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  1. albin322

    Naval Battles bugged this week?

    you missunderstand me. the importance is the order you do it IF YOU READY UPP THE DIVISION FIRST and then enable the naval battle. it wont work for some reason.
  2. albin322

    Naval Battles bugged this week?

    you have to enable naval battles before you enable the ship in the division......... yea i know it is stupid.............
  3. this is not new news, check the last like 10 premiums all have that disclaimer. also kirov is a old tech three ship so who cares ?
  4. albin322

    Magnetic Smoke.

    this guy seriously needs help! somone pls quickly help him !
  5. albin322


    whm spotting dmg capping ? etc etc.....
  6. here i have the perfect song for you !
  7. this thread should be named stupid people talking about stupid things!
  8. albin322

    King of the Sea mision.

    there is so many threads about connecting to twitch on this forum.................. can you search the forum yourself or should i hold your hand ?
  9. albin322

    German tokens twitch

    yes there is a russian today wich you can watch !
  10. well fdr is good to punish cruissers and bbs, would call it best pick. otherwise im a midway fan cause you can do it all. mvh is shite now when the ap bombs is so trolly!
  11. i agree to some extent but you havent answerd the most asked question to you! why do you feel the need to do evrything ? just say i dont know meaby no ?
  12. as a millenial i feel ofended so typical baby boomers!
  13. albin322

    European research tree?

    meh who cares about germans anyway eaven the name sounds like something bad germ-any
  14. albin322

    European research tree?

    how about
  15. albin322

    lepanto pls tell me

    1 matcher säger ju inte skit....... plus bara 72 dmg :(