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    - Shimakaze - volle Bombersquad innerhalb der ersten Minuten - 3/4 der hp weg von der ersten Ladung DDs an der oberen Grenze sind sowieso schon "am Allerwertesten" weil jeder und seine Großmutter Radar hat ... und nun sind auch noch die Flugzeugträger mit einem "auto-delete" ausgestattet. Ohne eine DRASTISCHE(!!!!) Änderung macht das keinen Sinn mehr.
  2. I just finished the quest for this unique "upgrade" ... and IMO it is AT BEST ... a SIDEGRADE if not an outright DOWNGRADE. What point is there to "loaded torpedo tubes" ... if they dont point into the right direction due to the 80% SLOWER ROTATION OF THE TUBES? This happens all the time and even tiny changes in course are making it impossible to fire torpedoes because the launcher moves like a 90-year-old. The torpedo tubes have the turning speed of Battleship turrets ... Why does the already limited "one-trick-pony" Shimakaze get such a bad non-upgrade upgrade? Other unique upgrades come without any downsides ... (and I dont care about the incapacitation bit). I am going to dismount this "upgrade" after looking forward to it for a long time. This is a severe disappointment! Just give me a torped reload booster instead of smoke screen instead of this "upgrade" ... because smokescreen is useless for a DD due to "everybody and their grandmother getting radar" ... and I usually drop it for the cruisers further back (outside radar range).
  3. Rabiator5

    New Japanese Destroyers

    The current state of japanese DDs is unbearable. The T9 has only a range of 10 km ... and is going up against BBs with secondaries with a range of 9 km? Is that supposed to be funny? Trying to get the 223.000 XP for the Shimakaze is going to take me YEARS at this rate, because with the enemies at higher tier being more experienced it is more unlikely to even hit them with a torpedo ... and then you have to wait 2 minutes for a reload. Yeah ... plus people call torps "wall of skill" to ridicule it and excuse driving into them. This NERF really reminds me of WoW and their nerfs to the support classes, because a lot of people whined about not being able to deal loads of damage as a Priest. Well some people LIKE a DIFFERENT playstyle, so why did the IJN need a "we are like the american DDs"-line and a watering down of what they were good at? I might not be a regular player, but I am really considering quitting the game.
  4. Rabiator5

    Players camping destroyed CV planes

    Personally I would love to see the planes from a destroyed CV land on and restock the supply of a second CV that is still alive. If there is no more CV those planes should simply fly off to land at an island.
  5. Rabiator5

    Introduce spotting damage in WOW please

    I really support this, because DDs are required to HIDE to survive and cant really risk open combat against more than one opponent ... especially not a cruiser. With torpedo tube reload taking more than a minute that isnt really much fun. Obviously this isnt WoT, but SOME kind of reward for teamplaying would be nice. It might even be worth to add an extra bonus for shooting down planes ... as a non-carrier, which would be another "teamplaying" aspect.
  6. Rabiator5

    Torpedo Bomber too effective

    There is a distinct difference between torpedoes launched by american squads and japanese squads. The american squads have more planes AND fire in a very tight "arc" ... that is clearly too effective, because you can not "steer inbetween them". That is one thing that needs to be fixed. Maybe add a totally random directional factor into it ... just like dive bomber bombs are random too. Also the squad size seems a bit too much in favor of the americans ... when you are faced with one american CV as a single japanese CV you basically have lost air superiority already.
  7. Currently each side is played by X individuals. It might be a nice idea to have one person on each team perform as "Admiral" who directs the whole fleet. That way some order could be brought into the chaos. Obviously not everyone will want to bother with such a thing, but the highest ranking player should be "offered" the job first and then the next one and so on. For those who dont want to be admiral you could simply add a checkbox ... The power of the admiral would mostly be in "map mode" ... like giving certain groups/types of ships waypoints ... An example of this "different play mode for one player" is Natural Selection, where one player on the side of the Marines can/needs to play the commander to build stuff for the team.