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  1. Tub25

    troble in clan manage

    Yes, and you can't accept invites from clans either since all you get is a 404 error message...
  2. Tub25

    [Guide] Basic CV gameplay

    Since the latest CV "improvements" a few patches back it's not really possible to win against he's fighters at T4 even over friendly aa. Bait him away from your drops with your fighters (since they are faster you should be able to run away with them afterwards). After your torpedo bombres drop they will get a speed buff (i belive it was 30%) so he will have a harder time catching up to them. (DO NOT TAKE THE 1 POINT EVASIVE MANEUVER SKILL! it's a trap) Low tier CV's are a bit of a mess right now..... Real CV gameplay now starts at T6 when manual drops (mandatory) and strfing (also mandatory) become available. I would strongly advise practicing them in Coop when you get there. IJN CV's are by far the stronger line starting from tier 6/7 onwards they just require a bit more micro management.
  3. Not exactly, you get a 30% speed debuff when bombers have their waypoint set to your CV. If you for exaple order them to fly somewhere else they go at their full speed without added benefits (as if the skill wasn't taken), at least that's suposedly how it worked when captain skill changes were first implemented. Thing is bombers take forever to land and it add's a lot of extra micro for questionable benefits, since your bombers spend more time in AA auras and get caught by catapult fighters more frequently.
  4. Tub25

    Better CV balance idea

    Removing manual drops from CV's is a silly idea. Reasons: - because plane loaduot limitations can't be compensated for by personal skill anymore - it's near imposible to hit someone with autodrops if he is actively trying to avoid - it would make dd's imposible to hit - you can't drop torp's / bombs into smoke - being relatively close to any sort island makes ships immune to drops - it would nerf the damage output of high tier CV's into the ground - it's imposible to protect anyone from drops by a good cv without strafing Lastly and most importantly it's BORING AS HELL. Here are some guides by iChase (a bit dated but fairly accurate) look them up if you want he has some for every class. And There is one more thing added in the last patch. You can now brake out of fighter lock at the cost of one fighter. IE when your fighter gets locked by enemy fighters you press alt and select the direction you want to strafe in (yes it does shoot down enemy/all planes) and you break free at the cost of 1 fighter. Good luck and try the IJN CV line it's far stronger than the Americans from T6 up ('cough' Ranger 'cough'). But seriously, WG should script some introductory missions for CV's since now they change from t5 to t6 so drasticly it's not even funny.
  5. With the t1 skill they rotate in oposite directions, so they make you fairly hard to torp. As for spoting aircraft it's not realy worth it since the consumable duration is short (well on crusiers, bb's have about the same duration on fighters and spoters). One thing that isn't immediately apparent by the skill's description is the fact that speed debuffs seem affect take off times, so if some t8-10 torpedobombers come in they might get their drop off before your catapult fighters launch properly (looks that way from the CV's POV anyway).
  6. https://thedailybounce.net/2017/02/16/world-of-warships-digest-from-wot-magazine/ So now T5 MM is fair but manual drops and strafing OP? Seriously, are new CV players supposed to learn everything at tier 6 where half of the time you are botom tier and have to be good to do any damage at all? The main reason people stuck to low tier CV's was because they are far stronger for their tier than t6 and 7 CV's + get preferential MM+ are cheap to run. I can only hope they at least plan to reduce the auto drop distance for those tiers or it's just seting people up for failure. PS: I haven't been playing T - 4/5 CV's for months.
  7. Tub25

    Update 0.6.1 - Bastion suggestions

    Please make surveillance stacions hitable. It's near imposible to hit those damned things at any sort of range, at long and mid range you tend to lack elevetion on your guns since they are half way up a cliff (not that your going to hit it due to how small it is), and at close ranges most of it's hitbox it's covered by the cliff it's siting on. Forts right now are almost completely resistant to Baltimore AP and all British CL's. AA on forts creates unavoidable AA bubles that make scouting and fighter cover in those areas a very impractical thing to do for CV's. Please limit spoting ranges of forts and survailance towers to rougly the area of caps they are supposed to defend.
  8. Even the Błyskawica wich was notorious for it's low ammo storage carried something like 160 shells per gun, and good luck going through 1120 shells in 20 minutes (just over 13 minutes of constant fire). The only real implication of introducing limited ammunition would be the lack of torpedo's since even IJN destroyers had at most 1 full reload (visible on Yugumo).
  9. Vote no. And I can't really see why implementing your idea would limit the number of torpedoes and bombs carried by CV's (belive it or not there is a lot of space for ammunition on a 270 meter long ship).
  10. Tub25

    Show your IJN DD skills in 0.6.0

    This for a Yugumo build. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/01000000001000010100100000001001 Works fine for me.
  11. Tub25

    AA is Rubbish

    Stacking bombers is a standard tactic for spreading out aa dps between them, so unless you have the manual aa perk it is near imposible to kill a specific squadron in a reasonable amount of time. AA from an isolated BB will never kill off a full strike from a T9-10 CV due aircraft HP + speed + number of squadrons (and 96 aa rating is nothing special). GK is a really jucy target since it's possibly the only BB in the game you can consistantly land full torpedo drops on (and the torpedo belt is rubbish to). As for not shoting down anything, AA is RNG based so it can and does go either way you nuke/crit a squadron the moment it enters your AA buble or do absolutely nothing. Stay close to your team mates (if a minotaur is in it the same post code will do) since you can't exactly dodge air droped torps. And by the way, I do play a T9 CV and it's exceptionaly rear to see a bad high tier CV player nowdays since you sort of need to do 130 k damage and 25-30 aircraft kills to break even (on a win).
  12. Tub25

    Two questions. One CV. One CryBB

    For CV's I would recomend playing the Bouge in it's stock 1/1/0 mod, Independence 1/1/1, Ranger......... it's bad what ever you do (played it before the aa buffs in 1/1/1 but you will get outpalyed by Hiryu or any config Saipan), Lexington can work in 0/1/3 strike (even if you end up being low tier), weaker than Shokaku most of the time though. You might want to consider switching to the IJN CV's, they are the stronger line by far.
  13. Tub25

    Invisible planes during cyclones

    Yes they do have a habit of glitching in and out (within the detection range).