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  1. Ships & Shapes..it realy counts

    Atlantic bows are very sexy. I've always been a fan of US Cruiser sterns though...
  2. Ships & Shapes..it realy counts

    The thing about the Germans is that they do the superstructure perfectly The Germans and British BBs are the ships with the most beautiful superstructures in the game, fantastic to look at
  3. Ships & Shapes..it realy counts

    I agree with OP and also exocet If the ship looks nice, you're more likely to grind and enjoy it as well as think it's good That's why I'm suffering (kinda) with the NO atm, because those wartime built USN Cruisers are damn beautiful
  4. imho cleveland with premium camo and premium time (not even zulu flags) earns a good amount of cash just a suggestion - also its a fun ship and soon will be tier 8 (so free t8 ship (yay!))
  5. Tanky crusier with good AA

    best thing to do right now would probably be to get to the cleveland asap, its a great cruiser and decently tanky (with terrifying aa and guns) when it gets moved to tier 8 you'll have saved yourself a whole load of usn grinding
  6. yeah, RU DDs are awesome im more of a usn cruiser guy myself so cant help you out there, but enjoy the ru dds
  7. someone needs to take a look at the RU DDs
  8. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle Prize #1: Roma (If available, otherwise Enterprise) Prize #2: T-61 (If available, otherwise De Grasse) Prize #3: Premium Time Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000010000010010000110019 just a quick aa build i dreamt up in about 5 minutes with this you will literally never see CVs again!
  10. Nah don't think so Gneisenau has the beautiful DP secondaries which GK has (and which are the main guns on Z-46/Z-52 as well) I think whereas scharnhorst has bog standard 128mm german secondaries you find on the bismarck etc
  11. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    their HE (rnBBs in general) completely wrecks cruisers - especially t8 and below who cant even heal some of the damage done, lots of perma fires and not a lot of modules after the spam
  12. CV UI lag

    pfft... what do you think it is, the year of the carrier? all these carrier players complaining about nothing
  13. Christmas containers

    make that september 1st :P
  14. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    possibly, but you also have to take into account that none of the upcoming french battleships have been pictured with a permacamo
  15. dispersion is basically the same as monarch, so better than bismarck. but still... 8 guns...