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  1. Staubkappe

    techtree Premium rotation?

    Well, that is unfortunate. Thus I will propably wait. Thanks for the quick response!
  2. Staubkappe

    techtree Premium rotation?

    I was just wondering when the premium ships in the tech tree which you can buy for dubloons will change. I really want the König Albert but spending 10 bucks on it when I have so many unused dubloons laying around seems stupid.
  3. Staubkappe

    Oil to Coal Bonus in 0.7.6

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Staubkappe

    Oil to Coal Bonus in 0.7.6

    Hey Guys, I just left my old clan and then saw there will be a 1 to 5 Bonus for each Oil you earned for your Clan. Does anyone know if I will still get my Bonus Coal? Would be a shame if those 8280 Oil are completely wasted. Thanks in advance Staubkappe
  5. I just grinded my way through missouri, the ship is great fun and I get reasonable money and exp, but how do some people make like 1.5 or 2 mil in a round?
  6. Staubkappe

    Helping me to make a decision

    Ok, thanks for the answer. I am at Amagi right now but the grind feels like a pain in the a**. Somehow I cant get trough that completely boring amagi playstyle. Will make sure to get the Mo before time runs out.
  7. Staubkappe

    Helping me to make a decision

    I don't have any of them by now but I tend to buy the musashi because of personal liking at the moment. On the other hand I run into credit trouble from time to time.... I am sure you see the problem here :D
  8. Staubkappe


    Why is this map still a thing?
  9. Staubkappe

    "Double-purchasing" Premium ships

    Thank you!
  10. Staubkappe

    "Double-purchasing" Premium ships

    Hey Community, I just wondered if I would get 9500 Dubloons if I would purchase the Scharnhorst bundle (Scharnhorst, slot, 30 days premium, flags) when I already got the Scharnhorst from before. I would like to get the Atlanta btw. Thank you for your answers, Staubkappe