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  1. i bought megas from 73 certificats. this is the haul this year for free! a year of premium time lols.
  2. albin322

    Dockyard Schrode worth to buy at 5000 dblns?

    il pay the dubs, still got 30k dubs witch i got from the game (ranked) and supercontainers. so i will partake for the cheapest step(5k dubs) hopefully the santacrates give me more dubs. #havent put money into wows in 3 years
  3. albin322

    Santa containers. EU as USually...

    i rather get silver then cammos i do still belive you get more credits then if you sell the cammos. but i have not done the math.
  4. albin322

    Santa containers. EU as USually...

    no the most terrible thing is cammos since they dont give you squat now!
  5. albin322

    Wargaming, Please

    soviet navy ? pls you mean stalins weet napkin dreams ?
  6. albin322

    Premium Pass

    yes you will !
  7. albin322

    12 days until Steel+Coal Discount Vouchers!

    dont get plymouth just dont :S
  8. albin322

    12 days until Steel+Coal Discount Vouchers!

    i dont see the need to buy shiki if you got yama. yama still overmtach evrything. if you want uniqe gameplay bourg, incomparable is the bet to go on.
  9. albin322

    12 days until Steel+Coal Discount Vouchers!

    im thinking about buying all of them with my mountain of steel
  10. albin322


    i just got another super container with another ship in it ! i did press it down just before i was gonna do the screenshoot tough dumbas me :S hyuga!
  11. albin322


  12. albin322

    steam supercontainer

    does anyone know if this is could be a pitty drop? or is the steam super container considerd a diffrent containter ?
  13. albin322

    steam supercontainer

    is it the same drop rate as the ussual supercontainers ? how lucky was i ?
  14. albin322

    Hr.Ms.Tromp is an Cruiser !!!

    imagine feeling insulted for names in a arcade video game............
  15. albin322

    European Destroyers tech tree split

    hell no wt naval is borring as fudge.... i mean blame wg all you want but wt is horrendus naval game (my opinion)