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  1. Schnittertm

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    That is the power of US 203mm cruiser AP. Anyway, I used the Pensacola to get the 30 planes shot down finished for the Indianapolis Marathon. I figured that I should go as low tier as possible and take a ship with very good AA and DefAA, which the Pensacola fit to a T. I also selected lower tier because at those tiers many CV players have yet to learn to respect US cruisers and I think on that day I did put a lot of respect into a few CV players.
  2. Schnittertm

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Yes, it is team dependent. Maybe it was because I have late shift this week and could play this morning, but I was able to do the mission within two battles with my New Mexico. On the first try my team basically folded (was also uptiered against T8). I also had a salty Akatsuki player that called me a noob because I hit him in his smoke. Granted, he was spotted for about two seconds, so I knew where he was, but it wasn't long enough to lock him. However, he stayed at the exact same position and was already at low health. In the second game it looked bad at first, but most of our BB including me kept at it and decimated the enemy team towards the end. I want to especially thank the ARP Kongo that donated its broadside to my guns several times. He was somewhat lucky, though, as I go quite substantial penetrations, but no citadel hits on him. Anyway, yes, some missions can take either one or two battles or ten or twenty, depending on the team or what you need on the other side and depending on if you (can) division up. I had to get lucky with the 30 planes as there are not that many CV players. But I figured I would have the best chances in T6 with the Pensacola and I found several games with CV players that will, I believe, be more careful with their planes around a Pensacola the next time they meet one.
  3. Schnittertm

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    The fire mission? Three games in the QE did the trick for me.
  4. The reason why this is in, is part and parcel of most F2P games, meaning they have ways of giving you options to either save in game credits and not advance as fast because you die more often or to not save in game credits and not die as often, but possibly earn credits at a slightly better rate due to this. In the end, they want you to spend money on the game at one point or another.
  5. Schnittertm

    Whats the point in collections??

    Still better than the Nürnberg, that has worse firing angles and is prone to sink if a seagull is flying in a 5km radius around it. :P
  6. Schnittertm

    Firing accuracy

    Yes, RNG can and does [edited] you over once in a while or even a bit more often while sailing a BB. Just a few examples from last week from my games. I am in my Fuso, have a Pensacola at 3 km range, full broadside to me, in front of my 12 guns. First salvo, aimed at the waterline, with a bit lead for its movement, 1 or 2 overpens, that's it. Second salvo, more or less the same thing happens, shells go up into the superstructure, down below the water, into the crew sections, no normal pens, no citadels. I didn't get to fire a third salvo, as I was a bit busy sinking by that time (not from the Pensacola). Then a game on Estuary, again with the Fuso, another US cruiser at 5km, similar results to what I had against the Pensacola, with the cruiser showing its flat broadside to me again. Then there was a game on Two Brothers, Charles Martel at 20+ km, sailing broadside, I give lead, pull the trigger and look for another target, as it got unspotted again. Didn't expect to even hit it. *BAM* I get a citadel and a pen. RNG on BB is sometimes very annoying, although I found it most annoying on the Gneisenau, only six guns and shots going all over the place is not fun.
  7. Schnittertm

    829th Hamburg Port Anniversary Free code

    Thanks for the heads up. :)
  8. Schnittertm

    Are there plans for consoles(PS4)

    The other thing is, most low power PC would run it the same as the PS4 when it comes to graphical fidelity and/or fps. Only the PS4 Pro or X Box One X would be a slight upgrade.
  9. Schnittertm

    Are there plans for consoles(PS4)

    You do know that most video cards in PC have a HDMI connection with which you can hook it up to any TV 55" or bigger. If you want to go for even more console feeling you can connect a (wireless) controller and even configure it for play in WoWs with third party software if necessary. Not that a controller would be the most effective, but it is possible. Consoles, nowadays, are just neutered, low to low mid PCs with a fixed OS.
  10. Well, it is hard to defeat a Navy in surface combat that either did not receive their ships (Salamis was never finished) or that were bombed by Stuka dive bombers in 1941 and sunk (Kilkis and Lemnos). Anyway, if those ships would have had to go up even against something like the Admiral Graf Spee in 1941, they would have likely been sunk in combat. Even worse if they'd have had to fight Scharnhorst or Bismarck class battleships. Still, the Salamis, at least in its projected configuration (4 x 2 14 inch guns from Britain on a German hull) would be a nice T4-T5 premium candidate. The Kilkis and Lemnos would, at best, be T2, maybe T3 material, as they only have 2 x 2 12 inch guns and the dreadfully slow pre-dreadnought speeds. Possibly okay with faster firing guns. The destroyers might be material for a Pan-European destroyer tree, as most destroyers were either British, Italian or American.
  11. Schnittertm

    Combat Dolphins?? WTF?

    How may are many? Is there some commonality between you and those other persons (e.g. a certain distance from the ISP's distribution node, OS, gfx driver)? I can say, just as you did, that many, like me, are not suffering from any problems at all, which leaves us at exactly the same place as before. There are many people with problems and many others without problems. At work I have to deal with people having problems with home appliances and while that is a different matter than a computer program and hardware, the base principle I have found still applies. Many people have a problem, attribute it to a certain cause, do not even try to check other possibilities of failure or fault and, in some cases can not even describe the problem properly. This, in turn, leads to me having to ask several questions to ascertain that it couldn't be this fault or that or, in other case, just plug in the device and run a few tests. Many was the time that the device itself wasn't faulty, but that it was just improper use or lack of maintenance or, even, that certain conditions at the customers home were causing the fault. As I said, the base principle, that people can not describe the problem properly or do not do basic troubleshooting themselves, applies even in the case of software and differing hardware configuration. Certain programming interfaces and standards should ensure that all hardware parts in a PC operate on the same principles and that the OS is able to speak to them in the prescribed manner, but already something as overclocking a CPU or GPU or the RAM too high can cause minor faults that, for example, can not be attributed to the software. With internet connections it gets even worse, as the fault can be on your end, WG end or your ISP's end or any of the stations in between. Anyway, the TL;DR is, that my point is, that the fault must not necessarily on WG's end, not even on your end, it might be in between. It wouldn't be the first time and it won't be the last. You'll find similar people, with similar problems on any online multiplayer game, especially the more popular ones, as there you can expect, due to the higher number of people playing, a higher number or reports. I am however with you on the matter that, if it is a problem the WG can fix, they should fix it.
  12. Schnittertm

    Combat Dolphins?? WTF?

    You know, just because I haven't played a lot of WG products, doesn't mean I haven't played a lot of online games. I have, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, World of Warcraft, War Thunder, Armored Warfare, to name a few. The thing is, unless the mentioned and unmentioned games I played really had sever troubles (e.g. the infamous Error 37 on Diablo 3), I never had any troubles with disconnections from the game. In fact, since I restarted playing WoWs I had not had any disconnections, even when playing for 2 or 3 hours. Therefore, the problems might not actually be with WG, but with your ISP. So, I would say, no, the case is not closed. Maybe you should check out if there is something wrong on the end of your ISP. It also still doesn't change the fact that 3D modellers or sound designers can not help with the back end of the server hard- and software. Introduction of the new ships or other models in games also will not stress the server more, as it still only has to, at maximum, have to supply the needs for 24 players per session and only has to check certain data (e.g. position, speed, angle of turrets) and make sure that all data is legit. Anecdotes of your problems with the game will not help improve the problems you seem to suffer from, if you are one of only very few people suffering from it. I don't suffer your problems, so where does this leave us? Anecdote versus anecdote won't help WG be able to fix your problem, if the problem is, indeed, on WGs end.
  13. Schnittertm

    is this legit?

    I had a similar mail a few months ago, after I hadn't player for several months. They offered the Ashitaka, Huang He and a few million credits if I'd log in again. I did receive the offered ships and credits, however, it did take a few days until they appeared on my account, therefore my guess is that the same will be true in this case. Just wait a few days, maybe play a few games and it should appear.
  14. Schnittertm

    Space Battles

    Your carrier might have been in a meteor shower, which has the effect of killing an aircraft every 15 seconds they remain in it.
  15. Schnittertm

    Star Wars Tech Vs Arpeggio of Blue Steel Tech

    So, this then brings us to the question of self guiding weapons like the proton torpedoes that, for example, the X-Wing can employ. Would they already be enough to punch through the shielding? With this you wouldn't even need an ISD and I believe the TIE Bombers should also be able to carry proton torpedoes.