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  1. Thanks Buddy! This was exactly what i was looking for!
  2. Classic Donalds!!!
  3. Yeah! I was thinking about a thing Trump said a couple of month ago after some horrific terrorist attack. He said that even the Swedes were being attacked! "Even the Swedes" he said twice, and approximately 9 Million Swedes went "WTF is he talking about"?! Because apparently in trumps small mind Sweden had been attacked by terrorist without any Swedes noticing!! But even in the Donalds mind no one would ever attack or consider the Swedes a threat!
  4. Exactly! What did the Swedes do?! They havent pissed anyone of since the 1800?! Even The Donald thinks were cool?!
  5. I saw it somewhere that you could use the regular launcher to play on PTS but i cant find the instruction on the News section on the website or in the PTS subsection in the forum?
  6. Had a pretty nice game in the Gadjah Mada! If my team wasent this strong this would surely been a Kraken game! But then again, breaking 100k in T7 isnt half bad.
  7. Conqueror is bat crap crazy broken. I can decide each game if i should live or die, its more up to me then the enemy team. Only way to die/or do less damage then 100k is to go full potato in it. No skill requiered at all. I can do a faceplant into my keyboard and light up 3 enemy ships......
  8. So Norway and Finland?! But not Sweden? Do Finland even own a navy?!
  9. Commodore 64 all tha way mate! And later on when first nintendo came out with Duck Hunt and Ice Climber, that was the crap!!
  10. LOL, when i did Military service in 1993 we had some earlier version of Windows, that was awesome ........ at that time ........ And we played games on casette tapes! So if you got stuck you needed to reweind the tape. Those were the days.
  11. Fun fact! This happened to me once back in the day when i played a lot of Kamikaze R, when i was fighting a couple of ships and during the time i was CTD i actually killed a Colorado without even being in the game!! Heres the video of that incident.
  12. Im getting *edit
  13. I beleive i need to be really drunk to understand this post.
  14. Playing the Fire demon, formally knowned as Akizuki and talking about my upcoming London trip! Have a great weekend guys!
  15. Im just spitballing here bit when youre XP exeeds the sum of 4-5 other players on youre team. I think there should be a flag for players that actually exeeds in this game. Win rate, carry potential....