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  1. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    This may be the case, but the meta is mostly effective against battleships. A bow tanking Gascogne can only bring 4 barrels to bear, versus a North Carolina's 6, meaning that if you want to have a chance with regards to firepower you need to make effective use of your guns. If you can't fire that rear turret in between salvos safely then you can say goodbye to taking on other battleships without being punished. As a summary, the whole point of the good angles are to minimalise damage taken when firing the rear gun, especially if you're attempting to do so in-between BB salvos.
  2. Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    Reminds me of a certain class actually...
  3. Voice chat should be enabled in ranked

    Don't forget all of your relatives as well as people in your nuclear family who don't even exist. Seriously, if you've touched CS:GO you'll know that this is a terrible idea. It sounds good, but little kids don't care about that. All they care about is how they're better than you in every way possible apart from their performance in that game and every recorded stat.
  4. Different goal every day, it might be get a new ship, get X amount of points on a captain, buy X ship. If I complete my goals, its a good day.
  5. Zero damage penetrations?

    Dunno if this has been said yet, but I'm pretty sure that you can pen the torpedo-belt of a battleship, but then not pen the belt of the ship itself.
  6. Buff Montana

    Problem is there isn't a Russian flag on that ship anywhere.
  7. Buff Montana

    I was thinking more along the lines of buy 5 T1 Montanas and a load of useless bs and get a Graf Zeppelin initial release version for free.
  8. Buff Montana

    Excuse me who doesn't need tens of millions of credits just after they bought a premium ship?
  9. Buff Montana

    You're forgetting the magic word. Bundle.
  10. Buff Montana

    Excuse me you're forgetting tiers 1-5.
  11. Buff Montana

    I simply don't understand why the balance team hasn't contacted you yet... It's completely ridiculous. Although - how do you propose to make shiploads of money off of this? How about implementing an entirely new game currency (only purchasable with doubloons) to buy her with.
  12. Buff Montana

    Alternatively you could sell it as a tier 9/10 premium in the premium shop for a huge price, only in a bundle with 25k doubloons, 50 million credits, a load of signals (the bad ones ofc) and a free tier 2 or 3 premium. See that's marketing.
  13. Buff Montana

    I agree, adding missiles will be fantastic for game balance. It would be like CV Aircraft, just better, because the fighters (or in this case missiles) can't get shot down AND it will have amazing range so no more leaving the border. There's one problem - its American, not Russian but maybe there could be a Russian premium version added. With regards to premium ammo, you have to make it worth it, because it has to be doubloons only - its simply not fair if you give it to all players in credits form. Remember, premium ammo was better in WoT when only paying players could use it. For dispersion, it would be easier if shots just went straight to the citadel because I agree with you in that I'm tired of missing volleys because of RNG, but why should the captain of the ship aim. Historically that was the crew's job, and we don't have to reload the guns so obviously we need to focus on historical accuracy and have main battery guns work like 0m dispersion 3.0 sigma main battery guns. Only for BBs though, cruisers and destroyers are already too overpowered as they are.
  14. What to do with Duplicates?

    You can use four duplicates to create one item which you don't have (this is only recommended once you have enough duplicates to completely finish the collection though). AFAIK you also get 10,000 credits for every duplicate you have at the end of the event.
  15. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I agree. Imho I think that #6 on winning team shouldn't lose or gain, #7 should lose, then #1 on losing team should gain a star and #2 shouldn't lose or gain one. Means that you don't get those games where you did all that you could but didn't end up with a win.