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  1. Covenant_R

    0.8.7 AA Changes – Credits Compensation

    Yes, with the new patch that changed the skills which also changed the module behaviour, you had the ability to respec for free for a week after the patch. Was posted on the frontpage as Weekend Highlights - FREE Commander Respeccing https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/weekend-highlights-23-08-2019/
  2. Covenant_R

    Bug Reports

    I edited the post before your reply, but it seems for some reason the forum didn't actually edit the post properly when I pressed submit. It was a manual error on my part when testing the rebinding keys, so I actually used the wrong function, torpedoes instead of torpedo spread.
  3. Covenant_R

    Bug Reports

    Edit: Found a bug that has been replicated several times over. 1. Description "Zoom Map In" Keybinding resets to default key at client startup. I rebind artillery to key: Numpad + Default key for Zoom Map In is + Client doesn't make any distinctions between + and Numpad +. After client restart, Zoom Map In key is defaulted and the rebound artillery view key also effects zoom map in function. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Start the client. Bind "Artillery View" to key: Numpad + Bind "Zoom Map In" (default +) to another key, in my case key: = 2. Close the client. 3. Restart the Client. 3. Result 1. After being rebound, key works fine. 3. After client restart, key is reset to default key: + Going into a battle, when using artillery view, it also zoom's now map in one step. 4. Expected result When function "Zoom Map In" has been rebound, it should stay rebound after client restart. 5. Technical details Screenshots + attached python.log Log is over, Client start, rebind keys, close client, client restart. python.log.txt Before Client Restart After Client Restart
  4. Covenant_R

    Bug Reports

    Edit: Placeholder.
  5. Covenant_R

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Technical

    We did a run through of all the scenariors during the weekend and ran into the following issues. * After running the first scenario, we couldn't ready up our ship, new ships, or old, or ones reactivated from cold until after a client restart. (reported as bug by others). * Viewing battle reports of earlier run through scenarior showed only the last run mission star-screen with failed, despite viewing battlereport of another scenarior. (reported as bug by others). * Only the last out of 6 runs counted any XP for the combat missions. (Bug Here) * Couldn't invite people through friendslist, limited to 3 man divisions, only inviting from division panel worked. (Bug here) * Only the last scenario showed us as a division in the game and ending panels. (Bug Here)
  6. Covenant_R

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description Unable to invite more then 2 people directly from friends list to scenario division. (invites from actual division panel works as usual) 2. Reproduction stepsSet game mode to Scenarios. Invite 2 people to division directly from + on friendslist. Try to invite further people from friendslist. (no + shown) Go to division panel, click invite, then friends. ( works) 3. Result+ on friendslist for division invite is not show. 4. Expected resultWhen in scenario mode, + on friends in friendslist should be shown for up to 6 persons. 5. Technical detailsSee Screenshots. Normal invite panel Invite panel after first 2 people have been invited Invites through the division panels still works fine.
  7. Covenant_R

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionWe were a group that ran through all the PvE Scenarious during the weekend. Game only counted XP for our last attempt on the Aegis map, and it also did not show us as a division for all but the last run. 2. Reproduction stepsJoin everyone up to a 7 man division. Start scenarios. 3. ResultFirst 4 scenarios did not show us in a division, no XP counted for any combat missions. 4. Expected resultAll PvE scenarios should count XP properly, as well as enable divisions properly. 5. Technical details Sorry, this is a bit light on the technical side, since we did everything the same on the fifth run, and it worked fine then. I assume a temporary issue, since we couldn't enter a new Scenario with any ship either. See screenshots below. In order of screenshots. 01. All Campaigns Completed. 02. Last Mission Team Panel. 3rd run on Aegis. 03. Campaign XP 04. Earlier Scenario Team Panel. No Division shown. No XP recorded. 05. Total runs after client restart: (6th run total). Client restarted after 1st run on Newport Base due to issues with readying up as reported in this thread above), which is why only 5 is shown in the list.
  8. Actually, graphics card is 4 years old, and first phenoms were only tri and quad core. If it actually is a 6 core phenom, its a phenom 2 which was sold from 2010. So yeah, processor is old, but should be more then enough for unpacking and patching. I would take a look at RAM usage together with swap file usage in task manager and resource monitor(where you can easily see which processes are writing and reading on the drive) when the patch is running. if it's starved of memory while and trying to swap while it unpacking and patchning, that would slow down everything to a crawl with a mechanical drive. Especially since both of those parameters aren't likely to be sequentials reads, but contain a lot of random access. 8 GB's are not that much, so depending on what's running otherwise, ram swap + patch + av or any combination there of might be a culprit. And today, having a few tabs in a browser open might use easily a couple of GB of memory of it is a media rich site.
  9. Covenant_R

    Key Binding Changes

    Have you compared the PT vs Live ? If you check the PT right now and have HE loaded. switching to AP from Torpedoes will take 3 button presses on the AP button. That's the change of it. In live you do it with two times. It's a very minor difference, but its still there in muscle memory on destroyers. Even if you press the dedicated AP button, it will first switch back to HE ammo that was already loaded, you then need 2 more button presses to incur the AP reload timer. Heres the keybindings, I don't use either the Main or Torpedo buttons at all, only the specialized ones. Have HE Loaded, Switch to torpedos, try to switch back to AP via AP button. Live 0.6.2 1st press. Guns switches to HE, with next shot will be AP state. 2nd press. Guns switches to AP ammo and starts reloading. PT 0.6.3 1st press. Guns switches to HE. 2nd press. Guns switches to next shot will be AP state. 3rd press. Guns switches to AP ammo and starts reloading cycle. Heres how it locks. I only use AP button to switch back.
  10. Covenant_R

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Can't switch viewpoint on shells / torpedos in a salvo during the track object view when you are spectating a division- or teammate. 2. Reproduction steps Enter a battle. Die. Spectate a division mate. Press Track Object key when teammate you are spectating fires torps or shells. Press C to change position within the salvo. 3. Result Nothing Happens. 4. Expected result Pressing Change Position should move the point of view of a spectator within the salvo to the next shell / torpedo. 5. Technical details Works fine when following your own shells in flight. Doesn't work when spectating a divisionmate.
  11. Covenant_R

    Key Binding Changes

    And right CTRL works fine now, awesome! And added to the bindable keys as well as a bonus, sweet! Suggestion for settings description. Unless the checkbox for "Alternative Mouse Controls" are supposed to change anything for any ships except CV's. Description should hint at the fact it only impacts CV's. "Alternative CV Mouse Controls" or similar.
  12. Covenant_R

    Key Binding Changes

    I think you misunderstand.... I have 3 keys bound to Ammunition HE and Ammunition AP and Change torpedo spread. Numpad 1-3. It always switches back to what was selected before the torpedoes, no matter if you press your dedicated HE or AP key. Even if you have one loaded and did a half press for the next ammo after salvo, if you have, it will switch back to the HE Loaded, next salvo AP state as well. Like I said, I like the change, for there are people that press the wrong button, but I would like the option to turn it off as well.
  13. Covenant_R

    Key Binding Changes

    Keybindings General Now it saves the cruiser controls keys correctly when rebound to numpad as I do them, which is really nice, because that has annoyed me to no end. Right-CTRL Bug Sadly Right CTRL key doesnt work for free mouse, which is a new annoyance. Bug Report filed here New Switch Torpedo/Guns Function I would love to have the option of a checkbox for the function of turning off the torpedo / gun switch option where it always switches back to loaded guns. The feature itself is great, I have people I play with that often switch back tothe wrong guns, so its awesome, but I would like to be able to turn it off via checkbox. I like being able to select ammo directly, especially in DD's
  14. Covenant_R

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionRight Ctrl key doesn't work for enabling mouse point for assigning secondary targets, AA targets or marking minimap, etc. 2. Reproduction stepsGo into a Battle, press right ctrl 3. ResultNothing. 4. Expected resultRight CTRL should enable mouse pointer for assigning secondary and aa targets, minimap controls, etc. 5. Technical details Windows 10, Swedish keyboard layout
  15. Covenant_R

    Bug Reports

    Just a bit of heads up, version number on this thread is 0.6.2...