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  1. procrastinatingStudent

    WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    Don't use it and never really intend to. I only play wows and have no need to waste hdd space on (personally) unnecessary software.
  2. procrastinatingStudent

    Please remember to feed your server hamsters

    Oh god where's your head at? The bassment jaxx were in the sever room all this time using your poor hamsters for their next cruel smash hit. Although that might have explained the screams you heard @Tuccy
  3. procrastinatingStudent

    What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with?

    The Atlanta, NC and kamikaze (or the one that starts with a f).
  4. procrastinatingStudent

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    just want to shout out Zbynek84 i known't know who he was or they are but being on the map trap in the middle island of B with tirpitz 3km coming around the same island with a mission to sink just me a mad and best benson called Zbynek84 come charging smokes me torps and sinks the tirpitz then leaves. A monument of complete unselfishness that is rarely see. would give more than my Max +9 if i could.
  5. procrastinatingStudent

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    nice to know he's still around
  6. procrastinatingStudent

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    ran into someone called lup3s (heard the name before but can't recall it (sorry)) and they called me out so hi you beat us easy in that game but i still kept you from getting our A cap ;P Edit: a quick search and i know you @lup3s, name not my strong point ;P
  7. procrastinatingStudent

    Aliens on my ship

    All this makes me belive that what that Halloween blog page more
  8. procrastinatingStudent

    Reports should be increased

    You do get more the higher your kama is. For example it goes up to 9 at 50 kama i belive
  9. procrastinatingStudent

    Weapon lock bug

    I had this. the only way i have found that works is trying all the lock combinations at the same time as free look camera (RMB) repeatedly. Though it has taken anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to get it to unstick.
  10. procrastinatingStudent

    New US Cruiser line :)

    Time to buy back my clev to get a quick and cheap(er) access to the t9. I do wonder how they are going to do the balancing.
  11. procrastinatingStudent

    Automated drop for torpedos on CV's

    Manual drop was removed from teir 4 and 5 cvs to stop people to sealclubbing (it was a little over kill at times), they didn't however protect teir 5 from seeing teir 6 cvs which get all the manual attacks back, so good luck with that. Apart from that you need to post this bug stuff in the bug section so there is a much better chance of WG seeing it edit: some spellings, i really should stop posting late at night
  12. procrastinatingStudent

    IJN DD Sisters Nerf Them

    Its not wg code to nerf prem ships directly no matter how much they maybe OP. Global changes like the stealth fireing change and the new smoke change is they way they get around that, by changeing the whole dam game... Either way it will stay as it is and be off sale for the foreseeable future.
  13. procrastinatingStudent

    PSA - Patch 0.6.12 size is about 3 GB

    Well guess I'll see whats in that update in the next Internet. Dam my slow arse internet
  14. procrastinatingStudent

    So WG when can i brawl again ?

    They probably would mate ;P
  15. procrastinatingStudent

    So WG when can i brawl again ?

    Well sure dds are trying not to get hit. Then again having two CLs straped to your side makes life a hell of a lot harder for them.