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  1. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Deep Water Torps.

    I understand why you ask, but that would actually make Asashio MEGA OP and unbalanced. Right now Asashio is in a good balancing place that it can only torp BBs and CV. I still get a crap-ton of Krakens and even 2 Solo warriors in Asashio. If I could strike super cruisers as well it would become a Monster. (Watch below)
  2. OldschoolGaming_YouTube


    For instance, the one from Flamus video.
  3. OldschoolGaming_YouTube


    How do you figure that? I would say its painfully clear to the mayority of the playerbase that WG Devs confusing mumbling from that 2018 video is of Very high relevance still today and probably (also based on Flamus latest video about new BS OP German CV with bouncing Bettys) why CV´s is in the totally insane state they are today. They are still trying to sell the CV rework as a "success" by boosting them/nerfing AA, and dropping new and stronger CVs by the minute.
  4. OldschoolGaming_YouTube


    What are you talking bout?
  5. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Marco Polo Confirmed for Coal

    What is the big deal about this ship? Haven't seen much about it?
  6. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    FINALLY! WG fixed AA!

    I wont get triggered to click the link. I more and more arrive at the conclusion that these WG bought NA CC´s just push out these dumb videos to try and create some buzz around them and get them views on videos that dont deserve the attention or views in the first place.
  7. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Ok, How to smaland?

    I dont have Småland so please take this with a grain of salt. Ive seen very much videos on Småland (even been on the actuall ships itself in Gothenburg many times) and I have played Halland very much (since CV rework Halland is my most played DD for some reason ....) My take on Småland is that it can stealthradar, have higher DPM then Halland (which is also very good) a bit worse AA then Halland and fewer torps. I think that you should play Småland like most other DDs very carefull. For instance not push into caps directly at start just because you have radar because that is garanteed to make you take a lot of damage. Rather sit outside cap at start to spot and send long range torps and rather push and play more agressive at mid or endgame where you seek out enemy DDs and kill them with DPM. Meanwhile you spot, send torps on cooldown, helt BBs with decent AA and thensecure the win in the end by killing of their DDs with radar during second half. So I think you can contest caps, just maybe not in the first 3 minutes (which no DD should) when enemy CV, enemy radarcruisers and enemy DDs have full focus on the cap. I also think you can knifefight enemy DDs just now with a Enemy Venezia or Zao around. So seek out fight when it benefits you with help from Radio Location and radar. I dont have Radio Location on my Halland build after rework but I think I would recommend this for Småland so you can go hunt enemy DDs with radar and DPM in mid and endgame. Im almost always alive at the end in my Halland, due to great AA, heals and long range torps. I would love to have a radar on my Halland as well. Im my mind they are not that different. Regarding the damage this is unfortunatly the way Swedish DDs play. I can have amazing games in Halland and I end up with 110 K damage. Even Flamu has struggled to get over 150 K in these ships.
  8. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    I always loved secondary agressive builds and pushing in with my BBs. But after rework the only ships secondary builds are viable on is the US Premiums Ohio, Georgia and Mass, and even these 3 are very nerfed from what they were before rework. I also tried it on my German BBs and on T7 Sharnhorst its borderline but on all above T7 it is just laughable. Its like watersprinklers on a lawn. In post battle report you can see 300 secondary shells fired and 34 hits. So Secondary build in my mind is somewhat viable on 3-4 % of the ships and even then its very situational on which map and which opposition. And AA is just as dead as it was before because catering to CV masterrace. So we after this we can all choose one build pretty much, a somewhat Meeeh tank build that costs more then it did before. *Edit* Just saw "Community contributor" below your name.
  9. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    Did you do this the first time around? You don't really inspire confidence here? Or did you find in your "testing" that Dead Eye was a terrific addition to the game? Also, if you are "adjusting" (nerfing) Dead Eye, might you also consider "adjusting" secondary build skills? And perhaps 60 % of all cruiser skills? Because with Dead Eye nerfed, what exact build do WG suggest BB players to go for? Dead Eye build will be dead, Secondary build is dead unless US Premium BB, "Tank build" is really Meeeh for an even higher price than before...... I am really curious what you are supposed to build for in the future?? Right now I have 6 T10 cruiser captains with 3-4 unmastered skills on them because I can't find anything to put them on, unless I wanna take "Heavy HE/SAP" and get a Lighthouse build concealment of 16-19 km. I really wanna know what the Devs saw when they said this rework will create more fun options in the builds when it done the exact opposite? Or do the Devs go all in on AA skills? Just wondering.
  10. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    New Code From JP Stream

    Invalid Wargaming code format.
  11. OldschoolGaming_YouTube


    And they would never put submarines into the game ...... Oh wait ..... Money money money ........... MOOOney.... Problem is that hes done that for 5 years ...... so they just noticed that now?? Its not like Flamu is well known for his sweet suger coated exterior. But just now WG reacted .... strange ..... Exactly! THIS years KOTS will not have CVs (because we didn't have time to implement them after the buy-out...) but look forward to next years ......Suckers !!!! No Zoup of course!! "Just dodge" CV attacks and deactivate Dead Eye by yoloing into enemy spawn in a DD while spotted, easy fix! Notser is probably working on some amazing build as well...... I get that Flamu is poison in his stream, but im a pretty "Happy-go-lucky" guy usually and even I get pretty Poisonous as well trying to play this game with the current playerbase. Every single game I have to ask myself if half my team or half the enemy team had a stroke. So maybe it isn't the content creators as much as it is WG and their game that creates this environment? I cant for the life of me understand WGs decision after letting Flamu do his thing for 5 years. But I guess it didn't really matter to WG, they were damned either way. Now they unleashed Flamu and probably started a new brewing shitstorm. Whatever players think about Flamu, he was the only CC that called WG out on their BS, new mechanics and new reworks. And now he will just continue to do this. Problem for me that at one point enjoyed this game is that WG can implement whatever BS they want in the future (flying OP broken Russian CVs or Russian cruisers with lasers, or new game breaking submarines and players will just continue to pour money at them. So why should they ever change, they get the support they need.
  12. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Can someone watch my replay and give me some advice for cruisers?

    Yeah, just what GarrusBrutus said. In Co-op bots will just sail pretty much straight ahead and Yolo in and suicide. Give you advice on how to handle that is a bit redundant. In Randoms only about 60-70 % of the players sail straight in and suicide, so better put up a replay of random and get advice on that.
  13. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    So now even BBs will join cruiser and not have any good skills to use their points on. With Dead Eye and Secondary builds dead, what are you supposed to build? Just extra heals? Or maybe crappy useless AA skills that is just window dressing? GJ there WG on making more viable builds possible and more variety in this Captain rework. Why for the love of god would you use for instance Supertesters or CC´s to test stuff like this before you just push shitty mechanics/reworks/ships into Live server?! Or maybe even your inhouse balancing department ....... yeah I know. .......(those guys that never play the game, or if they do, they are CV Mains). Strange how every player that read the patchnotes on the new skills understood that this would just be so bad for the game and Meta, while WG balancing guys just sit clueless?! I really look forward to when you start pushing out un-tested, un-balanced Submarines and Russian Super Carriers into live, that will be a real treat for the playerbase, for sure!! This is why no one should ever give any money to WG. A couple of weeks later that thing you bought can be something completely different. I'm guessing there will be no free respec because they will just "tweak" (NERF) the skill and then you still got what you choose so it's your fault that you thought WG was done with the skills just because they pushed it to live. So, any changes you want to make? Give WG your Cash! Strange how this feels like it was the plan all along? Wonder what other skills they will "tweak"??
  14. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Good cruiser builds?

    I was also pushing the refresh on YouTube the evening before the free resets would stop because I wanted to see Flamus video on the cruiser skills after had watched the BB and DD video .... but none came up?! Im guessing its saying something when neither Flamu or Little white mouse can figure it out enough to make any guides....... Good job there WG! I do that as well for the extra range. Even got the Eye in the sky skill for 2 points so I get shorter duration but 2 more consumables of spotter plane. Just sad you can't really get any good effects with the skills in general. You could pretty much just master 10 for CE on all cruisers and let the rest of the 11 just be un-mastered. This!
  15. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Friday Stream Code

    I cant get it to work now.