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  1. I was last on Sunday ... its off due to events
  2. So far I have found a list of Bugs and some serious ones at that
  3. maybe its just for the holloween events and the ranked V battles ?
  4. it wasnt turning .. it was going straight otherwise why would I post it if it was turning ???
  5. so u dont see the ship which is at 45 degrees ??
  6. They Cant hit anything. Ive tried launching far for BB, CA, CV, DD and no Impacts ... then I tried short range ... and still nothing seems to be a coding error because the Target ship goes into error as seen in picture
  7. 100% Agree with u ... each squad should be customizable with national pros and cons. I found the controls difficult in the beginning to drop torps and bombs lol but u do get used to it quick I have found many bugs so far and just looking for a place to post them. I am NOT liking the Torp depth for the japs ... It goes under the target 80% of the time, so not impressed there. Overall I think its great, the fighters need to be clarified on ... how and when fighters can be deployed
  8. Indeed it does but I think u wrong about the T6 though ... Good as is ... well Balanced
  9. I love the Idea that u cant just play one ship all day .. forces u to play the rest ... got a run with Various X's and it was freaking wild
  10. Did u copy n paste the user name and password they sent u?
  11. How u guys fining the Test so far?
  12. 100% Correct but u need to understand that they dont understand Balance when it comes to The USA CVs and the rest ..., its been unbalanced from day 1 should of let the player decide layout instead of the current fixed