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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. The Russian ships are a joke - pseudo BBs but classified as cruisers. All paper ships as well - goodness knows what they would have really been like if actually built. Of course they should be battlecruisers and treated as such. However they are clearly designed for the home market so that Russian ships can be seen to be superior. I wish that all the nations were limited to ships built up to 1945 and should have been built. I know this would mean that the tiers would need to be redesigned but there was no shortage of ships built during this period. But I know this won't happen and am resigned to the Russian super BBs coming and the CV, no doubt stocked with jet fighters!
  2. OP destroyers with radar

    Actually a CV with air detection radar over a longer distance could be interesting - no surface detection but able to detect a formation of aircraft - not the type or number but their presence? Would allow better air defense and also the ability to bluff opponents.
  3. My personal premium ship wish list

    But had very little armour!
  4. About winrate

    Division up - I'll look out for you! Then there are at least 2 playing the same game!
  5. Saw @ColonelPete in his KGV. A winning battle notable for a complete absence of destroyers. Pretended to be one in my Fiji and had fun baiting a couple of cruisers before trying the same on a New York and suffered a devastating strike!! We still won despite my ineptitude! The Colonel completed the win by blatting a Ryujo who had clearly run out of planes and was going for a ram!
  6. End Of WWII in Europe Marathon

    How many surface ships over destroyer and above were actually sunk by the Russian Navy in WW2? Seems strange that at end of war marathon is restricted to Russian ships rather than those of the Allies. I had a quick search and apart from transports and a hospital ship, I could find very little but I am happy to accept my ignorance in Russian naval achievements in WW2. The army and airforce are clearly another matter and they effectively won the war in Europe.
  7. @Leo_Apollo11 is clearly playing a lot! Met him in a Tier 7 game - he was in his Normandie - I was in a Fujin - my first game of the evening, I find the Fujin a good way to get the brain working - exchanged pleasantries and then got down to business - capped C and chased off the Aigle before managing to land a few torps on Leo, so he backed off. Left to cap B and chased off the Kamikaze in there and held it against some opposition including the Gneisenau. Unfortunately the team had lost C so went back to help, got the leander and found we were down to me and a Dunkerque who had been in A, against Leo, a New Mexico and a Shinonome. Went into C but missed first few torps on NM and smoked up to reload. He sensibly charged me and killed me just before I sank him. This left Leo, on low health and against a full HP Dunkerque. He skillfully backed up angling and reduced the Dunkerque's health before ramming him and winning the game for the team - well done!! I should have gone for him rather than the NM in hindsight!
  8. What is the point of the karma number?

    It is pretty pointless really though if it gets above a certain number, you get more compliment and reports to give. I do think it could be made more useful but difficult to really see how. However my karma does just slowly go up - and that is despite using RN cruisers and the Fujin almost exclusively these days. Although not up to some of the good players, mine is at present over 200 and slowly rising each week. I am never salty and compliment enemies who play well and especially if I think they played well when killing me!
  9. Tier gap

    To be fair, Tier 5 is the most unforgiving tier. It does get better! Tier 7 is far better as even when uptiered, you have a chance. Having said that, Tier 5 DDs are best played at Tier 7!! Fujin in particular!
  10. Mikasa, su casa

    Done that before - which explains my 17% wr in this ship!!
  11. Toxic text chat in game.

    Possibly a use for the Karma system - become battle monitor if you have the highest Karma on the team - or become a monitor if you have over a certain amount. Could actually be the first useful thing it could be used for. Clearly the monitors would need to be monitored!!
  12. Toxic text chat in game.

    Disabling F keys would actually be the best for me - have had a handful of games ruined by some idiot constantly spamming F key messages quite deliberately. Reporting him for abuse of chat would not prevent him carrying on this behaviour.
  13. Toxic text chat in game.

    Not sure we are really from different sides here! I agree completely - there is no helping some people! As with almost everything in life, there is a standard curve; inside the 2 standard deviations are the normal human beings who are playing because they enjoy it and will strive to get better as the game is more fun when you win. In that group are the people who are naturally good and those, possibly like me, who are never going to be unicum, maybe because I am not as co-ordinated or because my reflexes are not as good due to increasing age, but who will try to play for the team and I doubt really annoy anyone - except when they sink you. However outside those 2 SDs are the rest. These are the ones who believe they are either god's gift and everyone should do as they say because they are so good, and at the other end the trolls who like nothing more than ruining the game for the other participants and the idiots who will never try and you are complaining about. Both in my experience are rare but certainly have a negative effect on the game. These people are the type I will report. Of course the normal people will at time be useless and stupid (hands up if you have never done something idiotic !) but they probably don't deserve some of the bile directed at them. I imagine some of the responses are simply defensive but of course this is the internet..... Clearly one way to make sure that you at least have a couple of sane people is to go in as a division.
  14. Ramming does too much damage

    I suppose the answer really is to use the flag - I have hundreds of these which I never use because ramming seems a fairly rare occurrence - but I admit I don't play BBs much. I do agree that it is not a very realistic scenario but BBs getting that close would be very rare anyway. One could argue however that ramming your own team mates is actually not punished enough!
  15. Toxic text chat in game.

    Completely agree with you - there should be a simple button to just turn off the chat screen. Having said that, I have had useful help through chat - I remember Dropsiq at times offering helpful advice when I was a noob and several other forumites also offering advice and assistance, all in a non toxic way. So sometimes it is worthwhile just ignoring the morons for the occasional pearl!