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  1. MadGelo

    The submarine broke my game...

    Tried to make division while it was selected, now game start with loading thingy going around middle of screen, restarting did nothing..... good joke...
  2. MadGelo

    Is T8 supposed to be shittiest tier for Cruisers?

    Do not despair, Neptune is good and you finally get a lot of torps and great aa (get adv fire). You do get deleted even more tho. So dont get shot at
  3. MadGelo

    Call me crazy, but

    I'd like to see how removing citadels and some health from CLs and giving more armor to CAs (bow and deck) would work. So it is not just DD and BB game at higher tiers
  4. MadGelo

    Neptune & Minotaur AA

    hull You wont do much at range anyway. Id skip the guns
  5. MadGelo

    Server Down ?

    Thought i couldnt connect because was downloading too much porn
  6. MadGelo

    Top 1's problem

  7. MadGelo

    Alabama coming "soon"

  8. MadGelo

    Hr. Ms. Tromp

    We got Russian navy before British... I expect Dutch will come after Russian submarines ;)
  9. MadGelo


  10. MadGelo

    Nice valentines day camo

    too bad it's fugly as hell.
  11. MadGelo

    British ships - All about

    Surprised you don't have bunch of Xs in your name
  12. MadGelo

    USS Alabama tier 8 US premium BB preliminary stats (5.16)

    Is this thing ever coming anyway?
  13. MadGelo

    USS Alabama tier 8 US premium BB preliminary stats (5.16)

    looks like it\s not really worth it
  14. What are the impressions? Seen plenty of Pensacolas today, otherwise doesn't seem to have done anything to the number if them in game.