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  1. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Something short for today: This happened ........ also @aboomination this: Remember - specifically that part: FOR THE EMPEROR AND SANGUINIUS! Peer around the corner, XENOS DETECTED! slowly tiptoe down the hall VIGILANCE BROTHERS! And make sure you know exactly where your footsteps fall OVERWATCH! Be more than extra careful of the shadows in your way FOR TERRA! *rrrrrrrrrrt* Take every extra caution so you'll live another day And you know what, Overkill best kill: And if he goes through that portal ...... Its an ok game. A "tier of game" that nowadays doesnt exist anymore, they good but not Triple-AAA BS game. Also no squalor F2P like .... well any WG title really. They ask, I think, 20 for it but the usual discounted price of around 10 is definitely ok for it. @Loran_Battle
  2. havaduck

    Clan Battles - Mercenaries

    If they are good people then there are plenty of available with the windowlickers and subdivisions. Joking aside, I understand. GL mate!
  3. havaduck

    Clan Battles - Mercenaries

    Start licking windows - I even throw in a free Pony Plushie as a bribe, and dwell under the never sleeping ever watchful gaze of our overlord Loran.
  4. havaduck

    WG - Something has to give....

    The opposite in fact. This playerbase is the direct result of WGs choices and their developers. Its a red line from even before release to the current state. Want to fix one? Dispose of the other.
  5. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This gets my unrestricted approval. Played a few games yesterday with Sky to give him his SCs, altough since you have to WIN and as potatoes have a say in that, its not that easy ....... Anyway forgot to actually screen the game that was lost and we worked our áss of to win. This ended when I was about to complete farming Salem and then switch over to Roma ..... easy 180+ denied. Not that high amount of damage but I lived despite getting shot a lot, despite taking torps, despite fire and flooding not that short of a whiterer, despite N. caelis recidivans trying to put Filae into me and I killed their DD (with help from Sky) and dodged his return torps; all while campsite C hid away and had audacity of caressing their balls with self-praise over their shitty cowardly play ....... Its amazing, didnt feel like complaining before starting to play yesterday. A few games of high tier weekend later: Anyway with XP like this and even the OP signals well stocked to the 100 mark, I might actually go fúck it and powergrind a few T10s ........ if I get the people to division up with me. Oh and I unlocked this guy: even before Christmas thanks to that p2w infused game alone that netted 25 k. Now I just need a Yamato for him to command .....
  6. havaduck

    Update 0.8.9

    This. And while we are at it, there were mulitplayer games that required an installation of roughly the same number but MEGABYTE instead of GB and those had working chats ........
  7. havaduck

    Finding your best ship ( for ranked )

    Fiji (usually) works (in ranked) by throwing itself away hoping the loss of the enemy DDs is a big enough impact that your BBs dont outretard the enemies (and maybe farm some damage on complete idiots). Dont get me wrong I like it as its one of the less shitty silver picks but ..... If Fiji is so great then Flint and Belfast would like to say hello. All ships are equals, premiums are just better - right? It can, ofc. But I rather would pick BalancedBias-Boat even tough I am a cruiser main. I dont need smoke, I can tank and heal and have shells that actually make a dent in a DD from bigger distances and despite their angling. Also there is a higher chance of getting a notretarded cruiser player; and if not, its still better to close down a BBtard slot by occupying it yourself - at least in a division with a competent DD player on T7.
  8. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Why no double strike? CG to that game! God I loved that ballsy play! You went full co-op on them (and that is a big compliment!)! I was .... .... the whole time but especially on that driveby on that Kremlin.
  9. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    True and especially the last part. I actually thought about the Scharn too but disregarded her on the grounds of that secondary turret: It looks more round that 150 double on Scharn and its not an 105 AA mount either. It looks more like an 128 DP turret. Actually looking at the hind legs thigh-turrets: there is a single gun turret there which fits Scharnhorst perfectly. ........ then again its a drawing of an shippony ffs! Still the attention to details is pretty commendable. Awww.... Gotta like the weather: Its warm but not hot as ballz. It also rains, so not everything is dead and it am not overly cultivating Mesothelioma ....... well, besides the exposure to CVs, Smolensk and so ofc. Better yet snuggly birds are bascially like this:
  10. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Fist random battle in ......... a long time. First T10 game in ............... cant remember. OPs and co-op are now at point of absolute boredom since WG is striving hard to turn both to absolute dogshit. And then I get reminded why I do play so little anymore. One flank ofc collapsed completely immediately. I think only 1 ship made it out there (Hipper). Meanwhile we didnt have even one cap because all our Assholio did was sitting behind the island. Kostis and me, we were denying the enemy the middle cap by constantly resetting. I moved to reinforce the falling flank (and keep resetting middle) but there was literally nothing left to reinforce. Still, we were mounting a comeback - first thing was overpenning the Smolensk to death (much balance). But in the end we had 3 shitcruisers, and they the caps. Sadly thats were the Kremlin got his most of his damage from: The Hipper, Kostis and from me ...... Props to @CosMoe for bogging them down in the center cap and giving us the time to mop up around him and at least try a comeback. +1 for that. Having a really hard time to even do the directives because this game is just so awful ..... P.S.: I actually forgot how abysmally pisspoor german HE is; and I do have IFHE on Hindenburg now for exactly cases like Kremlin and other BalanceBoats.
  11. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Can you believe it? One week from now and S9 and with it the current Gen of Pony will come to an end. Fair to say I never expected such a thing .... Nightmare night should be fitting for its that time of the year, a classic and also new at the same time. Was listening to some SlyphStorm and came about this one again; first time it didnt click but the tune is the seller. Some Castlevania and something else ...... cant quite point to it. Instrumental is alright but it needs a voicover. May have to look for covers ...... Anyway have been playing some: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23SpaceHulkTactics ..... a Game which I basically played 25 years ago; I still remember the AWESOME cover: Basically a Turrican-guy shooting and punching clawy-stabby munstas in the face. I remember even reading about it in some game magazine ...... and by reading I mean some basic reading, some looking a pictures. One in particular had a page with a crux with a space marine helmet and the other side connected with a gradually changing pillar, the same one defiled with claws tentacles and so on. It was frightening. Anyway there is plenty of purging and stuff in the new one. It does have its flaws, but the novelty to see this again, even when it throws me into a level that is a clusterfuck of Alderi portals, right now takes precedence. In short: (I actually brutally murder ponty-stabbed all the Smurf-marines for it has a Genestealer campagin too!) Its not completely the same ofc; but this shitty disgrace that is Deathwing doesnt count even remotely. Machanicus also looks promising: Zapping them with plasma pistols or shoving a Mechanicus axe up their nether hole seems fun ........ Anyway some Scrub-ontopic as I am running out of picbudget fast ........ I actually love the attention to details here: That thing in the background looks very much like a Bismarck indeed. The DD: twin guns infront, 3 single turrets in the back, bigger higher smokestack + a smaller one ....... yep thats a Narvik or Z-32 in game. The pony should be Kurfürst (triplets, but Nürnberg and Ruin have a different funnel / Hindenburg would match too but here funnel cap is higher/rounder so Greater Cuntfürst it is) ....... I know completely unrealistic 2 german BBs actually pushing to relief the pressure on their DD, but lets say its a 2-man Scrub-divison that met a third ingame. Every Scrub TS ever (kinda rare nowadays but still) when a few of them come together:
  12. havaduck

    Work this one out? Game broken or what !!!

    Easy: You were probably driving a BB. No one is supposed to damage a BB aside from another BB thus disciplinary action was taken accordingly. If it was a glorious stronkeru fantasy boat on top:
  13. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Back to the classics ........ and page 1.
  14. havaduck

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Roughly a week ago the mate I did sprint with ranked out and thus I wasnt able to do the sprint with him together anymore. For that week I have been unable to try once alone - even just one little game of 10-15 minutes, because of the things you see in ranked ....... Today with roughly 2 hrs to go (at least that what it says) I find the strength to play 1 battle of sprint solo. 11 k coal - not to shabby for one game. Really went the extra length and tried to steer and help them in chat as much as possible. Took off 1/2 of the DD, 2 x 1/2 of BB and killed a full cruiser. When I saw the lineup I was CONVINCED this was a doomed endeavour: We had Shira, they had Z39. We had Helena they had Nuevo the P2w. We had 3 German BBs, they had 2. Even more surprising than the win against this lineup was the fact I got actually complimented even tough I didnt even flame then in chat. ..... oh wait, I did tell the Gneisenau twice that the enemy is north while hr sailed in the backline to A while the game was in balance, and then that going behind the island into A renders him useless and removes him from the battle. (He never got that cap, naturally) That does qualify as flaming already? Else I got nothing ........ Time to put the bravery of actually dealing with PVP in this game back into the closet ....... if I can find a space.
  15. havaduck

    Is anybody else having server issues this morning?

    I had this once when I was playing ranked roughly a week ago with a mate. He was talking about the enemy lineup but for me the queue time went steadily up. Killed the client and restarted, worked fine since then. In my case this was a solitary event and thus I dont think about it and write it off as stronk WG Prokramming; in your case might be reading to much into it but it was a few games already? Did you restart yet? Or just sitting there afk for game after game?