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    Cvs, draws and broadsides.

    What's happened to the CVs since the launch? As much as they can be a pain in the arse for BBs (like mine) they really help with opening the map up and not having to rely on spotter planes with limited time and a lengthy reload. Now I have more matches without than with! Have they been nerfed to nothing? Or are less people using them now? No more draws! Bit of a grey one this with players, but have lost and won matches now when the timer runs. Personally I never minded, especially when two teams are playing well and the time just goes. Out of nearly 500 games I have 23 draws. Not a ratio I worry about and can now be annoying when the tide swings towards the end of a game and you still lose. I'd rather settle for a draw at that point. Broadsides! If I got a penny for every BB player that's moaned about broadsiding me and not doing heavy damage I'd have about 23 pence now. Well welcome to my world BBs. I get it too! A fine multiple hit that then ricochets all over the ship and about 1000 damage for it. It's either that or straddling three times in a row. Swings and roundabouts as far as I can see. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you! Sealing wax
  2. Mr_Collingwood

    Lag and CTD getting worse?

    Over the last month lag has got worse and worse. At 40k+ players I can understand a little bit but I'm now getting really bad lag, wondering ping and CTD at 25k and less! As soon as it starts getting busy on the map the lag starts, sound goes out the window, and if you're really lucky, a crash to desktop and then the client being unable to find the server for a reconnect. So by the time you've reloaded the client and logged in again it's all over. What I can't understand is why it's getting worse? I would have thought that as the player base settles down so would the lag. I don't see the large numbers at 45k+ now and busy for me is normally about 38k. And in case you ask I'm running on fiber optic and have no issues with the line.
  3. Mr_Collingwood

    Signature Slogans

    SOS.... Sunk On Sight Veni Vidi Submersi... I came, I saw, I sunk and (with my avatar in mind) 'I can see your sinking wreck from up here'
  4. Mr_Collingwood

    What warmovies best picture the Battleship era?

    Number one is probably any John Mills film, followed closely by Kenneth More. You can't beat that semi-documentary style of the old black and white war movies. Not brilliant in special effects but good in the ambiance/mood category.
  5. Mr_Collingwood

    Fuso v Kongo (wrong tiers)

    Ahhh.... I was looking just at the GCFS but I did say basic for the Kongo at 25 knots - should have said un-modded - I do like the Kongo though! Still think it's worthy of T6 And should have remembered from cbt... I think I'll just go and jump into that oily patch!
  6. Mr_Collingwood

    Fuso v Kongo (wrong tiers)

    Well according to the module stats, Kongo is 21.2 km modded with the GFCS, and Fuso is 14.5 km... and mine is ranging at 13.5 km un-modded. I checked my captain skills - just in case - but nothing there helps or hinders range. At the moment I can't see where that 21 km range is coming from?
  7. Mr_Collingwood

    Fuso v Kongo (wrong tiers)

    Ok. Played the IJN BB line in cbt up to amagi (well, two games and bankruptcy) and now just upgraded to the Fuso again. I find at T6 the Fuso really doesn't cut it! Even if you upgrade the Fuso mods you are still stuck with a ship that can hardly push 25 knots and has a range of 14.5 km. Compare this to the Kongo which has 25 knots and a range of 19.3 km basic. Now add in maneuverability. Fuso maxed at 29 while the Kongo tops out at 47 (and by the gods can she dance). O happy days! Defence is slightly better, but the Fuso only beats the basic Kongo with the hull upgrade, and then the upgraded Kongo by only 3000. In fact, all you get for such a huge loss ((and as you BB captains' know, m&s is everything (not the shop here)) are two extra turrets putting out the same caliber (remember the range) and some extra support on the AA. I really do believe the Kongo should be T6 and the Fuso T5. Anyway... Went out on my first battle with the Fuso. My captain at 50% penalty but skilled towards BB class. Max speed - 20 knots (at T6 paddle steamers go faster than this)... Turning speed and maneuverability - can't be arsed... AA guns - for show only... Range - 13.2 km (with the wind at your back)... I did brilliantly right up to the point I tried to engage the enemy from the (remember speed here) 'as far back as you can get reserve)... but - to be fair - it took quite a few shells to sink her. And as I watched her sinking beneath the waves, the oily stain spreading across the water, it came to me like a long forgotten nightmare... that old jingle from a long past childrens' advert for plastic robots that now haunts my gameplay as I strive for my Nagato... KAWACHI IN DISGUISE....
  8. Mr_Collingwood

    IJN Kawachi - Whats wrong with it?

    Agree with Samsca, it's the range and accuracy more than anything else. Slow speed only becomes an issue if you pull a vindictive CV against you as AA is hopeless. CAs get the benefit of speed but having range at least gets you shooting back at them as intended. Nothing worse than being circled by a pack of feral CAs who out-range you. Wolves and the Bison.... It's a shame really as she's not a bad looking ship.. but it's all about firepower and the Kawachi fails miserably in that department. I find the Myogi similar to the Nagato as with two rear turrets they want to apply hit and run tactics. Very easy to end up trailing DDs and CAs and fending them off with the rear guns.
  9. Mr_Collingwood

    useless Kawachi

    I think the best part is getting teased by experienced CA players. Death by a hundred cuts comes to mind... Not good days!
  10. Mr_Collingwood

    Player Evolution vs. Devolution

    I think I miss the days of... 'no sloppy programming'. Started on a zx81 - spectrum 48/128k - amiga 500 etc.. Back then memory was tight (paid 145 quid for a 512k upgrade for the amiga) and no internet to patch your game. Games like Elite, Starglider, Virus and Manic Miner had to be right first time. I think that's why alpha and beta testing - greenlight - etc is becoming so popular. Forums use to (and still do) burn about glitches and 'sloppy programming' before online patching became the normal and games were 'sold as seen'. Certainly different today as memory is in abundance and pcs run so fast. That to me encourages the 'sloppy programming' and deadlines and out before (insert date here)... No worries - just patch it!
  11. Mr_Collingwood

    Spotter plane?

    Using a spotter plane increases your perspective from the spotters point of view. This means that ships passing or hiding behind islands can be seen and targeted to your ships maximum range - and very useful against DDs as detection range is also reduced. I have the alt setting always on with ship HP and range. Makes life much easier when selecting a target. The flip side is the angle of the view from the spotter which can make targeting a tad more tricky. Also, watch out from firing on a spotted target and then having your shells detonate against the mountain that was in the way and not seen in that view! Their long reload and short flying time is also hideous. Another good one is firing just as the spotter lands, the rapid change of view back to ship can throw your aim out. As for making it a priority target, I don't know. Will leave that one to another poster.
  12. Mr_Collingwood

    Lag and disconnects

    Just died from lag and so did a couple of my allies. This is worse than the cbt! I can accept MM issues , and that at some point every ship and item is or was OP But come on WG! I don't want the privilege of having lag if you're not going to share it around. Either all or nothing please. If you feel it should be around, then could you possibly include it on an 'insanely hard and frustrating level' for those on tier X Thanks
  13. Mr_Collingwood

    BB captains too passive?

    The biggest problem is no communication. Sometimes tactics are coordinated but mostly it seem to be 'by jingo I believe I can do it' and everyone heads off at full steam in all directions. Domination is terrible for DDs to just charge off with trailing CAs while leaving BBs struggling in the rear. Lack of communication between your team mates is the real killer! Not sure why but it does seem players are afraid to ask or suggest a course of action at the beginning of a game. Maybe it's the fear of getting it wrong and getting abuse from your allies
  14. Mr_Collingwood

    Captain's Perks

    I understand the need for a captain's penalty when transferring from ship to ship, but a 50% penalty within the same class moving up a tier seems a bit harsh. I had a horrible time in my Kongo until getting past the 8000 xp required to retrain. Apart from the opening ranged shots, I spent most battles as a weaving target! Not good for a captain with BB experience. I appreciate it's a captain's perk, but if staying within the same class and climbing then perhaps a 20% - 10% penalty would be more appropriate. Any movement down or to another class would permanently keep the penalty at 50%.
  15. Mr_Collingwood

    Target fixation or look where you're going!

    Having learnt from my own humiliation of ramming mountains and, (dare I say it), other players when I first started playing wow, I now find I'm constantly having to dodge smaller vessels in my BB. Turn rate and change of speed are not one of its strong points, and slamming the anchors on or being ground to a halt leaves you a prime target when you try to get going again. I would have thought that sail before steam would seem a reasonable adage to also say quick before slow. Bearing that in mind, I get horrendous penalties when a sharp turning CL cuts across my path and collides WG, not very fair on a thing that steers like a bull on heat! And seeing that a lot of tactics involves the 'bundle the enemy' maneuver, the chap in the crows nest should be paying extra attention! Not a whine - we've all done it - just a heads up to new players. Please check your mini map if in binocular view. Instant info on players near you and their direction. Thank you. .....and bear in mind a BB may pull your fat out the fire;)