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  2. More than a BB captain complaining about HE/fires? Not sure about that but close enough; still: Not every CV players deserves it tough the majority does. The class as a whole and WG ofc deserves everything that can possibly be thrown at them ........ verbally and otherwise.
  3. Best thread I have seen in a while; I can totally concur with these clans but even better ....... ....... I expect some truly marvellous entertainment from the following pages. Lets go and see!
  4. People being "confused" about the condition in which Narai returned need to understand just one thing: Its called being the Skaven. - Their "technology" is ramshackle and unreliable at the best of times - while blowing up frequently. In that sense Narai is the pinnacle of WG tech. Dont laugh, look at the chat ..... - Preying on the weak, vulnerable and especially children, any they can really, to increase their warpstone hoard and ofc food to bolster their numbers even more. - Warpstone meteor falling in russia in 2013 - aiding them in creating WoT and WoWs. - Undercities in Crete, Paris etc ... around the world. Its called the Underempire ... - Triangular tipped arrows in their WG logo, triangular anchor symbol, WoT logo is made of triangles -> for wherever the Skaven go they simply have to leave their triangular markings. - A rival clan getting jealous at CV rework - thus the events of 2020. However WG cant suffer this humiliation and is working on ...... Subs - to completely outshadow them. Poor Skrolk; I guess the Liber Bubonicus did not predict this ....... - Tretch Craventail is known for breaking promises and treaties, like any Skaven really but just on a different level. In reality he just hopes to break as many promises one day as WG did. In this Scope Narai is insignificant and yet the broken promises, the predation, the ramshackle half-assing, people developing fuckatitis trying to still play this, and carry - and get nothing for it -> all this pleases their chaotic deity.
  5. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I see you played WoWs - that was a mistake. Todays random "Why Total Warhammer is so great" is brought to you guys by one of my Terrorbirds as this picture was taken by accident and not aimed at anything particular ... and I still think it turned out great. Oh btw High Elves and Sisters of Averlon remind you that there is no such thing as too much daka ..... ...... and if you are asking yourself what kind of Star Wars*1 movie this is ...... idk, it looks like they are using some immaterial bow/arrow made of ..... cloud or fog or whatever - which has Dashies unrestricted approval ..... (*1 you havent seen ratling guns in action - looks like several imperial Star Destroyers letting loose ....) Also these Sisters are overpowered as fúck. - They can work was a frontline unit. - The have magic attack - so if anything is physically heavily resistant (ghosts wraiths etc) they will [edited]decimate them ..... - but they also have armor piercing which goes right through armor ..... - and if thats not enough they also do fire damage so anything with regeneration (tomb kings, vampire cúnts, pirate coast, treehuggers etc) just dies. ..... and I am totally fine with that; unlike this games p2w-fuckfest. Another thing: I remember taking a first impression in WH 1 on normal - and quitting rather fast because the AI once defeated just once cant recover on normal. It then becomes a snore fest and city collection simulator. Hard/Hard is pretty balanced. Challenge is there and if the faction is hard or you are just not familiar with them/the starting position its a good way to get some experience. Very Hard/VH is actually not that bad if you pick a strong faction. However after playing a dwarf campaign until critical mass and orc extermination, I thought I would never go any higher. Then I noticed I didnt play Bretonia in a while. Fired up a VH/VH campaign and it was piss easy ..... which made me quit just after wrecking the Red Dyke of Mousilon. Thus this happened. I have no illusions .... I am going to die, but the goal is simple: Survive to turn 50. P.S.: I actually thought the game was bugged, but there is no L/L - L/VH is indeed the highest setting. That battle realism mode tough does indeed provide harder battles.
  6. havaduck

    Please nerf the Mighty Fairy Overlord

    The magical talking technicolor variant ofc.
  7. havaduck

    reload times

    Stopped reading right there as I just expect more random wrong stuff flung around. FYI: Tirpitz -> October 1941: While in Gotenhafen, the antiaircraft battery is increased. In addition two quadruple torpedo mounts are installed on the upper deck to each side of the ship amidships (section X). €: I
  8. havaduck

    Bye and thanks for the good times

    FIFY since these announcements in the forum usually have some sort of avatar next to them and their whole attitude is quite in line with those, as is the sand for the eyes of the dumb masses with the "its not final" bs.
  9. havaduck

    Tier 6 Gems For Ops?

    So basically the AI sill does whatever weird stuff only somebody as twisted as one working for WG thinks it right in Retárd Carry and Narai. On top of that are the horrendous OPs that are left (4 of which I would rate 2 as unplayable, thats a grand total of 25 % of what we had previously in total - not mentioning the lack of new content when old one is removed), with players that you could take for people working for WG, and if I would get a ~400 k damage 1 k base xp game previously in Narai this is nerfed further to what? 300? 400? Man if its any higher my Emden might start to sweat in co-op. Sorry for the harsh tone mate, not directed at you and I hope you know it. I used to like playing ops and I didnt strictly do it for the reward. I have all the silver I could ever need and right now until the next p2w boat/mechanic comes along all the fxp I need. Missions and shít are usually not doable in ops anyway so theres that, not that I care. However these absolute non-humans get my blood boiling. I guess its the same natural aversion just like when they are preying on children and the weak. Frankly when I last saw Escape from Retardstation as ops of the week I just quitted immediately ...
  10. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Suprise Pony-.......... well, not exactly a pounce. Rejoice Windowlickers, better times are near ..... If you thought „The Last Problem“ (S9E26) was the last of ponies, you are fortunately mistaken! Indeed, more FIM Pony (as is Pony in general! too) is on the way ...... All in all ..... Why Total Warhammer is so great: Today we are doing a shallow one; or so it will seem at first -> Its looks so darn great. I dont mean the graphic per se; look, Rome 1 hat a great looking campaign map. ME 2 was hideous. I "recently" (2 years?) played both and after more than a decade I stand by this verdict. Emprie is probably the worst, looked and still looks like a shitty mobile game ported onto C64 (runs like that too). Shogun 2, when they had to salvage their Empire fuckup, looked great - and got even better with each subpart. Shoguns 2 < Rise of the Samurai < Fall of the Samurai. I am still able to fap to the standard Shogun campaign map. Rome 2 was just ........ bad. Big but there was nothing but bland tasteless void. Its been improved and its not as hideous as ME 2 or Empire but being the best of the shitgames isnt exactly a recommendation. This however ... the whole look an feel is awesome. When I picked up WH 1 I immediately felt a hinge of an old Amiga game just looking at the Banner-esque label of Courone - and thats something very good. The moment the Mountain decoration changed first time from orcish to dwarf-style ............. Thats the Huntsmarshall's Expedition fighting in the Jungles of Lustria - and it sure as shít perfectly conveys that feeling. (Its a 4k shot, so you can click and then just zoom in for details, like the tiles in the aqueduct under the water current) Obviously I played games with worse graphics than this. Hell, we played TEXT-ONLY games on VC 20 so theres that, but there is a game, Spellforce 1: Similar in things like races and fantasy but an D2-flavoured RTS with a Story, and this thing looks better than the GPU melter from back then on the campaign map. Its pretty rare to get to say this nowadays ....... But do I even zoom in that much? .......... actually yes I do. Setting up correctly is important, even if its just to crush some unchivalrous plebs ..... Thing is, most of the time I forget to actually take screens of whatever impresses me or what I want to talk about, which reminds me: Look, Wargaming is represented too. Which reminds me again, there is this awesome site: https://fifteen.ai/ which states: " This is a text-to-speech tool that you can use to generate 44.1 kHz voices of various characters." Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally? .... Lets see what we can do. That was an obvious one, how about: Excuse me, I gotta change my pants now .......... With Fluttershy talking about CVs (not included) and this thing existing I can now die a happy man. @aboomination Today I had a weird dream, cant remember everything but there was a new Aquanox/Achimeadean Dynasty/Schleichfahrt game and an old proffessor/teacher from school (yeah I was in school) showed that to me. Looked like a lovechild of that game and Subnautica (that ACTUALLY makes sense, about the only thing tough); man that looked gorgeous. I actually fired (the old intro) in my dream up too; legit af I suppose ...... Found the intro in HD, but put it into a spoiler because its actually picture heavy today - which I just realised. Still a better Submarine game than what these Skaven are trying to do ................ and a better Warship game in general too. ..... hm I know I was able to get it to run a few years ago, I kinda want to play that again and I still have the original CD ..... somewhere.
  11. havaduck

    Tier 6 Gems For Ops?

  12. havaduck

    Tier 6 Gems For Ops?

  13. havaduck

    Tier 6 Gems For Ops?

    Uh but its a long question and even includes flavor/fun ships and normal/p2w and multiple classes. Some things from the top of my mind: - Mighty Fuso, extremely tanky, rather fast, some of the best firepower of the tier, best BB DD hunter, top pic to try 400 k Aegis - imho. - Normandy, best "anti-Kuma-Guns" - that alone gurantees an entry in the list,and its fast. - T6 british DD - best DD for Rétard-Station (lots of smokes on short cd, plenty of torps (single launch! even), good HE dpm against DD, acceptable AP) ....... except, you would never ever want to play Escape from Rétard-Station alone and; if you are in a team you dont need THE best and some other/p2w boat you might own will do. - Leander, extremely versatile cruiser that handles even Rétard-Station pretty well. - Spee - for hard mode. Its shít but when you push in and still carry the potatoes, oh so satisfying. other than that, arent OPS a big broken pos now? Not only unfixed and populated with the afflicted but now WG thinks earning more than what you get by spamming T2 co-op for the same duration is just way to much?
  14. havaduck

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Nuff said! Didnt even replace with Pony - for _once_. ->