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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. And playing a Conqueror very badly! Hate battleships but was going for a dreadnought! Would prefer to have used an RN cruiser, but not allowed! Didn't get it - your clan member in the other DD dispatched to my watery grave! The remnants of the team seemed to have gone south for the winter.
  2. Greek Ships

    The problem with the Greek Navy is that it has very few suitable ships. No dreadnought and the Averof has mixed main armament and is a protected cruiser. Beyond using some ex RN destroyers, there is very little that is usable. That does not demean the Greek Navy, but the game demands certain features and the requirements of the Greek Navy looked for different attributes.
  3. Bless me Father for I have sinned - I used the Conqueror!
  4. Battle of North Cape

    Got them all - only last task left so BB back in port!! Thank goodness for that!! Karma went from 188 to 183!!
  5. Dear Bismarck and Tirpitz players (Ranked)

    Maybe launched them too close!!
  6. Battle of North Cape

    Have succumbed and am using Conqueror - hate battleships but needs must! Have discovered that this is the ship to sail if you want to be reported!! Almost never reported but 2 in last game - don't think cruisers expect me to use AP!
  7. British Cruisers are CRAP!

    Fiji is a fantastic ship - I agree with above; plays like an oversized gun boat destroyer. Of course you can get deleted easily, but that happens in most cruisers at higher tiers. But your concealment is better than almost anything and your broadside will destroy destroyers and cruisers in no time at all. Of course your shots bounce off angled BBs so aim for the superstructure and throw some torps into the mix. Of the others, up to T5 are challenging - the Emerald is a citadel trap though the torps are good and the lower tears (deliberate!!) are certainly fragile. I found Leander tricky initially but once you realise that it is just a big destroyer, it becomes easier. Higher, Belfast is OP and a bit boring to play if truth be known, Edinburgh is like Fiji but seems sluggish in comparison and you meet a lot of T10 ships. Neptune seems very squishy though played my first game in ages a few days ago and it was superb - but probably luck. Minotaur is fragile and as soon as you shoot you will be focused - very like a big Atlanta really! So I play the Fiji - it is also the prettiest cruiser in the game IMHO!
  8. How do I counter a Saipan ? [Solved]

    Division with an aa specced Atlanta - that will really annoy him! Had one Saipan getting very salty as he tried to kill me!
  9. Got to 12 no problem but have not progressed at all! Must be me!
  10. 2 ideas: Exp for Silver and Surrender

    And Hans Langsdorff scuttled Graf Spee to prevent the needless loss of life of his crew - which was as courageous in my view.
  11. Quitting due to full HP detonations.

    Played just under 9000 games, detonated 58 times. Play mainly cruisers and dds - 6500 of the random battles = not something that worries me in the slightest - always apologise if detonate someone else.
  12. Karma broken?

    I play RN cruisers (Fiji, Belfast & Leander) and Fujin almost exclusively, with the odd mad swing into the Atlanta. Karma 181. Also played Lo Yang in ranked and although only at 12, only been reported once so far!!
  13. tears of desert

    I agree - this was a great map - possibly my favourite though as was higher tier, always got the adrenaline tingle when it came up. The new one is just like all the others! But I also like Ocean so what do I know!
  14. It is fine - the dementia has kicked in this end as well! I remember your name well as I love the Avatar - my father used to have a little owl that used to lie in the palm of his hand to have his tummy tickled! Although is yours a different sort?
  15. Do you have premium time? If not, get that instead and you will make far more with your other ships. I do use premium and have over 300 million credits just building up. The present deal for a year is very good!