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    Bombers how to use them right?

    I mean 2-3 Hits with all 3 Squads together on a perfect circle. But i will listen and try to focus on bombing after repaired Torpedo leak. Btw, what do you think about 2-2-2 Squadron´s with the Tier 7 JPN? 2 Fighter Teams are awesome when theres 1 vs JPN CV´s. They arent to bad against US with just 2 Fighter Teams - when used right. It just sucks when you are without enemy CV. And of course a lot less damage. But i feel safer now and dont have to avoid every enemy fighter team. Of course a 170k Damage Match is hard to reach now.But the average damage over the matches could be better - maybe?
  2. Von_Friedeburg

    Bombers how to use them right?

    Bombers seem to be very bad. Can somebody explain me how i could increase my Bomber hitrate? Im happy when ive done 20k Damage with 3 Squads of them in a match. Normally i cant even hit 10k with 4 or 5 attacking waves. I got perfect manual spots very often. Coming from front or behind and the circle is in the middle of the enemy ship. But then i still hit with just 2 or 3 bombs with 2,7k damage each
  3. Von_Friedeburg

    Shokaku tier 8 IJN Carrier OP in current MM

    Im sure now that Shokaku isnt OP. Its just the problem that theres a lack of high CV´s. Today i got matched 5 times with my Tier 7 Jap CV versus a Tier 8 or 9 American CV. And in 4 of those matches i were happy to kill 1 bad BB User outside of the action on sea. No chance to drop anything before i lost all Aircrafts against those fighters. Only 1 match the opposite CV Captain used no Fighters, too. That ended in a draw with 2700 exp and 400k Credits for me with 165k Damage done :-((
  4. Von_Friedeburg

    Max skill points?

    Hows a US Bomber Team with 7 bombs? Possible to get always a hit on a Destroyer with them?
  5. Von_Friedeburg

    Easy to dodge TB torps? Yes, but...

    xD. you got attacked 5 times in a row in "the end stage of the battle"? I would be happy when i can do 5 attacks with my CV over 20 minutes!. Very very annoying my friend :-)
  6. When did you play WoT? ^^. Every Tier 8 Premium Tank they´ve added to the game was devastating for the current Tanks on the same Tier. Remember the pre Release Tank, then the Löwe ( impossible to penetrate in front ). Then T59 and so on. I think they will do the same here. The Sims for example - i got it - is really really heavy crap. Just the Torpedo Range of 5km stops it from beeing OP
  7. Von_Friedeburg

    Cleveland - Help AP deals no damage

    You agreed and not disagreed. Why should you kill Destroyers and Aircrafts? Not because they are dangerous to a Cruiser. They are the counterpart of BB´s. So your role is to defend the BB´s
  8. Von_Friedeburg

    Bug Report, where?

    I cant find anything to report a bug. What is this Beta when that "button" seems to be hidden somewhere on a facebook server?? Had a Player today who shot 3x faster than it should be possible with a Wyoming. Gunfire like a Cruiser
  9. Von_Friedeburg

    Is caping a proper gamemode for WoW?

    They should add a "destroy Ship Bay of Enemy Team" game mode. Like a Base full with structures you have to fire at. And the Enemy Team is trying to defend and or fighting your base, too. Cant be to hard to do
  10. Von_Friedeburg

    Cleveland - Help AP deals no damage

    Cruisers arent there for engaging and attacking. Its role is supporting the BB´s - nothing else.you should play destroyer then but without torpedos you cant survive against a good BB. I love Clevelands in my Team as Carrier user. They defend my Aircrafts while i can wait for a good target. Whenever i played a Cleveland alone of course i did 100 hits sometimes. But every Kongo closer than 12km can oneshot me ( and doing that sometimes ).
  11. Von_Friedeburg

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    3 Enemy Fighter Teams scared me a lot
  12. Von_Friedeburg

    Cleveland - Help AP deals no damage

    The upgraded Cleveland with the AA ability is the Best Ship to support against Aircrafts. Making Carrier attacks on BB´s on your side useless. Play it just as supporter and stay back. You got a nice Range - higher than your spotting range. Just support with some HE shells and try to survive. Stop capping from enemies, hold Destroyers on range to your BBs and so on.
  13. Von_Friedeburg

    Matchmaker just annoying. Why?

    I wondered why i cant even reach 50% winrate. I dont feel to be such a bad Player and thats why i checked some Playernames just for fun. And i can see an interesting shematic. You can check yourself. I say a good Player is a Player with a high average exp / match. But when i find Players with a high average exp / match ratio they are all under 50% winrate. But Players with a bad average exp ratio are above 50%. I stopped playing WoT and WoWp because good Players always got threatened for beeing good. As better you were, as worse your teammates. But this looks insane. Are good Players punished so hard that they arent allowed to win half of their matches?
  14. Von_Friedeburg

    the benefits of limited Ammo

    But opens a lot more strategical options instead of just fire until you are dead
  15. Von_Friedeburg

    Found Bug, but where to post it?

    I were stuck on this position. No collision alert, nothing.