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    to watch and help after death

    One day someone will create an effective sarcasm/joke font, and so many of the internets problems will go away.
  2. OccamsChainsaw1

    to watch and help after death

    Yeah, I get torped by a friendly CA or DD and taken down to 10%, but if I were to sink him in response, SOMEHOW, I would be the bad guy,
  3. OccamsChainsaw1

    Are there any tier 6+ premium BBs coming this year? Any info?

    Urgh, Macro Cannon so OP and nerf Lance secondaries! And why does it need so many Thunderhawk Squadrons? Violet stetpedder! He kemp space!
  4. OccamsChainsaw1


    Isn't the Zao a Battlecruiser? It gets the BB repair ability after all, and has some fairly potent weaponry.
  5. OccamsChainsaw1

    Division Spawn points.

    Would it really be so hard to set it up so that when you are in a division, you spawn within 3-4km of your team mates? It is a real pain in the arse when you have to spend 7-9 minutes at full steam, just to get to where the person you are trying to play with, actually is. I mean, the whole point of divisions is to allow for teamwork, but then 7-10 you may as well just go off in your own direction because by the time you catch your team mate they are dead or you are.
  6. OccamsChainsaw1

    In praise of those who play as a team.

    Would be nice to be able to give out more than 3 in a day. I did send a PM to RedFire to thank him for being a good sort.
  7. OccamsChainsaw1

    In praise of those who play as a team.

    I had a great game today, where there was clear concise communication and cooperation between team mates, 4 of us working together managed to help our team beat the enemy with minimal losses. I suck at names, but I would like to thank: UnVain - DD Frank(something) - BB and guys whose name I cannot remember right now but begins with D, who I ran into again in the following game in his St Louis. Also Redfire11, who played a great game in his DD with me. I would like to open up this threat to shout outs and thanks to those team players who make a good game into a great one, amid all these incidents of team killing and general "Gorram it!" moments. We deserve a little positivity.
  8. OccamsChainsaw1

    Where's our premium + doubloons?

    Just noticed the Atago is now 10'700 too, and I only got 10'500 back. Darn my luck.
  9. OccamsChainsaw1

    Where's our premium + doubloons?

    So I have no gold, no Yubari, an Arkansas with 3 point, 2 T1s with 5points each, 3000xp and 2.3Mill credits.
  10. OccamsChainsaw1

    Did DDs get a visibility buff?

    I had just sailed past the DD in my Atlanta. I saw him, range was 0.9km. Then he vanished and shots started coming out of the air. I can get it being a bug, it is just really very irksome.
  11. OccamsChainsaw1

    Did DDs get a visibility buff?

    3 games now in the 0.4.0 server, I have been getting shot at and torp'd by invisible destroyers, in the open, no smoke, from less than a km away. The only reason I know they are there is because there are shots coming out of empty air. in the worst situation, the shot could not have been coming from more than 500m away. Again, no smoke, open water between me and him.
  12. OccamsChainsaw1

    How did you come up with your name?

    Occams Razor is a principle that states all things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the right one. I prefer a more pro active approach to problem solving.
  13. OccamsChainsaw1

    Getting bored of being capped

    We have the TOG II* for that thank you.
  14. OccamsChainsaw1

    Whats happens after closed beta?

    Can people in England get a TOG II* with pontoons and paddle wheels as a reward?
  15. OccamsChainsaw1

    Stuck rudders and other thoughts

    Last few games, maybe one in 8 games, I am finding that when I press A or D, I get no response from my rudder. It isn't damaged, I haven't even taken a hit of any kind, I just get no response and the ship carries on into the island or torpedo spread like I haven't even pressed anything. Anyone else had this? Also, something that I wouldn't mind seeing is a bearing indicator. Put it on the compass or something. Might be useful when trying to manouver your division. Speaking of divisions, would it really be impossible to have it set up so that you at least start within a few clicks of your division mates? I get in a division to play with friends and to work as a team to beat the enemy, but when we start off as far from each other as possible, it takes almost 5 minutes to get into visual range sometimes. Maybe WG could set it so you spawn within 2km of your division?