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  1. havaduck

    Pay to Play PVE mode?

    _WG!_ of all things and ... (sorry for the pony-offtopic) I will start holding my breath when they figure out that people actually want to be able talk to each other. Anyway, sure I would like some good pve content; and would pay for it. Right now I am shoving way too much money down CAs throat for Total Warhammer - which is foremost a PVE game - and I dont (usually) like them either. However that game does not immediately give me fuckatitis in 10.000 different way at once; not the least of which are CVs.
  2. Cytoreduction is usually at best palliation. A curative approach usually can only be done by complete excision in combination with adjuvant/neoadjuvant treatment; otherwise debulking its at best considered as relieve to counter the mass effect of CVs. For example: Some messages telling WG how much their rework, their lies etc smell can be considered endocrine therapy and could potentially block off the the money-receptor positive growth enhancers on this malign process. This is very important as some of the most malignant current CVs like Kaga, Enterprise clearly show an overexpression of the P2W/neu oncogene.
  3. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I dont discriminate on appearance - I would burn down all the skaven hovels wherever I find them .... no matter St. Skavenblight or not. On the night Sunday/Monday I had a most unexpected game session. No need to be further ready for potential CB I decided to go for a few Aegis - as its the only thing I can play for the coming weeks that is left in this game. Thats when lup3s did hit me op whether to div up for a few. Been a while, missing each other, lovely shitty deleted WG chat, being tired/sick etc - so ofc, lets go for a few. I did play some ops when sick, I also played a couple (less than 10 for sure) CBs which is actually problematic to have somebody so out of retinue (bravo - but still) but other than that first pvp matches in over a month. We won 8 out of 10 - which ofc isnt bad in itself, however ....... even the games we lost we were nailbiting and trying - actually exciting games that are fun, wooohoo - who whould have thought?! Since lup3s was playing the CV I didnt even hate the CV on my team; which I usually despise more than the enemy CV. The only thing that triggered me hard wasnt even the usual campfires (a example later to follow) but some completely sabotaging battlefuck in a top tier BB ofc; but I actually dont want to dwell on this one to long this time. Also done with Monarch, got Lion; thats why I went with Vlad von Carstein grind for the rest. Assortment of screens from the game session: Thats the game I gonna add some extra screens later .... I had the Ibrance tipped shells loaded but a mixture of bad rng and poor aiming had me largely miss out on the CV farm - I haz sad. Diving up with a competent CV player definitely lowers you avg. damage especially in a piece of fúck like Monarch that thrives of desperation and takes ages to have an inpact, however even the games we lost were not nearly as desperate as the usual random battle. Because I had somebody also trying to help me instead of being an actual hinderance like the cúnt in the Soyuz; in this case I would have rather had an empty slot on the team because then the enemy would play differenty...... Anyway back to the mentioned above. Less than 3 minutes into the game, the opening moves already on the board: Sitting in the middle - covering our DD. Our team has firmly established Campsite C; so thats exactly why I am not there. I actually have sideshots into everything pushing into C. As you might have noticed its a T10 batte. They have a Asashio which with the help of 2 BBs, a Smolensk and a Alaska will do a good number on a Benhamm; bringing him on the verge of death. Meanwhile I am in a bottom tier BB and ofc there is a N. coeli recidivans standing ready to punish any non retarded play ........ What to do? -> Because I got at least 1 player not actually trying to get me killed - ON BOTH TEAMS; examples to follow. Insert Duke Nukem Voice: No turning back now ....... At least they probably wont expect this; rather they imagine me joining the island molesters over there. Also the Benham needs help and I take shots on my DD if hes contesting very personally. The keen eyed among you will notice the FDG the farthest in the back - which just proves what I always say: The only thing worse than german BBs are the ones driving them. You might be thinking "But what if Georgia or the CV reacts to this push". Well cant do anything against the CV but I got 2 BBs ready to farm his broadside if the drives into B - hold that thought. They already lost the Smolensk and the Asashio is seconds from going down, while our Benham has to temporarily retreat due to being very low. Even the cruiser has pushed up - and he is save (kinda) because I can contest the Izumos side pushing up. I am angled ...... sorta ... against 18" Georgia. Also enemy CV is ofc making this more difficult .... Forgot the time, around 14 mins. Minimizing CV damage, using what little island cover and erratic small manoeuvrers to shield from Georgia. Another island protects nicely from Bismarck. We smashed 3 ships in the cap and getting it now taken back. But we lost Fantasque to the enemy CV. ..... There is no DD in the cap. Even if it would be so, they have Radar and CV spotting and vanguard ship in between. The CV will never focus them over a easier target - and on this flank alone there are 3 solo targets. The Alaska I wrecked is in full blown retreat. Does one piece of you think at least someone from Fapsite C would have moved to a 6/7 position to contest the Georgias counter play? Ofc not, they still havent the fúck moved from the rock they are simultaneously humping. I cant go dark, and I am running out spaces to manoeuvrer between frequent CV attacks on top and my consumables are both on cooldown - its time to secure the gains and heal a little if possible. However there is one player on the team not trying to get me killed as a reward for a game winning push - and thats lup3s. He was the one that, without being told, engaged the Georgia to keep him busy, to not give him freely taken and premeditated shots on me; on top of everything else he did during the game (getting Ashashio lit up etc) I engaged the Bismarck and a combination of torps from Benham (nice, he contested the cap and got some damage done - rightfully so) and shellfire from me finished that guy off quickly as he came around the island. Also probs to the Brindisi - he saw what I was doing and actually uncamped himself and supported the DD; which in a cruiser is actually dangerous, hardly ever rewarded - while the fappers farm damage. Crushing and total victory on this flank in less than 3 minutes by actually pressing the W key. But yeah, playing battleship is hard n shít. ... Want to know what happened when Bismarck and Georgia were dead and both Alaskas in full retreat and the cap switching to green? Fapsite C discovered their engines yet again. The next time you hear some tard crying about HE spam, being bottom tier, deepwater torps, no spotting, enemy carriers etc and how they can not push -> Its about neither of all that. They can have all that covered and will happily screw over the ones moving in harms way. Double points if they are BB mains ...... That one happened as well - tough not for playing well but for flaming some spawncamping fucktard. Recently back to 198 due to "reasons" but the tendency is still up ...... Some quick ops - got more but just some highlights: Balans: Seemingly cant get the 300 k in Aegis ....... however nearly 250 k in this piece of wank equals 350k in Fuso ........
  4. They deity they worship is called "Spreadshit" in their vile chitterish native tongue, which I am reluctant to use even during daylight times. However from the other thread: and if you wonder: Bretonia Equestria intensifies; as does purging ... https://flagelante-feliz.foroactivo.com/t557-reporte-brutal-de-bretonia-con-minis-alternas-para-morirse <-english
  5. Indeed, its just broken: AP shells that bounce can sink a ship - doing indefinitely more damage than they should. AP can overpenn or explode multiple times; or a combination of the 2. So the "Maximum Damage" listed in the game is, like everything with WG, a lie at best. If they 2 were able to meet in the random queue, because of this clusterfuck, a Mutsu can, theoretically, sink a Zao with 2 AP shells - without a detonation ofc. As a rule of thumb when it comes to the damage range of individual shells: They can do 0 damage when the should at least cause some damage. So thats sets the lower limit. On the higher end a citadel + 2 regular pens are (by 1 shell!), if I remember correctly, the upper verified limit. More might be possible but its hard to verify and probably even more rare so as a rule of thumb the upper limit is at 166 % than what the game tells you to be the "maximum (I loled!) damage". Ofc its undulating between the extremes so the results of this clusterfuck is that any given shell might do ........ whatever up to and including ridiculous and impossibel citadel. Anyone got the .gif handy of that Yamato detonating to 130 mm HE spam? All of this is known for years ........ I know this because I pointed it out to the Skaven, with proof, said years ago. For example: BB-AP, bounce, 551 damage (probably more but thats what the cruiser had left). Got more pics (but dont want to flood just making a point) as the replay doesnt work anymore but this is a 4 month old shot of this shitload of fúck broken game. and before somebody says "I shotted just at the wrong moment, more ribbons are poping up" -> Nope, a whole 6 seconds later (remaining time, counts down) and the "ribbon bank" went from 42 at the time the shell landed and the new one popped up from 42 to 43 (and ofc from 2 to 3 for sinkers); even the added damage adds up perfectly.
  6. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I have been sick lately, so no randoms from this game. However before I got sick ........ (Very Hard/Very Hard) Who would win? Grombrindal the White Dwarf leading his people of 1.200 or an alliance 2 Greenskin armies bordering on 4.000? (I had to push Black Crag, they were starting to get Black Orks from there .....) Answer: The guys with the artillery support firing into the blob where Grombrindal is pinning them down heroically. Truth be told, I actually fucked up: I thought this 2 factions had confederated (this happens a lot when you wreck a side, Black Crag gets them confederated; even if you wreck Black Crag ...) The problem here is that I had a 500 men strong sacrificial offering garrison that didnt show up to the fight because I unchecked control large army; which would have been the right choice if it were 1 faction with 2 armies reinforcing each other. Oh well, its a win. To the left (looking south, so in the east) is Black Crag and what you see are the Orc fires of Karak 8 Peaks - soon to be replaced by actual Orcs burning .... As I said, Black Crag confeds all over the place. All of a sudden I was attacked by a Black Orc army from the north. Popping in some Regiments did buy me enough time to get forces north ..... After annihilating that threat Grombrindal pushes on, right into the lair of Grimgor Ironcunt, Wurrzag Da Great Brown Turd and ofc Ashasomething the Fucktard..... Again 1.200 Dawi or 4k green turds? The ones with the artillery ofc ....... (due to their losses this was a weird collection of just trash and straight up Black Orcs - problem was the multi side attack and ofc the shier amount of legendary/regular lords/heroes hammering my lines ........ but thats what Ironbreakers are for. Nothing says quite "stay of my lawn" like a pack of explosives and followed by an axe swing. This was their last attack and they got finished of a couple turns later, concluding .... well step 1 in any dwarf campaign. The hardest one ..... P.S.: Look the game even recognises my relationship with WG:
  7. havaduck

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    Frebruary is indeed the month of the CV, but there is a special day on which they get world wide recognition and ....... Indeed! Also, it looks something like this actually: Like the playerbase, so the ones making it ........ (€: Just to be clear: Art by Underpable - there is a Tumblr and stuff If you want to check it out)
  8. No you cant. 2 of those 3 are utter shít and by definition "unplayable" - enabled or not.
  9. Fast reaction, slow thinking. Even slower to decide. Also probably a few losses of track of thought and starting over again. "Even the Russians dont want to play this shitty bugriddled p2w show of a bias game anymore - what do?" From left to right: - Nerf Cruisers. - Nerf Fires. - Nerf DDs. - Russian Choleracruisers. - Nerf AA. - Nerf Torps. - Moar p2w. - Nerf peasant HE. - Legendary Module Treason. ...... many more this store got it all! And everyone knows that those with " Conjunctivitis " are glutons that are not satisfied with just one bag of munchies ......
  10. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    No one here will get that - and thats still fine, but it would be such a shame to not use this oh so fitting classic. Still stick, but also sick of tired of laying in bed so lets see if a small shitpost is in order; or rather long overdue. @lameoll Isnt it Time for new avatar? Angry Horse Noises Intensify Free of charge.
  11. This! The 4th of February is close and still a thread like this.
  12. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Best game I had yesterday: Not so big on damage on experience, but really fun. Game mode was standard batte, and enemy lemmingtrained to the west. Upon recognising that we didnt sit there and wank, but instead drove into the middle and fell into their flank; not suiciding but being a thorn in their side. N. coelis recidivans came too ofc, punishing any gameplay that isnt wanking is their business, and it was that subkind of CV that didnt believe in dodging flak - thank fúck or we would have still died. See that Kii? I ignored him the entire time although he was 14-17 km from me because I had more important things to shoot. He did next to no damage - and not because of RU BS armor, but because he couldnt hit shít or got really unlucky with rng. Gave me over 2,2 mil potential while with the last heal I would have been over 50 % again. Driving this thing in like a cruiser (which is weird because a cruiser CANT do this, WG-Skaven made sure of that; lets say cruisers from 4 years ago ...), pushing in, throwing off aim - the fast paced gameplay where you keep checking and switching targets constantly ...... yeah that was really fun. Thank god no skilled CV player was around to ruin it. Ofc having a non-RetarDD in the form of lup3s on your side actually pushing too and screening you helps ........ Sadly this kind of offensive gameplay of driving into their flank doesnt exactly favour a DD. Maybe if he gets lucky while completely focusing on damage whoring - potentially loosing the game in the progress. And then this thing ..... German shít accuracy (you now maybe hit the ship, but not where you aimed - yay!) coupled with german crap AP and german crap HE - completely useless fuckboat. IDK if the bigger guns would help, but then the last thing this thing has, the reload, would go to fúck - with only 8 guns! The thing is, I wanted my division to pick, alternating so I would play something else once in a while. Nope, so I was stuck playing piece of wank which really soured my mood. I was still feeling a little sick still, and the demeanour of these shitguns on top ..... didnt help. Didnt help that the games were becoming more toxic. Completely useless DDs. Guns that werent [edited]working. I can live and work with bad accuracy at range. But when this piece of WG-Skavenshit doesnt hit AND doesnt have the pen at sub 10 km CONSTANTLY then [edited]off. Yet another another Game in Fred the Gross Fucktard made me simply quit. There is only so much I can take. Doesnt help when the member of your team are more concerned about parasiting on the plays you make and ofc more retarDDs. Fun fact: Monarch is growing on me. Its a shitship with many of the same weaknesses: Garbage AP, Garbage Accuracy. But when this thing fights 9s and 10s it can HE them. Not too fun gameplay-wise but challenging, and it works. I can switch back and forth between Monarch and Vladivostok and not devour my soul, in fact overcomming the shitship can be fun as in upping the difficulty in a single player match. FDG is so shít is desperately needs to be top tier so it can damage crap with its sup-par T7 guns (look at SinOP or even the oldy Nagato - not even talking Colorado! - those have slower reload but CAN HIT AND PEN crap).
  13. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    How many (derseved! ) reports? And then people wonder why I dont want to play anything but Narai or Aegis solo (and not even that anymore tbh): Thats a 4 star win. Could have been 2k base on a 4 star win, or even a 5 star win but at least some support would have been required ..... solid 2,5 k base carry with no trans farmed I realised I had some serious retardation at hands and soleley focused on eeking out any win. And what a "win" it was .... When even the DDs have to start to hardcarry and citfarming .... (thats a 2,3 k base _4_ star win). Oh and I love this one: Team was completely retareded, thats a given. Hardcarry with driving trough the enemy lines point blanc several times. At the end I hoped to get the win by clearing the harbour (circle area) -> The shores had hopefully left, the Phoenix was lurking outside. Enemy BB had 400 hp but was angled. Easy I just put 16" Overmatch shells trough his stern or into his turrets or I overmatch the SS as 1 overpen is enough ........ Yeah ...... See those 16 sec cooldown? Thats getting several full pens for no damage. See that 26 cooldown? That the last turret fired AND hitting before the time is up, but nope, cant have a win because the game decides early its lost! and so....... therefore ...... and thats a 0 secondary speced Nelson. Like I said I drove several times through the enemy lines and literally used all my skill to carry. Highest damage defeat yet and I didnt even ram anything ........ PVP - people wanted to grind their shitcruisers - so provided battlefuck support. Ah I can already feel the filiae spawning as I just look at the picture. Whenever the is N. coelis recidivans I tend to have lesser game ..... but all balans comrade. Anyway made the enemy T8 battle [edited]run away from me despite fighting him and the Mesothelioma. One of my better games. Despite the N. ovarii I got some influence in. Sadly couldnt farm the pig in the end ..... Oh man its so fun when the Teratoma decides to go for you, and there is absoutely nothing you can do but prolong the inevitable in the hope of some serious retardation on the opposite end ....... and because the CV alone is not fun enough, you have to fight AND kill the enemy Massa or it wont be a win. ....at least Monarch gets a lot of pity-exp. Doesnt look that special but the enemy grand fleet showed up in force + N.ani as well (ofc!). We had to play careful, but not only stopped them but also demolished them. Kraken closely denied (I blame Sky, I always do ) More OP as Sin .... more (like I said, helping the grind) Low tier for the lulz, and ....... you guessed it: Double Glioblastoma. Bullied their DD out of the cap, he ran away and I didnt get the kill. Didnt even get the cap because I had to evade torps. Then I roadkilled the BB. I thought I had a free way to the site of the Primum now and hat the Trastuzumab tipped shells ready but alas shitcruiser in the way. So I started APing my way trough that and then ........ ...... game ends because also a Fujin + Kami are farming AND my div on top. Back to balans: Higher tier balans, but see, there is a Liposarcoma and damage goes to shít ...... as compared to no neoplasm: This happned: That guy clubbed SO MANY BOTS he joined the very ilustre club of the 19ptrs. Back to ops for a bit: lup3s and I carried these potatoes so hard ....... another one ....... I recently got back to some stock of captain xp. I also recently got Yamato. I also recently got Yamamoto. I thought it to be a sin for him not to sit on 19 pts and since he was on his last pt ........ uneventful carry - but making Monarchs behave is a epic struggle in itself. Overcoming even more Osteoblastoma ...... First decent game in this piece of fúck. Oh an the game had 2 Huang Mehs - both faildivsioned (intensionally?). I made sure to welcome him to T9 when he pressured lup3s in his DD - like the others because I take picking a fight with my DD personal. Meanwhile Sky farmed the other side in Musashi and it was close for a while. They would have lost so hard without our div ...... Last one is mighty Fuso saving the day for plebs.
  14. havaduck

    Armory Coupon for Commanders

    WG started to sell coal more directly (instead of the more convoluted mechanics used previously) in the form of containers for doubs aka real money. Therefore long answer pay to win, short answer p2w. Sure you could get Kusnetzov in a grind, but you guessed it, a grind so much easier by ruining a lot of games and ofc using p2w. Funny thing tough is that WG nerfed Hindenburgs rof. It up again but still not where it was still. EXCEPT if you use Lütjens and get the hits required. In this case you not only get an rof that was, and is, deemed imbalanced, no, you get a FASTER reload than previously before the nerf; but since WG most likely made a dime from it in one way or another its totally cool.
  15. havaduck

    New DD defence, Cloaking Device??

    Seriously, have you not been on the forums for the last few years? Everyone, EVERYONE knows how OP torpedoes are, how torps should be limited, how unrealistic its for a IJN DD to cloak like a Klingon and even breath fire from smoke! /s Behold a very relic of shitposting from the archieves! Cant remember for which case of overwhelmingly stupid BB whining I did this 10 seconds in paint job but ........ Ofc everyone knows that this is literally how Kami works: *gasps like a little girl* It a german BB and its firing HE only! Aim our torpedoes DIRECTLY on the white line! ....... They found a way to PREDICT our movement! *overpowered DD resisting glorious BB HE* This is such a match made in heaven because "random detonation" in the end so the potato BBs wins anyway. Bottom line: DDs are Klingons. Islands appearing out of nowhere are Romulans.