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  1. I played a lot of games (for my standards) yesterday and not even a single pve game. Last game in the Chaplin - finally a decent one but still got finished off before I could farm more damage in the end because dead Sky Cancer kept spotting me .... Bought the Donskoy - so far kinda disappointing. AP is definitely "better", but inconsequential -> I havent gotten the citadels yet I hoped for. On the other hand its a bigger Chapa with equally non existing armor ..... great. T10 curse: I swear to god this game is like some highly advanced distillery that lets only the shittiest players rise up to T10. This game for example: Yamato -> def strike by Shima. Also lost Montana to Shima. Roon and Kidd go against Shima. Roon dies, Kid looses!!! the Gunfight vs Shima. Same goes for the rest of the team. At one point there were 3 dev. strikes in a row in red in the chat - and only 1!!! by the Shima described above. ......... and then the enemy ships ask why "I run away" - which is actually trying to farm 10 k more damage by fighting 4 ships at once instead of the whole 8 by keeping and island between me the 4 of them which have my side and could dev. strike me. This game also had me encounter the good old great wall of torpedoes kindly donated by Fletcher + Shima ..... T10 cant always be that bad, right? "Zao, why dont you meele 3 Battleships, 1 dd and 2 cruisers on you side instead of kiting them, you are full hp (because I dodged and luck) after all and we need the cap" is the fucktard company asking while they didnt manage to take the cap on their side with supperior numbers. I mean, seriously? How about going for the hattrick? Same deal. Team is shít beyond redemption, cant do anything about it. Finally ....... Ofc those games werent played in succession. I would have digested my own liver but instead alternated with other tiers to get the salt levels down ...... Games like: Ask @lup3s about that one. The enemy brings Sai-pain and Lyon, yet bitches about Kaga and the OP AA of Shores! Shores ...... burahahahaah. Its get even better because in a Melee of a Kaga against a La Gal and a Lyon, I put my Money on lup3s - and rightfully so! Fúck!-boat is growing on me. This time it got to use its torps ..... I actually complimented a few players. Even friendly CVs. Naturally I ran out of reports rather fast - that goes without saying. Here I complimented the enemy Huang-Meh. He did everything right, shot me, hunted me with hydro and I made me him pay for that by killing him ..... because yeah: "Cruisers counter DDs" - what a joke. Apologized to the enemy Huang-Meh and told him this is a fellow cruiser player knowing the pain, and then we had a nice and saltless exchange even. A little later: I rush a Bayern while sourounded by 3 enemy ships and no backup available and employ co-op tactics to the fullest: Dead Bayern -> "Jianwei, why do you camp?" So remember guys, if you tell Battlesheeps to stop camping, what you are actually saying in their twisted language of Great Fucktardistan is: "Stop your daring and reckless all out attack and go hiding" - and Ballless Boats of Fucktardistans are so great team players, they will heed the call every time. I think it was this game: The enemy had a DD, a Atlanta and 3 BBs on the cap. Our BBs were still in spawn -> Definitely about the speed. It always is ........ just every enemy ship speedh4xXx0ring. Also 2 more secs of torp reload and I would have had another guaranteed dev. strike ...... oh well game was won anyway by then. I actually had some fun in this boat (except when permaspotting Sky Cancer renders you useless). If the torps had 0,5 km more range, I would probably keep the ship but as it is, its kinda ........ suicidal, and cant deal with anything even remotely going away ..... Pan Asian DDs somehow suit me ..... I mean I dont know anything about torp. knifefighting anyway. I pick stupid gunfights with enemy DDs and try to win them (=pro cruiser tactics ), and then still perma smoke to get out of situations. I am used to running away from anything with a main battery anyway (and compared to a cruiser, a DD is a impenetrable fortress), and finally thriving off the tears of Clickers is, I would say, a noble cause anyway. This last game was contesting middle cap against 2 DDs, contesting and holding out while doing good damage to them, outliving the 2 enemy DDs, and getting the cap. I later got a another case of "cruiser counter DDs" but then the remaining enemy BBs retreated to their spawn and this automatically keeps them save from this DD ........ sadly. Needs more divisioning! (Still admiring your courage to delve into this swamp often alone. I stoped playing solo for the most part when I joined the forumites channel with something like 58-62 % recent WR.......) I actually checked progress on getting to 66,67 % WR: (The long horizontal streaks are because I mostly play PV-E like co-op and ops and rarely ever random battles -> I am probably among the co-op players with the highest PV-P WR with a sizeable sample across tiers of all the servers) Tbf its not (overly ) about stattpadding. I have 61 % WR in ranked over 41 games ...... and I just cant play this shít AT ALL. If it was just about stattpadding and immoral rewards I would try for the first or maybe second flag and corresponding rewards. But no, just NO! Likewise I would spam games in GC in pvp .....
  2. The way this is phrased .......... and I thought the second most recent episode title of season 8 was top tier nightmare fuel for those treading unaware and without a care. Also dont worry, we restrained ourselves before things got out of ........ hoof. I actually had another one in mind, but cant find it, maybe its gone ..... Enjoy your cake (and accompanying Waifus):
  3. Sweet baby Jesus thanks for that! So its more of a Warspite? It can hit stuff? and its AP isnt complete shite as well? + Meanwhile when TTT-guys come around to read todays posts and realize this:
  4. Yep noticed the sarcasm and tbh so far I havent come around anybody skilled really defending them. Also right on the French line ...... I would even add the Normandie. Apart from everything else the overbuffed speed of the T6 and T7 just puts me off entirely when I look at the length and shape of the hull and the potentially available boiler space. Its like if the NY would suddenly be set to have a fictious upgrade that allows 27 kts ..... I know this is an arcade as hell game, but this thing is just pure uncanny valley ...... One thing of actually serious discussion: Nels(l)ol - the merry oiltanker. A kinda iconic ship I want, but I already loathe and despise the KGV despite probably tier for tier being the pinnacle of the line (after Orion ofc ) and going from 14" to 16" just to sling some more HE ...... P.S.: A Pony-Avatar (doesnt matter what it says ) - Step 1 already taken.
  5. Nobody's perfect. I hate that one. Retardedly strong but I just have a strong antipathy against the current epitome of noob-BB-evolution (or would that be 16 gun Lyon, something going to hit ya anyway?). Meanwhile the thread the needs to get out of the bog and onto the top again:
  6. I guess I do owe my fellow Scrublords some of these too - and "technically" I am not even violating the self-imposed moratorium. Very true actually. I am already doing the whole air-condition dance yet again. I am getting to old for this shít. Probably nothing to come of it but shaking my fist in anger at the sky but still ........ Considering the lousy winters we got around here, thats a normal sunny "winter" day ....... Here its is kinda borderline but still tolerable because the sun isnt up like constantly (or so it feels) making it insufferable and the night cools down to a barely tolerable degree still. I checked it: In the last month the entire precipitation (including any condensation in the morning and stuff) was 18,8 mm - aka nothing - and it basically has stopped raining for longer here. Likewise temperature has been above 20 °C since the begin of April - reaching over 27 °C recently. 30 °C elsewhere has been broken a few days ago already ..... Still, its not 25 °C on Christmas Eve, its not 24-27 ° in January for 2-3 weeks so not the worst thing ever .... if that is any consolation (no not really). Leo got "lucky" - imagine having to stay in a hospital during episodes of 35+ °C for any treatment really and then just lay there in insufferable torment ...... and also there is still the ailment you are there in the first place, certainly not improving the whole situation. Still get your rest and get well mate.
  7. True, look at all that enthusiasm.
  8. Is Yamato still worth the grind?

    I have reached out to you from the depths of the saltmines for this one! Indeed she is! Just look at those Beehive-Shells! But yeah, just like for a lot of others one of my goals in the game. Do have a ready Izumo and could do my time grinding her but ..... I just dont want to. At least if I one day got Yama, I will probably have some free perma camo for her.
  9. Last know Position on global map

    A sensible request. Can support that; though AFTER they fixed CV UI in general.
  10. First game: Another try in the FÚCK!-boat - hairpulling but it does the job of shaking playing T6 up a little ..... Holding the flank .... thankfully we won that one - not in a little bit thanks to solid division carry. (Disclaimer: I wanted a T6 ship with AA - so I went for manual AA Bayern (Very subtle, I know ). Wouldnt have played a Clicker otherwise - esp. this one). But oh my god. Todays award for radioactive super potatoes goes to the Colorado and the KGV. Second solid division action and confed of the day:
  11. I have to admit myself: because: therefore officially rated as: but tbh I d like to hear the opinion of more fellow Scrublords on this. This stuff is tempting me after all like crazy! - just like this situation proofes! But for the greater good I think I could manage some radio silence ......
  12. I actually have been looking forward to post in this topic all day from work ........and then I still did forget to do that. Can you believe that? Now I cant just leave and go to bed, but going to bed I simply have to do - so its going to be something short and to the point: A true work of art if I may say so. (if you dont get it:)
  13. Meanwhile @Loran_Battle aka Loran the horder: "Ill buy her!" ........... what? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR Ships. In essence a windowlicking version of this: ;)