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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. triumphgt6

    9 vs 9 random match

    I did play once late at night and got a one v one battle! It was a while ago and I suspect would be filled with bots these days but was quite amusing - I think we both complimented each other!
  2. triumphgt6

    Russian CV hilarity

    No doubt a memory enhancing experience!
  3. triumphgt6

    Russian CV hilarity

    What it does is reduce further the effect of AA. This change goes against the change from RTS where this was the pattern and was coupled with the reduction in AA power with the explanation that multiple passes would result in more planes being shot down. The Russian ships can drop from outside the range of much of the AA and can therefore suffer less damage as well as releasing a wall of skill each time. I don't recall Russian naval aviation being that powerful.
  4. triumphgt6

    Russian CV hilarity

    My Dreadnought will sort them out - no problem!
  5. triumphgt6

    Add Ironclads / Battle of Vis mode

    I agree that pre-dreadnoughts would be a great idea - there are also the armoured cruisers and torpedo boats as well as steam rams. I don't think this could really be fitted into the present game though - hopefully it could be an idea for the developing of a companion game though learning from this one - there are many many pre-dreadnoughts from numerous countries and most were of similar strengths with numbers being the deciding factor rather than one being massively superior. We wouldn not have to resort to fantasy ships.
  6. triumphgt6

    Weimar - Narai ship of the year 2021?

    Missed you last night - we went and played Narai - of course I realise you are teasing, but everyone knows Fiji is best for Narai!
  7. Fiji is far more fun than Belfast - besides, you don't need to disinfect yourself afterwards!
  8. triumphgt6

    Karma system replacement

    I would suggest camo would be appropriate for Karma - not that valuable so no real loss of revenue - maybe even just the ability to modify existing camo - but really, why bother. Pretty pointless system anyway - probably best just scrapped.
  9. triumphgt6

    More nerfs to RN CL line

    RN should not have sailed so close to Ukraine! LOL
  10. triumphgt6

    Update 0.10.6, balance changes

    Just shows - should not go sailing ships close to Ukraine!
  11. triumphgt6

    British Cruisers, are they worth it?

    British Cruisers, are they worth it? Is the Pope Catholic? Get past Emerald and they shine. Fiji is one of the best ships in her tier in the game. Regularly get uptiered though but she can hold her own at Tier 9 - I always fancy my chances against the Neptune as the citadel is much lower. Edinburgh is good and the superheal good but the Fiji is more fun.
  12. Agree - will be Yukon and the LWM fiasco!
  13. triumphgt6

    dallas or pensacola

    Pensacola used to be Tier 7 !!! The Cleveland (without radar) was tier 6. The first play with the Pepsi was terrifying - it was simply appalling. Put me off US cruisers completely - I have avoided playing it as got the New Orleans, which I didn't like much either pre-radar and moved onto RN cruisers. Having guns that cannot keep up with you turning was salutary as was the rate of fire.
  14. The US St Louis struggled - but mainly to get anywhere. Atlanta was also quite a challenge but still enjoyable. Possibly rose tinted glasses though!