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  1. I want to talk to whoever is playing the game ... that it's not okay and they only know and want money, the voice of the game starts to disappear ... what do they just want money for?! ... pity ...
  2. Hi! what are you doing in this game?
  3. Commander_Cornflakes

    Projekt "HELP ME" - Spieler helfen Spielern stellt sich vor

    Hi, der Public-Test-Server ist nur zu bestimmten Zeiten verfügbar, aktuell ist er geschlossen weil es noch nichts zum Testen gibt. Behalte einfach die Homepage im Auge, es wird immer eine Meldung geben, wann die nächste Runde für den Public Test startet. Du kannst auch spezifisch nach News zum Public Test filtern https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/?category=public-test
  4. Commander_Cornflakes

    gameplay /target hits/etc

    This will most likely not happen, as it might lead to difficult legal problems in certain countries. It's just easier to use less controversial flags. If this is important for you, there are Historical Flag Mods that do just what you want. And what ColonelPete says.
  5. Commander_Cornflakes

    Several questions

    Pink means that a player broke a rule and has received a temporary warning. Possible reasons are too much team damage or going afk. You get more information by activating the Alternative Interface (Options -> Controls -> lower left side) or in game by pressing the ALT-key. It also helps to add more information to the minimap by (when in game) holding CTRL and clicking with your mouse on the little gear at the map, then changing these settings to show ship names etc. If you have the name, you will know who it was after doing step 1 and 2 ^^
  6. Commander_Cornflakes

    Jean Bart ?

    Unfortunately, this information is not available currently. Nobody knows about future premium ships in the shop. But if she is available, it will be mentioned on the homepage first, so keep an eye on all the news there.
  7. Commander_Cornflakes

    Yugomo torpedoes

    When you research and buy them, you can switch between them anytime you want without paying anything again. Choose the one you want just by clicking it.
  8. Commander_Cornflakes

    DevNews: GiulioCesare-Nerf & Russen-BBs-Buff

    Richtig, sehe ich genauso. Deshalb wird sie ja auch erst mal auf T6 getestet ^^
  9. Commander_Cornflakes

    DevNews: GiulioCesare-Nerf & Russen-BBs-Buff

    Du hast da einen Fehler gemacht. Die GC ist ein extrem starkes T5 Schiff und sie wird ein ordentliches T6 Schiff. WENN es überhaupt so kommt. Aktuell ist es immer noch ein Test, nichts davon ist in Stein gemeißelt.
  10. Commander_Cornflakes

    Signal "Ouroboros" do not work

    They do work, you have to mouseover the FreeXP to see the bonuses.
  11. Commander_Cornflakes

    DevNews: GiulioCesare-Nerf & Russen-BBs-Buff

    Das sollte eigentlich gerade ein Grund sein, dass sie nicht teilnehmen dürfen
  12. Commander_Cornflakes

    USS Black

    Steel ships should be longterm reward ships and as such I don't think they would be removed, but of course, everything in the future is subject to change until it's in the patchnotes ^^ But if the Black is actually going to be removed from Arsenal, it will be announced long before it happens.
  13. Commander_Cornflakes

    Manipulation on world of warships gameplay

    Details, man, we need details
  14. Commander_Cornflakes

    Fix the CVs [ balance ]

    You have to realize that some ships can't just run off alone and ignore teamplay. DDs when there is a CV are one example, BBs when there is a DD are another one. Ships are made to counter each other, so of course your counterclass can sink you relatively fast. I'm not saying that the CV balance is final, of course there will be more changes, but a lone DD will always be a good target for a CV.
  15. Commander_Cornflakes

    Manipulation on world of warships gameplay

    Then tell me where the space elevator form that other patent is implemented, please.