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  1. Taffia_

    Fix CV right now is bad joke

    Sounds like you forgot to use the wasd key hacks.
  2. Taffia_

    DDs are not sacrificial penguins!

    I In randoms, especially on weekends. You're better off assuming you'll get no support from your team.
  3. Taffia_

    Radio Location - good decision to implement?

    1) Actually it does, that small snippet of information of the direction of the closest ship plus, plus knowing the map itself can help you to know what type of ship is likely there. Radar cruisers tend to push to islands early to use radar. This often shows with RL skipping between them and a DD early on or when it points to an island within 10km you know its and ambush and can kite away, before they can act. It also helps you to bait out radar and set up torp runs on ships you can't even see often enemy DDs. You can also use it to notify your team when is the best time to push a cap. 2) No it doesn't but it gives you more information to make the right decision. Letting you know by avoiding the CV in one direction might lead to being spotted by a DD or cruiser. So you pick a safer course Increasing your survivability. Not all players seem to read the map in the bottom right and what's happening. RL atleast gives them some of this information in an easy to digest format. "danger is closet in that direction'"to which they can act on and assist the team.
  4. Taffia_

    Radio Location - good decision to implement?

    With radar and CVs as they are in the game currently. RL is needed just to help the average DD player survive for more than 5 minutes.
  5. Taffia_

    British battleships incoming

    No I'm not a wehraboo. Just stating enough for you to provide the rest of the facts to prove your own statement before to be rubbish. As for the overmatch your right. But I'm sure WG will find a solution. Such as give it a 15inch gun upgrade or give the 14 inch guns the same overmatch characteristic as a 15inch gun.
  6. Taffia_

    British battleships incoming

    Yes - 11inch guns which failed to pen a KGV verses 14inch guns which penned the bismark and sharnhourst. Where is your data to support that? The POW caused damaged to the bismark which caused her to leak fuel and meant they had to head for the French coast. POW left the engagement because she hadn't even finished sea trails yet and they where having various issues with her including not all the guns firing. So even with one arm tied behind her back (being not really combat ready) She gave bismark a bloody nose and withdrew because the combat ready ship she was with was no longer there to support.
  7. Only played just over 2.5k of games since the end of closed beta, but have picked up the game again recently and am looking to improve and fancy playing more competitive. I play all classes and although I've not really checked I think IJN CVs and RN CCs were two of my more successful grinds stats wise. Other than that I think I'm probably average and happy to look at improving my game.
  8. Taffia_

    From the Bogue to the Midway in 15 minutes

    States are good. (Well above average) :p That wasn't me then btw I run the bombers and no CV has managed that sort of score in a 1v1 against me so far in the Taiho. But bad days play can always change that.
  9. Taffia_

    From the Bogue to the Midway in 15 minutes

    Really! I've played you in my Taiho and dominated you comfortable in that Midway and I'm an average player. You should of played through the tiers and learn't your craft.