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  1. Flid_Merchant

    Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    Don't mind unless: Red CV is skilled and ours is potato They are a graf zep and I am one of those ships.
  2. Flid_Merchant

    Premium account reward

    Pretty sure you could ignore/mute people "complaining about gifts" if it offends you that much.
  3. Flid_Merchant

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    Every time I've seen a Stalingrad in game it gets focused all to hell.
  4. Flid_Merchant

    Container UI

    Oh right. In that case I'll just clarify that I wasn't moaning. I was also making it up (I think).
  5. Flid_Merchant


    No. No it is not.
  6. Flid_Merchant

    Container UI

    Don't know what your point is but yes I have quite a few premium ships.
  7. Flid_Merchant

    Container UI

    The programming isn't the issue, they are still debating how many doubloons it is going to cost.
  8. Flid_Merchant

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Hahaha that guy still isn't banned yet? Legend. I spotted a Mortentardo last night, we were both in Yamato on North. He was putting some effective fire onto our other BBs who were clustered around A, so I moved in to duel him, nothing to do with wanting a SCRUB kill of course. He put a nasty citadel into me through the bow, and I thought I'd bitten off more than I could chew but I returned the favour, and RNG was smiling on me when it came to the third salvo, which ended his game. Short lived however, as I had put myself away from support and vengeance was swift from his team's CV who torp bombed me moments later.
  9. Flid_Merchant

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    I think we should leave it at this because otherwise this topic is going nowhere fast - there is much more to how you play a ship than what arbitrary class it falls under. The combined approach is obviously correct but how often do you seen that level of co-ordination outside clan wars?
  10. Flid_Merchant

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    If the BBs won't push because of DDs and HE spammers, CAs won't push because they fear being deleted and DDs won't push because they are scared of being radared... is it up to CVs then? On a serious note I think this shows that any class of ship can establish map control.
  11. Flid_Merchant

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    Anybody with any sense aims for the superstructure, but fair point that does somewhat mitigate the "large target" argument. Shatters still cause fires though.
  12. Flid_Merchant

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    I disagree cruisers have to - they do it for the same reason BBs hang back - to live longer. But I'm glad you recognise an alternative playstyle - I like the Atago, which I think plays quite similar to the Zao although I haven't unlocked that yet. You use your maneuverability and concealment to attack enemies when they don't expect it and disappear before they can shoot back - obviously you wouldn't try and brawl in it unless you had to. Just goes to show, there is nothing wrong with playing a ship to it's strengths.
  13. Flid_Merchant

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    Again, not if they remember they have WSAD keys. A BB is far less capable of dodging them, is a larger target, has a longer damage control cooldown not to mention take more damage because fire damage is proportional to HP, making the HP irrelevant. And yes there is a heal, but only so much, and high tier cruisers have this too.
  14. Flid_Merchant

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    And as I'm sure you are aware, teams often do play badly, that doesn't make it your responsibility to take care of the problem. Also a lot of other players are also unaware of when it is appropriate to use HP and tankiness, as far as they are concerned it is not their HP so it's all the time.
  15. Flid_Merchant

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    That is fine, and I regard targeting cruisers, specifically high DPM and radar cruisers as an important tactic, in fact I regard target selection as more important to playing a BB than the range you choose to be at. But is hiding behind an island simply the same as sniping with a BB - both are just exploiting a characteristic of the class of ship you are playing. I haven't called for anything to be nerfed, I simply think playing a BB at long range is a valid tactic, at least for the first part of the game. Also DD and CA have survival tools, they are called maneuverability and concealment.