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  1. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    The legendary UK captain is unobtainable for free?

    Probably is, according to Flamu he will be OP A-F on the Conqueror since the special skills will boost extra heal.
  2. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    But at the same time, how far can WG dumb this game down for their players? Soon we will have to equip training wheels on side of the hulls so the T10 players dont tip over and hurt themselves..... Soon the entire game will look like that funny Jacuzzi event we had over a year ago. Toy ships and rubber duckies fight it out in a bathtub! (My money is on the Duckies btw......)
  3. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    NO! A GLOBAL playerbase skill Buff is the only thing able tp help this game. Anything else is just making the bed when the house is on fire. You cannot balance stupid/potatoe.....
  4. OldschoolGaming_YouTube


    I do think the T5 is pretty meh. But T6 when you get MBRB is a DD hunter killer and is really fun to play. And I think Kleber is actually really fun to play. Sure they nerfed it a bit but it is far from weak. As a former Khaba players it feels like I have gotten my old Khaba back in the Kleber (I build it for range with AFT). And you can zipp around tha map in seconds which is really handy to snatch caps from red team in the late game AND your torps are pretty OP as well. You just need to kite-torp since they are shorter range then your concealment. Its pretty easy to force perma floods since you have launchers on both sides. So you torp pretty much the same way as in Benham. So I wouldnt give up on the line, unless this is really far from you playstyle/what you like. But for me the selling parts is: 1. My Khaba is back!!! 2. Best speed ingame, and that is always fun, few players actually know how to lead a Kleber. 3. Great torps. 4. Best burst damage guns in game, hell you can even take out a full HP Harugumo in one MBRB..... Worst part: Sucks in CV games. But then again you can stay close to your teams AA bubble and just spam HE like Khaba!
  5. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    Its not worth it over concealment with all these HE spammers in the game. Just having some skill, experience and priority target pretty much have the same effect. Whats worse, eating a random torp now or then or never being able to disengage from 4 HE spammers that are focusing you? Which also often results in you getting desperate and turning broadside to red teams BBs when you try and flee from the spewing dragons.
  6. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Auto return last Captain

    im not 100% sure but I believe there is a mod in Aslains modpack that does this.
  7. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Or triple Othotnic for that close range suicide torp soup Deluxe
  8. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Flambass Venezia edition .......
  9. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Asashio Refund, or at least let me move the Captain for free.

    I think it works quite fine. Dont think so many actually use the new torp screening module, it puts them into harms way for all HE spammers.
  10. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Triple Smol isnt really the most effeciant div, for that you should have radar and great AA as well. So maybe 2 Smol and 1 Mino, Or even Smol+Mino+Venecia for moving smoke options. These regular 3 Smol divs a.k.a Flambass Divs can usually get countered pretty well by only a Shima or a Yugumo with torp reload. You will maybe not dev strike all 3 but even with their hydro its hard for them all to dodge all torps and when they leave the smoke they are dead. Problem with these kinds of division are the same as "OP/broken" ships in general. People will cry about their power but never try to counter them. As soon as a Smol or Mino or Kutuzov smokes up all just stop shooting at them and just take the punishement. Instead of loading BB HE shells and blapp it into the smoke where Smol transmits its position every 4 seconds. A BB will continue to just push into a spamming Smol and burn down and die and then cry about how broken it is when he could have just stop shooting gone dark and reposition himself. Im not saying Smol inst OP, but players also dont do anything to change their situation.
  11. Id say it pretty clear that a huge mayority want CVs gone from the game, so why dont WG take them out? Because its a bad business decition, because then they would have to refund a lot of CV players.
  12. No. I have been playing this game since Closed Beta testing and sure sometimes Wg ask what people want, but they will never implement anything if it isnt a huge paycheck behind it, and it isnt really that strange, they are a company after all and need to make money. But dont ever put the change of this game on the playerbase, its not their fault. WG does what WG does, we are just along for the ride.
  13. Naah mate, WG only listens when they see a big fat juicy paycheck in the end, if not they dont care 2 shits what the playerbase wnats or needs, just see ships like Harugumo, Belfast, Smolensk, Conqueror etc etc. And now all the new Russian ships.
  14. Please dont even try and put this on the playerbase, when have they ever listened to the playerbase, this is WG´s masterplan, either you are on the train or you are left behind.
  15. I just wonder if the "SUper Smolensk" with 19 km range and 12 km radar, Alexander Nevksy will be rewarded for free for all players who have Moskva in port? Because I always wanted a stronger Smolensk to be able to spam even more fires with ......