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  1. Its not wg code to nerf prem ships directly no matter how much they maybe OP. Global changes like the stealth fireing change and the new smoke change is they way they get around that, by changeing the whole dam game... Either way it will stay as it is and be off sale for the foreseeable future.
  2. Well guess I'll see whats in that update in the next Internet. Dam my slow arse internet
  3. They probably would mate ;P
  4. Well sure dds are trying not to get hit. Then again having two CLs straped to your side makes life a hell of a lot harder for them.
  5. It really fun to play a dd against bismarcks anywhere near with it's 11km nope zone. Makes caps real fun.
  6. The combination of very low reserves with playing against aa and cv fighters (amongst other things)makes recovering from a bad move far harder than higher teirs where you can afford to expect losses
  7. True but just because i could do it doesn't mean i should. Maybe that just me in my Tashkent at early game, i would rather let them cap it then block it for if they and say a gearing or back up.
  8. I assume that it goes to the second person to block the cap when the cap has no owner(assuming its not going to both or none). Afterwards it would to the owners
  9. Pretty much you just need the hit the area to have a chance at a fire in the respective area. It juat that the bow and aft don't have as much to hit as the mid sections do.
  10. 0.6.11

    1. Description guns and torps getting lock on a random sector and camera getting stuck into free look after setting guns to lock to sector while in free look 2. Reproduction steps set both 'lock to sector' and go into free look (RMB) at the same time 3. Result all armament get locked to that sector and camera get stuck into free look mode. 4. Expected result guns to be locked to sector and camera to return to normal full function. Some times it is possible to fix this be repeating the steps or combinations of 'shift', 'ctrl' and 'x' else relaunching the game fixes it.
  11. Would that be a rule that is exclusive to BBs AP shells or any AP vs DDs and CAs, or are we talking about removing the idea of amour angleing?
  12. Sounds more like it was more implying that these bans have people using any mods packs worried about getting banned and hence wg pack would get more use then conway said the rest. Either way now i know its out fast after patchs if i ever did want to swap packs i could with some confidence and my other problems would only happen should it be the only pack to use.
  13. I to would be 100% for it if i could trust WG to be fast or effective at approving updates and new mods say about a day or two of any update ( which im not). Untill then im again it
  14. I will bet you that shima premium camo they never will.
  15. Well i hate to break the bad news mate but looks like your never going be able to play with only tier tens mate. Unless you do what people suggest and play some games on a ship you find fun on lower tiers and boom cash in the bank for that TX game.