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  1. Nhiyla

    Huge amount of time of loading a game.

    freshly set up OS ( so no trash on it ), ssd, stable 60-80 fps ingame and i load slower than the dude next to me ( lan ) on his crappy laptop that gets 20-25fps. i5 hashwell slightly OC, gtx phantom 970, i doubt its my hardware bro.
  2. Nhiyla

    Taiho Test Twitch Recording

    thanks decent vid
  3. Nhiyla

    Does WG favor some people with T10 carriers?

    yea, and awful stats. if he has 1k+ games and is still awful at it he obviously isnt capable of playing a decent cv lol
  4. Nhiyla

    Does WG favor some people with T10 carriers?

    really? that dude has awful avg dmg, exp & winrate on every cv. guess they also picked some bad players to get data?!
  5. Nhiyla

    Does WG favor some people with T10 carriers?

    still curious why this guderian ultra baddie got acces
  6. Nhiyla

    First Hakuryu Game

    too bad its not possible for a dm to hit 312k was a fun game anyways. perfect match to show that game to a friend, he now plays it as well haha
  7. Nhiyla

    First Hakuryu Game

    knew your name sounded familar on the ice map 1hour ago lol i was that "camping" dm that finished with 57 cap interrupts and 145k dmg =P that stupid 10v14 game. btw, i was camping in a perfect spot were i could constantly shoot at enemies while still being able to protect you from any kind if incoming danger, you hurt my feelings there!
  8. Nhiyla

    Taiho, another way to screw us over?

    People that keep complaining about cvs forget a big part that comes with a cv, and i'm surprised it hasnt been brought up yet by anyone. good cvs try to sit behind their fleet, bad cvs sit behind an island. both resulting in a simple fact: neither cv is there to "meatblock" a flank, capture a point / actively go for the objective. 1 less ship on the flank results in less dmg being split up -> ships on said flank are bound to go down earlier if the carrier focuses on the other flank. also this game is SUPPOSED to be a teamgame, have you ever tried to bomb a hightier bb that is guarded by cruisers? no? yea, you better don't. 90 AA rating bbs paired with ca suppressive fire & 80+ aa ratings result in a massive havoc on your planes. let alone the hightier bb alone will wreck plenty of your planes already. edit: spelling
  9. Nhiyla

    OMG - WTF have they just done to CV..unbelievable

    it is. and infact the 4plane ijn spread is bigger than the 6plane usn spread
  10. Nhiyla

    Taiho Test Twitch Recording

    possible to sub it?
  11. Nhiyla

    video: Pensacola vs Des Moines :)

    don't tell some HE spammer how he can do better ;) never worked out for me yet.