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  1. Temeteus82

    LWM review of Yukon

    Update from the NA server: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/240702-premium-ship-review-yukon/?do=findComment&comment=5498993
  2. Temeteus82

    KotS seems a waste of time.

    I got the Poi meme ship... So clearly the containers are gigged ;)
  3. Temeteus82

    World of Warships on Linux Guide (major update 2020)

    Sorry to wake up this thread. Anyone had a go with Wine 5.0 in Linux?
  4. Or open twitch and see what the flaming potato is doing :D
  5. If it would be in the launcher it would be more visible to all players that don't want to go to the support website ...
  6. If you didn't saw the Orange message at the top you would know why.
  7. Server status is green on the support page but still can't log in ... It would be nice to have the server status indicator in the launcher ...
  8. Temeteus82

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Hi! I'm just casual player. I play around 30 minutes per day. Here's my current progress.
  9. Hi all! Just giving my thoughts of this whole mess here. As a Finn I'll keep it short. Right! I give two big F's for WG. First is for the failure of the launch of the xmas event and ruining the good idea of the dockyard that is a nice feature of the game. Second is for the damage control. Instead of words I think the player base would like to see some rework on the issues that have raised in many posts in the forums and reddit.
  10. Temeteus82

    Code for ship!

    I tried both codes and the first one won’t work and the last one didn’t give anything .... this was 30 minutes ago
  11. As I see it the support for MacOS will be gone.
  12. About time. I've been waiting for 64-bit client for long long time. Why not move to DirectX 11 or 12.1 ;) My current system is more than capable to run the game at FHD@60fps
  13. Temeteus82

    Bug Reports

    Fix it please
  14. Temeteus82

    Lag issues... is it just me...

    Thanks.. After some testing found out that Windows 10 insider build and AV-software Avast! don't work well together. Uninstalled Avast! and now the game works just fine.
  15. Temeteus82

    Lag issues... is it just me...

    Hi just noticed that I'm having a lag issues. In game ships are moving oddly and even in training room the same happens. The ping is around 50ms and normally it's around 35ms. I've tested with and without mods the results are the same. Is anyone else having similar issues ?