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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. [YEEET] Casual UK-Based Clan 18+

    Room for those who wish the benefits of being in a clan (discounts on research, extra XP and reduced repair costs) but wish to normally play on their own - we are a friendly bunch though and will division up if you like! Clan battlers would be best advised to look elsewhere but the clan has all the benefits of membership and no training etc! Will be increasing available places soon as well. Requirements limited to 45%+ WR and over 18. We have played in clan battles for the extra pressies but we don't expect to win..... At last glance, Omni were not looking nervous!
  2. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    I agree with you. I have at times played with the mod pack, but as it no longer works after upgrades, I rarely reinstall as most mods actually make the game look worse. The targeting mod (showing angle of ship) is useful but observing can do the same - the X marks the spot is, I agree, at very least bending the rules - might explain more hits I have had hen smoked up - though I put it down to the 16 shells fired by the Lyons!!
  3. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    And although I lost this battle, this is why I love the Fiji! Last battle of the night and earned my Aigle!
  4. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    But you are a much player than me - I would put money on you in a Fiji against me in a Pepsi! You are of course correct - the 8" shells will do all sorts of nasty things to a Fiji but luckily not many play it well - in fact more accurately, not many play her. Will be interesting when she moves down a tier though. On another note, looking forward to the Vanguard!
  5. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    Of course anything can, but the Pepsi is so vulnerable to a good shot and does not have the heal that the Fiji does. I had a battle last week when I was defending our base (lemming train on one side had failed) and I was up against a pepsi and two german battleships - Bayerns I think from memory. I was able to torp one of the BBs, kill the full health Pepsi in two salvos, get the first Bayern as he came back around the island before damaging the second BB enough so that although I died, a teammate could finish him off. The Pepsi had to swerve to avoid my torps and exposed broadside so simply dissolved. The fact I could fire quicker and out turn his turrets (very close range) meant he had little chance. The Fiji can be very high adrenaline and although I would say I am pretty average, it rewards a certain play style. I am probably not careful enough to play the Pepsi - I think it has a higher skill level than I can manage - getting too slow in my old age!!
  6. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    You are probably correct - but the transit from Cleveland to Pepsi left me cold. Also got the Atlanta which is simply more fun. I suppose I just like light cruisers and destroyers better - I try not to be a liability and after using the MM app, I reckon I am distinctly above average ! I suppose when I enter a battle, I always look for what I think might kill me, and the Pepsi is certainly not one of those!
  7. Because we need decent CV players - and you clearly are one of them.
  8. HNLMS/RNLN De Ruyter

    I think the 1930s version should be used - using 1950s designs seems to be changing the rules of the game - and the earlier model was involved in real sea battles, unlike the later ship. I wasn't aware that the Dutch were at the forefront of radar development at sea. You can of course play two ships at least that have served in the Dutch Navy - Gadjah Madah (which is brilliant!) and Campbeltown (which is distinctly less brilliant!!).Maybe a mod to change the flag and captain and some language changes till we get De Ruyter?
  9. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    Fiji is the best silver - when the game starts, I obviously always look at the enemy - first for radar cruisers and then for CVs. Any T7 cruiser without radar never holds any fear if in the Fiji. If i die, it is because I made a mess of it. (Often enough to make me an idiot at times). I look particularly for Belfasts and Atlantas - I can kill both but it will hurt. I originally started the game wanting to play the Cleveland - not as good as I hoped as the arcs are awful. 'Upgraded' to the Pepsi - have bought her twice - the first time i thought she was awful - the turret traverse is appalling and I used to get in all sorts of scrapes fighting off destroyers. I sold her and got the New Orleans - which I also hated! Once I improved a bit I rebought the Pepsi - still a truly awful ship!! Sold it in disgust! Only really play T7 now and cruisers and destroyers almost exclusively. Fiji is my favourite and much better looking than the Belfast.
  10. Free XP to the Gadja Madah - crazily OP dd - good guns and great torps - you cannot use them against dds but that is what the guns are for. Add the best smoke and the fact you can pretend it is British (N class) or Dutch and you have a great ship. Have a 19 point captain in mine and prefer it to the Lo Yang anytime. Only got this one because I try to get all British ships - I don't have the Albany - I did but it was so awful I sold it!
  11. Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    One of the best Flamu videos for a while - and almost completely without profanity! Completely agree that essentially rewarding teamwork is the best way to improve the game. I always try to spot in my dd - I usually play Japanese so try to keep stealthy, cap and torp. To be fair, I usually do pretty well but more rewards for spotting etc would encourage others and could bring the BBs forward.
  12. "Retarded"

    I have to confess to not liking insults on line - I am pleased to say that I am rarely insulted but if I am, I don't take offense, but my opinion of the abuser is usually diminished. The same goes for people abusing others. I also think that the constant use of 'bad language' shows a lack of imagination; I quite like watching Flamu and Flambass on youtube but the constant swearing does become a tad boring.
  13. new game mode: Allies vs. Axis

    By that time, the Americans would be involved so thinking about the Washington Treaty: 5 + 5 against 1.75 + 1.75 + whatever you think the Germans would be. The British fleet if concentrated in the Atlantic would be far larger than the combined European Axis alone - if you bring in the Japanese, then you add the USA and the balance would still be in the Allies favour. By the time you had two Axis carriers, the RN had far more. The reason that the Germans did well was really due to submarine warfare - surface battles were always going to be likely to be won by the RN simply because of numbers - see Bismark and Scharnhorst.
  14. new game mode: Allies vs. Axis

    To be fair, this is the sort of thing found during sea trials. None the less, the fact that the planes are not available, the carrier can only use this type of fixed wing aircraft and the destroyers designed to provide air protection break whenever the weather is warm, does not inspire confidence.
  15. Grinding - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The Lyon is a menace to RN cruisers - the number of shells and the dispersion means firing at a smoked up RN cruiser plays dividends. I certainly have been destroyed a couple of times when I thought myself safe. Have the 5,6,7 BBs but have only played the Lyons once in Co-Op - don't like BB play. Have been repeating Task 1 in the Gold of France and gradually getting there without really trying. Having fun in my Fujin recently though!!