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  1. No Pony, no page 1. Time to ramp up the Bat-posting. btw: I heard that in the next abberation of ranked you will be alble to form 2 player divisions? Well, what do you know? I might actually play this shítfiesta then .......... I even do have some op p2w T5s I could abuse ........ So who wants to tandem up?
  2. Has the tier VIII MM been altered?

    Maybe you renewed your premium account?
  3. So they are finally coming forth from the borders? Really? Can you promise me that? Anyway: The humanity! Truly those poor BBs dont have it easy!
  4. Played the Izumo for the first time in randoms. Still dunno if I am going to grind it in randoms but I guess every random battle with flags and camo is worth several of co-op games and therefore I can shorten the 500-games-grind significantly with a few random battles. I know the result is not great, but its still good enough for 3rd place; and Dreadnought and Fireproof are quite rare for me. However its more about the potential damage. The enemy all lemming trained to one cap. We would have been outnumbered anyway but all of them showing up? Yeah ....... one of those enemy teams. The only way you can loose this then is when your weaker group gets crushed and/or your other flanks takes their sweetass time or goes on a adveture; maybe even chasing just 1 ship .... We won, but the problem I had all game was that the hole enemy fleet was in 2 big clusters - and I could not shoot the ones chasing me without exposing broadside to the second blob. I I mean I was already giving some broadside simply by trying to create distance from instant death. Now in a german BB a little broadside is ok, but I have played this thing in co-op..... Ofc I did wiggle n stuff as much as possible - the problem was the Kitakaze keeping me lit up - and the fact that this is a captain without CE (13 pts I think). In the end I was actually quite healthy again 40 % with DCP available and turning back into attack position - that was when the game ended: We had the caps for so long and barely any losses, so we went over 1k. All in all typical result of an enemy team lemmingtraining. btw since I was curios: My highest potential damage is in a Zao ...... with 3,5 mio - wtf?! how do you do that even?
  5. Battleships

    I got another one about WGs tance on the last few years of BB numbers and balance - and it also got fire in it:
  6. New version of the ring

    At least Season 9 is officially announced. And a Heartswarming special before that. And I believe another movie too. Recently we had: Today however ........ Last chance!
  7. Battleships

    WG was an IS happy with Sky Cancer just going raping and pillaging against anything that isnt the opposing CV. What caused WG to take action 3 years ago was people using CVs and esp. T10 CVs as premium ships and premium account at the same time, clubbing everything and earning the creds/xp to fund their more useless ships. So far so fine with WG - but they did this with silver peasant ships! Cant have that! Must be op p2w premium at least! An thus, since strike Ranger wasnt "fun enough" Sapain was introduced - the best of both worlds: Equally shits on the recipient like strike Ranger did, but also farms the enemy CV - if it isnt another Sapain. Now thats more WG like!
  8. New version of the ring

    True, but they were last seen doing something. The bigger shame is remaining in the rut instead of battling the inner schweinehund under disapproving glances. ........ mine has already won, so there is nothing to wage a battle for. You are kinda limiting me here, but trust me I am knowledgeable in those things! This is the "Vampire Killer" -> Used to battle many deadly evils amongst them Vampires and Werewolves. Like: Today we use this to battle a even bigger sum of great many evils, but maybe of a different nature yet even deadlier. Correspondingly the design got adapted "slightly" () yet remains recognisable. An just to be clear: You just used your last "no pony" card for the rest of this year. .......also today is Season 8 finale of MLP - 2 episodes ........... prepare to get flooded!
  9. Battleships

    Oh look, another BB player complaining the most OP class of the entire game (if no Sky Cancer is present ofc) is UP. I mean seriously, how the actual fúck did you mange those results on the NM - one of the most awesome BBs in the entire game? over hundreds of games? I really need to know because while not as potato friendly like RN and GER BBs its still fairly highly unusual to eat a cit in that one even sitting broadside and thus get removed fast. Please do answer because I really need to know!
  10. Karma and enemy spite reporting

    Karma system is great, I can share the salt with the tide pod-eaters of this game and I have never ever been chatbanned. Even better, over time my karma so fas has only gone up. #workingasintended. I would love to have it implemented on the forum too. Then I could speak much more "freely", and as the only drawback I would be made a quality poster (or whatever that BS is called) in return.
  11. New version of the ring

    Yeah, in more than one sense this would have both been more realistic and appropriate for the "training shot" in the background. Thank god WE never do cringy. (thats just awesome and cute af ) Not really, the ring was nearly indestructible, WG craftsmanship more closely relates to things coming apart by themselves. Then again, Saurons power was paired with the ring and he was vulnerable through it. So thats his weakness. A Vampires one is garlic and a Werewolves one is silver. Hm ....... could be platin WGs weakness? Its valuable so they are likely to gobble down every last bit they can get without a second thought - and every time I got dropped by one of their CVs I immediately think of carboplatin, cisplatin and oxaliplatin in large doses anyway.
  12. New version of the ring

    Yeah it gets worse each time - literally - but the solution still remains the same:
  13. To much work and too tired. Need to go to bed. Anyway its October (and that means 25 °C @WolfGewehr - how is it up there? Probably: ) so have the first bat-pony: Ponyvania-style. Even better, play some Ponyvania : Need shower + bed. Or I just sleep in the bath - solves both .......
  14. It is exactly as I envisioned it to be back then: .....and it has been a Búllshit-Idea to begin with. Disclaimer: I only play the T6 in ops, T7 ........ ceased after finishing the grind (and I tend to play Shores for a T7 cruiser), but I did play the T8 CM extensively and I am now grinding the St. Luis on T9, so here is my verdict: "Great, now I pay 25k for a gimmick that may or may not be even usable (popping, oh noes need to dodge/ship get unspotted/whatever) but 100 % of the time I am driving a nerfed ship. I mean seriously whats to not love about that? /s Thats WG logic in its purest form: Uninteresting line (for most) -> nerf it and make the plebs pay more, thats WGs "cruiser balancing" in its purest forms. " If this [edited] was at least optional, if you could slot a C-hull or whatever (and that hull would cost reload + grant the gimmick), then sure, go ahead and be my guest. I would tell WG where to stuff it and never use it, easy. But with everything WG, escaping their BS can never be that easy. The T10: Well thats battleship style: Its a pure bonus without drawbacks, so ofc you take it because another second reduced reload has never been on the table to begin with.