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  1. Had a bitter-sweet game in the Khabarovsk. 200k Damage, Confederate and Witherer.
  2. A game in the Hindenburg is always a good game!
  3. "Torpedo polishing guy" is the best guy ever.....
  4. Sry if this question has been asked before but i dont understand the patchnotes. Will the upcoming nerf effect Belfast, Kutuzov and all the RN cruisers? Because if they do, they pretty much killed of RN CA line for good.
  5. Considering T10 cruisers i would take a bunch of Mosvas or Hinden over DMs any day, but thats just me.
  6. Well, then how do you cap caps? Or are u usually on team where T10 cruisers gladly push in to caps with you in full suicide style? Because im usually not.
  7. You really think we will see many teams bring 5 DMs into clan battle? Really? I would probably consider that the worst CA to bring. So DD must misplay to suddenly get spotted by planes? That happens pretty much every game with a CV?! If you can teach me senpai how never get spotted by planes i would really appriciate it.
  8. It would certainly be easier but not easy. Both radars and hydros run out and have a cooldown of several minutes. A T10 CV that wants to [edited]youre life as a DD can do that pretty much all game if he feels like it and unless you can make youre CV player send planes to help you out all game you will not be able to cap or torp. He can just keep his planes over you and spot you and youre torps the entire game, and still use some of his other squadrons to strike youre team and you. Crossdrop youre smoke if you decide to smoke up in a cap for instance.....
  9. Im totally biias here, have never played or liked CVs when playing my DDs, i wouldnt cry if this was going live since they can really [edited]up youre game in a DD and it isnt really much you can do about it. Thats said i totally understand why players get so upset by this move by WG. And the whole T10 thing and rentals i think will be a disaster. So clans who dont own T10s can rent a Kurfurst, a Zao and a Shima?! Really? A Shima!! GG! I would love to see that clan of rentals stand up to all the other clans that will use Conquerors, Moskvas and Hindenburgs, and a whole lot of Khabas!!! Goooooooood luck! Its gonns be a fire spamming fest of biblical proportions! And with att the Hydros around (since no one will need to spec for AA, because no CVs) good luck to Shima to land any of those torps.
  10. I would say FP is more relevant then Consealment with all these Conquerors sailing around. Otherwise you jist die very fast. In my games in Conqueror i just burn down Montanas, Yamatos and Kurfurst left and right. FP makes you stay alive long enough to use heal and disengage. So ise it on all high tier BBs or else you just give me a whole lot of free damage.
  11. Had to carry a bit in ye old Habba!
  12. Well, thank you kind Sir! o7
  13. Had a pretty nice fight in the old Udeloi!
  14. Yup! And as usuall an [edited]kicking of un heard proportions followed..... Well. Atleast i was glad i didnt face you in youre carrier but only in youre Conqueror...... GG mate!
  15. The most worthy lines imho is Russian and German because Moskva is a BB in disquise and Hindenburg is just straight up OP. Des moins is to situational and Zao even tho still strong has a worse grind and you dont need Zao anymore because Hinden just do everything Zao does only better.