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  1. Had to work the last few days and had no time to play - so no DoY for me. Mainly thanks to the retarded last stage ofc. Man WG NEVER fails to actually NOT fail. Anyway a game from a few days ago when I tried to make some progress and I had this game which turned out enjoyable due to high impact: MM is as disgusting and deplorable as ever. South Spawn on Oh-fúck-you-cruiser-nawa - little support there. So I go north. Enemy got C for free, we got A for free. Skirmish was already about to start on B - so I decided to throw my cruiser away there in an effort to have an impact - full Zerg rush! Woked ofc. Enemy lost the fight on B cap, but a shitty cruiser in the middle of B cap after successfully using the various smokewalls to push in, decloak, radar and open fire? Literally: After writing in chat about the smoke screen and spamming the smoke screen quick command I was about to get really salty because 5 DDs should, you know, kinda be able to help their cruiser out as well - after gaining the upper hand mainly through his radar. Well, saw one of the Gearings heading my way and soon enough also dropping a smoke wall. Cant remember which one of the two. Maybe the Typhoon Rank 1 one? Complemented both anyway. Anyway, you have no idea what focus is until you are in B-cap and the ENTIRE enemy team unloads their complete stockpile of torpedoes (Def. fire ftw! ) and shells in your direction because shitty cruiser -> easy farm. All the combing with torps (even tough I had a island denying most dangerous torpangles on my broadside) and a Missouri closing in caused me to abandon the shelter of the smoke clouds early (US smoke -> muh damage ) but it bought me some much needed time and allowed to turn without evaporating. I mean, god damn, I havent been shot at much or at all even - EXCEPT - for that episode in/around the cap. BBs were already in the process of throwing the game - naturally - because as was the fight raging for B, they mostly were en route to A to secure defeat. However, some bitching in chat while getting hammered by everything and the fact we HAD B + the enemy LOST all their top tier DDs made them actually stay outside A and defend B were they could easily farm the enemy. I got some completely ridiculous RNG in this game - almost as if the disgusting Devs tried to balance out the brave push on B with some truly deplorable RNG. For most of the battle I had 2-4 fires. Even with 6 its a mighty 3 % effective fire chance. Plz Nerf cuiser HE some more. Also either stuff like 6 out of 8 shatters on Tirpitz or 8 out of 9 shatters. Like wtf?! Assuming I cant aim at all, try hitting something as small as the turrets on this ship on max range with plunging fire 8 out 9 target hits reliably. I dare you! Means ofc a sub 300 dmg/shell ratio. Cruiser HE so OP - plz buff BBs even more. In the end I read the map/battle correctly and determined the LoYang was trying something. He didnt made it past trying. Without DDs or vision and only having 1 cap - this game was lost for them. Unfortunately I couldnt farm some more damage since the enemy was running away - and I was in a shitty cruiser which cant be close to begin with, and then neither has the range, nor the speed to close the distance to anything running away from it. Anyway out of all the T8, cruisers and so on, I dare to say I had the most impact and I am even alive (all skill - no luck! ).
  2. Well I didnt want to doublepost. Also I still think you should definitely watch fim - look, explosions and I mean who can resist the gore, dismemberment and evisceration? ......... and ofc some love, friendship and aurora borealis too. No snow ........ *sigh* I mean I shouldnt complain. I am already dreading the heatwaves and should be thankfull for any fresh air and rains with temperatures I find most agreeable - if not for the lack of snow :/ Tbf recently my bath got crowded of all the stuff that needed drying. Not an issue tough, this is awesome to do: Thing is today on the way home with all the fresh/wet/rainy smelling air and the temperature, I really thought to myself this is like how autmn in September/October before the cold came used to be ....... €: Let me reiterate the weatherreport on 18:20 local time (date from 18:00): Its raining - and has so on and off today and the last few days, thus you cant really blame an influx of warmth by fair weather lately. ...... and it has 10 °C currently. Ridiculous! Fúck. That.
  3. unrelated but still: Thankfully one more day of: tomorrow.
  4. ^---- I dont get it ... There were probably some problems with the delivery ......... Not an option ........ They still can be read. Nah, I tried browsing (even this threads previous pages) with the shittiest device every conceived by humankind for this purpose and tbh its not an issue. Man I slept too long today ..........
  5. This is what the doctor prescribes to cuddle and pet: you can either view it as remedy for that "head ache" or allergy treatment via allergen exposure. Anyway both ways you should: They probably live better than I do! Want to write a letter? Only purple-smart, and if about Daring Do/Indiana Jones also blue-fast and maybe ....... ........ ok in some other cases its probably books replaced by things like and just for the heck of it: because music - hopefully helping me going to bed today early.
  6. Amazing, thats the only use I found for it as well when talking to AO in ts - as a noob CV ofc. Best suited is imho Saipan since it can strafe forever with high base dpm but then again I dont know how big of a deal is the 10 % dps for that. So thats a huge maybe from me here.
  7. Thx for the explanation. Sure: - Mapple Commander crosshair. - Smoke timer - because the one ingame is shitty and for a long time there hasnt been any. - Minimap circle customisation, because the one ingame is/was just bad or not even there. Last known positions, Names ..... stuff like that previously. - No Manga. - Training Room enable for quick testing like when WG is BSing people there is no Smoke bug. - Shell colours - because I am used to blue AP shells and they are hard to see anyway sometimes. White is just ........ - Replays. (You could do it yourselves ofc - like I did long ago, but its still a modification of that .txt ) - Team panels - because standard ones are fugly and I still have memorized old values for USN DDs and since WG is konstantly switching around, why bother? - Steven Seagull. - Making Steven Seagull shutting the fúck up. (These 2 are important). - Some stuff for historical accuracy. - Ports for when WG decides to inundate me with things like Yokusuka again when I still want to play my demangaricised ships or just old and gone ports. - Anything related to AA or previously SLI. Maybe not exactly a mod since its done via NV Inspector but you can still file it under "visual customization". - Full tech tree + Clear Vision + Better Carousel (still and also in a different way previously). - A Mod that automatically puts a previously selected captain into a empty ship automatically and removers that shitty captain unavailable - I cant wait for that one. Sometimes I think I should try some glare ore other appearance mods too ......... but to lazy so far. Still I think its important to have them because WG and screwing things up -> Remember Straights even had MORE WHITE-OUT before being released! Lets not forget: (Popular) Mods are a way for WG to learn what so obviously needs to be in the game. Back to the actual reason I am re-visiting here: Sure thing, Galadriel! Garfield made that small yet essential mod at my request (thx again!) You can find it in his modpack thread: Or you have to just download that one: Steven Seagull commander (non-anime)
  8. True. Recently I got to 70 karma that way. Lost 2 recently because I got teamkilled by a Colorado. Lost another -2 for no reason whatsoever (what did you write in chat? -> Nothing at all even!) so must be obviously h4x. And had a +/- from using some other h4xes (like Fiji) and punishing noobs which balanced out by bitching at idiots in chat and sharing the salt. But yeah, in the long run my karma actually increases that way. Likewise, I havent been chatbanned .......... yet. The broken english full of typos is part of the "performance". You cant blind them with your righteous wrath if you use saltgrains without sharp edges. Salt? 1 T10 battle will do to have those depots full to the brim. Not event talking about ranked ........ Otherwise ........... I learned from the best: So, who wants to Join the Dark Side! Obligatory:
  9. You sure about that? There is still Emerald ...... Which amount of noobs in cruisers gave you that amount of free cits? I havent really played BB ..... this year pretty much (€: means after comming back from my ragequit in January-April 2017 and a year from there ofc!) . I like BBs ... who does not? I am a cruiser AND BB player - that is why (not exclusivly ofc) I am so disgusted with WG and BBs. So after the day which brought us the great CV-potato-carrier-festival: Carrier for 5 kg worth of potatoes: Carrier for several millions kgs of pure potato: its now time do the same with BB - as if BBs are not already overpopulating - which means I have to play battlecancer if I want do it (pretty much). ........ I have to admit, I have been struggling: Out of line playing BBs and if I did recently, it was often just steamrolls with shitty damage and barely any learning effect. Unlike the random potato I dont constantly train and practice 20 + km shots from T5 onwards ...... But dont you threat: ...... and it applies to me too. Tbh playing BB right and good is hard - for all the wrong reasons! Like the parasites and cowards and every other BBaby on your side that happen to not be in a division with you or decent by random (very rare) chance. Or Sky Cancer punishing the right play since 2015 (14? cant remember). Or complete utter iDDiots. Anyway: Saw we had a hefty DD disadvantage and if unsupported would loose the capping-war. Assumed central position, supported own DD, rekt enemy DD. Sky Cancer ofc coming to punish any play that doesnt involve fapping with both hands while watching the loss unfold. Still, I said it paid off - enemy team faltering fast and completely. Next games Highlights: - Lets all push together! -> Nah, we totally dont need those lousy T8s to carry our noob asses to victory! Lets have them get focused down, it will be much easier this way. Being full hp doesnt mean I actually have to tank ...... or have any enemy in grunrange ...... or use DMs radar. - Lets all attack b! (we need the cap and there are things like Yamato and 2 DDs in there with no way to spot them except .....) -> Missouri stays ofc outside B so he cant radar the DDS (only 2ndary BBs with hydro pushing in front of him, WAY TO RISKY for his precious hide) and ofc putting that island between him and the Yamato/DDs means he cant shoot jack crap. Amazing play. God I hate this ship! Not even 2k damage per shellhit (with on paper big hard hitting guns, its ok in a 12 gunship like the Blyatskaya). Other BBs go above that without scoring a cit ..... still a good result for this pos. Top tiers are with our only DD on the left flank. They loose/hide so hard on left flank, the enemy ships have time to obliterate them, show up on c, shoot us to shít there and our Montana still hasnt made it into A cap. Amazing. In the Cesare I so far had shitty results because either I or the ship sucked ....... or the enemy would just falter immediately. That said, we met @Tuccy on the green side but also on the south while we were north. We won our flank ... one enemy DD tried to push our CV - and I had my guns on him, but got full hp detonated by autodrop DB (fun and engaging, right?) ... and the game was already over because the enemy collapsed just to fast. In the end we only lost @Tuccy and a cruiser. Next game brought finally the first somewhat good result in the GC of that evening: but again the enemy team collapsed so hard ....... Anyway ........ I suck in the GC, but I know the ship is strong ........ complete p2w even. Thanks to QE<->Warspite I know there is 0 hope that the techtree ship will be anything like that and instead just a shittier clone. CLEARLY, I could have done the same in a shitty floating citadel which are the T5 cruisers ........ right? CV played great and got +2ed. At least that HC saved me from gaining another 150 k damage in a BB to other BBs ........ Last game: The arcs tough - havent played that one in a year or so ........ Also that last 900 free xp ......... Definitely also used p2w to get here, thats a fact. Still I think its less p2w compared to the rest of the server. Havent bought it yet because high tier gameplay is highly diminishing ones will to live ...... but then again never worrying about creds is highly tempting and I hate the stupid potato HE spamming of RN BBs, so Nelson as port decoration is not a priority aside from collection/historical reasons. Last one: I am actually surprised. With all the steamroll loses, I thought it would be closer to 50 % ....... and with all the steamroll victories the other one would be closer to yellow ..........
  10. We got +10-15 ° during the day - around +5 at night ......... *sigh*. I would actually fine with the winter being 10-15 ° to warm if the fúcking summer would be then at least 10-15 ° to cold. I certainly wouldnt [edited] at ~15-20 ° during summer. So see for yourselves: Basic hoof-work, no magic even needed. I actually love the entire campfire tales episode ....... it basically made Skyrim Ponies canon! anyway have some bookhorse - because why the hell not? because book:

    Now I get it. Well the game is getting worse and worse but there is also a case of git gud present. Thankfully I know a way, based on your title, to convey everything you need to know in 2 shorts vids: Now, Rogan?
  12. What does that one even do? Not an option. The Game is to shitty to permanently use without mods. How else I would get this cpt. icon: - and then the real tard behind it to shut the hell up conveniently?
  13. Recently it feels like I have absolutely no influence on the battle. I could be afk and if we win its a roflstomp anyway; and if we loose no effort is going to change that. and a ops - Aegis is always fun!