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  1. Pressurised

    DDs in higher tiers

    Ok thanks for your comments, I will probably wait for now, or get minekaze then wait
  2. Pressurised

    DDs in higher tiers

    Is anyone here actually having a good time with them in t8+. You see a lot of negativity on the forums towards them, and I know they've had nerfs recently. But I'd like to hear some views, i'm tempted to try em out and want to see if anyone is actually having success with them. I'd like to think they can perform well with the right play. Cheers
  3. Pressurised

    How do you like to fire your guns?

    As the title says
  4. Pressurised

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Kills aren't everything First game of the day....
  5. Pressurised

    OBT Hindsight and tech lines

    Bump, please explain your choices!
  6. Pressurised

    OBT Hindsight and tech lines

    So OBT has been going for a while now, if you could start over and grind one line, or keep one you already have grinded, what would it be?
  7. Pressurised

    increased dispersion when not targeting opponent

    Only problem I see with this is trying to hit ships aimed into the map borders. When targetted your shots go way off already. Basically this is a buff to CVs :s
  8. Pressurised

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Our team had t4 IJN CV, enemy team had t5 USN CV and t6 IJN CV. They were all like "let the seal clubbing commence!", we showed em who the seal clubbers were ;)
  9. Pressurised

    Internet speed required tu run WOW.

    I have a max download speed of about 40Kbs, and game is mostly fine.
  10. Pressurised

    No point in lvling IJN CV because of nerfs.

    If they nerf the damage output, they sure as hell better buff the fighter capability, else there would be absolutely no f****** reason to play IJN CVs, and lots of peoples time will have been wasted. ps. I don't main CV
  11. Pressurised

    No point in lvling IJN CV because of nerfs.

    They gotta be pretty damn carefull with this, as one slight move may totally tip the scales
  12. Pressurised

    game now unplayalbe

    Game runs mostly fine for me, and I live in a remote part of Scotland, where I get a max of 40kbs download speed.
  13. Pressurised

    It's time WG hears ....

    OP I agree, awesome game
  14. Pressurised

    How has your "OBT" started?

    Not a bad start Exclusively IJN CA so far
  15. Pressurised

    The edge of the map "Exploit".

    There is an annoying bug related to this that I've come across a few times now, I hope i'm not the only one that has noticed this. For instance today I was firing at a carrier hugging the edge of the map, I fired some shells, and instantly I could see that they had angled at somewhere far away from where I was aiming. I wasn;t even that far away, yet the shells were most definitely NOT firing at where I was aiming. This happened several times today, and has happened in a few games previously.