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  1. Numbah18

    Is Patch 4.1 hitting EU on the 26th also?

    No news of this on NA until the dude who started this topic posted his findings over there.
  2. Numbah18

    Dev guide to fixing "WHAAA CV ARE OP PLZ NERF"

    From what I can tell WG wants US CV going FT heavy to be what mostly stops IJN CV when they go Full Bomber. Problem is there is next to no reason to go FT Heavy with US CV. Going FT heavy in a US CV is slow, boring, and there isn't much of an application of skill unless you manual drop DB which doesn't really do better then auto drop on DB. Upping the reward might get people playing more defensive but it won't make it anymore fun.
  3. Numbah18

    BBs need buffs.

    Wyoming is good once I learned how to use it.
  4. Numbah18


    It's nice to hear somebody saying facing auto drops is worse then facing manual OP what you have experienced is one of the bugs with auto drop and it's a repeatable bug to. It has to do with the planes trying to make a tight turn wile dropping and since auto tracks on it's own and always tries to put the very center of the spread on the center of your ship. You get moments where it is trying to do this while dropping torps.
  5. Numbah18

    BBs need buffs.

    Reminds me of the CBT way to much You could add not trying to dodge torps or charging into a DD's smoke cloud to this list. OP I can see where you are coming from. Not really a BB player myself but I have had to struggle through the SC and the Wyoming. My question to you though is what are you going to do to balance things out?
  6. Numbah18

    Carriers Getting Rediculious

    OP here is some info just for you The most TB one CV can hold is from the IJN and it can only hold 3 TB. Unless you fight 3 US CV or 2 IJN CV you will never see 6 TB in match let alone they both would have to be focused on you for you to see 6.
  7. Numbah18

    This is why nation roles don't work.

    Either him or IChase. I think the word I would use to describe CV national flavor compared to the other classes is crippling over specialization. US CV are very good anti air and can shred IJN squads if you catch them far enough out. US CV can also deal with ships to a certain degree but most of that damage is from DOT. IJN CV are very good antiship and can setup things like the anvil attack or a hammer attack. IJN CV are not very good anti air and can barley deal with another IJN CV's planes put them against a US FT and they fold with quickness. More so considering all the FT upgrades.
  8. Numbah18

    A Possible Fix for Carriers

    So removal of manual drop is being called for here to If you want to make CV just point and click you are on the right track with this and on your way to drive people far away from the class. There is an interesting idea
  9. Numbah18

    coupla carrier questions

    I have to wounder how that Captain skill works. Does it just add the difference in speed as attack or is there a bit more then that? US FT get more ammo and that larger squad adds strength as-well. You are right about the DPS not changing though.
  10. Numbah18

    This is why nation roles don't work.

    The answer is no. I think you get 40% assuming you shot down 50+ planes and you won.
  11. Numbah18

    coupla carrier questions

    More so. US FT are only stoppable by a higher tier US CV's FT or FT that have more upgrades. I have heard that IJN CV need to be two tiers higher before they can deal with US CV FT and by deal I mean go in with four planes and leave with one. Would like someone to confirm this info though.
  12. Numbah18

    "Sexiest" ship in-game

    That's a Fleet of Fog ship if I'm not mistaken. I would say Hosho, Zuiho, or Kongo. Love those sleek lines and the placement of those AA guns.
  13. Numbah18

    Ship. cats.

    I salute you good sir may you rest in peace. Ship cats were brought up in the anchor report. The one where they got a few guys from WG RU to swing by. I do hope they get added would be really nice if they did something like raised moral and made my crew better. Men man your stations we are in a battle and remember Luna is here with us.
  14. Numbah18

    This is why nation roles don't work.

    That's my whole point though, both sides are really down to strategy and how good you can play. IJN has more options for strategy though and can be more effective with it.
  15. Numbah18

    This is why nation roles don't work.

    Yes they can, even the stock loadout's 1 FT can wreck most of an IJN CV's squads if the IJN captain is bad and the US captain is good. The vast amount of IJN squads gives them the ability to send squads from multiple directions. I have seen it plenty of times where a IJN player brought two of his TB to one side of a US CV and drew the FT away waited a few min and had the other TB squads appear on the other side of the US CV. It gets worse at higher tier where US full FT stays at 3/0/2 while IJN gets a 3/2/2 and eventually a 4/2/2. OP I do agree with your suggestion and would like to see more of a balance between CV loadouts.