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  1. bots torping allied ships

    Yeah I get that part. It probably happens a lot. People also stopped explaining because they met both stupidity and ungrateful and snide behaviour. but back to: Originally? To help. Now? To point and laugh. Lets recap: So I guess you have pretty and colorful pictures available to you both moving and (nearly) standstill? Is this correct? You also had then these written explanations next to you? + Is that correct? And you couldnt figure it out by yourself and really thought it was a good idea to be both snide AND stupid publicly at the same time? So this is the moment he "torped you" do you agree? And you still cant see it? Really?! For reverance sake the position of the ships a few seconds earlier to get a sense of their last maneuvers: Still nothing? Well then ...... The Bertin is turning towards the Kongo, gaining a pretty flat-head on angle and would unmask his torp launcher when widening out again. The Kongo on the other Hand was pointing nearly outside the islands that form the frame of B - turning in ofc but bots are not known for well thought through torping, now are they? And now ........ DA MAGICS! - borderline hacks even: See this wreck? From the initial screen? The one the Bot is ramming? So he was in a turn and about torping the other Kongo, when he rammed said wreck both chaning his momentum, direction and point on the map he figured would be - and the torps with their firing-delay went off in your direction - not at you. So lets recap: The bot didnt torp you. He just didnt care about you (fair enough, that seems to be a reasonable way of dealing with persons like the OP) and fired his torps the moment he rammed the wreck and got his inertia changed. Something you could have easily have figured out yourself. Would mean actually reading, listening and keeping that big trap shut - something the majority of this playerbase is utterly incapable of. You could have also further inquired - politely because after all - you ask the question. I have the answer already ....... Then I could be maybe bothered to answer more nice myself with less laughing and more understanding after wasting rare spare time both at and after work.
  2. bots torping allied ships

    Consider the lead. Torping a DD that rushes in with 40 knts with 10 or more km torps.... yeah. It might also be dead by the time you notice the torps and start looking. Also cant watch the rep for I am on the phone here and not at home...
  3. bots torping allied ships

    Co-pp Bots torp the enemy and dont care one bit if they hit you. On the plus side: I made enemy bots torp their alies too. Last time in ops (Aegis) I made one CV torp the other. ... also consider yourself lucky that friendly torp damage is rduced now - it used ro be full damage.
  4. Played a few games last Friday ...... beginning was absolute deplorable like you havent seen. I really mean it. I mean in the first few game basically every time our DDs/the whole team screwed us over so hard its unbelievable. Take this game: The team lemming trains to A - after being told not to and requesting support. I assume a aggressive forward position to support our DDs, although thats damn peculiar: There are 2 ships (I figured Shima + Worcester) capping 3, so I will be flanked. And I cant even see the Shima comming ..... or his torps. I will also be permaspotted soon by that shima and cant do nothing about it, but I will try my best... Ofc I have support from Wolf myself, but he cant sit to close ofc himself because I cant make myself a target more than I do already and BBs dont survive concentrated fire by half their team. So we get the cap and there is the enemy DD: 8 shells hits on the first salvo - good damage. 2nd salvo: 8 hits again, deplorable damage ..... like 2-3 k. I only I were in a cruiser with good HE or the enemy in a ship that is easily damagee. But I guess the words to be used in that regard are "RN BBs" and "cruisers" respectively. Anyway the DD is pretty dead and limps behind an island. I cant get off a 3 rd salvo but np. We can keep the enemy advance off with 2 DDs. I and Wolf can make sure the Worcester cant push into the cap without punishment ...... Same goes for Wolf firing at the Hindi if it pushes in aggressivly. All our DDs have to do now is contest and not be stupid ........ Meanwhile the Richi and the rest of the fucknuggets lemming to A. I have said this often enough: It doesnt matter how powerful a Lemmingtrain in theory is, the fucknuggets that do that are simply the Anathema to any good play. So what happens next: A. DD-1 suicides into the torps of the DD behind the island. If only he was in a DD and would know what they can do around islands. B. DD-2 gets radared by the Hindenburg ........ I know Hindi doesnt get radar but lets just say so you can keep your sanity. C. In total the enemy played B + C with at least 2 DDs, 3 CA, 2 BBs - so ofc the fucknuggets lemming training lost to the mighty 4 ships there. I just give you this Screen: 5 dead ships, not even 4 minutes into the game. Ofc now as a reward for my aggressive play I get crap on by at least 2 BBs and 3 cruisers while permaspotted and torped by the Shima. If I run away I open myself to ololol 22 km oneshot-BBs-cant-do-anything-at-range having my broadside on A......... I spare you the result screen - needles to say they only lost the Aki in total ..... But hey, some you loose, some you win. Orly? Team lemming trained to C after specifically asked no to. Got crap on constantly by unspotted ships after killing their DDs early on - but its never enough, is it? There was even BB-buff-time on top so I played as aggressively and with positioning in the cyclone as I could. Met Minotaur on more health ..... thats a Death sentence. Cant turn, cant torpedo, cant kill ........ rushed him and as he switched to torps traded him some cits and as a result ships. Since he was higher HP I consider this the best outcome. Or this game: Sadly I crashed during this game .... so (almost, this one worked) no screenshots. Also the replay covers like the last 30 secs after logging in again - and the rest is ofc gone since crash. After our DDs suicided (again) the enemy got all caps. In the end we turned it back into a 3 vs 3 ....... but lost on pts. Ofc. Like I said, I cant prove anything but if my memory serves me right, I got the DD kill. The first on our side at least because you cant beat DD suicide. And the pro BB players argue ... for more close range DD support. Yeah like infront of them or what? Those fucknuggets. Like they are then the ones ending up with no vision, no range, getting shot by cloaked battleship while perpetually lit up by enemy DDs ...... We finally won a game ..... I think thats the same one as Wolfs above. On of my favourite games: For the Fucknugget in the Lyon I am the aimbotter because ..... well, I guess I can hit a Lyon with a Shores. Meanwhile the same fucknugget scored 6 hits and put me low from a max distance shot .... over an island that cost him some shells for sure ....... on a heavily evading/speading up/down cruiser since I was the spearhead and in front while leading a attack on the enemy push on our cap with the Fuso as distant support while Wolf guarded west. So yeah, 6 hits, max range, evading cruiser ........ must be a really skilled player and a highly accurate low amount of guns high tier battleship ...... right. Decent T9 carry: Shot a St. Louis with HE ... immediately lost rudder. So yeah having LS is mandatory on that one too, I guess. Good the see that WG makes skills mandatory on already skillpoint starved cruisers ..... Yep thats ones lost (we got all 9 kills of our team) too ..... and triggered me kinda, but not for the usual reasons: Our team is potato? Low tiers ...... np. Then again, how is T10 different? Enemy CV is sealclubber and ours potato? Low tier, then again how is T10 different? I ask the Kolberg to not suicide (2 k hp) and to go behind island and shoot from there because it came down to pts with this heavily feeding team (and IT DID cost of the game), so ofc he fed the enemy the pts. Low tiers, np. Trigger1: CV didnt listen. Ofc. A true CV player in the making. All Sky needed was few more secs of spotting and we would have had the enemy CV - you know the sealclubber farming his team. Trigger2: I owned the Kawachi and he ran away. Ofc he stayed hidden when they could win on pts and thus secured it for them - got no problem with that. But thats all he did: He came forward, took damage and ran away FOR THE REST OF THE GAME! Thats a future T10 BB player if I ever saw one. He could surely was heavily healed up even with non premium heal and just sat in his symphony of brown/yellow underpants in a corner for the rest of the game. Yeah ...... (I got a picture for that one later too) Trigger3: Not only did MM bless us with this team (again low tiers)..... the rng. We could have won I had gotten the damage on the hits or a fire on the Kawachi (he got away with 2 digit hp), we could have won if our CV or the Kolberg would have listened, we could have won if not for WGs classic CV MM. Then in the end wolf and I had 2 salvos each on this St. Louis ....... on 7k hp rather broadside and I think 8 km distance. Would have made the win. RNG said no. Anyway we got a victory later in the same constellation - unremarkable one because enemy team just folded. This one would have been an epic one, but it was tense so not overly complaining. So this one is not sealcubbing - I am grinding the Iso, remember? (was on halt for Indi marathon). Promised you some pics, so here they are: I call them ...... "Enemy ship in gunrange and I am not behind the CV? Must run!" "Island J1 is unfair and restricts the movment of the team that spawns in the south!" Thats another future T10 BB player. Witherer - but I would need Arsonist flags more. Its practically impossible to get them ....... (well maybe in CV - and you dont also use them up there immediately) Next game is a little controversial. Yeah I could and should have played this differently - I am the first one to admit that. But I was the one that turned around to support the other flank when we had 6 vs 3 ships on c. Alone. I was also ofc the one getting focused when our DD, who couldnt bring himself to contest the cap earlier in the game - because its dangerous, stayed inside of the islands - and thus signed his death sentence. After ofc I had told him to stay OUTSIDE of the island while rushing to his aid. I was the only one in a position to put AP into the enemy Donskoy that radared him. Not that RNG rewareded it but ...... I was ofc also the one rewarded for those effort with Kurfürst AP from less than 15 km. So yeah, I went distance HE spam, drew fire and tried to keep the enemy ships at C so our CV might spot and we get B. C was fighting outnumbered 4 on 8 so it would be an instant loss if those ship went to B instead. Also our ships pushing into B would have their sides instead of the other way around. Ships firing would be lit up if los and I also disrupted an air strike. Thats my reasoning. Might have turned out to be the wrong decision but honestly when your DDs are this bad the entire night, I guess I would do it again. Last time I pushed into the cap and took shelter from the enemy main fleet, 3 of our BBs werent able to dislodge a single Yamato broadside. Got forced out of that positon by said Yamato, got citadeled (luckily only 1 - so only half the health gone) in the turn trying to find other cover and then had the fun and engaging experience of a cruiser around 10-12 km from the enemy fleet trying to dodge with 1 km turning circle and 9 second rudderhift against 5 seconds shells. Since we are on the topic: Enemy cruiser pushed the cap aggresivly and in numbers together with their DDs and rest of the support BBs ..... we showed no mercy. We ran out of targets pretty fast tough. The rest of the enemy team was already dying too or trying to hide so we got farm denied. Didnt even notice I was close to a Kraken. Did one more in Blyatskaya - annoying as as all hell. Altough its decently fast, its not chasing BB - and the enemy kept running ....... Some ops - not the best one but: DDs are at least interesting to play. I (tell them and) try to leave patch of smoke for the cruisers to use when going north - and ofc no other DD does that - even when requested (longer one with Fushun, shorter one with Anshan). And this one: Potatoes .... but yeah, Ill try my best. At least I have my own smoke. On cruiser of the north group is bow in to me. So request fire on that one. Makes sense because no one is helping me (ofc!) so for them the other cruisers are bow in, and this one broadside. So ofc its allowed to close in unharmed. Killed it ofc but cost me some health (rudder failure + torpthreat so I gotta repair, then fire ...). Right before I then finish of the last escort cruiser I dont get the cits in a cruical salvo, so I die the moment my heal is up and that Myoko and I trade ships because we reload at the same time. .......... but apparently I am not playing the objective, so ofc I cant expect help. I rather not know what "the objective" is then for the sake of mental health. So I tell them what to do, since are pretty healthy from avoiding any and all fights. The Gally from 10 km behind me farms the CVs like I told him, thats good, but none of them can be brought in front of the transports so its ofc only 4 stars. But hey, at least the saved their health for ........ god knows. Ofc I am on top with 1600 xp - and the next 2 around 1k. The only question is if the one I dared to uninstall if I am on top after only playing the first half, is still among this playerbase. (Probably, and on the way to T10.....) Prospect one ante portas - if that counts. Considering to buy one as I finished Donskoy-grind.
  5. Yep thats the one. Many thx! Unrelated but ... whatever: Time to get ready for page 100! (whoever wants that one!) -> All aboard the Hypetrain!
  6. I had the idea, yes, but I cant remember if it was in spring or autumn even ....... so I rather ask AO. And yeah there is quite a lot music/Tai Hen which in first glance could be indistinguishable because I dont even remember if it was a straight up music vid or Tai Hen/underlied music vid .......... So yeah: In that sense - I rather ask first before doing that. Damn. Time to go for the ...... # .... then! Ofc I am referring to the sand and water in the Background! ..... Might as well turn this into a Fluttershy-Post ........ and for the punch-line: Hava-Shy on TS when we get DDs like yesterday Friday: (€: yesterday? Friday I mean ..... kinda screwed up completely rhythm ..... and yeah I am doomed now.....) (might actually use this if I ever get tired of my Gamer-Luna.
  7. Nope - easy choice rather: Pinkie Pie best Bard AND Firestarter: (Damnit now I gotta put Firestarter from Prodigy on the speakers) I am pretty sure I have posted/hinted this pretty often over the years: (although I cant find everything now, like the "Little Firestarter"-Series - no wonder Friendship is Witchcraft is really old by now and what remains is probably not tagged properly for a quick n dirty search) and there are a ton of songs: (picked just 2 from different ends of the spectrum to ilustrate - but there are literally A LOT of them ) But for AOs cultural background I will choose this one, which is even @WolfGewehr approved! Which reminds me..... I think we had just the usual jokes n shittalk on TS (guess thats a given, would be a point if it was different) and apparently I sound aggressive/angry in native tongue to which I can only say? Angry? (Also I have been called an aimboter recently, because I can hit a Lyon in a Shores. Nevermind the same stupid fúck did hit I think 6 !!! (Lyon, remember!) shells at very max distance over an island, probably lost some shells to that island (!!!) in shot Id never thought possible, but yeah, WG-RNG sticking up for the potato again). Also: (Id usually embed the .gif directly but somehow that runs on like 2 frames/sec and there fore sucks so.....imgur vid link instead) https://imgur.com/gallery/nwoUtSH So who is aggressive? I am not aggressive, I am not angry ..... (watch it! Seriously, best scene!) Anyway ..... Pony-Deprivation? Figure I can squeeze in some waifu - since its the one helping me keep track of the backlog of things I have on the side to put into this thread ...... Since we are closing to the magic #100 I think some clan-tribute is also in order: Also doing some playlists n stuff like: (pretty mixed one, but you guessed that one if you klicked all 3 - also 1/3 Pony[not really, I mean its even without vocals ... ] - how did that happen? ) btw: @Aotearas It was either you or Wolf (and I think you) who posted that Western style song I really liked. Sorry cant provide any more info really but in the off chance you remember the title I'd be thankful. P.S.: Its getting hot ...... again. FFS! ............ Also: I tell everybody I took this day off too to get some sleep ... some normal workdayshit keeps interrupting my sleep but nothing serious and I can go on sleeping..... telephone rings - since everybody knows, this could be serious: "Oh, you are still asleep........". I mean FFS! Really?!
  8. Game center update "one-time login" issue

    Thats why I asked. I was aware there was a glas containing concentrated laxatives around standing around, but why would I down that if I had the choice of just no doing that instead? Also I rather would have liked the link instead of a picture - would have probably both saved us a few clicks. You can be damn sure tough I downloaded the classic launcher and hope its no trojan horse. I mean its certainly no vaccine but considering the threat of WGC it might be considered a live sample of the WG-Strain to be used to create a vaccine in case of an WCG-outbreak.
  9. Game center update "one-time login" issue

    Wait, what, WHAT?! WG is shovelling the results of their incompetency down peoples throat yet again? Like a poisonous toad down you throat? And you have to have an old installer file to circumvent WGs version of an example of the "Survival Horror"-Genre? And its actually more like keeping seeds in the case of a planet wide cataclysm - buts its actually yet again WG using dirty brown (crap-infused) bombs? And they already fell? If so: Gib plox when at home later. Gotta start building my own Stable-shelter in Fallout Equestria ........ with hookers, Blackjack and this file. This Blackjack ofc - comes with Booze and Bullets! ->
  10. My story too except for the shippicks. We are usually more like: What tier to play? Uhhhhhhhhm ähhhhhhhhhhhhm, you pick. ....... I dont care maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe äääääääääääähm uuuuuuuuuuuuuhm. Got a lucky cap at the end of this one - with really deplorable fire RNG I might add. This is probably my favourite one of yesterday. When we had this "what tier" again, I suggestest just for fun T4. I usually dont seal club and play shitty T8 cruisers n stuff - so I feel entitled to random T4 games in between. Since it was kinda late we ran into enemy seal clubbers ..... so we went and outclubbt them. I mean the enemy Clemson raised us a Kraken, we countered them with a few more medals. (Also Dreadnought again!) NO ...... is a good ship but kinda am not to comfortable with her. Shells are good enough but instead of range this things dodges - which is bad in a game so RNG dependent with BB [edited] getting lucky and the good BB players missing for no damn reason. Also with the limited HP pool this thing gets punished hard by lead-clouds like the french BBs. Then again if I am honest you cant dodge with an Shores either (longer range but turns like a dead whale) and the damage number is higher, yes, but its mostly shitty he and fire damage on BBs whilst NO can get citas easier. Then again Shores vs DDs ...... Also did some ops. Was really getting tired, hungry as well as getting bad rng. I simply couldnt survive my usual farm route. Then later I got the second wind and some better results, al tough 5 starer were only in between. 1,9l base xp on a 4 Star victory - team ofc just couldnt be bothered to listen or in general. 13 division kills! In situations like this I always feel like I am shooting the wrong targets ...... Next game Sky and I decided to go solomonic again with 7 kills each for 14 division kills. €: I actually forgot to add: During that night the QE which is 3rd was basically the first decent BB tanking for the convoy ships instead of hiding cowering in fear behind them. Does it matter he is dead? Nope. Did it matter he was tanking? Damn right it did as this was a 5 star victory with us all throwing our ships away to keep the transports alive. Did he outscore the other two ballless boats? Take a wild guess ..........
  11. Indeed! hmm ........ I put the actual restraint in terms of spam down to either people still waiting for the Evengelion Tai Hen-talk to go on, or the shear terror of what they expect will happen when we reach page 100. Well, I for myself decided to just use one simple vid, carefully selected (and that wasnt easy, trust me) - really short too with less than 1 minute length, of which 30 seconds are intro/outro/credits. @Loran_Battle, @WolfGewehr, @Live85, @lup3s ....... I just leave that here. ........ I mean left out some to not just spam tags, but then again I dont think it has been that day-breakish in those cases. So if anything *ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhht* dont scare of prospect future prey. About that Sunrise: Well I guess judging by the love for explosions as a tool/cure for literally everything, I guess @Aotearas greenskin mage can at least be our own "Scrub-Princess of Explosions". (Lup3s would be Air Supremacy ........ )
  12. Sure we always like visitors. The fact that our thread is usually on page 1 should keep no one from dropping by! (we have "other things" for that ) Turned out quite nice so far. I figured you wouldnt go to another one of those "Ecce Homo"-tattooers but still ..... good to see its on track. I anything that "heats up" the lot of them loitering around these parts! But yeah, fine, waifu-time it is: Actually it has been tolerable here - nothing more just tollerable. The sad part is I look out the window: Rain. Not strong, not much but slow steady rain - that keeps going for longer than 15 minutes. Perfect. Nobody needs thunderstorms doing damage and causing small floodings. Turn up the TV: Floodings, damage, emergency bla bla bla by the ...... So to actually get a rainday here the rest of the country usually needs to get the Noah-Treatment to a degree of drifting over to Hiob-Territory. I mean picture this: Green lawn - when? Not during summer! Its still recuperating from turning into pure dirt after 3 months of merciless burning. Its all better an more tolerable if it steadily (not thunderstorms) keeps raining - alone so the normal pollution of the city doesnt built up to the point I cross one the traffic heaviest streets and cant tell the difference between the air there and elsewhere ......
  13. Logged on with still slightly rest level of alc - Skys suggestion of tipsy might be the best term. Lup3s also online -> Yay, try to get some of the mission of tomorrow out today. Because, as we also discussed, 6 games can be fast or HOURS AND HOURS OF PAIN trying to get those wins. Thankfully got half of it done with 3 wins in a row. Solid carry I dare say. As lup3s pointed out, our team was kinda dying around us and this was not yet clearly won. In the end the game ended with 5 of them unfarmed an alive ..... yeah one of those. I burned a lot, but I outburned them - just as my hatred burns for this ship. I used the last heal and was at roughly half health wtih DC available, so still able to deny the enemy and comeback. Tbh the enemy kinda gave us this one: They went A on Okinawa, surprisingly they actually pushed into A after a wile. I thought a whole 3 of ships against their team would scare them off but apparently I misjudged them. Allowed mr to land some torps. On a german BB. That could push in with hydro. And the only reason it wasnt 5/5 is that the spread at max range is too big. BB drivers ........ Those Donskoy torps are actually surprisingly decent. I mean you dont expect good torps on a ship of a nation that was kwown for the stealthiest torps (droped into the water; never to be seen by friend or foe ) and I value them above french torps: Sure they got 1 km more range which is critical when firing them for area denial or kiting away but you got 3. Freaking 3! And with midtier damage ...... So yeah, I take 5 x 8 km Donskoy torps over that. The MM in this one was pretty decent with us being the only T9s. So naturally last game we were absolutely bottom tier - and still carried. Burned some BB and got an Arsonist with still warms my heart. Also a good game in the sense that the team died and we were able to make a difference and influence the battle. Was close to crate so decided to get it via ops: Nothing fancy, just a solid game here. We only lost 1 ship - not bad considering we also had 1 afk ship.
  14. In the Ruin things dont ad up. A stock CM a tier earlier has more firepower, hell even the Algerie might be tied .... Its so sluggish and eats so much damage. Even the torps are only enough to deal with cruisers (well some of them and only if all hit). Hindenburg however ...... works. Ibuki is also pretty useless. It mostly farms inconsequential HE damage (more so than other cruisers). Reinforced by the fact that its arcs are standard 203 IJN shells you find on the midtiers. Again, not necessarily bad but if you sling HE at 18 km, even hitting a BB can get hard and is the only serious target option to begin with. IJN AP is and never was bad, but with T10 mm its again even more target and situation dependent. Also its fragile. All in all, I rather play Donskoy with better acrs, with radar, etc .... Neptune I havent played myself. I hope the AP pen goes up from the already pitiful Edinburgh. However I can see the concealment as a potentially huge issue. So yeah, Ruin absolutely useless pos, worthy heir to Karslruin and maybe contestant for the worst cruiser in the line together with Karlruin and Shitberg - as the later two are now buffed. Ibuki boring, fragile, useless and without influence. So its boring alright, but it works in the concept of spamming bow in BBs and allows you to grind through with dedication albeit without excitement or joy. Donskoy on the other hand ........ Well I dont actually enjoy it, but the arcs allow for ease of just pick up and play. Might actually keep her as token T9 in case someone wants to play that; unless the french St. Louis turns out as fine as I am hoping - then I will keep that one. In the last few games I got really screwed hard by RNG - thankfully I had a Division to share the salt tough. A few instance today again were just ........... like that bot Sapain. So even tough quite infuriating no rage quit - this time. Triple Julio, triple carry - all over 100 k damage. All putting a citadel into the same Graf Spee. First blood - kinda rare for me. Speaking of rare: Dreadnought!