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  1. Reporting system

    How easy is it to get a chat ban? I wonder because i played since cbt and i went on hundreds of full mental rage fests on players in chat calling them this and that and i have only gotten chat banned once in all these years!? What am i doing wrong?
  2. [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    I dont think he worries much about wr. He just puts Hans Von Speschul at the helm and eat some chocolate.
  3. [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    Im just waiting for the @Flambass 3 Asashio cancer divisions! Can you imagine the criss cross torpwalls coming at you at 72 knots? Torpedo Beats that M.F!!!
  4. Genuine Clan hack or chance?

    This happened to me in clanwars as well. Close to the end suddenly 3 out of 4 surviving ships where we had the lead just got DCed. I know some of the other guys on the team that is more tech savy said that there is some strange thing (hack) someone can do where they flood something with information (yeah, im this old and crap) and apparently they can then make some targeted players DC, but i dont know if this is actually true or possible. I can only say that at that time it felt extremely fishy that 3 out of 4 of us DC at the same moment while the surviving ships in the loosing team was uneffected.
  5. RNG and individual gameplay eperience

    I wouldn't push up in a Belfast before any radarcruisers had been spotted on the map. Other then that I can totally relate. I feel like randoms feel more like the frustration you always felt playing ranked before in the sence that more and more players in randoms even at T10 show a huge lack of understanding of the game and whatever tactics you can employ to win. I cant even count the number of games lately where my team has had a big majority of ships alive in the end and still lost because that totally neglected the caps for the first 16 min. Worst game was one where we lost and we had half team alive against 1 enemy DD with 2000 HP and he won and also got Solo Warrior?! Because random players dont know/dont care/or just to stupid to understand the game mode even tho its explained in every lobby before the fight?! Last game last night i tried to get my team to move from A cap at Islands of ice (that i capped 2 min into the match and the rest of the team just felt like pushing it anyways and park there). I pushed and pushed for B cap for almost 10 minutes with no backup facing both Moskva, Des Moines and a Minotaur, the other DD on the team that went B in the start died because everyone had blinders on just lemming behind me to A. You cant do crap in a DD when you have teams like this. I see a lot of paper cruisers (even at T10) pushing right into caps in the start of the game getting blapped at the 1 minute mark and i see a lot of tanky BBs like Kurfurst, Conquerors etc, hiding all game, still being full health and 4-5 heals when 80% of the team is dead. Usually u see better players in T3-4-5 these days.
  6. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Its just one of those days when my Akizuki is cursed! These 3 games was right after one and other and i was just like, "WTF is up with my teams"?! In 2 of them the enemy even had a fail division?! And we still lost?
  7. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    Just sail out in the T8 Akizuki and score 15 citadels within 5 seconds!! Mission complete!
  8. Hydro range stats in game gone.

    For every problem fix WG does in a patch they ad in 3 more, just for balance comrade!
  9. Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/sweden-has-a-sub-thats-so-deadly-the-us-navy-hired-it-t-1649695984 Maybe the first WoW submarine line. Its a little bit funny that little old Sweden build a sub that a whole US carrier group cant find.
  10. Emblems and insignias huge success

    I wish they were more like actual ship/navy/country emblems. I tried to tweak mine to ressemble the Swedish one but its not really close.....
  11. Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Being from Sweden i would love to see a Swedish ship in the game, even if its just a mid tier Premium. I like youre suggestions btw.
  12. toggle spotter plane point-of-view on and off

    Yes, BLAPPED many Minotaurs and Kutuzovs with the spotter plane, just aim a cm below where the shells fly out of the smoke and its perfect citadel aim. And then you get reported for using hacks ......
  13. Then what tier is it about? I mean T8 has of course suffers with bad MM usually ending up in T10, but that aside every tier has its good ships and its turds, either you Free XP the turds to the good ones or learn to play to theirs streanghs. As i said above, which cruisers are you talking about? Usually their is some way to play to their strong suits. Sure their is some crap ships out there but that is the same in the BB and DD lines aswell?
  14. Nah mate, you just need ro get better at T10 cruisers, or team up with someone. Hinden can dominate a couple of T10 BBs with no problem kiting away spamming HE.
  15. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Holy crap Blogis! Yeah, that is why i still wake up sweaty from nightmares from the time i managed to end up on the opposite team when you played youre CV. GG Buddy! And what a great video/compliment.