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    Nearly joined Navy as doctor, was leading cadet in Naval section of OTC and been mad about ships since a child - made large scale models of warships with boyhood friend, sailing them on large pond and blasting them with air gun from about 50 yards! Long time ago but good aiming practice! Not so good for the fish!

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  1. New british premium ship idea

    Far too strong - the Fiji is OP at tier 7 really and is best at close range so the limited range not so bad - and if you get the spotter, you are basically a Belfast at T6 with torpedoes.
  2. Dreadnought - about time too!

    Can't be having that!! You don't have the most epic ship in the entire game! The sealclubbers ultimate weapon? Have one on me and see if you don't crack your sides laughing - not being able to aim is at attribute in the Mikasa as the shells don't go anywhere near where you shoot at. The secondaries are great though - if anyone is stupid enough to come near you! And about the only thing you can out accelerate is an island. Have fun!
  3. How is your ranked progression going?

    lost first couple of battles, got back to where I started and thought "why?' and not played since.
  4. Supertest FAQ

    Most amusing - however it sparked a bit of interest for me and though I realised it was an error immediately, it was interesting to see what was coming up!
  5. Royal Navy Arc

    I rather enjoyed it - will have to go and look at the port again though I still don't really know why we have London as a port - Scapa, Portsmouth or even Rosyth would be better. I suppose it was related to the Belfast but I tend to use Dunkirk anyway! The UK camo is a bit silly though - surely this should come with a penalty as it can be seem miles away!
  6. I think the existing mod of picking an AA specced Atlanta seems to work for me!
  7. Stats

    The problem is that some people are simply better than others. I know I am no good really, so play ships where I can help the team as much as I can. I don't play BBs on the whole as I feel having a rubbish BB player probably makes the most difference (except CVs but don't play them at all!) but I enjoy playing so don't want to just walk away. My reflexes are not as quick as they used to be and my situational awareness is certainly nothing to write home about, but I try my best. Of course some of you will look at my stats and laugh but surely this is a game and should embrace all. I don't play Tier X as I wouldn't wish to cause others to lose credits if I screw up and play a small number of ships in which I perform adequately I feel. I don't criticise others or stat shame because I have been there and the vast majority of players are friendly and helpful. I can understand why the OP is asking to make his stats private but wouldn't as I rather people know my limitations.
  8. You are of course correct! Have to think what else I could use - I think RDF might also be a little OTT on the basis that everyone can see you from the edge of the map and shoot at you!!
  9. To be serious for a second, I think the only attempted seal clubbing at the bottom two tiers should be done with truly awful ships - the Mikasa being the ultimate choice. In that way everyone can enjoy themselves! Even the seals!
  10. By the way, do any other ships have quite such a miserable range to detectibility? I think the Mikasa has about 300metres - firing range 11.82 and detectibility 11.52!! Sneaking up on anything with a speed of 18 knots is also challenging. I did play in a division of 3 Mikasas a few times - we were thrashed!
  11. You are clearly not taking the entire point of bad seal clubbing seriously! I have a dedicated 15 point Mikasa captain! I have a secondary range of 3.8km and when the spirit comes upon me, I will upgrade him to 19 points and will equip him with secondary gun control!! Then we will terrorise the unsuspecting seals properly - if only they come near enough!
  12. After reading this thread, I thought, why not, but couldn't bring myself to play Tier 1 - mainly because I had a clear out some time ago and only have Black Swan and the Pan Asian ship left. So I played the Mikasa - and ended up in a 7 v 7 battle with I think 4 destroyers. No-one came in range of my (augmented!) secondaries and as usual my primary guns sprayed shells almost everywhere except where I was aiming - spraying implying some speed of reload or turret traverse, both of which ,of course, were sadly lacking. I did look good as I sank though!! It took nearly the full 5 minutes to load, clearly waiting for someone else stupid enough to play the Mikasa! He sensibly kept well back and let his team mop up the opposition.
  13. Team Kill and messages related to it

    Torpedoes launched from the second row are likely to be dangerous to the front row. If you must do this, then it is your duty to tell the front row you are doing it or it is unsporting (and a few other less kind terms! ) I have hit my team with torps in the past - three times in 10,000 battles if I remember correctly - once was from torping from the second row and a rapid change of direction of the ship in front - killed him and the enemy as it turned out - my fault - I apologised and he forgave me. The other two times were when firing directly at enemy, missing and the torps had enough range to hit a friend who was in a pincer move - my fault again and apologised. Torps are the shooters responsibility - if you hit a friend, it is your fault and in a game I call that unsporting. If you are unlucky, they will be unsporting back and will kill you by letting themselves flood!
  14. Concealment Range changes midgame?

    The Help Me group would though - they are trying to prevent people becoming liabilities and also helping them to enjoy playing the game. But I would be play tier 3 or 4 and get your win rate up - the Atlanta was a weakness for me too! Taken 1000 battles to get it to a 50% wr!!
  15. Concealment Range changes midgame?

    Join a clan - you can join mine but to be frank it is not very good and not very active!! Look on the forum at clan recruitment and most will do divisions and training. I would also join the group above my post.