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    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    I don't know what they're thinking. After month not playing wows i wanted this season to play a bit and may be get a nice ship as i'm usually the type of guy who buys premium ships. But as i logged in and saw what they had cooked up as a "nice" event, i was speechless and seeing those well skilled and above the top cc's being speechless or the opposite, made me rethink if i ever wanna buy or play again. Sorry but i never witnessed so less regard for a costumer/player base as in this case. I've been along since early beta, but no this is not the way i like to be treated. I'd rather pay 250€ for a ship in Star Citizen which is not playable (and later in game for for ingame credits) then being fooled this way. I don't know how many hundreds of euros i've sunk in this game but after this affront i'm out. Well done WG you lost a loyal and most of the time spendy customer.
  2. Admiral_Ford_Prefect

    Unfinished Exeter model ?

    The same with her name, it's missig it's brass layer:
  3. Admiral_Ford_Prefect

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    EU server is up. I'm in...
  4. Admiral_Ford_Prefect

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Thought 'don't play on patch day' was a relic from old days. But it seems it's still a thing in 2019.
  5. Admiral_Ford_Prefect

    Bug Reports

    HMS Exeter; i like the ship nimble not to squishy decent guns etc. but she's missing her name. It's on her hull but no color on it just the texture of the mounted camo. One reason for me to buy prem ships is that they got thier names on them. So please honor her with her name. Persists since she came on test, but i thought you would've corrected it before she came life. Sadly it isn't the case. And by the way your servers have crashed here in the EU.
  6. Admiral_Ford_Prefect

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    @MrConway Hello, what's about the HMS Exeter. You promised some new info.