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  1. Drug_Kartman

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  2. Drug_Kartman

    HE spam is the meta 2018

    There is never going to be "balance" in a WG game. Period. They are using a completely wrong engine with a hilariously broken mechanic ("WG spotting", health based crap), so you either live with it or play something else.
  3. Drug_Kartman

    Level of play - Perception?

  4. Drug_Kartman

    Yamato shells all over the place

    Yes, you should have the stronKest shells that can overmatch anything AND lazor accuracy.
  5. Drug_Kartman


    It might not, but keeps me sane :)
  6. Drug_Kartman

    WG, this bs has to end

    All this time spent on WG game(s) and you still try to find logic in their mechanics?
  7. Drug_Kartman

    Fed up

  8. Drug_Kartman

    Extremely broken matchmaking

    WG can't make a decent MM, let alone a "fair" one. So, just play the game or don't... I've given up on trying to get fair, so I just play the numbers.
  9. Drug_Kartman

    Containers - Try your luck

  10. Drug_Kartman

    Matchmaking Tier imbalances.

    +/- 2 tier mm SUCKS for cruisers that get he fuzzy end of the lollipop. BB's & DD's can cope with it because heal/stealth. +/- 1 tier all round would be preferable, but knowing WG and their policies and/or not giving a crap for player opinions, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. Drug_Kartman

    Hood vs Scharnhorst

    Don't own the Hood, but love my "Shiny horse" :)
  12. Drug_Kartman


    That's why I just go for that one win on every ship until I get the 3 containers and promptly log out.