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  1. Streef_

    fix this turd of a ship ( Des moins )

    Good meme, I look forward to your future posts
  2. Streef_

    Actuation time for consumables

    Ok so if you can just bait the consumable now, why do you need the delay.
  3. Streef_

    Actuation time for consumables

    So you're basically asking to be able to flat out nuke cruisers before they can protect themselves?
  4. Streef_

    The Death of the dedicated heavy cruiser

    You're probably trying to use genuine historical tactics in World of Warships. Don't. Due to how the game is made, ship roles are not equal to the roles of the same ships historically. In WoWS, cruisers sit a line behind battleships (or alternatively behind islands) and generally burn down ships. I suggest you look into some youtube videos to fully understand their role in-game.
  5. Streef_

    Warspite Build (Equipment, Commander & Signals)

    Warspite has terrible turret traverse so it doesn't perform as well in a brawling situation. Also in general, secondary builds for anything below tier 7 are pretty useless as they only get a 15% buff from manual secondaries and not 60%.
  6. Streef_

    Missing ARP Ships

    Perhaps you've unchecked the setting which allows you to see them in port. Click the settings cog on top of your ship carousel and check the box next to the ARP ships.
  7. Streef_

    Can't connet to server

    Yup, in now
  8. Streef_

    Can't connet to server

    Too many players at ranked one so they have to stem the flow?
  9. Streef_

    Can't connet to server

    They've just extended it another hour to 11:00 UTC.
  10. Streef_

    Can't connet to server

    There were missions available, but afaik you can't earn them anymore so buying them is your last chance. Bear in mind you can earn Halsey and Yamamoto whenever, as the missions for them on the campaign will never go away.
  11. Streef_

    Can't connet to server

    You have to login.
  12. Streef_

    Can't connet to server

    Yeah, bought the american one
  13. Streef_

    Can't connet to server

    if you keep up with these bad puns I'll ship you off to a far away land sorry
  14. Streef_

    Is WOWS the best naval game ever?

    Nah just wait until wargaming adds submarines into WoWS through the introduction of a 100% premium tech tree, where you have to buy the tier 5 to get to the tier 6 and so on. Should be a really good deal.
  15. Streef_

    [Shiptoast] Personal Oil Wallet

    You're lucky oil isn't the usable resource, if it was the Americans would take it before you can spend it.