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  1. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Questions to the youtubers

    Not really and expert (im pretty sure my 500-ish subs are fake account that my grandma created). But general rule of YT algoritm is that any actions taken on a video/channel is a good thing that boost the creator/channel. Watch time is really important, so if you watch full video its a BIG plus, if you also let YT direct you further after first video into another of his then its another plus. Comments or any other interactions on videos boost the video in algoritm. Likes and even dislikes boost video equally because it shows YT people get reactions from you content = Great stuff for YT. Thats why even some creators tell you to dislike the video if you don't like it because that's just as good for him/her.
  2. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland and Diesel sub Northcaper IRL

    Just remember .... its Swedish...which means it will have heals, the torps will go 100 knots while homing/curving and its AA will be second to Hallands.......
  3. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland and Diesel sub Northcaper IRL

    Sorry .... my bad..... 4 forward launchers and a drum-mag of 8 torpedoes able to fire in quick succession ...... We're talking Super Sub T11 here ....
  4. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland and Diesel sub Northcaper IRL

    Engine room inside the submarine Northcaper Dive control Hard to make out due to bad lighting, but torpedo cylinder and the black things sticking out is torps, so "just rotate the drum mag and push another fish in the tube".
  5. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland and Diesel sub Northcaper IRL

    Will see if I can make a video of the film I shot inside both Småland and also the submarine. Submarine was really small on the inside.
  6. Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland IRL as museum ship in Gothenburg harbour together with the Diesel-powered WWII Swedish submarine Northcaper. Northcaper has a pretty dope revolver-like 6 slot cylinder mag for its torpedoes that services the 2 forward torpedo tubes. So, you could fire of 2 torps then just rotate the big cylinder-mag and load 2 new fish in the tubes within seconds. HMS Småland with its sistership HMS Halland was the first 2 destroyers in the World to be equipped with surface-to-surface marine missiles.
  7. OldschoolGaming_YouTube


    I give this trolling attempt 2/10, you got to do better man!
  8. OldschoolGaming_YouTube


    573 battles .......... let me guess .......... Nooooo.....
  9. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    New buffed YouYang

    Done it before, imho its not worth it. I make the player do strange aggressive moves to get his radar of and contrary to Småland and Ragnar YY doesn't really have the same firepower.... or heals. Usually end up being a equal trade 2 DDs killed and what use is that? A DD that wins games is a DD that stays alive and relevant even in the mid-to-end games and then many shorter smokes is way better imho. Just look at all radar cruisers that die in start of the battle because they want to pop their radar so badly.
  10. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    New buffed YouYang

    Maybe that's the case, I re-bought it after PQ´s video on it the other day, played about 5-6 games in it so far and haven't had a bad game yet, not really a YT worthy game either but if feels strong, not weak, not OP and how rare is it that WG gets the balance just right? Just saying, 20 DWT with great speed and conceal every 5 min that devastates CVs, BBs AND cruisers isn't a bad thing. And being an "Asashio main", I kind of know what im talking about.
  11. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    New buffed YouYang

    Gotta say, like the new buffed YouYang, feels almost like a silver Asashio that can hit cruisers but also better guns and more and shorter smokes. A while since I got a 2500 Base XP game now. I mostly throw crap on WG but must say I like that they are giving the old OG DDs some over hall. Maybe Shima next?
  12. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Ships that playing runs the risk of getting reported.

    Never reported any of the above-mentioned ships or even subs since there is counters to them all (good or bad), I use up all my daily reports for the CVs until my reports run out. Besides being broken and OP they take out everything that could be fun in this game which is making different plays and tactics, flanking around, making a surprise push or a surprise attack, CVs ruin it all so now this game gone from almost being a Chess-like thinking man's action/tactic game its so dumbed down that its like old PC game Lemmings with no thinking, no tactics, no skill. Just clueless lemming going in a conga line until they get blapped.
  13. Last was Asashio the second it came out, dont remember but maybe 2017-2018-ish? Rest is by Free XP, coal or steel
  14. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    How do you use radio location

    If you know how to use it its one of the most OP skills in the game. Dont know how many kills I gotten for free by using it and even game won because I know where to go to kill a flanking DD. Have it on all my DD killers like Des Moines, Wooster, Annapolis, Daring etc Will put it on Sherman when I get that ship. On all my stealthy Ninja torp boats I have it to control the engagement with other enemy DDs with worse concealment. Had so many free kills because I pre-torped using the skill. also killed DDs contesting caps since I know where they sit, also be able to angle against his torps. In cruisers you know when someone is either flanking by the map border or what direction a ship is moving behind some islands. Pretty useless on long range cruisers like Henri and Hinden and all BBs.
  15. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Which of the Supercarriers are the most broken/OP?

    So Eagle is more powerful then?