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  1. Gorneylin

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    Well, I used to be a happy cruiser driver, lately mostly with Omaha - since the update I've played just 1 battle, and I really don't know, when (and if) I will decide to play the next, at least with my cruisers. Omaha, as I expected, has turned for me from an excellent all around ship, with a great capability to harass BBs from long range, dodging the return fire... into a low HP anti-DD (and weakly anti-AA) ship, that can either stay out of it's range to hit BBs, or sink fast after a salvo or 2 from them. Also, generally I strongly dislike games being launched too early, and a few months after coming out of beta introducing such widespread changes to their balance and mechanics. Changes like this are acceptable for me before the end of testing, not after. If it ain't broken, don't fix it... maybe instead work on things already promised, and still not delivered long after the expected time, like account integration?
  2. Gorneylin

    Projekt R — nagrody

    Okręt otrzymany (283 perły), całkiem ładne statystyki, ale bonusowy kamuflaż moim zdaniem wygląda okropnie.
  3. Gorneylin

    Update on Project R in Europe

    283 pearls (no Carriers and BBs in my fleet, yet, waiting for more port slots)... ...and activating the bonus Premium day for doing all Project R weeklies yesterday, I also observed, that all "Earn total XP" and "Achieve XP in a single battle" weekly missions were indeed crediting not the base XP, but XP modified by Premium. I don't know, if it's a feature, or a bug (and if a bug, did it occur before this Monday), but yesterday it has been the case.
  4. Gorneylin

    WoWSLauncher.cfg file corrupt after updating

    Thank you, Kedo. Unfortunately, anyway the launcher wanted to practically download the whole game - as I later realized, the config was also missing <sdcontent_ver> value. As things were already in progress, when I realized it, I just decided to reinstall the whole thing... loosing in the process the full copy of corrupted config file, that I've prepared to use in this post. To be more specific about the circumstances, in which the file got corrupted - when update seemed finished, I pressed the play button, which immediately has frozen my computer (Win 7 HP OS), with mouse still stuck on the button. After a few minutes, when even alt+ctrl+del didn't do anything, I had to power it off and restart, and then the config file was already corrupt. And, btw, uninstall also didn't work (or at least I could not see it doing anything for a few minutes), so I had to delete the game folder manually (and to be on safe side, also install launcher, begin download, and then successfully uninstall it, to make sure, that finally I will really have a fresh install, without any leftover cache problems).
  5. After updating today I'm not able to connect to update server and can't get into the game. WoWSLauncher.log says: "29/12/2015 23:52:47 ERROR: Update service's URL is not specified in configuration file." It does seem, that indeed my WoWSLauncher.cfg got corrupted - it's not listing the update url, it ends with just: <stats_service_url/> <patch_info_urls/></info> I would love to get back in game without waiting till support deals with it. Could someone, please, post here, or PM me, the current WoWSLauncher.cfg file (or just the lines starting with <stats_service_url/>, that it seems, that I'm missing)? And, btw, after updating we do get automatic backup of launcher log, why don't we get also the backup of launcher config?
  6. Gorneylin

    Albany Cruiser - UP?

    Thank you. And no, I'm not playing in divisions at all, I like to keep my stats "pure", but I do not advance tiers, until I feel, that I'm good at those, that I already play, and I wouldn't really expect to carry those stats to high tiers. And, btw, I have a better Win Rate in it than in my St. Louis as well... but then my St. Louis is simply cursed with losing streaks ;( . However the issue is not, what is my actual Win Rate in Albany, but how it compares with the other ships I keep... and for me the Win Rate is very close to other low tier ships, that I find worth keeping. Also, if you check Ship Analytics, you can see, that it's at least an above average ship, in most hands better, than Erie, Chester and Tenryu. There are however at least 5 things needed (much more, than in other low tier CAs) to fully use it's potential: tier 4 captain's perk extending the gun range, knowing where to be, maneuvering to avoid hits, knowing how to fight DDs, and knowing how to avoid torpedoes. You can also think about it, as about mini St. Louis - many of the problems, that you need to deal with, are very much like those, that you will encounter in St. Louis, when it's matched against Omahas, Wyomings, Clevelands and Kongos in tier IV and tier V battles. For me it's exactly, what I would like every Premium to be - a ship, that is not OP, but quite different, than ships in regular tree, and requiring different skills and/or playstyle, than regular ships. To those, that don't like it: Well, just don't play it, it's not, like it's necessary to grind it, to get to the next tier. Do not, however, jump to unsubstantiated (Ship Analytics again) conclusions about it, and try to convince everybody, that it's a bad ship, just because it doesn't suit your playstyle, or because you have not learned yet the skills necessary to successfully captain it. Just enjoy the ships, that you like.
  7. Gorneylin

    Albany Cruiser - UP?

    I still like Albany very much, actually after playing many more battles in it, I have a minimally better WinRate with it, than even with Chikuma (both are low tier keepers for me, even if Albany was not a Premium). Comparing my battle stats however, after close to 150 battles in each ship, we can see some things, that are a bit surprising. Nation Ship Name Tier Battles Win Rate Average Exp Average Dmg Kill/Death Ratio Ship Kill Rate Main battery hit ratio Capture Rate Defense Reset Rate Survival Rate Albany 2 179 63.69% 797 16,742 1.63 1.06 46% 1.69 14.00 35.20% Chikuma 2 147 63.27% 1,065 28,757 2.35 1.33 37% 1.68 13.44 43.54% So, Albany does less damage than Chikuma, doesn't kill as many ships, has lower survival chance, and even (with it's supposed Premium boost) gets much worse XP per battle... yet the winning rate is almost the same for both ships. I play both ships in similar pattern (usually only to train captains by getting my daily bonus XP) and the number of battles is high enough to see a pattern here, not a statistical fluke. Both ships also usually sail with captain's with level 4 perk extending the firing range (btw, extended gun range and being able to avoid torps are the two things crucial in success with Albany). I also rarely, if ever, bother with using AP with both of them. So, the difference is really either in my playstyle, or in ships' characteristics. Of course I do play them in a different way, usually trying to keep the distance in Chikuma, and to close the range in Albany. Generally I tend to pursue DDs in my CAs, and I probably do it a little more with Albany, than with Chikuma, and DDs are the hardest targets to hit, but this doesn't seem to be the reason for the lower damage I do in Albany, because as we can see, it still has much higher hit ratio, than Chikuma. So, why does my Albany help my team in winning as much as my Chikuma? I think, that they are 2 reasons: I would expect, that enemies' hit ratio against Albany is much worse, than against Chikuma (which, btw, also is not the easiest target to hit), so they keep firing at it, instead of firing on my teammates, because it's usually one of the closest targets; properly driven Albany probably does as much damage and plays as important part for the team in the early part of the game, as Chikuma, however doing so (because of close range necessary) it does have a lower chance to survive till late game, and even surviving it has lower chance to get in range of the last remaining enemy targets, to rip the profits for itself, when the game is already won. Those would be both my guesses from looking at stats, and also my feelings, after enjoying already quite a few battles in those ships. So, again - Is the Albany a bad ship? Not at all, matter of fact it's one of the best low tier ships, in line with Hashidate, Chikuma and Umikaze, and vastly superior to both Erie and Chester. It does however need to be played in a different way, and is a bit harder to play efficiently, than the other low tier CAs, so I well understand, that not everyone may want to bother to learn to play it. Also, a small correction: Rastrack has written previously in this thead, that "the albany is the only ship i know of that can not SEE ships that it could spot.". Well, it's not the case: "The only time view range affects detection is when the spotting ship has a lower view range than the target, such as a destroyer attempting to spot certain battleships. In these cases, the ship is spotted the moment it enters the view range of the spotting ship."
  8. Gorneylin

    Misleading average XP shown

    Thank you, Sharana, for sharing the link, very interesting thread. Fortunately, Google Translate is improving (it's in Russian), but still sad, that we don't have such ongoing discussion with Devs in English. With today's update they did change the way Average XP is presented, mine went down from 967 to 710. Seems like (I can't check it now, because I did already get a win today with all of my ships) Confirmed, that the effects of daily 1st victory have been removed. I have no way of guessing, if effects of Premium Account are or aren't included, because I don't buy Premium. Could someone check this, please? I hope, they are not, because it would still make it confusing for people, who at times have and at times don't have Premium Account.
  9. Gorneylin

    Misleading average XP shown

    Agreed. It does matter, however, if I am about to decide, which ships to keep, especially if I want to keep them to pre-train my captains for other ships. Also it matters, when evaluating premium ships, to decide, if they are going to be used only for retraining, or also for regular training of my captains. But at the core: do it right, or get rid of the stat. Btw, average damage on a global level is also a worthless stat, because it depends too much on tier and type of ships played. Even on the same tier with the same type of ship I wouldn't expect the same average damage from captains of St. Louis and Tenryu, or of Omaha and Furutaka. It's only valuable, when you look at it in context of individual ships... but then, indeed, it's usually much more valuable, than average XP. Where do they say this? Could you link the source, please?
  10. Gorneylin

    Misleading average XP shown

    Average XP for players and for individual ships is shown in a misleading way both in-game and on WoWs portal. The average is based on actual XP gained including bonuses. The part, that concerns me less, is that a player playing each ship only till he gets 1st victory in a day will have higher average shown, than the player, who playes more battles in his ships. What annoys me more is, that when I check my ships' stats on portal, the value shown is almost worthless to me, when I evaluate the ship, because some of them I play only till 1st win to get the bonus, others however I play much more... and it changes, so with time I will not even remember, is this the case for a particular ship to have higher/lower average, than expected. I understand, that for some (most?) folks those numbers are superfluous, but for some of us they help to evaluate our progress or to decide on keeping/selling ships, so if they are presented, they should by presented in a useful way. If the average XP is to be shown at all, the value shown should be derived from basic XP earned, as shown in Team Score tab of Battle Summary. Otherwise it's practically worthless.
  11. After the last update the fully upgraded Erie shows artillery value as 35 (+19 for the somehow dubious gun upgrade, which gives it a little more damage per shot and much lower RoF), when the values for fully upgraded Chester and St. Louis are respectively: 33 and 39. Taking into the account numbers of guns firing (Erie 4, St. Louis 8) and actual damage output of those 3 ships, the new value shown for Erie (wasn't it 19 before the patch?) seems like an obvious error to me, but I also doubt, if Chester should really be rated so high. Edit: Ooops, sorry, wrong location, please move to "Update 0.4.1 Bug Reports"
  12. Isn't it the case, that you are using some mods? If so, try disabling all of them - I think, there was a minipatch a few days ago (unless it was in WoWP or WoT, not really sure), so it could be the cause.
  13. Gorneylin

    Key press not registering

    Well, I occasionally do have a similar problem, but with Enter not activating the chat input. It goes away after a minute or so, not sure, if on it's own, or because of things I try (like entering and exiting setup options). I don't think, that I had this problem with rudder so far.
  14. Seems, like the dates are missing for those, that we got only once. And sorting by date certainly doesn't work, as expected... but could it be, they are sorted not by the shown date of getting them for the last time, but by the dates of getting them for the first time?
  15. Gorneylin


    A new kind of crash for me, just after being killed, when I tried to switch to following another ship. DxDiag in spoiler. No crash log in logs subdirectory.