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  1. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    And since we had "boop the snoot" already: ofc with @aboomination (who by his own words is Fluttershy) joining main-scrubs, I expect nothing less than: Originally I had completely different pic in mind for that thread, but doesnt matter, it fits so nicely. Futher I have been told to spread out the flood a little unto multiple seperate post. Still I think one last: because snugly terrorbirds.
  2. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I knew you couldnt resist the weeb! ........ and the derp! comes with being a Scrub! Anyway played Defence of Retard-Station today. Its kinda like slicing open your veins - without the sweet of relief of death to end your suffering ofc. Some old games: This one I dont remember to much about, aside that Wolf and I really carried. Was a nice tense game and struggle too. Something all too rare nowadays with retard infused landslides randomly granting roflstomps or unavoidable crushing defeat. Another old one, with one of the rare cases of T8 top tier BB. As crap as Monarch is, if you are not retarded as a battleship player but top tier, you just w-key the enemy and roll over them. Exactly what I did. Result is not that outstanding but solid divison carry and as you can see enemy team was terminally retarded and we won on pts with nearly half of them alive. Game ended just as I was about to come out of the corner and shoot the Nelson in the broadside ....... ofc. Decent Budyoni game: sadly Fry was denied his Kraken (I blame both for killstealing ofc - on top without a single kill? ). Nevertheless solid division carry and kinda fun .... ..... because the focus was real. 1,1 mio potential in T5-6 game? Why could that be? I wonder ....... Maybe the position of the non division BB could tell the story ........ Hava plays DD! You know what that means? I guess I gotta explain. When I play DD I am always heavily outnumbered and meet at least 2 DDs and I have no support. Meanwhile the enemy team is ofc in position and at least at the edge of any given cap when the DDs meet. Lets see: Aboo is with me, so at least I have one BB supporting me. The Pensacola ofc immediately abandoned us and ran away to do more important stuff - like ending up last with less than 600 xp on a win. The enemy: Mett both enemy gunboat DDs, killed the Taifun-league player. Since I had a BB supporting me ...... the enemy had 2! Something still missing ........ remember the Pensa that ran away? Ah yes, the enemy also had ofc the Belfast right on this flank too. (I might miss/have forgotten another cruiser, but is anybody really still counting? .....) Ofc, what fúcking esle. Gotta have that. Would be too easy otherwise. And that folks is Hava playing DD - the equivalent of Loran-MM even more distilled for higher concentration. We defended the flank as best as we could - how I ended on top with these ods is beyond me ......... guess I was just lucky. An ok but not awe inspiring win with 2 caps on T10? Well ofc its a T10 game with the enemy being terminally retarded and half of them still alive; this ofc means even a so-os result like this is good enough for 1st place. Oh T10, what fun! The smells of roses (dunked into and soaked with diarrhoea) everywhere! On of the rare fun T10 games. Tense and exciting! The win was not nearly as clear as it looks. Aboo acted as our eyes ...... however WG hates using brain instead of wallet and doesnt want to reward decent teamplay ...... They had an Omni guy too and it was a solid struggle. However both Teacup and we reported the enemy teams Musashi. I you wondering why, just take at the results and have the information that he was among the last to go down. That should suffice. Its not like we didnt have our fare share of those guys too ....... BB players ...... More Hava plays DD. Charming MM ofc. Outspotted and outgunned ...... Instead of torping I power contested those caps and forced the enemy DDs out. And by enemy DDs I mean Lightning and Gaja. I also ofc had a run in with the IJN DDs. I even had a smoke duell. We were both trying to kill each other. He had hydro and his torps ready. My torps were on CD so guns only ....... Owned the Lightning pretty hard. Cant remember if he did hit me even once. Also didnt land his torps ofc. After loosing their DDs in the middle the enemy just crumbled. I got my spotting mostly in the beginning and then barely any more as it was just feeding frenzy. Sadly as the enemy ran away no chance to torp something and only some stray hits on the CV before he was dead and it was all over ...... I hate the Monarch for being such a potato-rewarding fuckboat that punished actual decent play. Still I dont play with both hand fapping and occasionally press W, so best BB. Bottom tier ofc. More T10 joy: Our DDs were terminally retared so division Zao had to play "DD" and contest the caps in epicenter(!). Obviously Lulu lost a lot of hp doing that, but it kept us in the game. Our DDs? Well ofc the didnt contest the epicenter, they had far more "important" stuff to do. When we could still win, our Yamato decided to get Shima "hunting" instead of supporting us ...... thus with such vast amount of utter fúck on your team 6 divsion kills are not enough. And those 6 kills were, I think, our first 6 kills! Yeah ..... More T10 joy: Gutting the enemy DDs and getting 3 kills just isnt enough. You own DD are more than happy to join the enemy effort and decisively crush any hopes. This game wasnt as clearly won as it looks. Both team were trying to cap. Team was very bad (low tiers so kinda excusable - I mean its nothing compared to the retardation on T10), so they had more ships. That was ofc before I used "wallet" and "battleship - fair and balanced" on them. Its actually a shame we caped out. I mean I was 3 vs 1 at out cap against these, so ofc I could have powerfarmed them all! Might even have been a new damage record for Cesare. That Dallas tough. He had outstanding potato-armo. I fired 4 or 5 perfectly aimed salvos at his broadside from 12-14 km and didnt do more than I think 2 overpens TOTAL! That ofc meant he kept going straight without even fúcking trying to evade - potato-armor of the highest grade! Only when I finally citadelled him it was so cute, he ran away. Not for a while, not to farm me from behind an island but completely. For the entire rest of the game he wasnt to be seen ever again! Clanbattles in a ship I know nothing at all about ..... CB Kraken ........ denied (I haz sad, somebody else caused that pretty explosion in the middle) Another one ....... However I noticed a pattern. The less I get shot at, the less damage I do -> the more decisive is our victory. I guess if I camp the border we will every time and be in Hurricane in no time. Tired now ....... hope I can finally sleep now.
  3. havaduck

    West Virginia in the shop

    As does any silver T7. Therefore I would be far more (read at all) impressed if you could procure a screenshot with BT9 MM - you know something completely normal for a T7 like the Colorado. Tbf protected MM means the ships -2 from also are protected from you; which is not the case at all for this thing. This gets to happily farm the helpless T5 as any other T7 would get too. This is also the reason why I did let it pass: Its makes little to no difference by those at the receiving end .......
  4. havaduck

    West Virginia in the shop

    Disappointed with the forumites: a. How the actual fúck is this*1 missing: *1: In case you are wondering why I am posting weeaboo. Well, first I insists its actually humanized Derpy; to witch the yellow eyes, voice/singing and eye-derp are a clear giveaway! Also I gotta throw the weeb'ish Scrubettes like @Aotearas or @aboomination and the others a bone from time to time. The more pressing matter you should be worrying about is however which heights of quality posting I could reach if I would fusion Weeb and Pony more often. (You may run away in sheer and utter terror now) b. This ship is bad? - The best guns (ok 0,1 less sigma so 3rd best after normal Colo and Nagato) of T7 now on T6 now coupled with protected MM and its not good enough? Suuuuuuuuuuuuure. - A citadel that is protected by nearly 350 mm at and BELOW the waterline combined with a at the waterline citadel? Lol! - same 25 mm bow - so doesnt loose anything there for being downtiered as well and just gets protected MM (-1/+1) compared to what it should get. - AA is useless but guess what? Its not like NM is keeping any Sky Cancer away and thats the one you gotta compare it to if anything. Otherwise Atlanta has garbage shitty useless AA because there is Woooooster too ........ - I would be more concerned about the slightly worse handling - which you need to juke potatoes ....... but hey it has protected MM so dodging is overated against outclassed targets. All in all this would be for a fair and balanced premium on T7 that leaves an actual point to playing the silver ship because the ship is worse but you are either training your captain up or already using a trained high level captain. All in all, sure I prefer faster BBs too playing mostly cruiser but this in no way a weak ship! I probably would play this with standard T8 concealment module over this heap of utter crappy boredom that is the Monarch .........
  5. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    What is it?! What is it?! No! NOT THE TOLOS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Somehow this is in general a good metaphor for the thread as a whole - just lacks a remix. (Second) Best thread ever! (there is still the TTT thread )
  6. havaduck

    DD cry babys

    LEL! I really wonder why "the other guy" is not responding!
  7. havaduck

    DD cry babys

    I am still the same person. I dont have multiple personality disorder and I am still havaduck, you know the guy you quoted both times and addressed as having a reroll acount as per your own words quoted above. With ofc prove that its utter BS - but I guess thats a given now. However certain colourful pieces of "candy" could make the additional persons you see go away? How about seeing the nice uncles in white about it. We dont want you to take the wrong ones or to many. Because to much candy could be "bad" for you and your enviroment. Tooooo cute . Ok if you challenge me to the duel then tradition has it that the "normie" gets to decide on the weapons. Right? Let me think. Its about battleships, so it has to be something with really BIG GUNS. I choose 500 mm main gun Bath-Tub boats, the biggest guns in the entire game ever! Btw, fair warning to everyone: If you try to snatch my front row place at "laugh and point", you will have a fight to the death at hand.
  8. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a few horrible games and got close to quitting - last game was thoroughly enjoyable tough. Enemy did put up a fight. We did put up a fight. I did not see any (major) stupid plays that gave me fuckatitis. Its so easy and yet so rare to see ...... Yeah, that was a good and fun game in a divsion.
  9. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    If this one goes like the test inter-realm-battles you wont miss out on much as the majority wont be able to participate. So CB over Christmas in short: Its not really cold. We still have no real rain or water and yet ...... it feels like heaven! (Some real snow layer would be nice ofc).
  10. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Played some games yesterday. Lately I feel kinda burned out on the solo parts: Ops feel likes it is stuck in Halloween for ages now (and I think its actually way 1+ month) and even co-op atm isnt enticing. Since I also played a total of 30 ranked games this year, I already reached the limit of acceptable cancer inducing fucktard-ionising radiation; so randoms without a division are out of the question too. Thing is, same as with the usual TV program, I dont get more tolerant with less exposure, the opposite happens. The thing is, even in the low tiers they usually havent learned anything requiring some balls, but they already mastered the way of the fucktard. To give you an example: 4 km Torps launched into from a distance barely able to arm them at targets 10 km out - well, I am not happy, but its T4 so ...... cant even flame him or report him as there is no foundation for that. However, there are other "techniques" that stay the same from T2-10 - and the fucktards readily discover them early. The employ them in co-op, in randoms - it doesnt matter. Accordingly the trigger is pretty much the same T2-10. Also its not like we meet actually really new players in the low tiers. The real new ones are protected anyway. On the other side someone managing to suicide around a island in a top tier Kamikaze against another DD and 3 camping BBs without any need at all ........ nah thats just stupid but not (yet, T10 it would be) a report. All games high tier were without ANY hopes of winning and balls to the wall retarded. This game has not a lot of ways to punish players that deserve it - but a lot of mechanics to punish those that dont deserve it. Ah and ofc the good old: Your xxx is retardéd, theirs is a little less so no matter how good you are or what you are trying, the have won if not for the bell MAYBE saving you. And dont kid yourself how desperate low tiers are. Fought 3 BBs and DD alone - thats a quarter of their team and most of their BBs. My team however gets farmed by ....... *drum roll* ....... a Furutaka. Yes the mighty terrifying Furutaka once again claimed helpless prey. Please nerf ........ Or another one: It should be illegal to have to do this much damage to even clench a close victory. However they had a carrier, that was less horrible than ours. It was really hard for him to press battle, I know. Then he even had to find somebody worse than him on top! Now he won the only battle that matters in a CV game: the MM lottery to get somebody worse than yourself, he definitely deserves to be unstoppable, unkillable all at once. However, the salt empowerd me and RNGgesus gave the me flaming RNG of pure vengeance and allowed us to outclub the experienced 2 enemy divsions. Just 2k short of witherer btw. So yeah thats the new DMG record for Ishi now. But yeah, several experienced guys in arguably very powerful (and top tier in some cases) ships - no problem! Some guy just started the game a few months ago but managed to get lucky with mirrored MM? Completely unstopable. Is balanced, da, da! I actually feel sorry for the Königsberg. He finally didnt end up in T7 for once. He tried to play it careful while still being in a forward position. And for that I killed him. Burning down a battletard I feel little remorse, but this victory was hollow and bitter. This is exactly what I mean. This guy played this right (mostly), and the fact that he died early YET is still on top of the team is of little condolence. You know what? Deduct 50 exp from every tard on his team and give it to this guy. That would maybe improve the standard of gameplay over time. So did we only Sealclub at T4? No, Aboo got a Igor skin for his St. Sealclubber so we did a T3 too. Double Strike is VERY rare for me. I was also working on my Kraken/suiciding into the Nassau (when the game was won, and this guy was firing HE) but the game ended .... Ofc we did other game too, but those were balls to the wall retarded. So one T5 game helping me grinding the Minekaze. I can now afford the FC controll upgrade. Game ended just as I was about to get into a distance and angle to pen this guy. First I was really unlucky with the game. Got first shatters and then without transition OVERPENS! on Pensacolas. After loosing already health to Sky Cancer (1 tier lower, no manual drop, its AA speced and I run def. fire - so its mucho balanced to get shít on in a cruiser) my Fubuki decided to second row me. Pardon its not second rowing as per said Fubuki; then it must me just using teleportation hacks. So with almost no health left I had to disengage from 2 DDs picking a gun duel with me - ran straight into a Leander. Could have been an awesome 2k+ game, but Cancer and Fucktard joined their efforts and said no. I was already a ~ 800 k potential but yeah ...... More friendly torps, but in this case its not a player that should know better - and opens his big trap about it. Got flooded and forced to dam. con since I was also burning. Got burned again but managed to survive still. Another T6 - and guess what? It exemplifies why you should hate all battletards. Enemy BBs play this very well and position themselves in the rings of the epicenter. I am sitting in the rings as well but at their flank, and not bow to bow. Ofc I get heavy focus. Directly ahead is a Scharnhost, angled. I ignore him mostly as I would need to HE him, and he does the same with me for probably the same reasons. Also my guns are needed on the epicenter rings, not some ship not actively contesting. So minutes later 2 Gneisenaus come up. You know close range brawling specialists. And because there is a single red ship there, they go straight for the 10 line. Fúcking amazing. They are not even shot at, the have a meatshild in front and its (if I join too) a 3 vs 1 AND YET they feel the need to go on borderpatrol. At the end of the game I was at 40 % health with 1 heal remaining - and 2,4 million potential damage. But yeah, enemy is scary n' shít. You have to sit full hp in a top tier battleship until the battle has turned so much in the enemies favour that you cant win and then whine about how UP battlefucks are.
  11. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Weekend windowscrubbers, and that by itself feels like ......... Even more "basic". (Yeah, that was a really bad one ) Also went to the cinema yesterday to watch First man. Very happy and satisfied, I liked it. Gotta rewatch Apollo 13 soon with a friend. @Leo_Apollo11 All in all: Tough when the lunar excursion was on the screen, in that VERY MOMENT was some AUDIBLE snoring coming up from behind. I dont think it was out of boredom, but ofc it was dark and rather quiet so somebody just happen to fall asleep, still ............. its quite something to be able to say: I heard somebody audibly snore during the first steps on the moon ...... I even left with some questions (1 mainly), that will now be fun to go after answers and excavate further. Feel like closing the post as I opened: With some Derpy!
  12. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    4,7 base. I wonder if I would spam this more and more regularly I could break the 5k, you know, because ...... So just to reiterate how to carry in this ops :
  13. havaduck

    Terror of the Deep: Hardmode (Guide)

    I disagree. There are 3 things needed for carry to 5 stars: - The team not dying below 3 members (not too hard - usually ........). - The team not immediately gangbanging Rasputin (). - Getting at least some (1 will usually do, more make it easier ofc but none are strictly required but then this requires more effort) towers spotted so your trip to the north to kill the enemies there will reveal the remaining. When it comes to the rest like firepower, survivability and speed the Killer Whale (given access) is the complete and utterly perfect combination. You can literally do all the rest but the above 3 yourself in Killer Whale. And I mean literally. Honestly I think I would even prefer Barracuda. At least that one has the magazine to solo several targets once loaded - and there are several breaks in the ops to be able to go in with loaded magazines. Germfalcon is just to awkward. Whilst Killer Whale has the flexibility with bow and aft launchers, the Garbage-Falcon is just that, garbage. Khiller Whale reloads faster and the torps do even more damage. In terms of carry potential: Top Tier: 1. Khiller Whale. 2. Barracuda. crap tier: Germfalcon - fast but awkward to use with limited firepower. really bad: Seelöwe (too slow, would be really good otherwise and is for unleashing on Rasputin, but cant spot towers in time, can get the ships in the back ...). omfg gtfo: Zipper. As if Seelöwe and Germfalcon were related and had a lovechild - and dropped it a few times. It is THAT BAD!
  14. havaduck

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    725 k - but a lot less damage on the Rasputin. "only" 270 k on that one. I was busy gutting the cruisers and DDs in that one. Btw how much base xp did you get for that one? I am wondering if damaging Rasputin is rewarded well or not. Anyway maybe @MrConway can shine a light on the reward structure. I have noticed that the T8 stuff is regarded in T9 in this one - same as T4 Rasputin going T9. 4,7 k base. No compliments tough, because if it is not 5k base, it aint a carry. Inb4 one of my fellow Scrubmates shows up and accuses me of kill stealing again.
  15. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I hope its nothing too serious ....... Get well mate soon! We will keep a window warm for you. Even tough I didnt sleep a lot yesterday I had a pretty nice day at work. Got a shitload of work done. Even tough it wasnt easier than usual stuff it just ........ worked out. Hell, the time up to Christmas is probably going to be really nice - earned it tough. That fúcking summer tried to kill me in more than one way. Unrelated: @lup3s