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  1. fruitnveg


    You had me until Hate speech. You and those stupid dictats from on high can all take a long walk off a short pier into some very deep water. Be offended, that is the cost of freedom.
  2. fruitnveg

    Totally my fault, no way it was the team, right? RIGHT?

    On behalf of fruit everywhere, please stop using 'fruits' as a derogatory term. Potato is what we use around here.
  3. fruitnveg

    Help me learn to Akizuki

    This pretty much nails the Akizuki in its current state. She is so much floating garbage at the moment (until you explode anyway). It really is a shame, she was great fun. Basically unplayable now. You described the typical Akizuki game in your OP to perfection. If its a 1v1, great but you will never get a 1v1.
  4. fruitnveg

    A moment of silence for everything we will lose due to RPF

    No, you won't. She's a nice little boat but lacks horrifically the speed and agility to get into any extended fight. If you don't start it, you won't win it, and that's now, before the patch.
  5. fruitnveg

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    No, its not. I'm a 60% WR player on my chosen tiers. 6 through 8. At 9 and 10 my performance takes a nose dive, as evidenced by my 16%, yes 16% WR yesterday trying to start my journey unlocking this ship My experience is hardly unique. I hate T9 and 10 with a passion. It is boring, frustrating and toxic. This grind is going to be torture, and when it's done so am I for a while.
  6. fruitnveg

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    ??? It will take on average around 200 games. The people worst affected by this can't even get the ship as they have no T9 or 10 ships. Next along are people like me, we have these ships but don't use them either because we're [edited]awful at T10 for whatever reason (and good luck avoiding T10 if you're sailing a T9), or we simply can't afford the expense or maybe even both (the category I fall into). Regardless of that, we shouldn't even have to play T9 or 10 to unlock it when none of the other servers are. This is punitive. We are being punished for the sake of a few euros or pounds, treated like the golden goose AGAIN.
  7. fruitnveg

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    The tier IX requirement is horse-excrement. T IX and X are filled with toxic elitists, the most boring of gameplay this game has to offer and to top it all off are prohibitively expensive to play. This is quite literally a giant F*** you to everyone that doesn't buy premium time. I buy practically all the premium ships and have worked my [edited]off to grind the freebies when available because i like to collect. You can kiss goodbye to that business from here on. You are excluding people based on what? This mission is insulting. After the frankly pathetic RN cruisers, this is taking the piss.
  8. fruitnveg

    How to make the RN CL's more fun to play

    Like OP suggested, remove the citadel entirely. You did it for DDs and these cruisers have even less armour. It's not like they won't still take bucket loads of damage, but it would go a long way to reducing the prevalence of deletions, making the line (a little) less frustrating to play. Also, the 'special' AP is special only in that it does absolutely nothing better than regular AP. It needs serious buffing if you do not intend to give the RNCLs HE.
  9. fruitnveg

    Guide: British Cruisers

    These cruisers are garbage. These things are just big fat destroyers with a citadel, stupidest idea ever. You cannot even make a single error. This is ridiculous.
  10. fruitnveg

    König is my new love

    I am quickly coming to loathe the König. By far the worst grind i've had so far. Possitively horrific.
  11. fruitnveg

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    Man mode enough? I particularly like the 1.4mil damage potential of shots that were required to sink me in this one.
  12. fruitnveg

    Independence day, what about Brexit?

    What would he do if he turned up? There are various sources saying from 50 to 72 votes in parliment that we voted against, we lost them all. The European parliment has no power to propose laws or legislation, no power to recind them or to change them. It's a fluffy nothing job. The European parliment exist to turn up to debate the merits of the European commission's new legislation when it comes about and then to pass it in to law. To be perfectly frank, I couldn't give a shiny poo if he doesn't turn up there and still takes the pay. The pay packet itself is ridiculous and needs some questions asking of it. If they're willing to throw so much good money after bad, they can hardly complain when it goes to someone like Mr Farage. Prove that we're to become isolated. Explain to me how leaving a comparatively small club to interact with the greater world is isolation, because in the language I learnt at school, that is the demonstratable opposite of isolation. I said get over it and i'll keep saying it until we see the very vocal MINORITY who lost this referendum come to terms with the result. Evidently, London does not speak for the rest of Britain, especially when it's throwing monumental hissy fits the likes you simply would not have seen had the result been leave. The result won't be overturned, they won't get their second referendum, they won't get parliment to put a spanner in the works through legal proceedings, they simply cannot; if any of these things were to happen it would show an absolute disregard for democracy and the democratic process. Democracy does not place greater value on any one person's arguement, wealth, gender, age or status. One person, one vote, simple majority rules. You simply do not get fairer than that. Like you, I do not want to get into an antagonising match of one-up-manship. This topic is extremely highly charged at the moment and people like me are currently probably even more frustrated with the discussion around the topic than remainers who didn't get their way. Remainers, afterall, aren't the ones being villianised as rascist, as stupid and uneducated, as bigots (the irony is astounding on that one in particular). You don't even have to look far from the typical remainer's choice rag to find evidence; https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/30/voted-leave-eu-racist-idiot-intolerance-brexiters. Until this stops you will find little and less in the way of sympathy from those who did get their own way. This is not the way to have a grown up discussion and yet has been the style of the general discourse thrown at those who disagree with the status quo for years, hence, the tone of my posts on the subject.
  13. fruitnveg

    Independence day, what about Brexit?

    and why not? He IS an elected official and we ARE still a part of that god awful union until the conclusion of the article 50 negotiations. We still pay, so they can still put up with us in their little 'club' and with us having the benefits of being so. No taxation without representation. Brexit is a thing now, it's time people got over the fact that they hate democracy when it doesn't work for them and continue with their lives.
  14. fruitnveg

    Premium ships, new players and rage

    Thats the best thing i've seen in forever <3
  15. fruitnveg

    Ship Carousel

    Thanks for the heads up, will do.