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  1. Tbh this one would also include the benefit of immediately telling the other visitors to the convention, its abut a Wargaming title in the late 2010s. Unfortunately: "Me not owns a Smartphone, Scrubette". (dont worry if most of you dont get it, AO shoud get that one ....... or maybe not? Damn younglings today. "Get off my Lawn!" Well pitty, that Marblehead would have been nice for co-op alone (I do have a fair amount of Omaha/Murmansk games ). Well guess I have to retrain my captains in Smith and Albany (dont laugh, I had a Nagato captain retrained to Izumo on Katori, Tachibanana and Kamikaze in co-op only - and then his replacement to the Nagato in the same way. Pitty its kind of a waste now with Yamamoto). Anyway had my warm water + cream and razor ....... now waiting to enter the saltmines again. Well, "For the Order!" and "Onto the breach" I guess. No lewd pantsu this time (I am still waiting for confession from those clicking on the spoiler ) just well socked (for AO ) and dressed.
  2. As much as I like to take a piss at WG in general, ALL of the mission legs are designed that you still can pass by, by just revisiting some easily done general-goal missions - like score that amount of xp, or get that amount of credits. I have checked you profile, you have the Missouri, how many games again for that credit mission - which you can do over and over again? I really fail to see the problem. In total you can do that campaign a lot easier than some of the completely retarded weekly missions.
  3. bb ap vs dd

    Only 4k? Those 5+ k hits (depends on the ship obviously) are the usual in a cruiser - and you can consider yourself lucky for not outright citadel. Meanwhile: That NO did 460. "Cruiser counter DDs"TM , right? You know whats really getting on my nerfes? WG constant BSing. Take a look at this situation: Yeah cruisers fire twice a fast, but usually can only use their HE? Why? Because WG has buffed DD armor to be able to bounce cruiser AP, but not BB AP. Dont believe me? How about the 19 mm of high tier DDs? 272 mm are required to overmatch - Scharnhost 280 mm will do, but all (except Spee ofc) cruisers can go screw temselves. Meanwhile in the usual broadside situation, cruiser AP is just a likely to just overpenn ...... (with only a 1/3 of the base damage rating of BB ofc) You would think WG would use this instead to let heavy cruiser use AP and over match and get rep pens in between, while light cruiser have to use fast firing HE because their AP will bounce, but no, ofc not. A Montana does 13,5 k with its AP, means a reg pen is 4500 and a overpen 1350. AP can do multiple pens and ofc get regularly devastating reg pens. AP overpens dont care about saturation either. Meanwhile cruiser AP is worthless unreliable at best, and when I look at HE, even the ZAO which is known to have excellent HE (and a similar number of barrels) has 3400 damage rating - but since no citadels on DDs its 1133 at best. But you got to put up with all kinds of BS like saturation. If you shoot mostly DDs you gonna end up 500-600 dmg on avg. per hit in a Zao - thats still worse than a Monatana firing half as fast and ONLY scoring overpens. And thats the T 10 cruisers - those have at least mostly good arcs. If you want to shoot a DD that is 11 km out, would you want a shell that reaches that in 3-4 times the DDs ruddershift? Or would 1-2 be more suitable? And dont give the BS about dispersion, at 11 km BBs are close enough to hit accurately while too good dispersion actually can work against a cruiser: BB will blot a area with deadly unavoidable ap, meanwhile its entirely possible to dodge all tight grouped shots aimed slightly differently from 4 x 3 gun turrets of a cruiser. Well maybe not all of them, but you need like 4-6 cruiser hits to make up for the average BB hit anyway. So shooting a DD? You want to be close up with a light fast firing cruiser (which puts you into extreme danger of getting crippled by one or dying to just 2 torps - or outright deleted because torp threat can force you to show broadside to the BBaby camping in the back and just waiting for you) or much rather at medium range with a BB and blast from safety protected by armor, hp pool, heal etc? tl;dr? WG has been proven to react really fast when cruiser are not shitty enough and are actually able to use their guns for anything than to give BBs ez 3 mio potential damage, but then when it comes to just set BB AP to only overpenn on DDs only (simple solution which is still more than enough damage), or you know, actually switch ammotype - they suddenly cant remember how to do it? Sure ........
  4. Bet its this brand: http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/categories/joysticks-0 Keeping this post short, but I couldnt let that one pass by.
  5. bb ap vs dd

    Sure thing, you see the damage model in this game is broken since forever. I have opened up a thread on that matter every other quart to half a year. WG doesnt give a smelly fart about it. Recently they are BSing people with water-hits-that-arm; which might be the case but the multi-hit from one shell is still a ongoing problem - and has been for a long time. Its god damn bugged, but WG doesnt care - never has. Of one of the few games in BBs I played since my break I remember derping a Aoba with 9 overspens (Fuso) - It did around 19 k damage. Everyone of them hits (over)-penned exactly two times. Probably over penned the citadel and the rest of the ship. Multi-pass-through en mass if I ever saw one: Theres even the "King of Pens": A citadel, a regular pen and a overpen at the same time. Thats not the highest damage one tough: I personally confirmed a Cit + 2 reg pens - on one shell. So far no upper limit has been confirmed with complete certainty, but for example: I have never seen 2 citadels from 1 shell. Fun and engaging crap like that is the reason cruisers can easily die to just 2 shells from a same tier battleship. The thing is: It doesnt require hitting the water first - this multipen BS can happen on any ship - but there are a few particularities about it: - never seen it with HE (might just have not noticed it tough - since you tend to look for when it happens with AP and its huge damage numbers). - negatively affects mostly DDs and cruisers (surprise!). - benefits mostly BBs (even bigger surprise). This has been known since release, probably way back into alpha when they introduced the actual armor-model - and they have done nothing. In short: Consider yourselves lucky! - you dont have a citadel in that DD and thus missed out on the "additional 150 % of the fun". Meanwhile, what WG considers really important: Anti-cruiser-torpedoes! We need those! And oh, nerf smoke! btw: If you want proof - search my older threads on that matter if they are still available after all the updates. They have been given that chance countless times all over again. Experience tells us theres nothing to be gained from that, other than get yourselves more BSed upon. I still remember the smoke scandal and how they reacted to proof - brought to them by even their own STs no less. Honestly I hope he stays away. I have managed to stay out of Marvins thread and refrained posting there when S_O was just BSing him with skewed numbers (yeah like including T1-2 battles with its "overpopulation of cruisers and DDs" and more, but I dont know if I can if he shows up here, because I already involved myself. Dont get me wrong, I can see your point - but I dont want a explanation thats likely 100 % BS and trying to deceit people (again), but rather to have it fixed in a fair time frame. Like 1 year after open beta started - would that be fair? To bad thats over a year ago. In total they had well over 3 years. What is supposed to happen if we give them another 3 years? Well extrapolating the past into the future: Nothing. This basically shows you, you need to change things up: Give the current guys a mop*1) and point them to a suitable floor and look for new people. You might have to pay them extra to even get involved in this mess tough ....... *1): Or just leas them to another company: I hear they are (still) building a airport in Berlin, Germany and they are outrageously well suited for that project! If you really want, I can BS you all real fast and even for free: Our data shows (we dont know what tbh, we just make something quickly up to tell people - just like with the smoke-scandal:) us it happens extremely rarely (on T1, because there, only BS can fire AP) and we consider it not gamebreaking (but then again we consider BBs in general, Nicolai, Belfast and so on just fine too). We will look into it (but when it comes to do something about it, we quickly avert gaze) and keep you all updated (when hell finally freezes over). Oh and something about another DD and cruiser nerf which is totally necessary because they still do above 0 % of all the damage to BBs. Better? €: Nearly forgot: ...... this might be the real issue at hand! Hopefully you did file a bug report, right?
  6. Pretty much what class of player the enemy team gets at least 1 of - per 2 potatos on your side ....... in a Belfast ......... or a CV! Tbh me neither. Best part is when in the beginning they would put back the side bumpers, but then at the end the would just go sod-all and pull them away themselves. So you guys are craving Pony? (maybe a little out of character, but wth!) I recently discovered this: I have been searching for it for over a year now. I thought it was only a snippet and I heard it without any mention of origin or title in really bad bad quality - now ofc I realise its the intro to the album and its only 2 minutes short. Tbh I dont like the rest very much (you know music: hit or miss) but then again the intro is awesome (on my headphones, somehow dont like it as much on actual speakers)! I dont even know what it is, that immediately screams STARCRAFT (1) for me (first minute mainly). Likewise I didnt know whether or not let it run from the beginning or set a start point; but then I decided to point to most Scrub relevant part. You get a fair warning for the last one: Contains Pony, heavenly pillow, sleeping adorably ......... and pantsu. I know I know: , but the bigger question is how many and which of you exactly did click nevertheless.
  7. I did that quite a while ago. I was grounded AND stuck after winning a really hard duel. There was a enemy BB left - grounded too (and back then they were stuck that way too). I had 2 other bots still left. We had 2 caps and were getting the 3rd, and the game was running a few more minutes. There was NO WAY in hell that bot could either kill all 3 ships or win on pts, so I quitted to port. -> Defeat. Yep, Wargaming at its best. Understandably, never tried it afterwards ......
  8. Saw this and thought you could add it to your collection:Smile_hiding:


  9. Well, I nearly forgot ...... That would be be mine I guess: (highly on topic in every way ) Yeah, because when the last border camping idiot has rotten away and the rest of the op "1-ammo-type-fits-all" has perished in flames, true happiness is achieved. ....... also listen from the beginning! Its really good and only 2 minutes long.
  10. sarcasm

    Big improvement.
  11. Wow, and that massive stupidity from someone with a beta tester tag. Coupled with wrong statements that can be proven wrong by the rockiest newbie if he puts in 30 secs. Impressive! Well no objection there. I would have used some more drastic terms because I am sick and tired of the BBabies but hey, that selfreflection is a start.
  12. Its been brought up countless time, but is it really that hard to figure out that if you cant keep your bots from tking (somewhat understandable) to at least switch off team damage for them? DD just got spotted! Must try to teamkill friendly cruiser with all tubes available! Yeah ...... I dodged that, but the final nail in the coffin is that there is even no reparation if they do kill me - but instead a full battlefee instead. What am I supposed to do? Report the bots for bot? So plz ffs with sugar coating on top, switch of team damage for friendly bots since its also a bad example for learning players in co-op ..... (just like your bots going middle on Two Brothers - just delete that area from the allowed space to pick as a possible route - problem solved).
  13. Pretty soul soothing! I actually dont mind either. Ofc I dont want to be in drenched clothes with a knife cold wind trying to rend the flesh from the bones ...... but yeah, when does that happen around here? Not even in "winter" (or rather the lameass excuse posing for winter in the calender). Picture this: You are back from the outside, wet jacket is drying up in the bath. Every window that is directly exposed to the weather side is only tipped open, rest is completely open. Fresh air everywhere tinted by some food getting ready. While you dine its perfect: Rain outside, comfy inside. 2 meters off from your head is a 3 m tall rose creating that nice sound of water hitting vegetation close up. It reminds me going hiking and sitting in any sort of shelter: house, cliff, cave and enjoying the provisions you brought along while you wait for that hour or so until the worst has cleared off. Also, since the Cutiemark of Derpy consists of some bubbles, there is a fair amount of art of here being in the rain and water in general. Ofc there is also a fair amount of sad and lost Derpy in the rain ....... - sometimes waiting to be "adopted". So I guess Wolf found "his" favourite Pony. Good choice if I may say so, but you may watch for your electric devices as she is a true Scrub mascott in that regard: I feel like there is an old man joke to be had, but that still wouldnt cover Pony and Socks. Also I know that some of you dont like My little Pony, so have this instead: Much better and even cuter, dont you think? Now you really cant complain I dont care for my fellow Scrubs.
  14. Project "nosedive my winrate" continues. At this point I just want to fail my way through the Ruin and sell it. I wont buy the Hindenburg ......... I actually wanted to stop at the Algerie, but I might either try my luck with french or russian cruisers. In retrospect, of all the german cruisers I played 2 were "good" (as in still dying immediately), and one acceptable: The Hermelin, the Königsberg and the Hover-berg (the acceptable one). 2 of those are now pretty screwed by MM, so the complete line is a utter waste of time in my eyes. But hey, I am an idiot and will keep the Hipper in port to look at it. Once in a while I have to play Senjo in between ........ not that I can win with that one either: Yep, that whould have been second place on both teams (considering the Fletcher got fed the caps .... not to bad). Tbf in this case the team couldnt do much due to the saboteur in the Gearing: Not scouting, giving the enemy at least 2 caps for free, not contesting, ofc dying early without achieving anything after switching flanks and hiding behind BBs ...... epic. I pains me to no end that the fucknugget in the Gearing just got ~ 60 xp less than the Benson. He couldnt do much (naturally) with this disaster on his side, but he at least tried. Also dont you love rigged matchmaking like this: Seriously, I am not exaggerating. Nope, still cant winn ......
  15. God I love the weather! So comfy when you dont want to end your suffering either via moving in with Wolf ( ) or at least a air-conditioning. Also nothing beets rain outside with yourself being inside. Dont take it to serious. A umbrella or a rancoat/jacket is all you need. Go out, enjoy the weather - even the food made from the fresh groceries tastes better! My windows are only closed when the Terrorbirds are allowed out (well some are not, but then the doors leading there are closed too). And just to give you a idea: Its say 16 °C two hours ago. Its roughly the same inside.