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  1. _GDL

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    BT Infinity here.
  2. _GDL

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    Same issue here. Micro-stuttering and slight rubber band action. Annoying more than anything.
  3. _GDL

    [RANT] Loading time

    Same. It's why I don't play as much as I used to, and why I don't give Wargaming any more cold hard cash.
  4. _GDL

    ranked rank 1 is it posible without aimbot?

    Mirrors... Talking to them sometimes highlights the truth.
  5. I got 'detonated' today. I typed good shot and finished watching the match. It's rare, and it's understandable when my little destroyer gets hit by something the size of a small car.
  6. _GDL

    Inside Smoke Screen Indicator

    Adding my 'yup' vote to this one.
  7. _GDL

    Is United Kingdom's warship coming soon?

    I'm sure we had more than one.... We were a better Country back then. Serious answer: At some point in the future the Royal Navy will arrive.
  8. _GDL

    Cleveland turrets

    Noone likes to loose money Ken, I sure as hell don't. Ingame: Make money, lose money, stats I don't look at. If I can afford to go up a ship I go up, if I can't, I have fun with the ships I have. I'm aware that this isn't the mindset of all players as I don't see a grind to the next tech level, each match is fun in it's own right.. so for me, it's impossible to lose money as I'm having fun, this is a game, nothing more. RL money: Lucky, I haven't lost any yet, but I think that's because of my unique look at the game, not anything else.,
  9. _GDL

    Cleveland turrets

    Heh, more than likely I am taking it a little to personal, I just hate it when people go look at my numbers it proves I'm right when in fact the numbers they have provided mean jack and show 100% nothing. What he's done is the equivalent of looking at one person's hit % with a ship and gone.. damn that's bad, lets give that boat a buff... meanwhile other players with a much higher hit % are now crying with laughter and able to shoot barrels from 30KM away with pinpoint. Granted, I did word my original post wrong as I did imply that it's a good ship because of the ship being good... It's not, it's a good ship entirely because I have fun in it. But thank you for the stats.
  10. _GDL

    Cleveland turrets

    I've seen what you wrote, and you can argue with numbers if they don't mean what you intend. (square peg, round hole) The issue with the stats you provided, is that they are mine and not the ships. My win rate, My average damage in that ship, and it's pulling my stats down. So lets look at those and see what they mean to the ship? My win rate. Very little to do with the ship as a whole and a lot more to do with the players and how they work as a team or just dumb luck sometimes. My 29K damage output. I could miss a lot, the firing arc of that ship is insane, worse now tbh since I got the + range captains skill. - Now that's not a good idea with this boat. I do much better in other ships, You will have to let me know, how I use each ship I have to make this look like anything like a ship statistic. (If I used each ship the same, I'd have stated with the same boat) Dragging my stats down. For someone who cares for them, I could see this being an issue and that they would play to maximise stats, I don't care, thus I have more fun taking higher risks then a stats based player. Win rate meh, win some and you lose some. Your trying to apply my stats with a ship to the ship itself, and you don't have anywhere close to the information about me, my play style or the matches to even start to do that. If you had stated that I don't do well in that ship, your numbers would be right as I don't (thank you for pointing that out, but as I said, stats meh), but applying a players numbers to see if a ship is any good, just doesn't work. To make it work, you would need to increase the number of players you look at, have large amounts of data you can draw logical conclusions from and hope that you interpret the data correctly, which would probably go over the word could for a single forum post.. and a lot more then a single line you appear to think it needs. Just in case you want to reread what you wrote, I've quoted it below. Kenliero, on 12 October 2015 - 05:49 AM, said: Your 46% winrate and 29k average damage with Atlanta is not amazing. It's crap. Because of posts like this, people get the wrong impression that Atlanta is actually a good ship. In average you do much better in your other ships. Atlanta is actually dragging your stats down.
  11. _GDL

    Cleveland turrets

    He's super wrong. I'm sure he's a nice blunt person but we just look at fun in two different ways. He's trying to apply his way to me and that does't work simply because all he cares for are stats, where I enjoy playing a game with ships in it.
  12. _GDL

    Cleveland turrets

    When I give a flying rat's about my stats I'll take your advice under advisement, until then I play for fun and I have fun in that boat. If people truly believe that just because someone else gets fun out of doing something, that they will. Then I also have fun playing on railway lines and sticking my tongue into electrical outlets.
  13. _GDL

    Cleveland turrets

    I've played most of my matches in an Atlanta. It's an amazing ship. Sure it's weak and the firing arc is insane but it's so much fun to play and catches a lot of people off guard.
  14. _GDL

    Burning Ships

    I would love a night fight, nor would it be pitch black. You're exaggerating the level of darkness to prove a point which I can only read as... I wouldn't be able to hit anything or have fun so I'll 'pooh pooh' the idea for all parties.
  15. _GDL

    Quick Command Audio

    That's when I start making gurgling sounds