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    This game is a mess

    that's not really helpful is it? i agree with OP that the game in becoming toxic and is not really fun to play any more. the reason people "rant" onthe forum is so there is a Chance the Wargaming will see the complaints and change something. unlikely i know but surely its better to give feedback than just leave, because if enough people feel the same way then the game will die out.
  2. so rapid fire ships in higher tier games are getting out of hand. ships like the Smolensk, Colbert and Minotaur are absurdly powerful and make un-fun game experiences especially considering they also have smoke/radar Ect. its been a problem for a while now but its becoming toxic to the game in my opinion and as a long time player ( closed beta tester ) its getting to the point where i dont think i want to play ( or spend money) any more.