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    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    On the 10th December 1941 HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse were sunk by Japanese land based aviation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinking_of_Prince_of_Wales_and_Repulse Always alone and getting focused by carriers? Then come join us! So if you are looking for a fun loving clan that plays clan wars, and you are: 18+, with 500+ games and an average winrate of more than 45%... Come join After Work Fun!! Apply to the clan directly or contact Maddog30, Satsanga, Salbogus, Ultra_Bacon or me in game! (or you can drop a line here, also fine by me)
  2. LieLestoSbrat

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    If your still after someone then I'm interested. Can't be on every night but certainly try a couple of times a week. Have got TS3 and Discord. Basic stats below Overall Results Battles 4,476 Victories 2,628 (58.71%) Battles survived 2,025 Hit Ratio 31% Damage caused 274,204,770 Warships destroyed 6,215 Aircraft destroyed 8,147 Average Score per Battle Experience 1,672.91 Damage caused 61,261.12 Warships destroyed 1.39 Aircraft destroyed 1.82 Highest Score Experience 5,282 Damage caused 301,498 Warships destroyed 8 Aircraft destroyed 44
  3. LieLestoSbrat

    whats the best build 4 the hindenburg

    I've had the Hindenburg for around 2 weeks and have the following build. Captain 19 points Lvl1: Priority Target Lvl2: High Alert, Jack of all trades, Expert Marksmen, Adrenaline Rush Lvl3: Superintendent, Demolition Expert Lvl3: Concealment Expert Modules Main Armaments Mod 1 Aim Systems Mod 1 Main Battery Mod 3 Damage Control Systems Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 1 Concealment Systems Mod 1 Consumables Damage Control 2 Hydro 2 Spotter Plane Repair 2 I didn't see the point in specing my Hindenburg in anyway towards stronger AA due to the few times I see a CV in the game. This is why I chose spotter over fighter, bit of long range spam at the start of the game, maybe get a few BB fires going before moving up.
  4. LieLestoSbrat

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    For the most part an average game, except for the start. 2x detonations with only 3 salvos fired, don't think I'll see RNG like that for a while. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/19679
  5. LieLestoSbrat

    crying battleships want everything nerfed

    As someone who plays BB's the most I agree with this sort of match making. Their are far to many bb's in the queue at the moment and it wouldn't bother me if I had to wait a few minutes to get a BB game. Infact it would proberly make me play cruisers more and I currently do. My current ships played stats are: 1,319 (38.99%) Battleships 157 (4.64%) Aircraft carriers 1,020 (30.15%) Cruisers 887 (26.22%) Destroyers
  6. LieLestoSbrat

    Make battleships more resistant against enemy HE shell spam.

    Nope, Make the large majority of Battleship captains immune to whining. Fires are not OP, Torps are not OP, position, position, position is what matters.
  7. LieLestoSbrat

    Warspite in need of boosted range with matchmaker mod

    Should the citadel armour be moved further back then? If yes then that would make the armour model incorrect when compared to the drawings. Do you leave the armour model as it should but change the 2" citadel front to normal hull armour and then at the front of the turret barbette have a thinner citadel front plate equal to the plate that would have been present on the ship?
  8. LieLestoSbrat

    Warspite in need of boosted range with matchmaker mod

    Regarding the citadel section extending from the from/rear most barbettes my view is that is correct, the problem though is the usage of that section of the ship. Looking at plans it looks like that area was used as torpedo storage for the submerged torpedo tubes. The issue therefore is should that count as a citadel hit on the modernised in game Warspite which had its torpedo tubes removed? A further question is if that area is usage an non explosive storage would a shell detonating there, cause significant magazine room damage? Certainly from my perspective the layout of the armour is correct to plans. I've attached below some pictures of plans of Queen Elizabeth BB's as built, Revenge Class BB's as built and bow section of Valiant as rebuilt. These are taken from the book "The British Battleship 1906 - 1946". Queen Elizabeth class as built, the markings for the room are either S.T.H or S.T.R. I'm guessing the latter when you take into account the same area on the Royal Soverign class BB's which where a cheaper follow on design of the Queen Elizabeth class. Royal Sovereign class as built, the mystery room is now clearly label Submerged Torpedo Room. Valiant as rebuilt 1939 bow section.
  9. LieLestoSbrat

    Matchmaking 5.[edited]

    Yup played a few games today, 3 in Konig was always bottom tier up against mostly T7. Then took our Scharnhorst oooh look, Top tier against T5's. Great match making. It really puts me of grinding T5 and T6 lines now on German BB's if i'm going to be constantly bottom tier. I get that at times I will be bottom their, that's cool, but every game is just a drag. In the ideal 60% of games your in the middle/evenly matched, 20% bottom and 20% top, I think that is fair.
  10. LieLestoSbrat

    Battle of Jutland on British TV

    The problem on the British battlecruisers as mentioned by the C4 docu was the unsafe ammunition practices. I can remember watching another program about Jutland on YouTube and it mentions how the British had stowed Cordite outside of the magazines and even removed from the protective cases. As this youtube documentary said, "The British built a bomb". These unsafe practices came about due to a percieved need to increase the fire rate after the Battle of the Falkland Islands. The other issue I seem to recall reading is at the time the British AP shells where rather poor compared the Germany AP shells. These shells would shatter on impact or just explode on the armour belt. I believe this was issue raised by Jellicoe before WW1 kicked of but the admiralty did nothing about it until after Jutland. I'll see if I can find the YouTube documentary when I get home from work.
  11. LieLestoSbrat

    Okey seriously im pink after 1 accident

    I'm a little concerned about this as mistakes do happen sometimes. I'm sure allot of us have been there got our blinkers on fired torps and then we realise a friendly is steaming into the solution. My other worry is with secondary batteries killing a friendly, I've had it happen to me before and on one of Jingles videos, this happens to a Tirptiz Captain whose secondary battery set fire to a friendly and ends up sinking him. That would be might cruel for that player to now turn pink for something he had pretty much no control over. My view is you should turn pink with 2 team kills in a 24hr period. I think that would stop those folks who make a honest mistake from turning pink and being punished. Rob
  12. LieLestoSbrat

    Massive lag on the server right now :|

    go here https://www.privatetunnel.com/home/ and sign up for their free vpn service. Download and install their client, Default connection will be USA. Click on the USA and scroll down to Amsterdam and select. Finally click connect and away you go. When you have finished playing warships, don't forget to disconnect to save your free bandwidth amount. Rob
  13. LieLestoSbrat

    Massive lag on the server right now :|

    Same here, UK-BT. Installed openvpn and connected via Amsterdam and the game is playable again. Rob
  14. LieLestoSbrat

    Finally economy fix?

    If this change is a desire for the change is to encourage folk to push and not to sit back and snipe so much then I fear this won't work. My sole reasoning for this is T8 plus has come so accustom to the sniping style of game play it will be difficult for people to change their mindset. I certainly praise the idea though and I really do hope I'm proved wrong and it makes to the top tier games exciting like they where back in CBT.
  15. LieLestoSbrat

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    I was hopping this might have been sorted by now if its only affecting UK folk. I gave the game a miss last night to avoid potential lag frustration, looks like its going to be the same again. Can we have some news on WG EU on whats going on as its clearly an issue.