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  1. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Nelson or Hood

    I missed the chanse when Hood was released in may, and i want the Nelson.. so should i wait and see IF Hood comes back to the store now when the british battleships release? Or is there a zero chance that will happen? And i spend my money on freexp for Nelson. Would Love for a WG person to confirme
  2. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Summersale... "the grand finale"

    disaopointing as always.. and as it usually is we dont get a proper confirmation from WGEU!
  3. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Summer Sale Disappointment

    i expected a childish comment like this, have you ever heard about supporting the game? and collecting ships? i myself am big nerd when it comes to WW2 ships, and this game is IMO a good way of collecting ships and helping to support the creators of it!
  4. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Summer Sale Disappointment

    This is what i am afraid off... if it is a big bundle, im screwed..
  5. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Summer Sale Disappointment

    No high tiered Battleship what so ever up for sale... i exptected Tirpitz, Alabama, Scharnhorst, Hood.... but nothing :( step you your game WG
  6. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Atlanta ON OFFER

    Why no BB's for sale? this is the 4th crusier they have put up on the sale, and no bb's yet... C'mon now WG i want Alabama and Hood..
  7. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    HMS Belfast On Offer

    Probably true, but it do still wish that he could confirme or deny if this is the case.
  8. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    HMS Belfast On Offer

    I just wish Tuccy could confirme if Hood will be in this Summer sale.. so i know if to hold my money or not. Please Lord Tuccy reply
  9. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Summer Sale WGEU style?

    I really hope that it wont just be the ships that are in the store ATM that will be on discount, we also want rare ships that have only been sold once(etc HOOD) and not just regular shop ships... Please someone from WG staff confirme if other ships will make it on the sale aswell... Check on the Russian Summer sale on WOWS.ru, they have from the first of July to the last of July a new ship on discount everyday, counted up the 8 BB's on sale! RU SALE
  10. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Summer Sale

    Is it likely that Hood will also be for sale this summer sale event??
  11. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    2017 - Taking stock at half-time

    Anyone who knows what happened to the USS Kidd? around 3-4 weeks ago she recived a set of repair party abilitys and after that we have heard nothing about her, and not a single preview?
  12. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    The Kidd in Preview

    Well i have to disagree with you on that, 19th may she was added in the game for testing, 31 days ago, and i saw someone on reddit who made a post that compared to other premiums release she would be released within 1-4 weeks from that day(3 weeks ago) so i would say she comes this upcomming week probably on friday cause Kaga arrived on the friday the 2 of june, and De Grasse 9th on june, and last friday Kidd did not appear so i would say 23th. she was teased for a may release so she is far overdue....
  13. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Premium Ship Kidd

    Is there any youtuber/reviewer who has shown Kidd of after they added repair party?
  14. Th3Glow1ngC4t

    Premium Ship Kidd

    Anyone who knows when she will be released?