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  1. As much as i'm glad the Hood is going to be in the game,my cash will be on the Gallant.Delighted to see another Brit DD in the game.
  2. Why am i AFK.............................Hey buddy,i'm the Altmark in this batlle.I never go AFK unless its a com or server issue.
  3. No thanks to steam.I have an account but love that this game and account is separate from it.
  4. Totally agree.He makes some valid points in his last video but though the game can feel stale at times.It's still one of the best in it's genre,for me anyway.
  5. Much appreciated.Get well soon.
  6. Lost at sea now .A quick recovery and regards in the meantime.
  7. It's patch day.Expect small hot fixes,bugs etc etc
  8. What do cruisers want.Quite simply more support from BBs.Same as DDs.Rather than the side winding,long range sniping,island hiding,running scared BB players that are in game now.Makes me laugh how some BB captains play their so called tanks more like a DD,hiding and running whenever possible.
  9. People bitching because they didn't or couldn't put enough time into the game,as in nearly a whole month.Seriously.If you haven't had the time to play the game properly,don't expect to get the perks that go with it.Simple as that.
  10. Well i had a couple of Captains in retraining which was going to take a bit of time and a lot of games to accomplish.Not now,so no complaints from me on that score.
  11. I'll tell you what i'm sick of.Spotting in a DD or heading to a cap,only to find the whole team is side winding and you're left in the middle of the map,sitting there with your **** in your hands as the enemy team melts you.There should be a game called Luxury Cruising because i find that's what a lot of people are doing most of the time.
  12. Coop is purely chill out mode and i use it quite a bit myself.If you want to earn proper XP and bucks,PvP is where it's at.That's the way it should be and that's the way it is.
  13. My third Super container(rubs hands with glee).................................250 speed flags.Just what my Tier 7 DDs really needed
  14. Nic Cage!!!..........I'll have no wooden actors commanding my ships,he's liable to fire damage from HE.
  15. I play a lot of CO OP for either quick cash or just for a chill out session.One word of advice,don't bother with a DD in CO OP,as soon as you're spotted the whole enemy Bot team aim their guns at you.You melt in seconds.