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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. triumphgt6

    A toxic community

    To be fair, I rarely encounter any toxicity; there is a bit of dummy spitting when someone exits early but on the whole, most people are very pleasant.
  2. triumphgt6

    Georgios Averof = Hellenic Navy in WOWS?

    I think this national bickering does not show us in a good light. Each person has the right to support his own country and most countries have periods to be proud of. I do think the Averof should appear in game - balancing will always be tricky but a similar route to the Mikasa could be utilised with a the main guns being strong for its tier and lunatic secondaries with a reasonable range. It has great armour so would be quite a ship. And although it should appear in the Pan European group, of course it can mount the Greek flag. Equally the Turks can be represented by the Goeben/Yavuz.
  3. triumphgt6

    RN Cruisers...just...how?

    RN CLs are by far my favourite line. Emerald I only played when it first came out and Free Xp'd it because it was truly dire. Leander was good and Fiji Magical. Edinburgh is just a slightly sluggish Fiji with the ability to print a new ship and stealth torps! It is also good if a bit dangerous as a radar cruiser - stealth radar - just!. The heal helps with this. Neptune used to be a great AA cruiser but less so with the CV rework. The problem is that despite its good DPM it has a very high freeboard and a citadel the size of a house. Add in the very high smoke firing penalty and you will be picked on as soon as you are spotted. Minotaur is great as lower freeboard and ridiculous guns but I am not a good enough player to make the most of it. The power creep at T9 and T10 means there are a lot of big accurate guns that can instant delete you if you make a small mistake.
  4. triumphgt6

    Georgios Averof = Hellenic Navy in WOWS?

    Although she does have many 3" guns, only 2 are AA and she also had 4 40mm guns. The torpedo tubes were removed and would not be in game any way as under water. Her armour is good - she is an armoured cruiser after all - but she only has 4x 9.2" guns and 8x 7.5" guns. Although this would give some very good secondaries, only 4 slow loading main guns would be quite weak. Also only 22.5 knots maximum. I fear she would likely be another Mikasa , a great ship but of the wrong era.
  5. triumphgt6

    Belfast coming back...

    I realise why it is done - you have what is essentially a model of the 43 Belfast available (AKA Edinburgh) and it gives another UK CL and this time at Tier 8. Having the same ship in game at different tiers is a bit odd though - when done elsewhere - Yamato and Musashi - Amagi and Kii etc - you do at least use a sister ship. I am not complaining though but as the RN had 46 reasonably modern light cruisers in WW2, there was a reasonable number to choose from. However all the rest would be more difficult than just reusing Edinburgh and you rightly point out that Belfast is still around, unlike the others. I would love to see a Dido class though !
  6. triumphgt6

    Belfast coming back...

    Seems silly to me - better have another ship such as Sheffield or Newcastle rather than two versions of the same ship. I suppose having already have one improved Town in Edinburgh, making the first ones better would seem odd?
  7. Very rarely report except when there is strong abuse aimed at another player on either side. Almost always use all my compliments - although Karma is meaningless, it is always nice to get a compliment. If something simple like this can make someone feel a bit better, why not do it? Costs nothing to make someone else feel good.
  8. I got reported a couple of days ago by someone driving a Dallas when I was in a Fujin. We were doing OK but he got stuck in a crossfire. He wanted me to come and support him but that would have probably got me killed as well as him. Instead I concentrated on trying to win the game, he died and wrote -1 Fujin! We did win - a T61 and I capped and torped so we won fairly easily on points. I also got three +1s so the -1 didn't worry me! The moral is that other players will see you playing from their point of view and will feel the game revolves around them. For you, the game revolves around you and ,depending on how you play, the good of your side. Don't worry about reports for poor play as they mean nothing! If you get a lot, it might make you think about your play style but that seems to be unlikely to be the case.
  9. triumphgt6

    team balance unfair wanna quit

    Join a lone wolf clan then - no commitment really but you get the xp and cost advantages and usually people around to division with. Ours is such a clan but full at present but there are many around. You usually find that you get more coal, steel , xp, commander xp and reduced research costs as well. And divisioning is one way to learn and get your win rate up. Not all clans do clan battles etc - we did some clan brawls which were amusing but only for fun!
  10. triumphgt6

    team balance unfair wanna quit

    The other thing that helps is join a clan. There are plenty that welcome beginners and playing with someone more experienced can be instructive.
  11. triumphgt6

    team balance unfair wanna quit

    A worthy thought but the problem with playing a lot of Co-op is that the bots are fairly predicable and you learn bad habits. Random players are anything but predictable (!) and you will sometimes meet people who do know how to play the game. It is better to learn this in low tier ships where a mistake will often not result in your immediate demise. I advanced too quickly, decided to get better and retreated to Tier 3 and the St Louis and learned how to angle, and better positioning. Still very average but wr now respectable and usually highish in the team. The game is far more fun if you win!
  12. triumphgt6

    This can not go on like that .... WG please do something

    One reason I never look up stats before a battle - I do sometimes at the end and am often surprised who actually won the battle.
  13. triumphgt6

    T1-T5 UK CL

    Emerald was awful when it came out. Leander suddenly seemed playable and then comes Fiji. The best ship tier for tier in the game - agile, fast accelerating, great guns, good heal, smoke, decent AA and good concealment. Just fantastic. Edinburgh seems clumsy in comparison , Neptune is just too tall and eats citadels - I fancy my chances in a 1 v1 in a Fiji against a Neptune - and Minotaur is clearly great though I am not good enough to play her well. The pain of 2 to 5 is worth it for the 6 &7! It has the advantage for a new player once you have smoke in that you can disengage more easily.
  14. triumphgt6

    Edinburgh: Smoke or Radar?

    I usually run smoke but in clan brawls, I run radar as very useful. Also at times just for kicks!
  15. triumphgt6

    Edinburgh: Smoke or Radar?

    As are the torps and detection is 9.2km with CE.And if you put the radar mod on you get 36 seconds...