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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!
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  1. I think this is an excellent idea but unfortunately will not happen. There could be a pilot tried - an introduction of a graded random battle utilising Leo's suggestion and see how popular it was and if it improved game play. But I doubt that will happen either.
  2. I can’t really believe that anyone can think that the changes will affect this massively OP ship to an extent that it would be worth selling her. You might want to sell her because the play style can be a bit boring and that you are always focused or even that the Fiji is far more entertaining, but not because she will be any less of a thorn in the side of all enemies. Will possibly lead to more rushes by dds or cruisers but these are likely to provide more damage potential!
  3. On a roll! Leander Kraken, and loss!
  4. Appalling day - can hardly beg a win - got enough for the three containers and oil and was so despondent that actually bought the Friant and took that for a spin. Always avoided French cruisers and couldn't see the point. Kraken, confederate..... and loss! LOL
  5. Played with Jedi some time ago and had nothing but help and encouragement. Thoroughly helpful team mate. Very supportive of his team and chat comprised of sensible suggestions - and we won!
  6. That would probably be true though AP only against HE only could only possibly go one way, given the conditions of equally skilled players (as long as not complete idiots!) I don't play much in the way of BBs, though am grinding up to Lion just so I can get all the RN line, but one reason to fire HE is that most BB drivers are not complete idiots and do angle and then HE has a big advantage. Changing shell type in a BB takes time and during this the enemy can easily change direction. One could get expert loader but would rather use the points elsewhere. Not at the top yet so clearly only commenting on the view looking up rather than down from the summit! I suppose the other reason is that the RN drivers are no longer used to changing ammo type (British humour - don't take seriously!!)
  7. How do you go pink in a Black Swan!! You can’t even ram a friendly ship properly - just slowly grind it down!!
  8. And if you don't use it at all. it seizes up - see Royal Sovereign!
  9. You don't need extremes - but variety is good. I do agree that some balancing is required but not radical surgery.
  10. It would seem to me, as someone who plays little in the way of BBs, that the Lion and Conqueror are clearly going to do more damage because of the associated fire damage. This however can be repaired whereas the damage done by AP on the whole sticks. It probably means that the other top tier BBs are more likely to carry games. As a lower tier cruiser player, what I fear most is a well played German BB with the long range secondaries as they set me on fire and the main batteries penetrate and one shot me. I do think a balance is needed and hope that this step will help though I am sure many will never be happy. I actually think that the game benefits from diversity as it makes it more interesting to play and will keep players interested. The fact that it has stirred emotions is good - what would be worse is the game dying of boredom.
  11. I play cruisers and destroyers almost exclusively - the odd foray into BBs is mainly to see how they play so I know how to kill them! - and have been pink only once, quite early on, when I successfully torpedoed two enemy ships, killing both and one torpedo missed and hit a friend who had been clear but reversed. Completely my fault as I should have been more careful, obviously apologised both in chat and messaged him later. As a Japanese DD, I probably spend more time looking over my shoulder as waves of second line torps appear - many before anything is spotted or in range - some will be down to inexperience but some is just mindless buffoonery. I think the victim should have an option to either reduce the punishment or too support its full implementation. This would hopefully result in at the very least most contrite behaviour and perhaps some reflection on their actions.
  12. Interesting - thank you.
  13. Well they could be - the Kitakami, after being torpedoed by the RN sub Templar, was re-modelled and all the torpedo tubes removed and launching ramps which could hold 8 Kaiten were installed, The AA was radically increased but the damage had taken out one of the turbines and this was removed reducing speed to 23 knots.
  14. Disconnected a few times - no problem with line or computer - having dedicated PC with only WOWS on it - was in same battle as Phil Macavity - remember the name as mine is McEvedy and get the usual jokes (am doctor!) and master of depravity comments! Was subject to lag in game today - eventually crashed - luckily for me, I do have a very speedy computer so logged back in and despite being in Atlanta was still alive and we won! But seemed to be server!
  15. They are just softening us up! Wait for the Russian BBs - we have already have a taster - the Tier 4 is probably the most OP ship out there (so much so they don't sell it any more), the Gangut, frequently decried as being a truly awful ship in real life is now a tier 5 and we can expect paper designs which will clearly meet all the design aims with no disadvantages. They need to cater for the Russian market so these have to be the best despite history suggesting otherwise.I would prefer the RN line to be well balanced but this is an arcade game so variety has to be the name of the game. I like RN cruisers because of this.