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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. triumphgt6

    Suiciding by someone own's weaponry, how is it possible?

    I think the removal of friendly fire was a mistake - I think most of us have accidentally either had an errant torp hit a friendly or the odd shell hit but would always apologise and try to make amends. There are however the other type who seem to take pleasure being a troll. These people were made pink frequently and could easily be identified by WG. I realise the change my have been brought on by the advent of submarines but I think it has caused a decrease in standards. I suppose the small remnant does pick up some trolls though.
  2. triumphgt6

    Suiciding by someone own's weaponry, how is it possible?

    Flambass posted a video yesterday showing a Shimakaze killing itself by deliberately shooting an opponent, getting a warning. Then torped the friendly and no damage to friendly but the 'damage' was reflected onto the DD who died. Complete idiot.
  3. triumphgt6

    OP newport

    We tried some ops - Newport was the big surprise - normally has been our dreaded scenario but did 5* and no team losses and this was just 4 of us with some other players joining. Tier 8 seemed a lot better.
  4. triumphgt6

    Belfast coming back..... In AUCTION?!

    Agree with you but being a RN CL it is quite fragile and this one has no heal. It is quite easy to get a reasonable win rate in it but I play for fun as well as wanting to win and I find Belfast pretty joyless. I suspect not that much fun to play against either.
  5. triumphgt6

    Belfast coming back..... In AUCTION?!

    It's not much fun to play - a bit sluggish, not nearly as chuckable as a Fiji and if a fast BB charges the smoke, you will die. Clearly OP but like the Smolensk, that does not make it fun.
  6. triumphgt6

    Unicum Divs

    Look at https://wows-numbers.com/ you can see what people play and tier and ship win rates. Random and Co-Op separate and also single and division also can be looked at. Playing in division usually increases win rate - though the last few days in my account would seem to show the opposite!!
  7. triumphgt6

    clan members giving oil to the clan

    Don't remember ever being any use for oil except for the clan. One reason to join a clan!
  8. triumphgt6

    Unicum Divs

    I think players should be able to play any tier they like - I mainly play Tier 7 as it is more open play and less toxic than the Tier X . Below Tier 5 is not that challenging but was a good learning experience when I started - St Louis at T3 was where I started to learn how to angle and a degree of situational awareness - took me some time! I slowly improve over time but will never be a Unicum player but play to win and to enjoy the game. Seem to have plateaued out now but playing less and usually Fiji! I could play higher tiers - I have the ships - but don't like the play style or the toxicity. I do run a Premium account but spend no money these days as I don't really like paper ships though have a number which I rarely play. If someone wants to play T1 all the time, I have no issues though it must be pretty tedious and they are missing much better game play. They are however free of subs and CVs!
  9. triumphgt6

    Lag and continuous micro-freezing

    Had a number of disconnections and lags in last week or so - completely uninstalled and cleaned the SDD before new install and the speed returned as did about 80 GB of space. Much improved.
  10. triumphgt6

    Selling equipment out of the inventory, prices

    I don't suppose that this means when given camos in crates that you get twice the number?
  11. triumphgt6

    Christmas Admiral Schröder CL seems very bad

    It is hardly a CL (Light Cruiser) and is not a CA (Heavy cruiser). It is a German battlecruiser though counted as a super cruiser in this game. I think 18 seconds reload for 12" guns seems pretty good!
  12. triumphgt6

    Karma Grief

    Regard it as a badge of honour! Karma means nothing - I have been accused of cheating a few times - usually because the other player is new and did not understand upgrades. On the occasions I have been contacted, a polite explanation seems to work when a pleasant and friendly tone is engaged.
  13. Played 3 times for old times sake - much the same 3 wins 5*. And in random division so no communication apart from chat. Still fun but not challenging - will be interested to see what Newport is like!
  14. triumphgt6

    We need supercontainers 2.0 by wg

    I confess that supercontainers rarely excite me and I would usually prefer the container I had requested. Camos at least are swapped for credits but I have lots of flags I don't use and rarely the ones I do! Maybe a token for flags which can get you the ones you want - clearly less of the expensive ones than say the ramming flags. However I am not complaining as such. Of course WG throw these out as an incentive to keep us playing in much the same way as the daily missions. I do think the economic rework was possibly a mistake as long term players will no longer use camos as they have no material use and deprives WG of one income stream. Suits me but I no longer spend money on the game as have everything I want and play a tiny number of ships despite having over 200.
  15. Almost always play with clan and Fiji is wonderful as fast firing guns and fast ship. Scharnhorst is a good BB but not in my hands! Fiji has advantage over Weimar in that it can smoke and deal with Missouri reasonably well without dying. Will be interesting to see the bot team changes if T8.