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    Bug Reports

    i was playing a game in my atago and my ship sailed away from me in the image under (i was in dueal screen and second screen is of a discord chat i do not post since its no relevant but thats why the image is weird) the ship to the left of the center of the image about to ram the island is my ship you can clearly see the HP bar and other UI of the game but the ship or well rather the camera isnt moving but the ship is i could fire the guns i could not turn the battle did continue while this happend for any further questions reply to this and i will try to answear as soon as i can GOOD SAILING COMMANDERS!!!
  2. TheSaltyDragon

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    its fine plus im not a life or death gamer i play for fun its a game after all not a hunger game good luck with the clan see you on the horizon
  3. TheSaltyDragon

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    HI can i i join played since open Beta but dont goten far on the grind due i am also active in the WoT clan i am in and i hope it isnt bad (i mean being in an WoT clan) i got skills in the game just that my team is either going lemings one side or rushing the middle from time to time hope my stats arnt horrebly in that case give me a word from yours truley EnCOMMANDER (and if my ENG suchs just say it dont give me that ehm we got a problem crap)
  4. TheSaltyDragon


    well okay i see all of you have points got a better understanding of this now thx
  5. TheSaltyDragon

    Event Calendar for October

    uhm on the list you posted where is the füijn?
  6. TheSaltyDragon


    mhm was this some time ago cus two brother was broken some time ago u just stoped for no reason shells exploding mid air etc
  7. TheSaltyDragon

    open beta testers need a flag

    okay its alot of open beta testers (OBT) but i think we (yes i am one) hope we could get a flag open beta is still beta... not a prem ship and all that but just so players can see and feel a bit proud of ive been here almost since the begining...i was on during OBT i loved the game i stil do i hope wg gives the OBTs a flag
  8. TheSaltyDragon

    Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    mhm i go the t6 mutsuki and well i use it to blow torps in the face on bbs (the bb comes around an island while the torps does he doesmt have a chance) io think with concealment expert and the the concealtment module in highter tiers u can get close in other words dds arnt that bad now maybe that was i love minikaze and fujin my favs
  9. TheSaltyDragon


    hi guys i am EnCommander. while ive been playing ranked latly ive seen a thing about torps... when you fire your torpedos from a launcher 1sec ca before u die the torps isnt fired... it my guess it it takes 3sec ca to launch the torp and its annoying im hoping you guys. yes u in that chair reading this o help me geting it fixed/buffed so if u fire the torps launcher even if ur dead halfway or some torp dont gt fired you know what i mean. on the other hand its great and enemy doesnt blow a cupple of torps in you well guess what if am not doing it a jap dd is gone do it.
  10. TheSaltyDragon

    Teamkillers - to team kill or not to kill?(or maybe go afk)

    yes good idea but only one prob wg gives a crapabout the players opinion...
  11. TheSaltyDragon

    Teamkillers - to team kill or not to kill?(or maybe go afk)

    i have neen followd and killed 2 times by 2 difrent players so i hope one day theres a fast way to screenshot i the game
  12. TheSaltyDragon

    Teamkillers - to team kill or not to kill?(or maybe go afk)

    i agree i was in the same postion today i was a amagi he was iowa gess who won but he started aying we can't do crapand hided behind our izumo then he killed me we both got pink names btw but i can't belive i got the -1 becouse he killed me wtf he killes me i get -1 wtf i am totoly with defend yourself
  13. TheSaltyDragon

    Team Killer on purpose

    wg mostly gives a crapabout what happens in the game the makers might be playing it but it never happens when thay are playing becose the all plays good so thay never suspect a thing....
  14. TheSaltyDragon

    Team Killer on purpose

    send it to Ichesegaming baronvongamez and the mighty jingles TK IS NOT FUN i saw an enemy b trying to kill en enemy dd luckely the good guy the dd won but was dmg really hard becouse the bb upend upp fire for no reason i talked with him about it (the dd player) and i knew someting was wrong when i saw it and WG DOSENT CARE i am buy premium ships when thay come out fujin nikolai atago altanta isizucrich and so on and thay will lose me as a buyer unless they fix it the should be a report opttion loike this `This Guy Is/Was/Trying to Team Kill` who agress its should be there instead off bot plays poor(by the way if he plays poor its his desijon if he gives a crap but the last one should be there sine i ws in my atlanta escroting the cv and a dead dd got all coky in the chat becouse i didnt help the team(HIM) so he just m****f****r i the chat.... still team killing is bad and i hate peapole doing it but some time when a japanise crusser or a dd fires torps and an ally comes in the way well its in a warzone both should watch out and if soome say it was an accident and there was enemys close by thay should say it okay but once when my old data mouse broke i hit a tirpitz i said i was sorry and he said it was okay since i didnt mean it and it only happend once but if it happens time after time its just to turn you guns/torps and right click hope wg and other peapole reads this :-)
  15. TheSaltyDragon

    How WG completely ruined the Tirpitz in two simple ways

    all you guys know that BISMARCH killed hood with one shell one damm SHELL and tirpitz get worse penetration than izhizuchi IZHIZUCHI 11 inch omg while tirp got 16 inch its distaster i totaly agree with kms_tirpitz the guys posting this i do i know i read the history i know crap wg dosent