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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. triumphgt6

    A place for everyone.

    You missed a couple! About the game,(:) (No capital after either a incorrect comma or a colon)there are some skills you need to learn, regardless of what tier or ship you play.(:)(see before) like situational avereness (awareness), map reading, strenghts (strengths) (,)(Oxford Comma!)(OK, optional and pedantic!)and weaknesses of each class, nation etc. Not an English teacher!
  2. triumphgt6

    A place for everyone.

    Couple of things. 1. I am very lucky as I am British and English is my first language. If the game was in any other language, I would have no idea. I agree that stating one is an English teacher and then making mistakes is not great but cut the poor chap some slack. 2. He has made the common mistake of looking at the nice big shiny toys in the store, comparing them with his tech tree ships and seeing they are much better. Most of us have up-tiered too soon, though I accept Tier IX is really pushing the boat out! I confess to disliking Tier IX more than any other tier, but I do mainly play the Neptune at that level! So to the OP, just go back down to the lower tier and really learn the game mechanics. Pick a forgiving ship and wait till you master it and then go to the next one. I confess to playing over 1000 games in the St Louis at Tier 3 before I felt I was passably OK and I still stink at Tier IX and X as I don't have enough patience. You will also win more and will enjoy it. And remember, play in Co-Op is not really anything more than target practice - bots are better shots than many players but are predictable!
  3. triumphgt6

    Naval Battles

    Our clan started late but it seemed breed some esprit de corps and we have rapidly advanced to the top division. We have now lost a couple of matches but all seem to do their best and I would recommend it. Just need to get some interested in clan battles!
  4. triumphgt6

    Server down at the moment?

    I imagine they are affected by staff shortages = let's give them some slack.
  5. triumphgt6

    The best looking ship ?

    But no camo?
  6. triumphgt6

    Please remove the Ocean map

    My favourite map - used to be great as one saw it often - even played at tier 3 St Louis - that took a long time! Only seen it once recently and potatoed in my excitement
  7. triumphgt6

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    The only way to get good is to practice and learn from your mistakes and listen to advice. Find someone who will help or watch the videos. Most of us are rotten when we start and gradually improve. Look at your stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/530763497,GrazyC2/ If you look at the graphs , you are getting better but then clearly climbed the tiers too quickly - just find a ship you like and play it till you know how it works and you will do well. Then move up. Personally, I like Tier 7 - much more open and faster than Tier X which can be very boring! Unless you are in a Neptune when it is unlikely to be long enough to be boring!
  8. triumphgt6

    The best looking ship ?

    I cannot believe no-one has said Fiji! And I hate the Fujin camo so much I use another. Besides it confuses people!
  9. triumphgt6

    Is there a reason to play anything other than Soviet ships?

    Fiji is fantastic - a complete delight to play. It can of course be deleted easily if not careful but it has great guns, superb manoeuvrability and reasonable detection - though why the Surrey has better concealment is a mystery to me!
  10. triumphgt6

    So...when do you compliment or report players?

    Luckily most players seem to use it sensibly - just under 450 myself and I almost always use my compliments and very few reports except for chat abuse. Most players I come across are well mannered and try to help and I attempt to be the same. Surely a compliment system is designed to boost esprit de corps and leave one with a feeling of having enjoyed the game.Karma itself has no other real function.
  11. triumphgt6

    Port sugestion

    Scapa is wonderful! The only depressing bit is that if the ferry goes through it, it is because you are about to have a very rough crossing!! Bleak but beautiful. However if it were used, I would want my entire collection moored there - big enough for that I think!
  12. Done a few of these - 3 x Mikasa - very amusing but pretty useless really if the other side has any intelligence - just torp from 4 km! we were reported! 3 x Okotnik - hilarious - we were reported! Would do more but one of the squad is a confirmed DD player so does not have the Conqueror - done double Conq though - reported!!
  13. triumphgt6

    Naval battles... their bars.... HOW? WHAT?

    Did you enable naval battles when in division and already at ready point - the enable doesn't work!! Did one yesterday. You don't lose a go though.
  14. triumphgt6

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Belfast OP at Tier IX
  15. It is indeed beautiful - I bought it once, sold it and bought it again!