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  1. Only with Paypal you can give to charity? Can't we use Paysafecard?
  2. It might be a similar issue problem as it was with NA server and it took an extra hour to fix and log in. I hope it won't be the same and it is only due to many players trying to log in at the same time ^_^;
  3. Ruruni

    Any sub test invites?

    Anyone got their "invite" yet?
  4. please don't shoot me WG, can we also have a mug that changes it is icon when adding hot coffee or tea in it? Like having any type of ship (as the one you already have with Bismark) sailing and when you put hot coffee/tea it changes it is icon into Bismark having flames ^_^ Just a funny thought xD
  5. Will inform, thank you Klopirat
  6. @Tuccy Someone asks: If someone plays on Asia server (due to living in Asian Country) and wants to transfer to NA server to play with friends will he/she has lag issue or anything that will interfere with his/her aim or frames/seconds?
  7. Every camo is a unique art from unique WG artists :)
  8. No one is a "beggar" ^_^; just for ship collection purpose (I also missed that Japanese ship that was only for Beta *cries* ) Anyway, I got my answer and Musashi is still around but only obtainable through supercontainers (if lucky) ^_^
  9. Thank you for that Also, we need to ask @Sehales about the Personal Assignment because the criteria to do that, you need to have Musashi, so even there players who don't have Musashi won't be able to do it. As they say: "gift un-gifted" ^_^;
  10. But for Musashi it is the Y118 perma camo that you get from the pack. So if you buy the pack and you don't have Musashi ship, it will change into perma camo K117?
  11. The only problem is for those who don't have Musashi can't use the perma camo, except if you will bring back Musashi :)
  12. Ruruni

    Twitch drops

    was the issue fixed?
  13. Ruruni

    "Back to port" button - why does it exist?

    I am not sure if this issue can be fixed by adding a bot/s in place of player/s who leaves during battles.
  14. Ruruni

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    Good to hear that captains @lossi_2018 did you try using the code with a different browser? Because sometimes it due to browsers that codes don't work or if you have already got it.
  15. Ruruni

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    Thanks BrusilovX. So @lossi_2018, you might missed a letter when you copy paste it into the redeeming code page?