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  1. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Hey everyone! This game shows the latest competitive format that is being tried out! I really like it and think it adds some interesting diversity to the game. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz6kptzuDBQ
  2. Hadders89

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    Wait... if I'm an alt account does that mean I can quit my job?? And who the hell is voicing my videos??????? Ade does a really great English accent! Truly a sound to behold :P
  3. Hadders89

    Texas in Premium Shop + Stars & Stripes camo

    Hey guys, Just gonna throw in my two cents.... I am rather sheepishly a warships collector. I own far too many premium ships and i'm not even going to go into how much money i must have spent :S But it's my money and it gives me glee so leave me alone :P I bought the Texas when it first came out and missed the Spangly M'erica camo the first time it was available. Now it's out again i simply must have :( Because i'm weak and need to bust about in my Texas once in a blue moon shouting about freedom and insisting my 14" guns are covered in the constitution and that it's my right to use them as concealed carry etc etc... Now I understand that WG is a business and that businesses exist to make money... But you seriously want me to buy a ship AGAIN just to get an obnoxiously delicious camouflage pattern? I get that it's value is replaced with doubloons... But i've got enough of those to make Fort Knox intimidated and i'm currently in the process of building a large castle, complete with double curtain walls, just to make use of them. Please Wargaming can you make it available for purchase with Doubloons or with a couple of ££ instead of 20? I thought the whole point of Doubloons was to allow me to buy in game loot without having to whip out my disgustingly loose credit card every 5 minutes... Don't make me beg :'( Thank you in advance, Hadders
  4. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    The final game of the contest! And what an epic battle it is. Well done the two finalists, this is an absolute corker of a game.
  5. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Hey everyone! This is the penultimate video in the series, Enjoy them while you can These competitive videos are nearly over But back to regular ones soon. Hope you all enjoy, Hadders
  6. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Yessssssssssssss, it's that time again! Finally the time has come to cover some competitive gameplay once more. This is one of many battles from the KotS3 group stages and features TTT Vs SoK. As always please enjoy and feel free to comment if theres anything you think i can improve upon
  7. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Hey guys, sorry again it's been a while! I love you really. This weekend I've created 2 videos for your enjoyment. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions and see you all soon
  8. Hadders89

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    My 2 cents, I've experienced AP BB shell fire countless times recently in fairly slim DDs such as the Yugumo and the Shimakazi cause been grinding the line. I take full pen hits with frightening regularity and have even experienced a single hit taking more than 10k health. Now I totally get the 'Git Gud' response from the uninitiated... but I regularly time enemy shots and purposefully turn broadside because that'll mean overpens right? Hahaha, BRUH! They don't.. On the flip side of the above I believe it is wholly unfair when I do the same back! Sailing real casual in my NC or Iowa... "oh look a DD," volley him, turn in, dodge most or ALL of his torpedoes and either SLAM him for most of his health or Dev strike him. With the recent changes to stealth fire as well if a destroyer dares to fire his main armament, EVERY battleship tunes in and gives him a salvo... he's bound to get killed or hard reset which makes DDs more passive. Lack of scouting because smoke is the only way to hide, inability to fire your guns and crazy pens make life for a destroyer a difficult one.
  9. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Hey everyone, Once again sorry for the big breaks in my video upload schedule. I hope that you can all forgive me and that you don't mind waiting. Please see below my latest video covering the British Tier 9 Cruiser the Neptune. Hope you all enjoy
  10. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Hey guys, sorry for lack of content recently, but as stated life is a BEACH and work is a real thing ;) lol Here is a battle from the latest King of the Sea II tournament. TTT Vs UFR. A varocious fight was had. Hope you all enjoy! And thanks for the games UFR. They were some great fights!
  11. Hadders89

    King of the Sea II

    Hey there everyone! In honour of the amazing tournament I have made a little wrap up video Congratulations to the winners, well done everyone that took part and thank you to all the organisers, adjudicators and streamers. May there be many more successful King of the Seas to come.
  12. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Hey guys! Ever so sorry i've not uploaded in a whole week I have sikirt projects ;) ANNNNND work hahaha. New video for TTTs Birthday I hope you all enjoy us arsing about haha. Enjoy guys
  13. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    The struggle continues in ranked and i am desperately trying to crawl my way to the top! Occasionally you have one of these amazing games where you think it's all over.. but your team mates have other ideas!! Enjoy
  14. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Latest video A short funny of all the crazy things that happen in the game sometimes ;) Enjoy guys
  15. Hadders89

    Hadders Gaming WoWs YouTube Channel!

    Good morning everyone ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I finally had time to finish and get this out. Now this is not an advertisement for a good play style.... at all.. haha. But it was a fun game and shows what you can get away with.. if you're lucky ;) Enjoy