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  1. You are forgetting something about WG EU; and that is their favourite Mega Man character: So, nah, they are still busy "cutting the symbol" in the middle out and then adjust, aka "cut", the announcement vid on EU accordingly; after all, no one will notice, right? And I have a pretty good idea about the kind of music playing @ Paris HQ right now. (Personally I like Elec Man stage theme much more ), or how about: ...... and yes, there are actually plenty of Mega ...... Pony games in different variations out there.
  2. Ragequitted yesterday. The stupidity on the weekends is to damn high! Examples: Spee runs (after taking the longest route possble) head first into 5-6 enemies and dies. Naturally its everyone elses fault. Best part is when he spouts WG-grade [edited] about being on the "frontline" when we sunk a Belfast and a IJN DD. Well, since I hydroed those two ships in their smoke (enabling div. mate get the free cap later), killed the DD, put some cits into the Belfast + got shot from the enemy campers between the islands, I dare to say I was the frontline; and I know I got little help from campers from behind when the Belfast did set 5 fires in a row and most of them where out of position on the lit up target. Running then into 6 enemies (that have been known to be there for over 5 minutes!) like a headless chicken after hiding and being useless just confirms my view of the player base. Its still interesting to see what their "interpretation" is, further study in fucktardology might allow us to even understand the avg. Dev. post concerning BB overpopulation ........ Then this game: Barely any damage, but hey, Kamikazes are best anti-DD gunboats. Best cruisers too, I cant remember the last time I had 4-5 ships between 4-10 km and survived while getting damage done on the enemy DDs. Screens better against torps than a shitty cruisers too. I mean seriously: This is after a (another) daring escape after dominating the enemy DDs _again_ but getting perma plane spotted and shot at by everyone. We even pushed the enemy back behind the middle of their cap. You would think, with little torp threat left and with the DDs obviously needing help, the BalllessBoats would move up? There is one single BB closer than 5 full squares to the enemy and its the GC - and he is 4 squares from the only thing that can actually hurt him ...... (and yes, we capt them) Pretty nice high xp co-op game. I needed the plane kills for the mission. But I have to say: Damn that fúcking UI! I have full stutters of several second ......... A decent Hindi game, verdict still stand: Not nearly as shitty as Ruin! - best ship of the line together with Hermelin. €: Missed the main screen from that Hindi game: Rest of the games were ....... rage quit material. Pure Weekend warriors. I really want to know what has people thinking: Oh those 2 guys got us our only 2 caps - better leave them to die because things only going to get much easier without them! WGs BB bias obviously. Think a second about what class does the most damage, and what class generally gets a lot of spotting done; unless ofc Sky Cancer is around in which case your are just a target drone for them anyway.
  3. Because not everyone in co-op is (yet, WG is working on that - just like in pvp ) a braindead BB player. The first few tiers dont even have BBs/Sky Cancer, and lower tiers are by far the most frequent pve games. Thats already skewing any statistic. If you look at high tiers aka the humans with the "most experience" you will see a much more clearer picture (and its the idiots in high tiers most bitching about BB is aimed at). If you look for the ships with the highest WR - its the T1 cruisers, the ones with the least experienced human captains. While the worst ships WR wise are ofc all the T10 - with the potatoes failing and p2wing their way up to T10. Also bots still have issues: Take Two Brothers and the bots going throug the middle. If that maps comes up, its basically a free win for the human bots because thewg bots are down 2-5 ships. Same is true for all the other maps and the bots running into an island. Next bots are better; but the are also very handy caped: 0 pts captains, no modifications etc ....its basically the same if the 19 pts p2w captains go against 10 pts silver peasants.
  4. What should I say then? I thought we were gonna play Halloween-OPs! Needless to say it was after a long day of work that had me falling asleep between food-portions (first some left over scarps - which werent enough ofc, and then falling asleep again because standing up for moar food is such a demanding obstacle if you are not actually starving any more; priorities!) I have no idea both times. This is especially true because in the first battle I had mod-issus, so much I had to double check who I was actually shooting at ......... aka "surprise"? Basically selecting a cruiser if there is the raw possibility of a BB being around be like: (tbh DD or cruisers against 12 x ololol-HE isnt much better) *this is getting worse than colouring-book-corrution ^^* (still this is pure Derpybetes material there ) Anyway like I said: That day of premium was thoroughly used for being at work and ofc: after a work week. Seriously, I had to even grab the birds today in the morning and stuff them under the blanket with me because they pulled a re-enactment of every Jurassic Park Raptor-scene. No way I get up before noon today. Anyway more "eeeee" before I forget again because of sock-demanding-AO:
  5. Incoming assassination on you conncection, but I gotta kill something today and it might as well be you connection trying to cope with the Pony-Oberload! I mean you gotta understand, just a usual AO and weired Japan provided bait I couldnt possibly resist trolling upon. (I picked somewhat smaller .gifs tough - does that make it a mercy killing? ^^) Sumsup reading this thread yesterday from Work - "Unfathomable Dark Forces" to follow indeed. You aint seen nothing yet! Sleep well guys - Seetie Belle is out to get ya all! (If Pinkamena isnt faster with her "Cupcakes" ) Well there is this team of bots which are basically targets to beat up, without any real strategy that cant keep off islands or avoid obvious death-traps like on Two Brothers, also with little to no consideration for survival or anything besides: "Must kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill DD"-if on gets spotted ......... and then theres your team: I do say I can carry most co-op teams, but sometimes there is to much bots, cowards, parasites, idiots and generally dead weight on my side. That being said, I screw up sometimes too, then I deliberately go for X vs 1 if I have to - trains for same situations in randoms, or I might get detonated for no flags at all ..... because I didnt get hit. Also if you want any xp/reward out of co-op, you gotta slaughter the bots, so hyperagressive play is advised - esp. in cases of allied DDs acutally playing aggressive. Nightmare Night is highly approved. I originally intended this to be the main point, but alas I gota save it for another post as it would only "derail" from the main point. Erm ......... to use AOs usual line: Enjoy! 4 things tough: 1. WTF Japan for that weird shít! 2. The trolling after these episodes was real. 3. Obligatory: "For Kids, you know?" 4. .........more .... Kraken? Well after really making it to the end of this post, have some reward in the form of one of those true Purple Unicum Waifus:
  6. Has claiming that ever worked? Anyway in case you havent noticed yet: You guys deserve a bonus Bat-Pony for that! (damn that one is probably 5+ years old - thankfully I remember "important" things )
  7. Well there is: Ever wanted to shoot HE with your RN cruisers -> Belfast. Ever wanted Torps on your Bismarck? Nagato? Better torps on your Mine? T9 guns/shells on a T6 ship? etc Clan Battles: I have given that one some thought, but let me just give quick outlining: I suck! - I have 2 T10 and barely any experience in them. - Both have only 17 pts captains with the wrong skills - like manual AA while with all the HE being swung around SI and Fire Prevention would be much better. - I barely play two handful of games/week - maybe. - I suck - I can only really hit idiots; and where would I learn to aim properly? From playing randoms? Good joke! Also remember the part about barely playing at all. - I come often tired as [edited]home and barely stay awake when I am taking a bath ....... Sounds perfect for clanbattles, right? That being said, I could pose as some emergency (and unreliable) backup, but really really when its because of a tight spot; and you have to consider me being dead weight! Anyway have some: and ofc or rather, knowing you guys : No socks for AO yet ........ so have a Bat-Pony (I dont post nearly as much of those as I should) ...... in socks :
  8. I had a good day in ops yesterday. Normally you would expect the absolute worst on the WE but at least they tried: Not a single defeat. Still I had to play way more aggressive in some game in order to carry and naturally I didnt survive always but I can live with that. Most games were actually 5 stars which by itself is a damn miracle. I still have no damn clue whats a pseudo-kraken and what is not. I know its 4 ships of your own class or 8 in total, allegedly, but: So this is a kraken because 9 kills (also 5 stars), but this isnt (also 5 stars)? The actual fúck? (and not the first time ) Quality prokramming again, I have to say ..........
  9. If I had that kind of power anything WG owns would be a smoldering crater by now. Still, consider yourselves lucky. Some mosquito vermin kept waking me up all night ....... ugh. Too tired to drown the Scrubs in a rightful torrent of Pony..... "Thats the guy I met in the desert" ^^) Certainly not!
  10. I actually heavily approve of the Civ and Settlers (tough imho it went downhill after II). BUT, only Groove I ever need: I actually have to try the good old Settlers II ost and see if its WoWs material but have some old TFX in the meantime:
  11. I already got the flamethrower (mad laughter + evil facial expression are a given - comes naturally from playing with AO on TS )! https://i.imgur.com/OkzkloE.jpg (You know ..... for kids. ) (also dismemberment (in a sense of fragmentation) - today's kids have it better than us back in the day. Mortal Kombat Fatalities are neat, but they lack Pony) P.S.: @lup3s Have you seen that one? Thats the one I was talking about : In stark contrast I just now had a game: A first time ops player even asked for direction on this scenario, which I am plenty obliged to provide. I think they listened and everyone at least tired -> easy 5 stars. Didnt even die .......... and wtf got even complimented?! For not even 10 kills? Haggs!
  12. A pretty obvious alias of a certain apple-enthusiast. ^^ Posting a pure links still works: https://i.imgur.com/stEJIgv.png see? (also royal as fúck!) Forum fears me - and with good reason. I am just in the right mood right now to drown you all in a glorious and cleansing flood of Pony.
  13. https://i.imgur.com/ghacpyZ.png http://abload.de/img/unbenannta5swl.png https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2017/10/15/1561909__safe_flag_hand_pirate.png
  14. Thb I can see how one would get somewhat uncomfortable if you get +2 shitty T 8 cruisers and the enemy gets a Bismarck + a DD instead; because the latter 2 are actually useful. If the 2 cruisers are well played p2w cruisers, then ofc, but even in the best of situation a cruisers is a xp pinata for everyone - let alone a shitty peasant t8 cruiser driven by a potato. Imagine if on top now the radar distribution is screwed and its domination. It can still be won because shittteamlottery, but damn .......... I cant really complain as long as teams get randomly unstoppable doom raining from the sky, while the other side gets an afker or a bot/human bot instead. Still I remember time this was totally fair and balanced - Ocean + domination: Kids these days! In my time ........
  15. Div. with Morten by chance? €: So thats in order to not have a completely blank post - these were descent too: Not as much damage, but all 5 stars game thanks to 1 or more from the Scrubs to division with. We even did the other non-weekly ops to give somebody the 5 stars in all of them - not with a full team ofc but every Scrubs counts at least double compared to braindead potatoes.