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  1. albin322

    Infernal Camouflage

    no one knows.......
  2. albin322

    got printz eugen but where is it

    seriously? stupid wg cause you dont read instructions ? hey dude wana buy my car...................(keychain) for 500.000 ?
  3. albin322

    Cherbourg reload, wtf

    the reload booster is quicreloading just save it for the right moments. if you make it firing faster, you might need to lower other stats or it will be overpreforming instead.
  4. albin322

    Cherbourg reload, wtf

    is this what the third fourth thread about this? the stats is early but it looks quite well balanced the guns are slow to reload yes! but the pen is great and it realy slapps if you find a broadside. the ship is also quite tanky in my experience + its really quick speed wise.
  5. albin322

    Pyotr Bagration vs Bayard which one?

    none of them is good. just do the tech tree 8s instead!
  6. albin322

    -Captain Hank Bailey-

    the missions are not timegated you can unlock them 1 after the other!
  7. albin322

    Are they nerfing the Kobayashi camos?

    so if you have ranked tokens but the perma cammos now ?
  8. wow they wont transfer the cis acounts to the eu server atleast `? thats scummy
  9. albin322

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    wtf this is so stupid.........
  10. albin322

    Republique and Bourgogne

    mecklenburg play almost the same way like bourg, just watch the latest flamu video on mecklenburg. So if it stands between mecklenburg and bourgounge, bourg is just better. + cheaper 1k steel. Mecklenburg Germany 16 185 55.39 % 0.99 104 711 1 986 3.75 2.03 Bourgogne France 904 759 54.75 % 1.02 108 537 2 085 3.68 1.99 Ohio U.S.A. 1 016 676 54.20 % 0.93 95 893 1 960 4.13 1.65 Shikishima Japan 586 639 53.51 % 0.89 103 845 1 959 3.37 1.71 stats dont say all but almost 1 milion battles and almost best stats ingame (mecklen will fall when potatoes get it)
  11. albin322

    Republique and Bourgogne

    bourg all times of the week its a mix beteen bb and cc, but its just so nice to play the reload booster is just so good. start a fire they dmg con you do reload booster and almost guaranted starts a new fire/fires. same if your pushing in brawling with reload booster is just great. stalin has the same playstyle as moskva and somewht close to petro. (still best guns in the game) incomparable is uniqe, but a bit meh ? dont have it but im realy not afraid of faceing it realy squichy what i have seen.
  12. well like what has been stated neustra black or wait :)
  13. tbh is enjoy gold leauge allot. way better than randoms.
  14. albin322

    Dodging planes in Mogador - Help?

    learning to play with enginge is key to avoid planes in mogador stoop and hit the gas and brakes. plus try to always (if possible turn towards the planes)