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  1. GhostNemesys

    Murmansk nerfed?

    I didn't check the video yet, because I'm not home. But just as a suggestion: All modules and superstructure have a separate HP pool, see incapacitation of modules. If there is no more to destroy on the ship, your HE shells won't deal damage anymore.
  2. GhostNemesys


    Same here, 15 played, 15 won, avg dmg 66k, 29 kills, 2 deaths. That ship is amazing!
  3. GhostNemesys

    The Germans ...........

    But isnt that what AP is all about? In my opinion AP is the ammo of skilled players which know where to aim. They will perform well and much better than HE shooters because the area of impact is crucial. HE ammo is more of an equalizer, it does not care where it is shot at and will, in most cases and as long as you are shooting at super structure, deal approximately the same amount of damage, except for module damage. I think the ammo mechanisms are working fine.
  4. GhostNemesys

    The Germans ...........

    I have to admit, up to and including Tier IV German CLs were a pain in the ***. But since I have the Königsberg I love it. I might be extremely lucky but of my so far 15 games I won all 15 and got sunk twice, with an average damage of 66,4k (Source) and sinking 29 ships in total. My trick is to shoot AP at everything except DDs and really angled BBs, plus keeping that damage control party II for the obligatory engine knock-out ;-) I am coming from the IJN cruiser line though, so I am used to fragile cruisers. Edit: Update. Finished grinding now and proceeded to the Nürnberg.
  5. GhostNemesys

    Is this really worth almost 2000XP?

    I read on the forum that for every time you sink a ship, if it is last hit or not, it counts as dealing 15% damage to that ship. So by 5 kills you got the XP almost equal to bringing one ship from 100 to 0 % on your own. So I guess the base XP is justified.
  6. GhostNemesys

    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

    You mentioned that the avg dmg is not increasing on CL/CA with tier progression and that made me curious. After looking up my stats I have to admit that my avg dmg per game is between 52-55k from the Aoba, respectively Omaha, on, and I am currently on Tier IX of the IJN line... With increasing HP pools that means my impact on the game is getting less and less with every tier... Makes me sad and thinking if I made the right choice in ship line to be able to have a big impact on the game...
  7. GhostNemesys

    WG, please stop these fail divisions

    I just had the worst scenario I ever saw: A Tier II in a Tier X match. Just leaving this here for amusement purposes:
  8. GhostNemesys

    For those people struggling to citadel a Cleveland

    It was today, I was in the game as well ;-)
  9. GhostNemesys

    Ibuku ... god damn it.

    The only real improvement to the Mogami with 203mm guns and the Myoko is the range you can get with the 3rd upgrade, but costs you another 3 mio credits... Otherwise I am pretty disappointed of the Ibuki as well. The only drive me playing it is that the Zao will be next :-)
  10. GhostNemesys

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    The range is indeed a downside of the 203mm...
  11. GhostNemesys

    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

    Well, after the Cleveland and the HE spam you will get CAs with bigger guns and you need to change your play style. AP is now the ammo of choice and is much more fun if you learned how to use them. It demands more skill, but it is much more rewarding.
  12. GhostNemesys

    Game credits

    Yeah, I guess they need to get rid of the rust :-D
  13. GhostNemesys

    Game credits

    Yes, because your ship also needs repair after a battle. The magazines need to be refilled with the ammunition you shot and your camouflage needs to be restocked. After a game you will see on the bottom right corner notifications like "Service", click on them to see, what your expenses are. Little fun fact: Even if you do not get hit a single time in the whole battle your ship still needs repair...
  14. GhostNemesys

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    Hmm, I am getting 3-6k dmg per salvo without citadel penetration. With citadel hits it can go up to 17k. But yeah, when shells are bouncing or overpenetrating it will be a lot less.
  15. GhostNemesys

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    Taking out my Mogami with 203mm guns because of following reasons: - 155 mm guns are the only exception in the IJN CA line, so you are changing your play style for just one configuration on one ship - Since the Furutaka I learned to shoot AP and hit citadels reliably, if I would change to HE spam I am afraid I would lose my aim - Citadel hits are the best reward I can imagine, much more satisfying than constant numbers with HE spam - AP might get rid of surprised CAs much faster than slowly melting them with HE