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  1. GeneralRushHour

    Citadel Iowa

    And the Yammy was godlike in comparison. Felt like a kid trying to wrestle my dad when i faced it back in CBT.
  2. GeneralRushHour

    Noob protection

    What other games do we know use RNG? I assume WOT have this but i don´t think games like CS:GO has it or similar shooters. edit: what about warthunder with the tanks? For a comparison to WOT.
  3. GeneralRushHour

    Noob protection

    Why do they even use RNG in this game? What purpose does it really serve?
  4. GeneralRushHour

    [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    I don´t play DDs but sent in an application, hopefully you could use another ok-ish Des Moines or Montana player :)
  5. It´s really not the end of the world if you face that type of team. We met [OM] today and lost obviously but we only lost 8 points. Was fun though seeing how a great clan plays. You either win or you learn.
  6. GeneralRushHour

    To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    With the added fun factor of being able to torp DDs or beelining the nearest BB and send some torps his way. Proper fun ship to play but i probably would't buy it if i had the Bismarck.
  7. GeneralRushHour

    T8 MatchMaking 55% TopTier (SubOctavian's recent comment)

    If EU has the healthiest T10 group should we not have the lowest percentage of being uptiered in a T8? And by uptiered i mean getting into T10 games specifically. How does MM work? Does it take all the T10 it can then all the T9 and lastly any T8´s to fill the match or is it programmed to try and take a certain amount of every tier?
  8. GeneralRushHour

    DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    Have the same problem with 25 torpedo-hits. The only ship i own with torps is the god damn Tirpitz. So i either do suicide-missions with the Tirpitz or free XP a minekaze. None of which i look forward to i must say.
  9. GeneralRushHour

    CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    I´m in a similar boat and one thing that really struck me was the availability of flags and camos. Back in the day you had to be a really solid player to consistently run flags and camo on your ship. Like you only got XP flags from confederate i think and that´s not easy to get consistently, at least for me. Back then a 15 point captain meant you had to grind. These days you slap on a +333% flag and you have a 19 point captain in no time, So mainly the grind today is nothing like it was in the early days :)
  10. GeneralRushHour

    I Love This Game

    Got one just now. Game starts, i hit enemy BB for 16k then start turning away, he returns fire, the whole salvo misses except one RNG shell that hits my full HP Montana and detonates the ship. I hope they keep it in, it´s so immersive and really improve the gameplay enormously, gotta love those amazing flags as well that you get
  11. GeneralRushHour

    Stop smoking up BBs!

    its also good if said BB is getting focused. Putting down a smoke allows him to either back up or re-position.
  12. GeneralRushHour

    Tier VIII matchmaking

    I played a lot in CBT and some time after that, then i took a break a short while after Tirpitz was released and came back this month and that was one thing that struck me the most. Playing T8 games is near certain today to be thrown into T10 games. Same with the T6. Sweet spot is T5 and T7 i find. Stopped grinding the Amagi completely because of it, might as well bring out the DM or Montana instead. Would be interesting if during high player count-hours they would run +-1 tier instead. I don´t find it fun fighting Montanas in my Tirpitz and i don´t enjoy farming Tipritzes in my Montana, the gap is just so large between T8 and T10. At least for BBs and CAs, dont know about DDs.
  13. It would be cool if somehow it was awarded to players who either got all the emblems or a certain percent of them. (not to be confused with the patches) i look forward to seeing this monster of a ship in the game but i think people are overreacting on how OP it really will be. It´s inferior as a BB and it´s in many ways inferior as a CA because no matter which folder you put it in, it doesnt tick the boxes you really want. For a BB you want firepower and armor, it has none of it. (relatively speaking) For a CA you want concealment and nimbleness, it has none of it. Might be wrong though, it could be super OP but i see it as strong in some areas and an XP-pinata in others. I definitely would not mind getting my hands on one some day though.
  14. GeneralRushHour

    Is Khabarovsk fun to play as Minotaur is?

    With my DM and Montana i havent seen anything that sparked my interest in the tech tree but reading all these comments about the Khaba i think thats a ship i should enjoy very much with the constantly on the move firing at everything you see.
  15. GeneralRushHour

    How is US CA line (7+) these days?

    Pensa, NO and Balti was extremely painful for me but getting the DM was worth it. I f*cking love that ship to death. With a 19 point captain and some excess comm-xp you can tailor it to perform multiple roles depending on what your div-mates are running. Div with a CV, go full AA, help escort the BBs while still be able to deal with DDs that gets too close. Or div with other cruisers/dds and build a monster of a dd-minotaur killer. Or go for something inbetween, focus on terrorizing BBs with constant fires while still retaining some AA and dd-killer capabilities. Mega-fun ship to play if you ask me.