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  1. nibiru_star

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    And don't edit my post BigBadVuk for no reason. Kinda pointless.
  2. nibiru_star

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    It's going nowhere for you but you never agree with anything but yourself. There is still an issue and you posting your crap all the time has helped none, nobody and nothing.
  3. nibiru_star

    Lag Spikes

    Yes i have the same thing, more yesterday night then others. I checked my connection and it's really good like always. Seems there is a problem on their end that needs fixing.
  4. nibiru_star

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    Good god man why do you still refuse there is an issue here, maybe not for you but for a lot of other players. If you give a better insentive for people to cap and win they might cap and not try to get that last kill. More often then not a draw or even a lose with 2 kills and hits give better reward then a fast win. So let's just ignor it and people keep hating on the draw.
  5. nibiru_star

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    This is great and all but i think you might forget something.!? People go for shots and hits and kills, getting a fast win get's you almost nothing in terms of XP or money but sinking a few ships will grand you amazing XP. So the problem is: -People do not escort CV or battleships because they miss out on the pay when they win, not enough kills or hits. -People don't really go for a win or a fast win, they want money and XP and that comes from sinking ships, no capping a a circle. For me it's often worth more going full retard and sink 1 or 2 ships and make a profit then protecting a CV for 10 minutes, shoot down 10 planes, win and get almost next to nothing. So fix this and i think it should work a lot better.
  6. nibiru_star

    Speed up the Grind?

    Just the high tiers are a grind, tier 8,9 and 10.
  7. nibiru_star

    still working as intended

    Again MassiveD with more threads and threads and polls on border humping. Really dude we know how you feel about it and i really don't need to see anymore threads about this, it's still beta and the game needs a lot of work not just the border so suck it up or come back when the game is finished and please STOP crying about this.
  8. nibiru_star

    First real rage-quit! How to overcome carrier abuse?

    I just have an issue with the manual release on the CV, dropping the torps so close i can't even dodge them in my cruiser. Other then that it seems the carier did a good job. Fire can be bad, torpedoes can be bad and for a cruiser getting killed in 1 BB salvo can be bad. It happens.
  9. nibiru_star

    A rage confession and reasons why I'm ****ing done.

    I had a night a few days ago, dead, dead, dead in the first 2 minutes of the game, i could not understand what i was doing wrong. Next night, win, win, win with great XP. If you have a bad day stop playing and go do something else.
  10. nibiru_star

    If heavy cruiser, why battleship?

    Happens to me all the time.
  11. nibiru_star

    I'm NEVER escorted by CA's in my BB

  12. nibiru_star

    Premium economy

    It's broken so you spend more money on the game, i need to be able to pay for things on a premium account.
  13. nibiru_star


    Ship is a piece of crap
  14. nibiru_star

    Yes, I teamkilled today on full purpose.

    I'm sorry but this is a really dumb thing to say. You can't kill friendly ships because they make a mistake, even if that mistake almost kills you. Your atitude is part of the problem when it comes to teamkilling. There is a good reason there is punishment for killing friendly.