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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. triumphgt6

    Russian Battleship Line

    They need a British ship to bolster the quality - look what we gave the Japanese line - the Mikasa - and the US line - the Albany - built in Newcastle - like Jingles! If used, it could even have the retrofitted feature of the Royal Sovereign once under Russian ownership - completely rusted turret turning mechanism - just turn the boat to aim.
  2. triumphgt6

    Spotting and XP

    I think if you do not move, the system registers you as AFK so you get 0 XP even if the AI shoots secondaries or aa.
  3. triumphgt6

    How to use Santa's gift

    I tend to give to people who have amused me or who have shared good games with me. Also give to active members of my clan - as we are just oil collectors! I am lucky as I am well paid so do give presents from time to time as giving is far more fun than receiving - the responses are always good and it clearly makes their day! And the vast majority of players are good sports and make this game fun to play, even after 3 years
  4. triumphgt6

    Mighty Jingles is a winner of the Ring Contest

    Glad he won though this competition seems to have gone on in a limbo divorced from scrutiny. I was hoping to see the videos of the final task - but was that the citadel one? Deeply unsatisfactory from a spectator point of view but Jingles will be an amusing commander - special skills? The inability to recognise a ship until 5km away? He is however responsible for many of us playing this game, me included, so thank you.
  5. triumphgt6

    Haida, eh?

    Haida is great but Cossack is fantastic! Rapidly becoming my favourite ship - really stealthy, stupendous guns, long range torps and speed boost and hydro - the Belfast of destroyers!!
  6. triumphgt6


    With slight modification could become the Spanish Canarias as well.
  7. triumphgt6


    Dido would definitely be fun and a premium colony class would be popular - the Prinz Eugen to Hipper compared to a Fiji? I too have a Belfast! Trying to make sure I have every British ship - including those built for other nations - Mikasa, Albany and the other destroyers
  8. triumphgt6

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    26.5 million with 6 million on Belfast, 4.4 million on Fiji and 4.6 million on Atlanta. Didn't look to see how much on Emerald but probably less than 10 million - a lot less!
  9. triumphgt6

    Ships you kept

    Rarely sell any but did sell the Albany - later regretted it as it was built in Newcastle, where I was born and still live. So bought it recently when it was available again - now remember why I sold it!! Still good to have it!
  10. triumphgt6

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    Definitely OP - have 100% WR in her ....
  11. triumphgt6

    Nerf graff zeppelin

    Don't see many Graf Zeppelins around - they seem quite OP though - had one encounter when in my Atlanta - fully AA specced - AA rating 85 - and he tore through me as if I was firing corks! I have wrecked a few Saipans with this set up so was quite surprised to be quite as impotent! Not met another since though!
  12. triumphgt6

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    If I could, I would with pleasure - might keep the ARP version of the Atago. Have 116 ships and play less than 10 of them!
  13. triumphgt6

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    I don't think you can sell them - I have a number of ARP ships that I never play. Just had a look - 8 of them!!
  14. triumphgt6

    Lest We Forget.

    Agree - off to war memorial now for the 2 minutes silence to remember all those who have died in war, today particularly those in the 14-18 war.
  15. triumphgt6

    Do Destroyers need a Buff? 10% max damage the right way?

    To be honest, it all seems about right anyway. I play only cruisers and destroyers really and, yes, being shotgunned by a Lyons when in a Fiji is a pain, but probably my fault. DDs are vulnerable to cruisers but that is how it should be and one learns to disappear when radar is on and come back later! I don't even want to nerf BBs - can't stand BB play - very boring! - but the game would be much less fun without them. Have to give the great lumbering things some chance after all!