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  1. encoreAC

    New matchmaking system very very bad

    I have no problems with mm myself. Carrier matchmaking is working in all of my games so far. This patch was a huge improvement.
  2. encoreAC

    Need help

    You definitely need something to spot her. Any cruiser or dd getting closer than 16km will do, BB shells hit Zaos very hard so she will need to run after getting spotted.
  3. encoreAC

    MM T8,9,10 - CV

    Never! CV mm balance is a bliss right now and exactly what high tier mm needed.
  4. encoreAC

    VERY annoying beach on hot spot map

    lol I got completely stuck on a different island also on hotspot for 10 minutes until they killed me. It was a traumatic experience..... I curse the map designer to this day for making these hellish beaches.
  5. encoreAC

    When WG try to be clever...

    Solomon Islands is another Two Brothers. Both shitty maps, which loses you the game because it forcingly splits the team, meaning that it's not possible to have enough impact on the game to carry for a good player. I hate these gimmicky joke maps.
  6. encoreAC

    Tirpitz plague

    The amount of Tirpitzes and the lack of cruisers in my games lately reduced me to a pure HE spammer as IJN cruiser player. Tirpitzes burn well I must say, but I prefer to citadel cruisers much more.
  7. encoreAC

    So the game is "Ready" for release

    It's been released since open-beta. What's the difference? This is pure marketing.
  8. encoreAC

    Zao ...And its tier 5 gun

    Facepalm, Zao is one of the strongest ships in the game right now.
  9. encoreAC

    Player stats wipe post launch

    I agree with this, I don't understand why stats for normal random games are forced to be openly shared. It contributes hugely to the toxicity in this game since people are trying way too hard to get better stat numbers in some random pub games, which I find silly and unnecessary.
  10. encoreAC

    Good WoWs streamers/Youtubers?

    I can really recommend the stream of Izoz. Dude is rocking a 60% winrate while playing cruiser mostly and answers/interacts with chat all the time. I think he is the best WoWs streamer atm.