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  1. albin322

    Delete account

    if he gas a addiction deleteing the acount could be the only/best way to brake that adiction
  2. albin322

    Ranked, How I feel !

    lol stealing posts from redit lols
  3. ehm so what is the rewards on the main server to play on pts this time i dont get it !
  4. i just got the first ship have 130 tookens hope i get enough for cammo 2 then im happy !
  5. just you wait until i get home i will belfast you :P
  6. albin322

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    Belfast Nelson Gonna try the skåne
  7. albin322

    Has WG gifted Reich's flags?

    i really hope you dont get it !
  8. albin322

    The Ohio Is Bad

    hahaha just made my day reading this so funny :D
  9. albin322

    Where is my legendary upgrade?

    you can see it in your inventory !
  10. albin322

    VIII Tallinn Broken ship.

    so ? il write that in the book of things that is suer important information!
  11. albin322

    Possible Upcoming Coal Ships

    they cant make it coal possibly steel. cause some bought it for what ? like 42k dubs ?
  12. albin322

    Possible Upcoming Coal Ships

    no they are not they are diffrent not worse. the salems super heal makes it really good and since the radar time got buffed its not that bad anymore.
  13. albin322

    Possible Upcoming Coal Ships

    i think agir will be a free xp ship to join alaska azuma kronsthadt etc...
  14. please add all the historical ships first pls. you have 10-20 mor swedish ships to add not to talk about norweigan finnish and so on. pls no more imaginary [edited].