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  1. Commander_Cornflakes

    Damage Glitch

    Could you please check the after battle report to see which ships you damaged? This looks like you hit the citadel of the unspotted Salem.
  2. You know, instead if throwing accusations around, you could just take a look at the fire damage you deal in a replay, compare it to the known numbers https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire and see for yourself, if something is wrong.
  3. Commander_Cornflakes

    Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard

    By the way, that was recently updated to 37.5% over the last 16 battles. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0115/#matchmaker-and-submarine-tweaks
  4. Commander_Cornflakes

    Why won't you listen about or at least discuss the CV situation?

    "Old game back"? The old CVs were even stronger at spotting, because they had multiple squadrons with basically no turning circle.
  5. Commander_Cornflakes

    wierd behavior ingame

    Please post the replays of those games and we can check what happened there. The last 30 battles are automatically saved in the replays folder of the game. Though I can already tell you it's neither "pay to win" nor "cheating" nor "WG changing the rules midgame".
  6. Commander_Cornflakes

    Dürfen wir Spieler das im Random Battle machen?

    Ist ein Bug, ein Fix ist bereits in Arbeit.
  7. Commander_Cornflakes

    Dürfen wir Spieler das im Random Battle machen?

    Natürlich nicht. https://legal.eu.wargaming.net/en/game-rules-wows
  8. Commander_Cornflakes


    There's actually no RNG involved here, besides the dispersion for where the shells hit. Each AP shell has a fixed armor threshold and fuse time. In this case, Devonshire AP has a threshold of 34 mm, so it needs to go through 34 mm of effective armor. After reaching this, the fuse time of 0.033 s activates, and only when the shell is still inside the ship will it detonate and deal pen or citadel damage. If it doesn't hit enough armor or leaves through the other side of the enemy before the timer is completed, then only overpen damage will be dealt. Kotovsky is mostly armored with 10, 13 and 16 mm, so there's a very high chance for overpens when broadside. The 35 mm citadel will arm the shell, but not necessarily in time.
  9. Commander_Cornflakes

    How is Base XP calculated?

    You will however get XP when an enemy is also in that cap and you are therefore blocking their cap progress/points gain.
  10. Commander_Cornflakes

    Discord, Can I ask for advice?

    Generally, the link alone is enough for them to join. However when creating the link there are some settings you should be aware of: Duration and Number of uses. Duration is how long the link is valid, and number is how many people can use it before the link becomes invalid. In this case I would set both to unlimited. And then there's the server configuration. While it's not necessary, you can create channels that only certain people or groups can access and many other things. As it is now, anyone with the link could join, so if your clan page is public, people that are not in your clan can join and see everything on the server. If that's okay for you, great, but if for example you have a channel with tactics for clan wars that you don't want others to see, then it's better to create channels that only certain people can see, and then add your clan members to that group.
  11. Commander_Cornflakes

    General Submarines related discussions

    Forced surveys would reduce the reliability and quality of answers, because if people don't actually want to fill the survey, they might just choose the first or a random answer everywhere and be done with it. That's also why rewards for surveys is a difficult topic.
  12. Commander_Cornflakes

    Lost research points

    Just to be sure, you are aware that you have to regrind the lines before you get the research points? Simply pressing the reset button does not give any points.
  13. Commander_Cornflakes

    Geplante Rückkehr von Szenarien in 0.11.8

    Als Division kann man das Szenario ja aussuchen, technisch möglich sollte es also sein. Das Problem hierbei wird eher die Anzahl der Szenario-Spieler sein, denn wenn es davon nicht genug gibt, dürften die Wartezeiten für einzelne Szenarios sehr lang werden, da sich die Spieler über die Szenarios verteilen. Insofern ist es schon sinnvoll, alle in einer Warteschlange zu bündeln. Aber vielleicht könnte man ein Szenario das man gar nicht mag ausschließen, sodass man nur in die anderen gematcht werden kann. Ist natürlich nur ein WIP-Screenshot aus dem Devblog, aber zumindest demnach könnten die meisten oder sogar alle Beschränkungen aufgehoben sein. Vorher ging Kirschblüte nur mit Kreuzern, aber hier sind auf der Minimap alle Typen vertreten.
  14. Commander_Cornflakes

    Positive permanent camo change?

    This is intended, the discount is only removed when you actually used it for buying a camo there. I wouldn't expect this to be applied backwards though. From https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/exterior-visuals-and-economic-bonuses/
  15. Commander_Cornflakes

    Edgar has homing torpedoes?!

    Could you please attach the replay as well?