prem collection, bar the event ships i cant get of course. Been waiting ages and they never bring it back, just keep bringing derpitz out again and again for even more silly money.
  11. NoSoRetroJakko

    0.5.7 patch PT

    anyone been able to get onto the server, it keeps saying cant connect, yes ive got the right client, and i made a new account for the test server, what gives?
  12. NoSoRetroJakko

    Matchmaker issues and ways to change it

    That's cool WarburtonLee, lets hope that discount stays permanent Also yes the AI can be abit clever at times as seen here: Also yes i can agree that the players in the spread as well as the uneven matchmaking can make some games unfair, way to stop this, play coop, but coop pays so little that profits are almost impossible to make, especially at the higher tiers. I get those times where i look at the enemy team and say GG, based on there ships, sometimes i am wrong, but 9/10 i am right, get clubbed out of the game in 2 minutes then watch my credits disappear. Shocked that this got some traffic at all, I'm new to all this forum business
  13. NoSoRetroJakko

    Matchmaker issues and ways to change it

    I wrote this at 1am, mistakes were made, by this point the main focus should be on lower repair costs, as pointed out by WarburtonLee, as while the MM can be unfair, some people dont mind, i personally struggle and i know plenty of people who struggle when thrown into a T10 match especially when you dont see them as often as you would at T9. So yeah by this point personally id be happy if repairs were 20k off what they are now, or at least charge you less for a loss as when your team gets steamrolled and you are unable to fight of there entire fleet, it isnt really fair to plant yo with a large repair bill along with making very little (more so if it is a mediocore match) FYI i mainly got into this game a few months ago, i did play when it released but on my old rig it chugged like a TOG II
  14. NoSoRetroJakko

    Matchmaker issues and ways to change it

    While understandable that most people like to fight off against T10's in there T8's and i have had some enjoyable engagements myself, it can be frustrating to get annihilated before you get a chance to do anything, and when it happens every other match then you credits start to drain quickly, I mainly typed this out as a rant due to spending the past few days watching my money dwindle away thanks to these high tier battles just wiping my credits out, so if people dont like the Idea of modifying the tiers, then heck id be happy with just a change in the sodding repair bill xD.
  15. NoSoRetroJakko

    Matchmaker issues and ways to change it

    First id like to start of that overall i do enjoy this game, i have sunk a ungodly amount of cash into it as i do collect the premium ships, but there are times when playing where i just let out a sigh and be like whats the point. First of all my main gripe is the matchmaker, this sounds like a broken record here on the forums now but even from the start the game has been plagued by matchmaker difficulties and general unfairness. Here's how the matchmaker roughly works for those who font understand: T1 can see other T1's and T2 T2 can see T1 and T3 as well as other T2's T3 can see T1 through T5 T4 can see T3 through T6 T5 can see t3 through T7 T6 can see T4 through T8 T7 can see T5 through T9 T8 can see T6 through T10 T9 can see T7 through T10 T10 can see T8 through T10 Now This seems rather straightforward as most games are normally this 3 tier spread, but it isn't. See the problems come in not really with the matchmaker itself, but the players who are currently in the search for a game, and the matchmaker will just dump you into the first match in the spread so it lessens the load on the queue and gets players into a match quicker. Once again while this sounds good 9 times out of 10 the game will feature the full spread of ships at the tier you are playing. in the lower tiers this isn't much of an issues as most ships share similar characteristics and most players will charge head in and everyone sees abit of combat. The problems i find are mainly in the high tiers; (side note, i can already predict people commenting on this saying i am a scrub that needs to git gud, well maybe i do, i consider myself a below average player but i can still do rather well if the matchmaker is behaving itself); for example while in my T8 cruiser as show above i can see T6 through T10, but most of the time you will see T10, i rarely ever see T6 in my T8 ships. So what i hear you yell at your monitors T10 means making more credits, well not exactly, as not only are you outgunned in you T8 ship, you are out-ranged, out concealed, out maneuvered, basically the T10's perform better than your T8, so work harder i hear you say, but when all the T10's sit back playing extremely passive because 1 scratch means they loose a shite ton of credits on repairs, most high teir games end when the timer runs dry, or when one team grows a pair and pushes up. So i propose a simple change to the matchmaker system: T1 can see other T1's and T2 T2 can see T1 through T3 T3 can see T1 through T5 T4 can see T3 through T6 T5 can see T3 through T7 T6 can see T4 through T8 T7 can see T6 through T9 T8 can see T6 through T9 T9 can see T7 through T10 T10 can see T9 through T10 As shown the lower tiers are largely unaffected, due to the low repair cost of these ships, but as seen the high tiers largely do not see T10, as T10 is basically in a class of its own and mainly only the T9's can compete with them efficiently. Now this is one solution, the other i find to be extremely simple, just lower the repair cost of ships, especially at the higher tiers, paying upwards of 80k a match just to play the damn things is ridiculous and when you get put with the lemons,the afk'ers the Tk'ers and the players who refuse to cooperate with the team then you barely make cash per game, even in T8 premiums you can struggle (i should know). As far as i know the changes shouldn't be hard to make as all it will take is a simple change in the code then role out the patch to all users like normal. What i don't get personally why lay the matchmaker system like this in the first place, its absurd the have players be outclassed most of the time, there's skill, and then there's the Gods of the Matchmaker. Look i expect this to go nowhere, to be overlooked by War Gaming and be called a fggt by the community, but if someone doesn't put forward some logical changes instead of just saying the game is crap without saying anything constructive to why you think that, then things go nowhere. I know War Gaming don't care, there a business and there aim is to make money, and players like myself will continue to give them said cash, and with no real competition, (seeing as Gaijin are running themselves into the ground and fast) there's no real reason to change is there. Rant Over