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  1. LamaDenMex

    Toxicity against carriers

    great answer, so you always know where the DD is???
  2. LamaDenMex

    Toxicity against carriers

    so... why do you Play it, tell us?? is someone ponting a gun into your face forcing you to Play it you should consider that this is not an appropriate game for you if you feel you are not able to Play vs. cv, and also you dont want to learn haw..… than please, do yourself a favor and Play Chess (but i think yop also will find out that the beginning Player has a Micro-Advantage, so in your eyes he is OP!!)
  3. LamaDenMex

    Toxicity against carriers

    this Arguments dodging cv Gameplay sounds like … What have the romans ever done for us (montyPhytons)... of course... ignoring all other arguments may lead into beliving wrong…. but... if you do wrong in playing cv... a small gunboat will shoot you into pieces if you do wrong in BB... you get burned and torped if you do wrong in cl.... oh wonder… also the same...and you get citadeleted.. but seem like a lot of Gentleman here have the same Feeling a lot of Navy man had in WW2 the felt its somehow not Gentleman like to being attacked by the planes of a cv... the man want a fight eye to eye…. like 10.000 b.c
  4. LamaDenMex

    Toxicity against carriers

    thats absolute not truth…. argue like...If a CV misses you. Then the reason is because he missed. Not because you evaded… tells every one that you do not want to learn anytning at all sorry mate, but this is really complete bu….t!!...did you played CV?? I think its more your ego, who has a Problem here…. you simply want the ability to shoot at the one Shooting at you…. sorry... but this dont work on DDs vs BBs the same way…. he will torp you and you cant do anything… (beside the DD torps will cause much more DMG, maybe one-shot you than the arials one…. and you dont even see him at ALL …
  5. LamaDenMex

    Toxicity against carriers

    Cmon, its a Game About WW2 Ships…. There were Battleships Cruisers, Submarines, Destroyers and Carriers….. Why there is no counterplay vs. Carriers…. of course, there is counterplay vs. Planes.... (for the ones on realizing that you are attecked by the planes... not the carrier) I personaly fear the lonely DD more than the Carrier attacking me A lot of DD Players like the "Solo Warrior Playstyle...., Sneak behind the lines and farm the BBs This Playstyle doesnt work anymore….so what, and the CV cant be everywhere. ...so please, take it as it is….. The Game is not perfect, but its still a great game... sometime frustrating (because your tactic turns out to be wrong in that Situation) … but its a game.... so have fun and stop hating others just because there are interupting your Solo-Hero-of-the-Battle career...